Movements That Change the World ePUB ✓ Change the

Movements That Change the World ePUB ✓ Change the

  • Paperback
  • 191 pages
  • Movements That Change the World
  • Steve Addison
  • English
  • 10 July 2016
  • 9780830836192

10 thoughts on “Movements That Change the World

  1. Avery Avery says:

    There’s a lot of 5 star ideas in this book but at some points I think the author goes a little too far I love what he has to say in this book about the deviation that extremely organized well financed rules based large institutions have made from Jesus’ model of discipleship and multiplication This is a huge lesson much of American Christianity could learn from myself included He advocates for and shows how historically the Gospel of Jesus Christ has gone forth in a grassroots way without funding without formal education without immense organization A great reminder and calling However at points it seems he paints a picture that seems formulaic downplays the benefits of seminary education and implies that the gospel only goes forth in ‘movements’ I thinkthis book can leave behind the hard working faithful pastor of a congregation of 50 who never sees thousands come to Christ Despite the 3 star rating I do think this is a beneficial book to read and would recommend it whilst also reading with discernment and alongside Scripture

  2. Scott Ray Scott Ray says:

    Excellent book on cpm Done through looking at different movements in church history After going through the account of the movement different cpm characteristics are brought it It is very global in it's view of cpm not containing to either the east or the west

  3. John John says:

    Excellent insight and challenging the missions paradigm of the last fifty years A MUST read for anyone with a heart for missions

  4. Amy Morgan Amy Morgan says:

    There were several things in this book I could get behind like being methodologically flexible and giving away authority last two chapters The actual action points were nebulous to me and I am left not uite sure what to do with the first two principles which may be the most important—faith in Christ and a clear focus on God’s mission The overall attitude of the book seemed to me to be that God’s preferred or perhaps only method of working is through movements and that if you aren’t seeing a movement you’re probably not doing it right I’d like to ask the author how he believes God works through institutions or faithful service that yields little fruit by way of conversions Trying to orchestrate a movement seems to be akin to me to an overpreoccuptuon with resultssalvations Focusing on trying to orchestrate God‘s movements rather than faithfully doing the few things he has called us to do seems like a surefire recipe for burnout I’d like to talk to someone who really loves these principles to hear how they apply these principles

  5. Stephen Matlock Stephen Matlock says:

    There are two threads in this book 1 Here are some vital movements and threads in Christianity since Jesus left this world2 Here are the only models that work and no other models work I got the first one just fine but I'm skeptical of the second It feels too simple although I like the models that are presented

  6. Caitlin Ball Caitlin Ball says:

    A life changing book Will make you reconsider how you do ministry for the better

  7. Bledar Bledar says:

    The book is a collection of inspiring stories It tells you of five things that you find in common in movements that are changing the world You start with a passionate faith that commits to a cause as they go about in contagious relationships rapidly mobilising and adapting methods to the things that work

  8. Konstantin Konstantin says:

    This book has started a paradigm shift for me For years Church Planting Movements CPM were of little interest to me seemed less important that investing deeply into a few men It doesn't have to be either or but rather both The author helped me to see how God's been using the movements in history for advancing the gospel and how the gospel can spread over relational networks over multiple generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost

  9. David Owen David Owen says:

    This book does a fine job of identifying the driving principles behind great movements of God and does it with lots of fascinating stories from the story of the church through the centuries If you want to understand some of the driving forces behind periods of exceptional growth in Christianity this is a fine resource

  10. Don Kauffman Don Kauffman says:

    This book was helpful in gaining a heart to grow the church further not just bigger Easy to read Incredible awakening to church done the old way Some hard realities that challenges today's American church but for the better

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Movements That Change the World[Download] ➹ Movements That Change the World By Steve Addison – white hot faithcommitment to the causecontagious relationshipsrapid mobilizationadaptive methodsThroughout the ages Jesus' followers have been called to continue his movement in the power of the Holy white hot faithcommitment Change the eBook ✓ to the causecontagious relationshipsrapid mobilizationadaptive methodsThroughout the ages Jesus' followers have been called to continue his movement in the power of the Holy Spirit Like many such movements it changed the world Unlike most movements which have their historical moment and then fade away Christianity is actively continually changing the world for the better.