Escape from LucaniaAn Epic Story of Survival PDF/EPUB

Escape from LucaniaAn Epic Story of Survival PDF/EPUB

Escape from LucaniaAn Epic Story of Survival ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Escape from LucaniaAn Epic Story of Survival Author David Roberts – In 1937 Mount Lucania was the highest unclimbed peak in North America Located deep within the Saint Elias mountain range which straddles the border of Alaska and the Yukon and surrounded by glacial pe In LucaniaAn Epic Kindle Ó Mount Lucania was the highest unclimbed peak in North America Located deep within the Saint Elias mountain range which straddles the border of Alaska and the Yukon and surrounded by glacial peaks Lucania was all but inaccessible The leader of one failed expedition deemed it impregnable But in that year a pair of Escape from Kindle - daring young climbers would attempt a first ascent not knowing that their uest would turn into a perilous struggle for survival Escape from Lucania is their remarkable story.

10 thoughts on “Escape from LucaniaAn Epic Story of Survival

  1. Cameron Cameron says:

    This book takes place in the early 1900's Two men who go way back tell their story of when they nearly died on Mt Lucania Mt Lucania is up in Canada Both men had been on mountain expeditions in collage Harvard but Lucania was a whole knew game Over all Escape from Lucania was a great book Escape From Lucania was a exiting book about about two men stuck on a mountain Bob Bates and Brad Washburn have been friends since collage and have been on mountain climbing expeditions before however they have never experienced anything like their stay on Lucania Bob and Brad put together a four man team to climb Lucaina Their pilot Reeve can only take two at a time in his plane because this book was in the early 1900's so planes were not very common After Reeve's plane gets stuck due to low temperatures melting the snow he's not able to take off to get the other two Once he finally escapes he says he's not coming back because he doesn't want to get stuck again so the two men are stranded over a 100 miles from society I recommend this book to anyone who likes books about perils journeys or suspenseful plot line The reason I liked it was it seemed very well written good use of vocabulary very descriptive This book my be uite a difficult read Many times I found my self re reading entire pages because it was very confusing All in all I recommend this book to anyone who is willing to spend some time on it because even though its a hard read I thought it was worth it

  2. Jean Dupenloup Jean Dupenloup says:

    An absolutely epic account and masterfully told by the inimitable David Roberts When two of the foremost American mountaineers Bradford Washburn and Robert Bates set out for an attempt on one of Alaska’s last great problems Mount Lucania they knew what they were in for Unforgivingly cold temperatures miserable carries back and forth difficult climbing scant provisions and an epic bushwhack out to civilization Their tale is a classic one that deserves to be read

  3. Alex Baker Alex Baker says:

    Book recommended and loaned to me by a customer Probably not something I would’ve picked up myself but a book I throughly enjoyed nonetheless I enjoyed the main story but also all of the history of mountaineering peppered into the book Very cool story I knew nothing about and very enjoyable

  4. Abram Abram says:

    Another mountaineering classic of American Mountaineer lore The story of Bradford Washburn and RobertBobBates climb of Mt Lucania in the St Elias Range on the Alaskan Yukon border At the time it was the highest unclimbed mountain in North America The trip starts with near disaster and the two men struggle to survive for the next weeks as they try to summit the mountain and then escape from the Yukon Wilderness with no supplies before they starve or are killed This is an excellent book and is enjoyable for even those with no mountaineering interest

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Concise telling of an early achievement by two young mountaineers in the high wild ranges of the Yukon Somewhat frustratingly sketchy in parts Based mainly on late in life interviews with the two men who had significant mountaineering careers and the entries of one climber's diary; both interviews and entries were blithe and breezy I could sense some of the author's frustration in not being able to flesh out the story But the description of the surroundings and stages of the expedition are effective

  6. Cee Cee says:

    It could have ended differently But it did not They could have been included in the list of explorers who did not survive; their bodies never found But they were not Thus we can share the audacity in exploring unknown territory revel in setting up a camp on Shangri la despair in delays detours and unrecovering food stashes; celebrate in reaching the summit and overcoming the oddsThere is some technical terminology used But that is what google is for

  7. Jesse Jesse says:

    A wonderfully easy book that recounts a survival story of two early mountaineers in Alaska One of the men because world famous for his black and white still photography of large mountain ranges Brad Washburn After being stranded miles from civilization the young men hiked unexplored wilderness in search of a small mining town but in the process put up first ascents on unclimbed peaks

  8. Ralph Ralph says:

    Knowing Washburn Bates and Roberts and living in Alaska for nearly 30 years this book had a special meaning for me It's a wonderful adventure story of personal relationships from memories over 70 years old

  9. Doug Cornelius Doug Cornelius says:

    Roberts is a great writer and this is a great tale I suppose most great adventure books put the protagonists in mortal danger It would be fairly boring if there was not danger than you would experience reading the book in your living room or during your commute

  10. Mathias Seiwert Mathias Seiwert says:

    “Again really enjoyed this book I love reading about people being pushed to the extreme and overcoming Similar to following Jesus—perseverance is such an important part of finishing strong in this life”

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