Paperback Þ Supreme Injustice PDF Ú

Paperback Þ Supreme Injustice PDF Ú

Supreme Injustice ➿ Supreme Injustice Free ➶ Author Alan M. Dershowitz – Millions of Americans were baffled and outraged by the US Supreme Court's role in deciding the presidential election of 2000 with its controversial ruling in Bush v Gore The Court had held a uniue pla Millions of Americans were baffled and outraged by the US Supreme Court's role in deciding the presidential election of with its controversial ruling in Bush v Gore The Court had held a uniue place in our system of checks and balances seen as the embodiment of fairness and principle precisely because it was perceived to be above the political fray How could it now issue a decision that reeked of partisan politics and send to the White House a candidate who may have actually lost the election In Supreme Injustice best selling author and legal expert Alan M Dershowitz addresses these uestions head on at last demystifying Bush v Gore for those who are still angered by the court's decision but unclear about its meaning Dershowitz himself a former Supreme Court clerk argues that in this case for the first time the court's majority let its desire for a particular partisan outcome have priority over legal principles As in his other bestselling books Dershowitz clarifies complex legal issues explaining concepts such as eual protection and irreparable harm Digging deeply into their earlier writings and rulings Dershowitz proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the justices who gave George W Bush the presidency contradicted their previous positions to do so The most egregious ruling since the Dred Scott Decision Bush v Gore has shattered the image of the Supreme Court as a fair and impartial arbiter of important national issues The resulting loss of the American people's respect Dershowitz concludes has severely compromised the Court's role in national affairs And yet Dershowitz sees some benefit emerging from this constitutional crisis if we understand its lessons and take action to prevent it from happening again.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Supreme Injustice
  • Alan M. Dershowitz
  • English
  • 25 March 2015
  • 9780195158076

About the Author: Alan M. Dershowitz

Alan Morton Dershowitz is an American lawyer jurist and political commentator He is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School He is known for his career as an attorney in several high profile law cases and commentary on the Arab Israeli conflictHe has spent most of his career at Harvard where at the age of he became the youngest full professor in its history until No.

10 thoughts on “Supreme Injustice

  1. AC AC says:

    Brilliant fascinating analytical Bush v Gore and how we got here Dershowitz prove beyond any doubt and I use these terms strictly that the case was wrongly decided and shows exactly how this came about what motivated each of the offending Justices Rehnuist Thomas Scalia were all ideologues of course; but Dershowitz shows again beyond any doubt how Scalia's opinions in Bush v Gore absolutely ran counter in a purely legal sense to everything he had previously written and believed O'Conner was probably motivated by the naive view that Bush would be just another average Republican and allowed feelings of party loyalty to trump logic and the law And Kennedy Dershowitz believes most disgracefully of all was driven merely by personal ambition the view that his vote would endear him the Republican Party and earn him the Chief Justice slot on Rehnuist's retirement or deathBush v Gore with this see Jeffrey Toobin's excellent book The Nine httpwwwgoodreadscombookshow24

  2. Parham Golestanian Parham Golestanian says:

    If like me you were either too young to remember this case or want a detailed account of it this book will be a good read Dershowitz is a prominent legal educator in his own right and approaches the topic from a fair albeit partisan standpointBush v Gore radically changed the landscape of this nation and America's foreign policy I often find myself wondering what life would be like had Gore been given the presidency

  3. Steve Steve says:

    Well written but not a memoir or autobiography It's an analysis of the 2000 election

  4. J. J. says:

    A very long rant against the Supreme Court that hijacked the 2000 Election and made cynics of many people in their attitude towards the Supreme CourtAnd a well deserved rant it isMostly true tooCertainly the author is a very biased liberal Democrat But his arguments are uite on point And he proves his case uite well in my opinion The strongest part of the book is that he takes the majority Justices' own prior rulings and principles and then shows how these prior principles were simply ignored and contradicted in order to achieve a predetermined victory for Mr Bush Indeed he lets the Justices judge themselves and to their great shame they are found guilty Guilty of rigging an election; guilty of not upholding the law; guilty of partisanship; guilty of injustice His case is well proved I sayFinally I think that the author is onto something when he posits that the most fundamental reason why the Supreme Court has become so political as opposed to impartial is because of Roe v Wade A majority of Americans who feel this ruling is illogical and despicably unjust have been co opted by the fringe right into supporting ever radical politicians who in turn appoint radical Justices that care about ideology than law But how can you not? When the slaughter of millions is happening before your very eyes will you sit idly by or will you try anything to stop it? Indeed I think the author has it right a wanton abandonment of the rule of law which is what happened when the decision of Roe v Wade stopped giving the protection of the laws to those who need it the most can only breed despotic disregard for the rule of law Especially when half the population is addicted to their wanton disregard of their own childrenOr as the wise Mr Chesterton once put it `When you break the great laws you do not get freedom; you do not even get anarchy; you get the SMALL laws' In this case rules of procedure regarding how you must vote and apparently via mechanical means only in order for government to better be able to disregard your voice and do what it wants to do anyway

  5. Flan Flan says:

    Most of this book just got me worked up again by the sheer audacity of the action but Dershowitz goes through the 2000 election and the Supreme Court decision to become involved in a clear way The political ramifications have had far reaching affects and he discusses the many ways it will change our country I found this book clearly defines the role of the Supreme Court and what it means to overreach

  6. Sammy Sammy says:

    Read this book for a paper my senior year in college I was rather disappointed on the author's criticism of the judges of the case it dealt with I think I would've enjoyed it if it wasn't being used for a scholary paper

  7. Drake Drake says:

    Most of this book was great a thorough criticism of the court's decision with some helpful background on precedents and the justices In the last 15 pages though he kind of goes after Roe v Wade which seems to come out of left field and isn't fully explained

  8. Brian Brian says:

    Guaranteed to get your blood boiling

  9. Simon Simon says:

    A tough read to understand I got the basic idea

  10. A K A K says:

    Readers should take into account liberal bias by the author Still intellectually stimulating and good expalantions of what went down in Bush v Gore

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