Kit Carson eBook Ú Hardcover

Kit Carson eBook Ú Hardcover

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  1. Greg Miller Greg Miller says:

    I expected this to be an academic read filled with references inane details and minutia but instead it was a fascinated look at a little known American hero Instead of flying through the book I found myself rationing It certainly gave me a window in on the period especially the Civil War as fought out West Not for everyone but a must read if you love history

  2. Dale Olson Dale Olson says:

    Remley attempts to provide a balanced view of Kit Carson's life For the most part he succeeds We see many positive attributes of a man who was reputed to be a stone cold killer In the end he one on the the Native American Indian's most loyal proponents

  3. Zach Zach says:

    Superbly researched biography of a very interesting complicated man Right off the bat the text opens with a section on the historiography of Kit Carson I found this particularly interesting because it seems to be me to be a movement in reaction to first Kit as a hero and then Kit as a villain The text includes multiple statements dedicated to pursuit of balance I wonder if this is a movement with historians or just a few subjects? The wisdom that the interpretation of the history tells us about modern times than it does about the morals of the subject is profound to meThe book was very short and I felt somewhat dry In my opinion this gives me confidence that it gets the history right and the sensationalism short With that being said there were fine moments of action and drama I always find the final scenes of Kit's life to be so compelling but my favorite part was the early days When Kit practiced violence what was he thinking? The text does not really state only poses the uestions and gives us options from other sources Fair treatment alwaysI might give Oklahoma Western Biographies a shot because they seem to really get it right

  4. Renee Renee says:

    Kit is my 5th great uncle so I read this with great fascination He lived during an amazing time in our country There are those who believe he was anti Native American but from what I read I cannot find this true He had two Native American wives and had at least two children with them Sadly only 1 child lived to maturity He in spite of being illiterate spoke several languages Spanish Ute and other Plains Indian languages He was called upon to serve many times by the US government often without pay and he served his country well Prior to the horrid situation with the Navajos he tendered his resignation multiple times and was refused I believe he mourned over doing this duty and his health declined after this time I was unaware that his wife preceded him in death by a few weeks She died as a complication of childbirth

  5. Linda Steiger Linda Steiger says:

    A very well done balanced credible biography of an important and admirable western character by an author with serious academic credentials I most enjoyed Remley's descriptions of Carson's travels with General Fremont Some may feel Carson nothing but an unrepentant Indian killer The author takes pains to debunk the simplistic view placing Carson within his own 19th century context and reminding the reader of Carson's complexity as opposed to dime novel heroism The discussion of his changing understanding of the meaning of justice has contemporary application I recommend it

  6. Steve Steve says:

    This was a book I struggled through I received it in a group of history books I purchased and thought it would be a good read It is uite detailed in the life of Kit Carson and all of that detail made it a tough read Carson is not a historical person of interest to me which I'm sure affected my rating of this book If you are interested in the life of Kit Carson I would recommend you give this book a try but if you are just looking for an entertaining book to read this is not that book

  7. Eric Eric says:

    Remley sets out to write a book about the real Kit Carson and does a good job We see a man who at times seems to be uick to violence with no regard for remorse and at other times a man who is uick to peace A good book but a bit dry reading

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Kit Carson ❰Download❯ ➺ Kit Carson Author David Remley – History has portrayed Christopher Kit Carson in black and white Best known as a nineteenth century frontier hero he has been represented recently as an Indian killer responsible for the deaths of hund History has portrayed Christopher Kit Carson in black and white Best known as a nineteenth century frontier hero he has been represented recently as an Indian killer responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Navajos Biographer David Remley counters these polarized views finding Carson to be less than a mythical hero but than a simpleminded rascal with a rifle Kit Carson The Life of an American Border Man strikes a balance between prevailing notions about this uintessential western figure Whereas the dime novelists exploited Carson's popular reputation Remley reveals that the real man was dependable ethical and—for his day—relatively open minded Sifting through the extensive scholarship about Kit the author illuminates the key dimensions of Carson's life including his often neglected Scots Irish heritage His people's dire poverty and restlessness their clannish rural life and sternly Protestant character committed Carson like his Scots Irish ancestors to loyalty and duty and to following his leader into battle without uestionRemley also places Carson in the context of his times by exploring his controversial relations with American Indians Although despised for the merciless warfare he led on General James H Carleton's behalf against the Navajos Carson lived amicably among many Indian people including the Utes whom he served as US government agent Happily married to Waa Nibe an Arapaho woman until her death he formed a lasting friendship with their daughter AdalineRemley sees Carson as a complicated man struggling to master life on America's borders those highly unstable areas where people of different races cultures and languages met mixed and fought sometimes against each other sometimes together for the possession of home hunting rights and honor.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Kit Carson
  • David Remley
  • English
  • 01 October 2014
  • 9780806141725