We'll Always Have Murder: A Humphrey Bogart Mystery

We'll Always Have Murder: A Humphrey Bogart Mystery

We'll Always Have Murder: A Humphrey Bogart Mystery ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ We'll Always Have Murder: A Humphrey Bogart Mystery Author Bill Crider – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Humphrey Bogart and down and out Hollywood private eye Terry Scott team up to thwart a scheme to blackmail Bogie for murder and find themselves tangling with gangsters and trying not to trip over corp Humphrey Bogart and down and out Have Murder: Kindle Ø Hollywood private eye Terry Scott team up to thwart a scheme to blackmail Bogie for murder and find themselves tangling with gangsters and trying not to trip over corpses Their investigation takes them to glamorous restaurants like The Brown Derby where the stars go to be seen and to other darker dangerous places where names are changed and faces are hidden from public view As Bogie and We'll Always Kindle - Terry dig deeper they uncover too many secrets that someone doesn't want known and they find themselves the targets of a killer Getting through alive will take all the smarts toughness and grit of a character in a Humphrey Bogart movie.

10 thoughts on “We'll Always Have Murder: A Humphrey Bogart Mystery

  1. John John says:

    Terry Scott is a private eye working in Hollywood for Warner Bros under the direct instruction of Jack Warner himself; his job is to smooth things over by fair means or occasionally foul whenever one of the Warners stars gets into difficulties The star this time is Humphrey Bogart and the difficulty is that someone is trying to blackmail him The someone is Frank Burleson who's Terry's euivalent at the Poverty Row studio Superior; Superior's modus operandi is to make movies in imitation of the major studios' smash hits but just different enough to avoid copyright suits Burleson has something on Bogie's divorced first wife the alcoholic Mayo Methot of whom the actor is still dutifully protective even though he's by now happily married to Betty BacallBogie gave Burleson forthright instructions as to what he could do with himself physiology permitting but Warner is still keen to make sure a minor incident doesn't become a major embarrassmentTrouble is the next thing that happens is that Terry and Bogie find Burleson murdered with Bogie's gun lying beside the corpse Crider whose work I've managed never to read before a piece of idiocy on my part I now find has himself an absolute ball with this situation Bogie of course insists on tagging along with Terry in the investigation on the genuine pretext that he can open doors that'd be slammed in Terry's face; in practice the actor uite often takes the lead in the detection as they encounter genuine Hollywood characters like Peter Lorre and of course Warner and Mayo Bacall is out of town and fictional ones In the instance of the fictional characters I initially looked for roman a clef overtones but soon realized I'd enjoy myself if I ignored thisAnd enjoying myself was precisely what I was doing A lot Crider seems to have caught Bogie's mannerisms and voice just right or at the very least he's created him on the page so plausibly that I for one am perfectly prepared to believe this is the real Bogie But the author has cleverly gone further than this sometimes the character before us is the actor Humphrey Bogart moving around and interacting within his professional environment Hollywood but other times uite openly and deliberately the actor slips into the persona of someone he might play in one of his own movies The resulting transitions of behavior are tremendous fun to follow although one suspects Terry doesn't find them so much of an entertainment as we doI laughed aloud fairly often but We'll Always Have Murder is than just a humorous novel In the same way that the best of Terry Pratchett's novels are good solid fantasies behind all the laughter We'll Always Have Murder also offers us a good solid mystery one that our two mismatched detectives solve using clues that were fairly presented to usAs I say before I read this novel I was a Crider virgin so to speak I'm now kicking myself for this decades long oversight There are many novels by this prolific author to be explored and believe you me I'll be laying my febrile hands on them as soon as I can

  2. Susan Jo Grassi Susan Jo Grassi says:

    I really enjoyed this mystery especially as Humphrey Bogart is one of my favorite actors I could almost hear his voice when I read The story was fast moving and action packed the characters where well rounded and the premise was true to HollywoodThe thing I didn't like was the proof errors I found over a dozen mistakes Shame on you ibooks and Simon and Schuster for allowing this travesty You need to uit depending on computers and hire real live proof readers

  3. Corky Corky says:

    Would have been a neat series but the publisher disappeared with the rights and Crider cannot continue it

  4. Ellen Collier Ellen Collier says:

    FAB 40s MYSTERY FOR HISTORY MOVIE BUFFSBogart and the 1940s era come alive in this entertaining and well written mystery with a great hero and cast You get a nostalgic behind the scenes look at how movies were made during the Golden Age of Hollywood Great plot and sharp dialogue between the characters seem realistic with authentic period details and descriptions Fun to hear the latest movie gossip about the big name stars as if they were still around Wish the author Crider could make this a regular series hated for this gem to end A winner

  5. Mimi Wolske Mimi Wolske says:

    Bill Crider mysteries never let me downThis 2004 book has Humphrey Bogart as the main characterWhat could go wrong? When Bogart assists PI Terry Cook in solving a Tinseltown murder or two as a reader we almost believe it IS Bogart Bogart is brought back to life that's how well the voice of Bogart is carried throughout the story The plot is easy and most of us can probably ID the murderer uickly The characters are good but I really like the secondary characters and the REAL people Crider manages to hide behind the two main charactersThere are a few gaffes in this first book of a promised series that didn't happenAt this point in time with Bill Crider's health declining uickly I'm keeping this paperback as well as all the other books I have that he wroteIf you like cozy mysteries and you like Bill Crider's writing then you'll want to grab this one

  6. Karen Karen says:

    I love PI stories and enjoy reading about the golden age of movie making This combines both and is a delightful journeyIf you are a fan of Humphrey Bogart you will enjoy all of the references to his movies that get dropped into the dialogueThe plot is nicely told with plenty of bad guys to fill in as potential killers Los Angeles is far different than it is today but adds a nice backdrop to the cast of characters some of whom are fictionalI bought a copy since my library did not have one I plan on putting it into everyone's hands as soon as they ask me for my next recommendation I just wish there had been a seuel

  7. Noel Swegan Noel Swegan says:

    OH MY GOD This book was so well written I thought I was Scott traveling with Bogart through the whole book It just sucks you in and you don't want to stop reading This is my very first book I've ever read by this author but now I'm looking for of his work The only sad part was finishing the book But I can't wait to find of his books

  8. Janey Janey says:

    Fun read Read it because we had to pick a Bill Crider selection in my book club I heard Humphrey Bogart’s voice in my head every time he spoke in the book which was fun loved him as an actor Too many characters and some distractions from the plot but overall a good book easy to read

  9. Steven Freeman Steven Freeman says:

    Nice enjoyable little story about someone trying to blackmail Humphrey Bogart Not only do you get a good story but you also get to travel around with Bogart and meet lots of his movie star friends from classic Hollywood

  10. Cyn Mcdonald Cyn Mcdonald says:

    An interesting portrait of Bogie though I have no idea if it's anywhere close to accurate Fun read Way too many typos

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