Zombies Christmas Carol Kindle Æ Zombies Christmas

Zombies Christmas Carol Kindle Æ Zombies Christmas

Zombies Christmas Carol ❦ [KINDLE] ❁ Zombies Christmas Carol By Jim McCann ➡ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Gather your family close board up the doors and heed well the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge a man whom no fire could warm whose cold heart pumped ice through his veins and whose lips uttered a firm BAH to Gather your family close board up the doors and heed well the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge a man whom no fire could warm whose cold heart pumped ice through his veins and whose lips uttered a firm BAH to any sort of happiness Learn from his experience as he is Zombies Christmas PDF \ visited by the undead corpse of his old friend Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve And join him on his journey to Christmases past aided by another corpse intent on showing Scrooge the origin of the Hungry Death consuming the land God help us every one Collecting MARVEL Zombies Christmas Carol .

10 thoughts on “Zombies Christmas Carol

  1. Anne Anne says:

    Well this was a chore to get throughI thought it might be something fun or odd but I didn't really think it would be boring But it was Boring and weird and not in a good wayI don't understand how the zombie plague spread and I don't understand how it was endedNow maybe I missed out on some metaphorical shit because I've shockingly never read the original Dickens' story but I kind of doubt it I know crazy nonsense when I read it and that's exactly what the vast majority of this was view spoilerScrooge McDuck gets bit by a horse when he's a young man and it gives him zombie itis Now it doesn't actually hurt him he just passes it along to everyone he meets along with his new Grinchy attitude Wait What?He gets bit by a sick horse and that moment shows him that helping his fellow man horse isn't worth itTHEN all he has to so to stop the Zombiepocalypse is stroll through town smiling and promising food and good cheer A giant dust cloud of love and sunshine floating behind him to cure all the former flesh eaters hide spoiler

  2. Paul E. Morph Paul E. Morph says:

    While I was trawling my way through all the Marvel Zombies books I thought I might as well do this one as well despite it not being connected to the other MZ books in any way I’m glad I did; I found it to be a thoroughly entertaining take on one of my all time favourite novelsDavid Baldeon’s artwork was superb which is why it was such a shame that issues two and four had fill in art by another artist whose work just paled in comparisonI’d give the story a solid 4 stars and the artwork on issues 1 3 and 5 4 stars and the fill in art on issues 2 and 4 2 stars giving this an overall score of 36 stars which I shall round up in the true spirit of Christmas yes I know it’s only September Shut up

  3. Quirkyreader Quirkyreader says:

    The artwork in this collection was amazing

  4. Sesana Sesana says:

    I honestly wasn't expecting much out of this A Christmas Carol with zombies? Not exactly promising And yet oddly it actually works fairly well What keeps this together I think is that McCann largely uses Dickens' original words and what original text he adds he's careful to keep in essentially the same style Not the easiest thing in the world to do And he also manages to make an original zombie filled storyline fit into the basic story arc that one would expect from A Christmas Carol But it's still a zombie filled version of A Christmas Carol It's unnecessary in the extreme and it doesn't accomplish anything that the original doesn't do twice as well

  5. Carol Carol says:

    Rather fun and great for the Halloween season It's rather similar to the Dickens story but with zombies It's a story of redemption near apocalypse and sacrifice I didn't really understand how is it that the zombie virus came to be because while its established its rather lose But what the heck Still works and the art is just amazing Good little read if you're looking for something different

  6. Jorge Rosas Jorge Rosas says:

    A funny retelling of the well known tale but with zombies I enjoyed the concept and how it still feels like the original tale but with a grain of horror in there

  7. FamilyPenguin FamilyPenguin says:

    A very enjoyable take on Dickens's A Christmas Carol

  8. Dávid Novotný Dávid Novotný says:

    Zombie twist on classic tale Nothing but art is nice and over and all it's fun to read 35

  9. Dann Dann says:

    Marvel presents a terrifying new vision of Charles Dickens’ classic tale that puts the horror back into it in the graphic novel Zombies Christmas Carol It’s Christmas Eve and a plague known as the Hungry Death is sweeping across London turning the surplus population into the undead and only one man an old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge has the means to save them But he’s unwilling until he’s visited by three spirits whose revelations about the Hungry Death spur Scrooge into action Author Jim McCann does a surprisingly good job at sticking to the original text and includes much of the dialog from the novel with slight changesadditions He also makes several tweaks to the plot that develop into some interesting twists that are uite powerful The artwork and character designs are also especially well done And while the undead and spirits can be uite ghoulish at times there’s no gratuitous violence or gore However it all falls apart in the last stave; as McCann doesn’t really have a way to wrap up the Hungry Death and ends up botching everything with a rather inexplicable conclusion Still Zombies Christmas Carol is a creative retelling of Dickens’ tale that stays true to its message and spirit

  10. Jacquline Jacquline says:

    Jim McCann took the beautiful Christmas Carol and made it his own by retelling the story of redemption through zombies This is appropriate for this type of story because McCann is trying to get across that Scrooge's negativity towards everyone is poisoning which is why the population is dying and hurting others It's a uniue twist to the much loved story McCann stayed close to the original story but added his own touch to make the story believable as a zombie tale The only negative aspect about this book is that there are some places that the writing needs to be stronger especially through the narration It was not written very well and it could have used some improvement Now the art for the book was incredible The zombies looked amazing and the spirits as well My favorite was the Spirit of Christmas Past and it was Belle Scrooge's love It really worked well that McCann used Belle as the Spirit of Christmas Past because she holds a key part to his past one of the few reasons why he became a miserable grouch Also the Spirit of Christmas to Yet to Come was completely appropriate It was not a traditional Grim Reaper but rather the spirit had a dominant haunting aspect to it especially the way the bone jaw hung out from under the cloak's hood The colors were appropriate and I really enjoy the Spirit of Christmas Present with Ignorance and Want It was cool to see the two eat the flesh of the spirit McCann did a great job bringing a classic back with his uniue touch and kudos to the artists because they did a fantastic job

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