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  1. karen karen says:

    fulfilling book riot's 2018 read harder challenge task #3 A classic of genre fiction AND #23 A book with a female protagonist over the age of 60 i didn't want to double up like this but i have been neglecting this challenge for a couple of months and now i have to scramblei started this reading year off in a very ambitious frame of mind in addition to setting my own reading goals as far as # of books to read and personal reading challenges i decided to join the cool kids and participate in book riot's read harder challenge i started off strong and organized jotting down the titles of books i already owned for the individual tasks; birds stones etcit went well for a few months i even managed to get ahead at one point but then it all fell apart because life is the worst and suddenly here i was four months away from the end of the year and thirteen books behind realizing i'd have to do the old “double ‘em up” LGM just to get them all done and even though there’s no oversight committee on this i feel like i’m cheating with this one for #3 can every book by agatha christie be considered a “classic” just because she was such an influential author? One does not applaud the tenor for clearing his throat after alland for #23 i’d hardly call miss marple the protag here she’s in the book but she delegates a lot of the legwork to other people outsourcing the research evidence gathering investigatinginterrogating and even the final unveiling is graciously beueathed to her friend mrs mcgillicuddy a woman of excellent principles and no imagination i’m willing to let myself off the hook a bit because when i’d ultimately decided to bundle the two challenges under the miss marple banner i read a bunch of gr reviews to figure out which marple to read and several of the reviews said of several different titles that “there’s not much marple here” or “this is only nominally a marple” and i specifically did not choose those the point is i tried i guess miss marple is like bunnicula in the bunnicula series or morrissey in concert she’s the draw but she’s only prepared to give so much of her time she’s got other things to do anyway i read this book it was fine i certainly wouldn’t call it a masterpiece or a classic but it was the perfect thing to read when my back betrayed me and i was forced to spend an entire day in bed reading and dipping into my hoarded after surgery pain pill stash in a “this should tell you all you need to know about the book” statement i actually read all but the last nine pages ie up to the “whodunnit” before succumbing to sleep which either means that i wasn’t even invested enough in the mystery to stay awake for the big reveal or it means that those pain pills are gooooood i wasn'tthey arethis is my favorite part of the book in which cozy crime scene preservation standards are very low indeed and victim's dignityprivacy rights disregarded so little boys can experience a rite of passageSir Please sirInspector Bacon turned Two boys had arrived breathless on bicycles Their faces were full of eager pleading Please sir can we see the body?No you can't said Inspector BaconOh sir please sir You never know We might know who she was Oh please sir do be a sport It's not fair Here's a murder right in our own barn It's the sort of chance that might never happen again Do be a sport sirTake 'em in Sanders said Inspector Bacon to the constable who was standing by the barn door One's only young onceand even though i know perfectly well that this does not mean what i think it means How well I remember my own dear father 'Got a lot of old pussies coming?' he would say to my mother 'Send my tea into the study' Very naughty about it he wasit makes me laugh nonethelessI KNOW I JUST SAID THAT JEEZand if you want to know whodunnit view spoilerREAD THE BOOK hide spoiler

  2. carol. carol. says:

    Mrs McGillicuddy is traveling by train when she witnesses a woman being strangled in the train traveling alongside hers She reports the incident and is promptly dismissed leaving her to turn to her friend the resourceful Miss Marple Strange as it seems Miss Marple believes her“Mrs McGillicuddy looked at her without comprehension and Miss Marple reaffirmed her judgment of her friend as a woman of excellent principles and no imagination”I always forget about that brief section in 450 from Paddington that feels like the beginning of the dreaded story problem “if two trains are traveling” Luckily Miss Marple soon discards that line of investigation in favor of looking for the body because no one has been reported missing and no one was found dead on the train As it goes in the famous Breakfast Club episode of Psych “no body no crime” Elderly Miss Marple can’t go scouring a country estate for clues so she hires the very clever and resourceful Lucy Eyelesbarrow to take a post at the most likely spot the body was dumped What follows is classic Christie manor mystery filled with the usual characters given enough shading to distinguish them The eccentric miserly father the dutiful daughter and the three sons the artistic one from abroad the posh London businessman and the youngest a slick grifter Cast is rounded out by the impish grandson and his school friend household staff Yard Detective Craddock and of course Miss Marple and Florence with guest appearance by Mrs McGillicuddy“‘I’m sure you will succeed my dear Lucy You are such an efficient person’ “In some ways but I haven’t had any experience in looking for bodies’ ‘I’m sure all it needs is a little common sense’ said Miss Marple encouragingly”Among Christie’s creations What Mrs McGillicuddy Saw the original title stands out in character and plotting Published in 1957 rather late in Christie’s career she cleverly uses Lucy as a stand in for Miss Marple Lucy’s position at the manor allows her to poke into all sorts of corners as well as getting to know the family–sometimes a little bit better than she would like I was particularly fond of the beginning chapters establishing Lucy’s tenure and her initial attempts at poking around the estate Grandson Alexander and his friend Stoddart West livened up the search“They discoursed gravely during lunch on events in the sporting world with occasional references to the latest space fiction Their manner was that of elderly professors discussing paleolithic implements In comparison with them Lucy felt uite young”There’s a couple bits that feel dated particularly the investigative line spent pursuing any “mental bends” in the family tree The denouement too it might have surprised me the first time through but as I’ve slowly re read and cataloged my Christie reads I realize it’s an ending used before –with Miss Marple no less While it gets a bit silly near the end it overall manages to maintain the air of suspense Ah well a fun read anyhow

  3. Simona B Simona B says:

    The truth is people are an extraordinary mixture of heroism and cowardice•I don't really want to consider Miss Marple's character a flaw in itself but not only I don't particularly connect with her she wasn't even present most of the time Since the figure of the detective is one of the things I consider and value the most in a crime novel I was disappointed Long story short long live my favourite Belgian egghead •This investigation ran so long It just dragged on and on for 200 pages without moving forward in the slightest It doesn't happen to me very often with this kind of books but this time around I have no choice but admit that I was bored to tears •Another thing about detective fiction that makes me fall head over heels every single time is the long explanation that takes place at the end of the story whodunit style the so called dénouement In Christie's novels the dénouement is usually long and unbelievably satisfying I always enjoy it even when I didn't like how the investigation was carried out In 450 from Paddington the whole thing is explained in two measly pages I found it anticlimactic and underwhelmingDefinitely not the best Christie's out there

  4. Brina Brina says:

    Labor Day weekend is here marking the end of summer What an extraordinary summer it has been almost no baseball no trip to the beach and pretty much all of my time devoted to reading This year I have rekindled my enjoyment in reading Agatha Christie’s cases I have long read mysteries in between denser prose and nonfiction to clear my palette but I have found myself craving Dame Christie not as a palette cleanser but to see if I could put fit the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out whodunit before the end My summer has seen me read much of Hercule Poirot so I decided it was time for a change of pace and turned to Miss Marple of St Mary Mead Miss Marple is approaching ninety years old She has cast a long network of friends nieces and nephews godchildren and former employees Yet she still has a clear head and sharp mind and at her age enjoys solving murder mysteries This case begins on a train which passes Brackhampton station Missus Elspeth McGillicuddy witnesses a dark haired man on a parallel train strangle a woman to death Alarmed she notifies the conductor who writes off this behavior as a tall tale told by an old lady En route to visit Miss Marple Mrs McGillicuddy retells what she saw to the proper authorities only to have each one tell her that she must have been seeing things Miss Marple believes her friend Other ladies might have been concocting tall tales not Elspeth McGillicuddy She is as honest as they come and through Miss Marple’s network of police contacts the ladies begin to unravel this heinous crime Miss Marple dictates this case from afar She installs herself at a bed and breakfast in Brackhampton and employs a former housekeeper Lucy Eyelesbarrow to work at the same job at Rutherford Hall a manor with acreage abutting the train rails The land includes an embankment where a murderer could easily roll a body down a hill and then transport to a hiding place where authorities could not find it Miss Marple is getting on in age and too old to be snooping for clues but Lucy Eyelesbarrow makes for a perfect sleuth She has a sharp mind yet opted to use her Oxford education as a housekeeper and has maintained steady employment since graduation Always thorough on the job it would seem preposterous that Eyelesbarrow decided to clean out a little used shed on the property and discover a body Miss Marple had been correct again and with Scotland Yard alerted it would not be long until we figure out whodunit or would it Readers find out that the Crackenthorpe heirs of Rutherford Hall stands to inherit a large sum of money and land when their father passes away The money would be split six ways and when Miss Marple discovered this she thought how a murderer would and realized that when money is involved some people can get greedy Once one murder is committed it is it beyond the guilty party to commit a second or a third or even a fourth if she is not caught Miss Marple reuested Inspector Craddock of Scotland Yard a godson of a dear friend of hers Because he is not the sharpest of inspectors not surprisingly he reuests Miss Marple’s advice on the case and with assistance from Miss Eyelesbarrow the mystery resolves itself uickly The back and forth a between Miss Marple and Inspector Craddock bring a smile to my face as I wonder how dense the inspector actually is In the end it is the ladies who unravel the in Miss Marple’s words “simple” case with Craddock and the local authorities wondering how she figured things out so uickly Miss Marple has been a change of pace for me from the intellect of Hercule Poirot She is as sharp as a tack for her age yet is a common woman and does not think herself as superior to anyone The ueen of Crime shows through Miss Marple that just because someone is aged does not been that they are feeble making her one of the first writers to address ageism in a positive manner Per her usual Dame Christie withholds a key piece of information until the end making it nearly impossible for the average reader to figure out whodunit This is why I keep turning to her mysteries to see if I can figure out that clue midway through a book and devise my own theories as to the murderer and motive My summer of reading the cases of the ueen of Crime might be coming to a close but I will continue to turn to her mysteries as a means of keeping my own mind as sharp as Miss Marple’s Palette cleansers there are always other detectives and mysteries for that 35 🕵️‍♀️ stars

  5. Anne Anne says:

    Lucy Eyelesbarrow is the best thing about this book Loved her Why is she not in books?She and Miss Marple were just an unbeatable teamHowever that ending came out of nowhere like a giant ex machina sky beamNo I do not agree with that one at all I normally don't mind when Christie makes someone unlikely character the murderer but this one was poorly donePOORLY DONEEverything from the slipshod way the murderer was 'identified' by the witness to the idiotic reasoning behind the murder's reason for killing the young woman I was floored by how badly it all came together 5 stars for Lucy and the rest of the characters 1 star for the ridiculous endingI'm settling for 3 stars because I love trains in mysteriesToot toot Publisher HarperAudioEdition UnabridgedJoan Hickson Narrator

  6. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    This classic Marple story gets an 'F' from meFast Fun Fantastic

  7. Aqib Aqib says:

    450 From Paddington by Agatha Christie is the seventh installment of A Miss Marple Mystery set in Rutherford Hall in England Featuring Miss Jane Marple A resident of St Mary Mead Detective Inspector Dermot Craddock Grandson of Sir Henry Clithering works at Scotland Yard A Woman was Strangled within a running train without any clues A murder mystery set on two passing trains On One Elspeth McGillicuddy says she has witnessed out of her window she explains that she saw a man gripping and strangling a woman by the throat The body falls to the floor but before she can see anything else the train has passed If witnessed a murder on a passing train what you do? Who would believe you?Elspeth tells her story but no one believes her well it's not as if there were any other witnesses and there's not even a body But Miss Jane Marple thinks there is something in her story and so starts her own investigation The truth is people are an extraordinary mixture of heroism and cowardice The reader's reaction The title 450 From Paddington previously published as What Mrs McGillicuddy Saw sounds like the start of a journey All Aboard? The journey here is one from Paddington to St Mary Mead but it's the landscapes the rolling countryside and the noise of the train rattling along the tracks that provides the sights and sound to evoke a train journey of times gone byThe murdered leads to another wealthy family Crackenthorpe Family consisting of huge family members Agatha Christie being a well bred upper class lady herself she preferred to set her stories in the hushed elegance of upper class tea parlours where a servant would always answer the bell pull unless they have been strangled In this part Christie invented a figure of an absolutely faultless female servant efficient and much intelligent than merely the smug and snobbish people Lucy Eyelesbarrow is clearly the heroine of the novel The initial description of her may seem a bit far fetched but she gradually comes to life Lucy Eyelesbarrow who can be considered a part time detective too Though Miss Marple's age becomes a subject of confusion as she survives fifty years of dotage In this part the reader will experience her weakness in her ability Miss Marple is positioned in varying ways as a participant in the cultures where she investigates For Miss Marple sleuthing has a practical application It is not performed for social control but rather as a means of better understanding the world around her She does this firstly by enjoying her discredited friends to help her with her investigation Her truth worthy participants are Sir Henry Clithering Detective Inspector Dermot Craddock Leonard Griselda's boy who is very knowledgeable about maps This part is Highly recommended for Miss Marple Fan

  8. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    450 from Paddington Miss Marple #8 original publication year 1957Characters Miss Jane Marple Lucy Eyelesbarrow Mrs McGillicuddyAbstract Having done her Christmas shopping Mrs McGillicuddy relaxes happily in a train Then another train going in the same direction draws abreast and for some minutes the two trains proceed side by side That has happened to all of us But in a first class carriage of the second train Mrs McGillicuddy sees to her horror a man strangling a woman then the second train gathers speed and vanishes into the night Who was the woman? Who was the man who strangled her? And why is the body not found for so long? As Mrs McGillicuddy is going to stay with her old friend Miss Marple you may be sure these uestions all get answered in the endتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز دوازدهم ماه دسامبر سال 2006 میلادیعنوان یک قطار ساعت 450 از پدینگتون، مترجم محمدعلی ایزدی، نشر تهران، کتاب هرمس، کتابهای کارآگاه، 1384، در 343 ص، شابک 9643633268؛ موضوع داستانهای کارآگاهی از نویسندگان انگلیسی سده 20 م‏عنوان دو قطار ساعت 450 از پدینگتون و اعلام یک قتل، مترجم محمدعلی ایزدی، نشر تهران، کتاب هرمس، کتابهای کارآگاه، 1388، در 720 ص، شابک 9789643636203 ‏يادداشت ‏‫کتاب حاضر دو کتاب است در یک مجلد «قطار ساعت 450 از پدینگتون» و «اعلام یک قتل»، هر دو با ترجمه محمدعلی ایزدی، هریک از عنوانها جداگانه نیز چاپ شده اندخانم «مک‌ گیلکادی» که از دوستان صمیمی «دوشیزه مارپل» است، در حین سفر در قطار، در حالی که از پنجره قطار مشغول تماشای بیرون است، شاهد صحنه ی قتل زن جوانی، در قطار روبرو می‌شود او ماجرا را برای «دوشیزه مارپل» بازگو میکند، و خانم «مارپل» پی‌گیر داستان می‌شود، و زنی به نام «لوسی آیلس‌ بارو» را می­یابد، و ا شربیانی

  9. Adrian Adrian says:

    An excellent Miss Marple with her at her very best ably assisted by Lucy Eyelesbarrow A great story very original with a large cast of possible suspects or are they possible victims Well woven as ever by the Mistress of Crime into a story with a number of red herrings and a wonderful denouement Certainly worth a read

  10. Mike Mike says:

    So let's say you are an elderly Scottish woman While you are returning from a day of christmas shopping in the city you happen to glance out the train window and see something uite unsettling in a neighboring train A MURDERNo one else is around and when you report this terrible unsettling crime you are met with severe skepticism What is one to do? You've just seen a woman killed you have no idea what the murderer looks like and you are afraid you one will believe the rambling of a silly old Scottish womanWell if you are Mrs McGillicuddy which I think we can all agree is an AMAZING name you confide your fears to your good friend Miss Jane I have caught so many murderers than you Marple This dame knows how to get things doneWitness never saw the murderer? Not a problemNo body was ever found? Hardly an inconvenienceNo idea which train it was that the murder took place on? She has people for thatToo old to actually go sleuthing about? She'll just use her inherent awesomeness to convince an eually awesome woman to go undercover and prove my brilliant theory was right she'll just chill on the background and let the youngfolks run about while carefully processing all the clues and catch YET ANOTHER murderer because she is that awesome certainly awesome than any of us will ever be I haven't even caught one murdererBut in all seriousness Christie constructed both a very neat murder mystery and some pretty fascinating characters to go along with it She weaves a story of an overbearing patriarch ungrateful and rather wretched children well not all most the majority of them some mysterious letters and a body whose origins are unknown Like most of her mysteries I had no idea who the killer was and the solution to the murder was elegant and followed logically from all the information the reader has been exposed toInterestingly there was actually very little Miss Marple in this story She shows up in the beginning but recognizing how old and frail she has become enlists the aid of one Lucy Eyelesbarrow to do the footwork of tracking down Miss Marple's hunches The chapters tell the story from different characters' perspectives and provides a wide view of the mystery for the reader The plot is brisk but well paced and Christie does a wonderful job giving all of the characters depth and purpose All in all a smashing mystery that was engaging and rewardingIt should be noted I consumed this book in audio form The narrator Emilia Fox who could not be of a British thespian seriously look at her family tree did a stupendous job with the voices It was very clear from her tone pacing and accent what character was speaking at a given time and her voice in no way distracted from the story she was narrating I would definitely listen to another Christie audio book if she was the one doing the narration

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450 from Paddington [Read] ➵ 450 from Paddington By Agatha Christie – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk She was the only witness to a murderStanding with his back to her was a man His hands were around a woman's throat He was slowly relentlessly strangling her As Mrs McGillicuddy watched fascinated the She was the only witness to a murderStanding with his back to her was a man His hands were around a woman's throat He was slowly relentlessly strangling her As 450 from Epub / Mrs McGillicuddy watched fascinated the end came The body went limp and crumpled in the man's handsNobody believed Mrs McGillicuddy because there was no corpseNobody that is except an old lady named Jane Marple who figured out where the body was hidden and then showed Scotland Yard how to trap the killeroriginally published as From Paddington Britain and serialized as Eye Witness to Murder.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 185 pages
  • 450 from Paddington
  • Agatha Christie
  • English
  • 01 July 2016
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Mary Westmacott and was occasionally published under the name.