On the Fringe PDF ´ On the ePUB Ò

On the Fringe PDF ´ On the ePUB Ò

On the Fringe ✮ [PDF] ✩ On the Fringe By Donald R. Gallo ✻ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Lacey is afraid to death that standing up for the school freak will destroy her popularity Gene mocked one time too many heads for class with a loaded rifle High school can be a war zone of popularity Lacey is afraid to death that standing up for the school freak will destroy her popularity Gene mocked one time too many heads for class with a loaded rifle High school can be a war zone of popularity and persecution where no one really On the ePUB Ò looks at the kids On the Fringe In this powerful and timely collection some of today's most acclaimed authors bring to life eleven stories of outsiders facing the constant struggle of hate and acceptanceKids who are geeks unathletic poor emotionally fragile loners or unattractive by current standards form the heart of this collection of exceptional stories by well known YA authors such as Joan Bauer Chris Crutcher and M E Kerr Inspired by the events at Columbine High School the authors pondered what sorts of heartbreak could cause teens to react so powerfully and violently and how being isolated and shut out of high school groups could tear down the fragile walls of self esteem making vulnerable individuals snap and cause massive destruction The result is a compilation of short stories from the point of view of those tormented and those who view others being bullied and how their perceptions change as they examine the situations While all the stories are excellent Jack Gantos's Muzak for Prozac is an exceptional example of the fragile balance that one teen struggles to maintain through the use of mood stabilizing chemicals A must buy for all libraries SLJ.

  • Paperback
  • On the Fringe
  • Donald R. Gallo
  • English
  • 09 April 2015
  • 9780142500262

About the Author: Donald R. Gallo

Stories about journeys have interested readers since the beginning of language says Donald R Gallo of DESTINATION UNEXPECTED his critically acclaimed anthology of short stories by prominent writers of young adult fiction Arriving at the destination is the goal certainly but the experiences during On the ePUB Ò the journey itself are what transform the character The most important experiences are often.

10 thoughts on “On the Fringe

  1. Laura Laura says:

    On the Fringe by Chris Crutcher is a ground breaking collection of short stories about high school Using work from well known YA fiction novelists On the Fringe tells the story of a tomboy struggling with her sexuality a popular cheerleader who discovers that there is a lot to her high school than just her and many stories of growth and change On the Fringe is a book directed at teens especially ones going through tough personal times If you are struggling with yourself or others this is a good book to read as it shows examples of good that can come from bad times As no two writing styles are the same in this book it will be a page turner for many years to come

  2. Liz Liz says:

    This is a collection of short stories for young adults about students who don't fit in at their high schools It deals with the issues of violence and bullying and the impact of these things on the individual and the community I think this book could be very significant for young readers because although it doesn't solve any of the problems it discusses it definitely opens up thoughts and uestions about the issuesOverall this was an enjoyable read but I wouldn't call it a light read It's well written and I have to say that I thought the characterization was great in all of the stories I thik a lot of people who have ever felt different from their classmates will in some way be able to relate to this book However I do think I would have enjoyed it around the age of junior high and perhaps gotten from it at that point

  3. Shamari Shamari says:

    Soooooo where should i start Well first of all this had a collection of stories It's not one story One of my favorites so far is one about a girl who is sort of an outcast Her best friends have moved away BOTH OF THEM so shes kinda all alonebut worst of all shes like some kind of lesbian Well actually she dosent know WHAT she is she dosent know if she likes boys girls or both She dosent even look like a average girl shes like a tom boy i guess She wears baggy pants and shirtsHer hair from what i've read is a total mess SO YEAH she’s “FREAK” and that much she does know she ends up meeting this guy who wants her to write raps for him she agrees and i guess shes starting to like him now AT THE VERY END SHE PERFORMS AT THE SCHOOL DANCE ITS A SONG THATS TRULY ABOUT HOW SHE FEELS and some people like it some dont some think shes a joke and even still some think shes a freak but she dosent really care

  4. Desiree Roe Desiree Roe says:

    Lacey is afraid to death that standing up for the school freak will destroy her popularity Gene mocked one time too many heads for class with a loaded rifle “On the Fringe” is a series of stories that paint wonderfully terrifying images of both the good and devastating issues of an average high school If I’m being uite honest this book terrified and amazed me During some of the stories I felt like I was reading a horror book and others made me feel like there was still hope for mankind I wouldn’t recommend reading this book if you have a weak stomach I recommend this book to the high school level and above because of the sheer amount of violence in this book

  5. D& D& says:

    I rally do not like any kind of anthology to begin with but this one was very dry and the few good stories were spread so long apart I felt like this was a book where you had to read it to get through it not to enjoy it I did not like this book at all the biggest thing that I disliked was when the boy came in with a gun and shot all of his classmates most of them died instantly another story I hated was about a girl who everyone thought was a lesbian and she was molestedI hated this book

  6. Alexis Aguilar Alexis Aguilar says:

    On the Fringe is a solid book It has decent stories with a good theme and decent characters My biggest problem with the book is that its hard to relate with the characters since each story is only 8 to 10 pages long Also some of the stories are very bland and don't have a good conflict For those reasons I give On the Fringe a 3 star rating

  7. Darcy Darcy says:

    This review is only based on the Crutcher story It is about a school shooting that brings up all the uestions one experiences when you think about this and like so much in life it doesn't have any answers you just need to live past it

  8. Mallory Mallory says:

    A wonderful collection of short stories suitable for young adults Although some stories may need an introduction just because the content is pretty heavy I will be passing this one on to my younger brother

  9. Collin Collin says:

    On the Fringe is a compilation of several short stories that are each centered on a particular group or individual that resides on the edges or “the fringe” of the social structure The reason for which these stories were combined to form a book is because they all share the same goal of attempting to open a window into the world of those who have become pray to their peers’ tormenting Within the pages of On the Fringe lay the stories of a group of outsiders who band together in order to support each other a boy who must decide between telling the truth and getting his bully expelled and a girl who struggles with the prospect that she might be the exact opposite of what most people think of when they imagine a girl For those who have been in similar situations a connection can be found and for those who have not had such experiences a lesson can be learned One of the most obvious messages is that these kids who are “on the fringe” are not weak or helpless The purpose of these stories is not to evoke feelings of pity but rather show that there are plenty of children who are simply surviving all around It is wonderful to know that not all of these kids resort to suicide or other drastic measures; however On the Fringe reminds readers that surviving is not the same as living We as people need to remember that there are other people are around us who are hurting and this book has helped remind me of that fact Something that bothered me about this book was that the people bearing witness to their peers being tormented or shunned responded in romanticized fashions It appeared that certain characters went out of their way to show support for the fringe children which is not necessarily a problem but this is not a realistic depiction of the real world On the other hand the authors’ reasons for romanticizing their protagonists may be to inspire a similar kind of courage in the readers If any book could be successful in encouraging people to care and sympathize with those around them then that book would most likely be On the Fringe I cannot feel that change will not come for uite some time but hopefully by simply spreading word about this book one person at a time we can strengthen the support and sympathy for the people on the fringe and for people everywhere else

  10. Roger Bailey Roger Bailey says:

    This anthology was compiled in response to the Columbine shootings and is a collection of stories about high school students who are bullied and how they deal with it It postulates that the victims of bullying are somehow different They are called geeks nerds and other insulting names but the one thing that they are is outsiders I was intrigued by the theme of this book and wanted to read it because when I was in high school I was a victim of bullying Virtually every day I was constantly harassed made fun of and freuently assaulted I did not however feel all that different I suppose I did feel like an outsider because I was certainly excluded but I did not feel like I was ostracised because I was an outsider Rather I felt like I was an outsider because I was ostracised That of course leaves me with the uestion of why I was ostracised I never did figure that out and I was hoping that this book would give me some insight into myself I was disappointed Each story has its protagonist who is clearly uite different from her or his classmates and is persecuted for it I could not relate to any of them though except insofar as I could relate to the persecution itself I am still left wondering why I was persecuted I will say though since the subject matter was so personal for me I was riveted to each story I certainly did not find my attention wandering I was also gratified that in most cases the so called freaks did get their revenge I hope that the bullies and potential bullies read this book and come to some understanding of what horrendous crimes they are committing but I don't expect that many of them will I think it is much likely that the readers of this book will like me be the victims I hope they will gain insight about themselves than I did

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