Secrets of a Housewife Epub ´ Secrets of eBook

Secrets of a Housewife Epub ´ Secrets of eBook

10 thoughts on “Secrets of a Housewife

  1. Shawn Shawn says:

    This book was pretty good I hated the ending until I found out there was a seuel First off Tarron was a piece of sht He cheated on lil ole wifey Secret with Victoria but it was good to know that Secret had her own secret love ; I loved how his son got at it him by threatening to tell too funny But the most shocking part was finding out what happened between Tarron's brother and Secret BAM I sat in bed for hours one sunday morning to finish the book and my jaw was to the floor in the end I threw the book amd couldn't stop saying NO WTF This is a UST READ Gotta read More Secrets lies now

  2. Ashlee Ashlee says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book but there were times when i found myself getting angry from some of hubby dearest actionsI would give it than 5 stars if i could

  3. Renib Renib says:

    I enjoyed reading this book There was a lot of unsuspected drama The charcaters were life like and the story line was easy to follow However I didn't like the ending I could tell that it was rushed I felt as thought the author was tired and decided to just stop The ending said to be continued It was pretty much cut and dry so I wonder what the continuation would be??? Anyhow I would recommend it but simply because of the ending I know it is a book that I will be forgotten

  4. Diamond Diamond says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book can't wait for pt 2

  5. E.A. DeBoest E.A. DeBoest says:

    DamnHotDramaSo many twists and turnsGreat book

  6. Nikki Primas Nikki Primas says:

    I loved this book I kinda figured what happened in the end was going to happen because she Secret couldn’t let go Tarron loved his mistress than his wife He deserved what happened to him

  7. The Urban Book Source The Urban Book Source says:

    Tarron married the love of his life Secret She was the perfect catch beautiful smart great sex and the mother to his two children The perfect scenario on the outside As time moves on Tarron buries himself in a pile of work While buried in his work he meets his fantasy Victoria She was every man’s dream spontaneous beautiful and very advanced in the bedroom Victoria had it all with no strings attached other than the string of love But just who could see that string would be a uestion that keeps Tarron on his toes for much of this novelBattling the decision to be with the love of his life or the fantasy of all men he eventually begins to slip His carelessness leads to his son Terrance witnessing one of his episodes of lust Terrance reminds him daily that he is distraught and threatens to tell his mother Tarron couldn’t risk his world being shattered his by infidelity so from that point forward he went the extra mile to cover his steps carefully and is convinced his Secret is safe from his secrets That is until Victoria pops up at a family affairWith Victoria’s wrench thrown his way Tarron begins to focus too much on Victoria to realize that his jealous little brother Jay has it out for him in ways than one Jay is an ex con with a hot temper He has a high interest in women Tarron’s women to be exact The lustful looks he throws Victoria burns the insides of Tarron but Tarron can’t confront Jay about the situation because his Secret lay in the balanceEventually too many unfortunate situations forces the cat out of the bag and Tarron has to make a decision to stay with his housewife or be with the love of his life His love for Victoria is uestioned many times Does she really love him? Will she love him forever like Secret?Faced with a nasty divorce Secret and Tarron are forced to go to a series of counseling sessions The events that are revealed to the shrink will have the world wondering and at the edge of their seats Unbeknownst to Tarron he is not the only one with Secret or secrets Will Tarron finally leave his housewife Secret and turn his secret into his housewife?What I liked most about this book?Secrets of a Housewife was a easy read mysterious and excitingWhat I like least about this book?The secret was almost predictable Too many graphic sex scenes It takes away from the flow of the storyWhat could this author do to improve this book?Add to the story and develop the characters a bit

  8. Addarr2010 Addarr2010 says:

    Secrets of a housewife was a very interesting book there's drama filled love story This book has 2 parts and it basically shows a broken home can always be fixed no matter how broken it is This book was a very good book it had me hoooked from the first page and once i got started i couldnt stop until i was done This book Secrets of a Housewife was about a cheating husband who put his wife through the worse by cheating on her with a loose woman named Victoria she has been to some of their family get togethers but his wife secret thought she was just a friend but she always knew something was up Later on in this book he left his wife for victoria but he later on found his son was his nephew but he was still willing to have full custody along with his ex wife After everything happened his wife secret tried over and over again to make it work even if he did leave her for another woman she was willing to look past all that but tarron showed no type of emotion until his mistress Victoria left him for his brother who is the father if his son I currently read the 2nd part which is called More secrets More lies this pat of the book is impossible to understand unless u have read the first part and actually know whats going on In this part there is secrets lies and scandal As u can see this book is filled with drama and thats the reason i love both parts so much i can read them again if i have to There's so much things in that book that will have you hooked and wondering even after you are done As you can see while reading this book you can see a broken home or better yet broken love can always be fixed no matter what and in both parts of this book you will see

  9. Claudia Claudia says:

    JTremble takes you in the world of SecretwifeTarronhusband VictoriaMistressand Jay Brother The Characters and the events in this book will have you laughing mad and at the end crying Secret finds herself in the same condition that she seen and told herself that she wasn't going to let go down But love wins her over and she finds herself with a cheating lowlife husband that don't care about her at all Don't let the name Secret fool you because she had skeletons all up in her closet But this was before she meet Tarron were the skeletons comes in It comes down to betrayal and lies that really kicks the book off Jay and Tarron is best of friends until Jay gets caught up in the jail system and that when Tarron loses all respect for him Things are not the same between the brothers I highly recommend this book and can't wait for the seuel If you haven't read this book you are missing a great read that makes you hungry for

  10. Diamond Diamond says:

    I think that this was a very good dramatizied hood book I can relate to certain situations in which occured in the book The main characters played very interesting roles It really involved a lot of reality situations which kept me entertained I read this book in just one week that's how interesting it was It gripped my attention as soon as I started reading the first chapter I actually was upset because I didn't realize that the book had a list of uestions to discuss in the back Once I read that it basically said that something had happened to Secret so it spoiled the book Overall I really enjoyed the book I give it 5 stars definately

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Secrets of a Housewife ✤ Secrets of a Housewife Download ➸ Author J. Tremble – One marriage many secrets A successful career A beautiful wife and childrenand his pick of the sexiest women in town It seems Tarron has the best of both worlds as he manages to indulge in wild nights One marriage many secrets A successful career A beautiful wife and childrenand his pick of the sexiest women in town It seems Tarron has the best of both worlds as he manages to indulge in wild nights out with his lover and uiet nights Secrets of eBook Ý at home with his family But the party is about to endWhen Tarron's cheating ways are revealed his cool headed wife Secret handles it like a pro That's partly because true to her name Secret is hiding some bad behavior of her own And now as Secret starts to really live out her own fantasies neither she nor Tarron may be ready for the explosive conseuences A fascinating debut novel There are so many exciting twists and turns to this story that you'll be begging for once you read the very last page Urban Reviewscom.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Secrets of a Housewife
  • J. Tremble
  • English
  • 04 January 2016
  • 9780758263230