The Owl Who Became the Moon PDF/EPUB Ê The Owl PDF \

The Owl Who Became the Moon PDF/EPUB Ê The Owl PDF \

The Owl Who Became the Moon ❰KINDLE❯ ❆ The Owl Who Became the Moon Author Jonathan London – Sights and sounds are the focus of this breathtaking picture book about a boy who rides on a night train as it winds its solitary path through a snow covered mountain world From the ticktacking of the Sights and sounds are Who Became Kindle ´ the focus of this breathtaking picture book about a boy who rides on a night train as it winds its solitary path through a snow covered mountain world From the ticktacking of the train's wheels on the tracks to the whoo whooooing of an owl readers can listen and watch as the lyrical story unfolds Full color.

10 thoughts on “The Owl Who Became the Moon

  1. Melki Melki says:

    This is a simple very lovely very uiet book about a train making its way across a frozen landscape Some night creatures watch its progress; others curl up and go to sleep I can imagine reading this aloud almost in a whisper as the final book before lights out

  2. Garrett Garrett says:

    The Owl Who Became the Moon is not a conventional book The first time I read Jonathan London's work I did not understand it It appears to describe a train's nightime journey through the woods as seen through the eyes of a child complete with an owl a cougar bunnies mice and other creatures Yet though the book is expertly illustrated and is fun to read aloud it is full of onomatopoeia a cohesive central plot is absent However looking closer at the text one sees that the plot is not the point Once one accepts that The Owl Who Became the Moon is fairly enjoyable to analize To see the true purpose of the book one must consider the author's purpose of writing it Why write a story without a concrete story? Well I as curious and took a look at Jonathan London's website and it turns out that the story originated as a bedtime story for his children In the text London wasn't trying to tell a story he was trying to get his kids to sleep That is the key to understanding London's work Suddenly we see purpose in his lack of purpose He wants to create a nighttime world in which those who read may lose themselves This is characterized by the very first statement in the text Wouldn't it be nice to take a ride on a train London puts us in a contemplative world and introduces us to a myriad of characters and situations resolving nothing yet getting one's mind to work and wonder To the sleepy child the book is a open universe to consider and in the considering the sleepy child is likely to fall asleep Therefore don't get too worked up by the lack of plot It is a style choice used by the author to reach his endNow in addition to London's eccentric style He uses a recurring theme of sleep to lull the reader into a drowsy state This is accomplished through both the text and the illustrations The first picture in the book is of a boy in bed gazing at the moon We don't know if he is in the train or just thinking of it but his being in bed definitely makes us think of bedtime This first scene is actually followed by uite a lot of action the train choo chooing along the owl flying the cougar hunting and the bunnies and mice hiding yet the action is described in a calm way using descriptive words to break up the action and give a contemplative tone rather than anxious one This is also accomplished by the choice to use very little punctuation The story rolls on and on with only five punctuation marks in the nineteen pages containing text This stylistic choice emphasizes the sleepy mood of the book Also in the last pages we see all of the animals curling up to go to sleep except for the owl who glides across the sky on the wings of a dream even further emphasizing the theme of sleep In short London's goal is manifest in practically all of his stylistic choices and even Ted Rand's cool toned illustrations suggest sleepiness In short though The Owl Who Became The Moon may not be the perfect book for an afternoon of entertainment it fulfills its function as a bedtime story rather expertly

  3. Carrie Carrie says:

    This poetic book is about the nighttime journey of a train and the animals who are active in the night as it passes through a snowy landscape This book has just the right combination of rhyme and repetition It will make a great bedtime book

  4. Jenny Hartfelder Jenny Hartfelder says:

    A pleasant read giving illustrations of poetic imagery The pictures pair nicely with the words and are drawn in a nice style

  5. Serena Serena says:

    Sleepy and soft with pretty soft edged art

  6. Katie Katie says:

    Summary Sights and sounds are the focus of this picture book about a boy who rides on a train as it winds its way through a snow covered mountain area Evaluation Great visual for young children but not much to talk about Could be a good book fro guided reading because there is minimal text on each page Would be a fantastic shared reading book if created into a big book with larger font Grade Level K 2Publication Year 1993Discussion uestions

  7. Aaron Aaron says:

    Wow what a waste of time The book looks like its going to be about an owl Hence the cover and title WRONG This book is about a train with an owl bear and other animals spread throughout it If you like trains still skip this book but if you want a neat owl story look elsewhere The illustrations were fabulous so I might see what else Ted Rand has illustrated

  8. Rebecca Ann Rebecca Ann says:

    This was a lovely night time read about an owl and a train in winter I didn't feel like it had enough of a plot to really capture storytime kids' attention but if you have a patient group you could make it work

  9. April April says:

    I love the illustrations I didn't care much for the story The book is called The Owl Who Became The Moon but it's mostly about a train What is that? I thought I was getting an owl story but not so much

  10. Jen Jen says:

    This poem paints a wonderful word picture of a train running at night The illustrations are gorgeous as well Choice

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