A Courtesans Guide to Getting Your Man Kindle ð Guide

A Courtesans Guide to Getting Your Man Kindle ð Guide

A Courtesans Guide to Getting Your Man [Ebook] ➬ A Courtesans Guide to Getting Your Man ➫ Celeste Bradley – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Regency London’s most celebrated courtesan The Blackbird was a woman before her time—uninhibited financially independent and free to live by her own rules Schooled in the sensual arts by the one m Regency London’s most celebrated courtesan The Blackbird was Guide to PDF/EPUB ¼ a woman before her time—uninhibited financially independent and free to live by her own rules Schooled in the sensual arts by the one man she loved the most she recorded every wicked detail in her diariesWhen Boston museum curator Piper Chase Pierpont unearths The Blackbird’s steamy memoirs she’s aroused and challenged by what she finds Could the courtesan’s diaries A Courtesans MOBI :Ú  be used as a modern girl’s guide to finding love and empowerment One curious curator—and one very lucky man—are about to find out.

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  1. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    5 A Perfect Tutorial Stars Spoiler Free When I first started reading romance novels I was fortunate to have stumbled upon a Dollar bookstore Everything was there and I took full advantage There I discovered so many favorite authors too numerous to mention One of them was Victoria Dahl and the other Susan DonovanWhen learning about these women I discovered of Ms Dahl introduction to the Romance genre through Celeste Bradley's writing It made me curious to read her too I also was taken by Susan Donovan's creativity and humor She was another author that bookstore allowed me to binge onThen I discovered Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan had a new project; they were going to write together mixing their styles and genres Historical and Contemporary Romance Now both already had the reputations of putting steam on the page So I was primed and ready to readI even found this interview between these two authors discussing how this book came about and it was fascinating story took two very different time periods with two different situations and blended them together so that you were captivated by how both women were trying to be in charge of their lives and desires Our modern day woman was able to grow and vastly learn from our courtesan not just the art of love and seduction but also how to assert herself push the boundaries of what she thinks she should be and forge ahead grabbing life's thrills with two handsThis book had some of the most sensual and sexy times I had read They came from the journal of this courtesan over two hundred years ago The way she was trained the reasons why she pursued this training in the first place all of it was exactly current for today Her name was Ophelia and she did not want to not be a pawn of arranged marriage She wanted to marry for love The only way she could possible escape her father's choice was to Ruin Herselfand the best way to do that was to go to The Best and Most Sought After Courtesan The SwanNow if you think on thisour young woman of past times was actually very forward thinkingShe saw this woman The Swan have all the control of her life She picked who she would be withShe was the one in charge and that called to our galBoston museum curator Piper Chase Pierpont is our current times woman She has dedicated herself to her career and her position at the Museum puts her in the right place at the right time She is working on the exhibit the museum is doing on this very prominent woman of Boston's Abolitionist history Piper discovers these scandalous journals and they capture her mind Her mind body and soul had been captured by her past teacherthe crush was all consuming and she finally threw herself at him only to be turned away Now years later this man is back and he is in her worldwhere she has to deal with him all of the time Piper decides she is going to take a page from Ophelia's journal and learn everything she was taught That should work in turning this past crush's headWe get to experience both the past lessons in real time from our courtesan and then how Piper works all of them in her pursuit of her manI have revisited this book because this writing duo has finally written the follow up to this Breathe I Cannot Wait A Revisit to a TimeWhen a Woman's Only Way to ControlWas to be The CourtesanWhere another from a Different AgeNeeds to Break Out of Her ShellHow the Lessons from the PastShow the way in the Future A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your ManFor Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  2. Splage Splage says:

    An enthusiastic 5 Star read This book was a historicalcontemporaryerotica fusion and a fabulous surprise I really thought this was an anthology by two authors not always my favorite type of read and the back cover description did not overly appeal to me What a cool concept I don't think I can summarize the story and do it any justice because it was so clever and involved Although it did take little while to get into it because there were two major stories going flipping back and forth from past and present as well as lots of foreshadowing It is a parallel between Ophelia Harrington which is a young lady in 1800 London about to be married off to the pompous conceited Lord Ashford and the second story Piper is a museum curator of present time who is sort of an ugly duckling trying to fit in Ophelia wants none of this arranged marriage and instead decides she wants to be free to make her choices Her choice is to become a courtesan and she talks the Swan an infamous courtesan of the time to transform her Piper's life is dramatically changed as she accidently stumbles across Ophelia's diaries of her life as a courtesan and Piper decides to follow Ophelia's guide to catch the man that got away and broke her heart Ooh la la let's just say the diaries are very descriptive and very sensual There are so many twist and turns to the story that I couldn't put it down All the characters are transformed in this book; the Hh of both eras the parents the aunt and uncle the ancestors and many They all grow into better people I loved experiencing itThe ending was so fulfilling because all of the loose ends were tied up perfectly and then what a bonus you got an epilogue too

  3. Tammy Walton Grant Tammy Walton Grant says:

    Holy smokes this book had some hot parts Yes that pun was completely intended ;D My GR friend Tammy sent this book to me thanks Tam because she thought smutty old me would like it And boy oh boy does she have my number Where to begin? For anyone who hasn't read the back of the book it's written by two women one a contemporary romance author and one a historical romance author I'd never read either before I could tell there were 2 different people writing and although I definitely preferred the historical writing to the contemporary the switch didn't seem to be jarring Except for the love scenes the differences there jumped right out at meIt's the story of a mousy repressed museum curator and one of the biggest romance stereotypes I've come across named Piper and her discovery of the secret diaries of Ophelia Harrington while preparing an exhibit The book flips between the past and the present we get to read a book about Ophelia inside of a book about Piper After Piper reads the diaries she enlists her best friend to help her reinvent herself She gets a makeover then re enacts the diaries having a virtual fuckfest with a seriously hot Irishman on loan to the museum for six months They have a history of course he was her prof or something and she got drunk peeled off her clothes for him and he bailed which then completely retarded her socialsexual progressYou might be able to tell the contemporary part of the story was almost a complete fail for me While the story itself was novel the execution was like a dirty Harleuin romance It had a promising start but it didn't hold me I didn't buy the love story the sex scenes were tawdry compared to the historical and I thought the makeover was predictableHOWEVERThe historical section of the book was AMAZING Oh how I liked it I liked the tone the writing the story the depth of the characters and I especially liked the steamy parts which was most of the first half of the book WOW The story was fascinating and I found myself skimming through the modern day part of the story to get back to the story of Ophelia and Sir I tend to like courtesan stories anyway so this one was right up my alley I would have loved to read an entire book about OpheliaI don't know that I'll read any of Susan Donovan's work as the contemporary part of the story didn't thrill me but I'm thinking I should be picking up a Celeste Bradley And soon4 stars

  4. Christine (KizzieReads) Christine (KizzieReads) says:

    Boy did this ever pack a punch It was captivating and once I got past the first little bit it was a page turner I didn't know how I was going to feel about Piper's parts but it definitely got better after her makeover Not saying that she was not an interesting character before but it seemed that with the makeover and the help of the Courtesan's diaries her confidence level rose and she was able to come into herself and stand up for what she wanted and believed in The Blackbird's parts were very very very steamy I guessed what the twist was on her part long beforehand but it did not take anything away from the story Some parts were vulgar and overly graphic so if you have a problem with that you might not want to pick up this book as there is a lot of it I see why it was in there but I think it could have been a little less

  5. ♥ Beth ♥ Beth says:

    45 StarsWhat a FANTASTIC and oooooh so very Naughty read I've never read anything by Celeste Bradley or Susan Donovan before so this was a wonderful find for meI loved the writing I loved the story and I loved all of the charactersKudos to the two authors in the way they each told their separate stories one historical and the other contemporary and put them together and made it all work It was an amazing read for me

  6. ALPHAreader ALPHAreader says:

    In present day Boston museum curator Piper Chase Pierpont has made the discovery of her career While organizing an exhibit for the life and times of infamous and beloved Boston abolitionist Ophelia Harrington Piper stumbles across a hidden diary written in the flourished hand of Ophelia herself the diary is an extraordinary insight into the young activist’s very private life – her life before politics and family when she was London’s notorious ‘Blackbird’ – a highly sought after courtesan once accused of murderFor Piper this museum exhibit is a last ditch effort to keep her job With the country in recession and last season’s disastrous exhibit still hanging over her head the last thing Piper needs is a contentious diary labelling one of Boston’s most beloved historic figures as a scarlet woman And then Mick Malloy swaggers into town Mick her old university teacher and first and last lustful crush Until the night that Mick shattered Piper’s confidence – the repercussions of that ego damaging turn down carrying into Piper’s thirty year old spinsterhood still Mick is now a big wig archaeological superstar in town to help the family business and organize a reality TV show Her job hanging on the line and her first love making a reappearance – Piper turns to Ophelia’s sumptuous diary entries for guidance And as Piper decides to take hold of her life and reinvent herself she reads Ophelia doing the same from 1813 as she learns the art of seduction under the tutelage of a masked man known only as ‘Sir’ – a man who will hold Ophelia’s heart and Piper’s fascination for twelve long years‘A Courtesan’s Guide to Getting Your Man’ is the contemporaryhistorical romance combo from authors Celeste Bradley and Susan DonovanI have been dying to read this book ever since it came out in May I read a fantastic review from reputable bookish source Julie of ‘Outlandish Dreaming’ not to mention Susan Donovan piuing my interest last year when I read her incredible contemporary romance ‘He Loves Lucy’ I was also curious of a romance written by two authors covering two romantic sub genres – Donovan writing the contemporary and Bradley the historical So even before I cracked this book open I had an inkling this book was something special – and I was right I thought I was a pretty old hat romantic reader at this point – but Donovan and Bradley have delivered an entirely new romantic enterprise with ‘Courtesan’s Guide’ I love contemporary romances and I adore historical romances – but never have I read a book that combines the two so splendidly and seamlessly The beginning of the book is told from present day Boston with Piper reading excerpts from Ophelia’s discovered diary Piper’s spinster predicament is covered and her re romance with Mick uickly established and then as she becomes consumed with winning Mick over and taking her life by the horns Celeste Bradley takes over the reins and the narrative switches to Ophelia back in 1813 as she begins her courtesan uest From there on in the two women’s tales are told simultaneously and alternating – their romances running concurrentlyOphelia’s world is turned upside down when her uncle and aunt auction her hand in marriage Disgusted by the prospect of being bought and bartered Ophelia seeks out one of the most infamous and exalted ladies of London – the Swan She is a courtesan extraordinaire – coveted and carefree gorgeous and graceful Ophelia throws herself on the Swan’s mercy and tutelage relieved when the lady agrees to help Ophelia and find her a protector Thus she is introduced to ‘Sir’ – the mysterious masked man who is her instructor in the carnal arts For one week Sir teaches Ophelia all she will need to know about pleasing men and enamouring herself to society The two share a luscious and precious bond – and though Ophelia spends the next few years as a highly sought after courtesan luxuriating in the finest men’s beds she never forgets the man who taught her everything she knows about love lust and longing Meanwhile in present day Boston homey and plain Piper is mortified when her ages old crush waltzes into town She has been hung up on him since grad school and while Mick has been off cavorting around the world she has been stuck under paid under appreciated and under sexed – pining for a man who never wanted her to begin with But that’s all going to change thanks to Ophelia’s words of wicked wisdomI loved both Ophelia and Piper – two very different women with delicious stories to tell Admittedly Piper and Ophelia’s respective stories could have been books unto themselves but things are so much interesting and better balanced with Bradley and Donovan sharing the penIf we’d just had Ophelia’s story I’m not sure I would have been terribly patient with her boudoir shenanigans and bed hopping The small slice of her life that we read is fiercely independent and forward thinking – she was a woman who didn’t want to be tied down to a man let alone bargained into marrying one She saw a loophole in society – where men’s mistresses are free to live alone make their own money and choose their partners – but who are still beloved by London society for their titillating behaviour and trend setting As it is with the book split between two worlds we only ever read about Ophelia’s explicit time with Sir – and her other paramours are brushed over and easily summarised I was a woman free to be extraordinarily unwiseWhat a delightful notion Likewise Piper’s story could have been fairly ho hum – the story of a plain jane turned makeover miracle isn’t exactly original and the tale would have been over in a matter of chapters So while both Ophelia and Piper’s stories could have carried their own book – each is strengthened by linking to the other in ‘Courtesan’s Guide’Both stories combined are titillatingly delicious Piper and Mick’s romance is sweetly sensual while Ophelia and Sir have a scorching romance Both love stories are eually fervent and beautifully tender – we wonder if Piper and Mick will let work get in the way of their newfound love while Sir and Ophelia battle each other’s wills and then the court of law And at the centre of the plot is Piper’s determination to tell Ophelia’s true X rated story Ophelia’s tale tells of the London marriage mart and the few options for women of the times her history also lends evidence to her future abolition activism and Piper believes it is a tale worth telling no matter how raunchy “I’m going to lose my job you know Probably right there on the spot” Her words were flat “And there won’t be a lot of choices for me afterward The museum world isn’t exactly clamouring for over budget renegade feminist curators these days”Mick slipped an arm around her shoulders “But the world is always in need of women brave enough to fight the establishment” She looked up at him sideways a small smile touching her lips I knew I would love Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan’s ‘A Courtesan’s Guide to Getting Your Man’ – but I couldn’t predict how much I absolutely thoroughly and unabashedly adored this book and it’s going on the 2011 favourite’s list for sure I intend to read books by both authors and keep my fingers firmly crossed that they decide to write another romance duet

  7. KatieH KatieH says:

    WowI received this book through Goodreads First Read without really even knowing what it was aboutThe two authors of this novel did an excellent job of intertwining the lives of two very extraordinary women separated by hundreds of years and paralleling their lives of lust love and freedomI read this book in under a day and was easily captivated I would have given the book 5 stars for its sheer genius ingenuity and bewitching love story except that the erotic nature was a little overwhelming at timesBe warned This book should be X rated I'm sure there are erotic books out there but I've never read any of them It was a lot and I was not at all expecting it but it was still amazingAs much as I fell in love with Piper and her story I found myself unable to wait until I could hear about Ophelia and SirGoshthis story I seriously feel all over the place but it was definitely amazing and is a definite must read sexually explicit moments asideLike I said before if not for the naughty parts I would have given this book a 5 although I feel without those parts the book may not have the same substanceEither way I was hooked and I LOVED the ending

  8. Mel Mel says:

    A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man is definitely one of the better romance novels out there It has a relatable plot that is actually coherent and the chemistry between the romantic leads was well written First things first I liked that the novel consisted of two stories and it blended really well togetherI enjoyed Ophelia's story much better She was willing to do whatever it took for her freedom and given the time she was born into I appreciated that a lot I was a little surprised at the portrayal of a courtesan's life though; it made it look really glamorous which I don't think is the truth I did think her chemistry with The Swan was much better than their modern counterparts sizzling and passionate Ophelia is an extremely brave loyal and headstrong character and I admired that I was a little surprised at the true identity of The Swan and I thought Ophelia would be too but it seemed like she took it pretty wellPiper's story while modern day was a little less interesting than Ophelia Her story was pretty much about getting a guy as well as her job security in portraying Ophelia's life She was however rather endearing so she's not that bad of a character The ending was satisfying with all the loose ends tired up as well Well done indeed Definitely recommend to all looking for a good romance novel

  9. sandsun331 sandsun331 says:

    I won this book on a Goodreads First Reads giveawayI am an avid romance reader historical contemporary paranormal erotic I like them all I envy an author the imagination to create and the skill it takes to tell a story and keep the reader completely enthralled I even envy my fellow readers here on Goodreads your elouent reviews I have such a difficult time “reviewing” what I read I just can’t seem to find the words to express what makes one story so much better than another in my mindThat being said I really had to do than just rate this book I loved it It had the reuisite heart and heat that I love in a romance or in this case romances view spoiler While Piper Mick's love story makes for a great read I was sucked in entirely by Ophelia and Malcolm Harrington's love affair hide spoiler

  10. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    Won from GoodreadsI didn't know how I would like this book A tale of two women told concurrently One set in the Regency and the other at the present time And I usually don’t like tales such as these and I can give or take a contemporary romance So I began reading with a bit of trepidation I am so glad I was proven wrong but I will admit I did enjoy The Blackbird and Sir’s story the best and if it wasn’t for that this book would have been mediocre The chapters skip back and forth between the time periods but that does not distract from the storytellingPiper works for a museum as a historical curator and when she stumbles upon a set of journals and starts reading them the words literally turn her world upside downAn arranged marriage “a transaction” has Ophelia determined to be her own womanThis novel is a breathtaking discovery of freedom in its many forms by two women from different centuries It will have your emotions in a tailspin

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