Libri di Luca PDF/EPUB ↠ Libri di eBook õ

Libri di Luca PDF/EPUB ↠ Libri di eBook õ

Libri di Luca [Download] ✤ Libri di Luca Author Mikkel Birkegaard – No coração de Copenhaga a livraria Libri di Luca é mais do ue uma simples loja de livros velhos e usados uando o proprietário Luca Campelli morre de forma inesperada o seu filho Jon um proeminente No coração de Copenhaga a livraria Libri di Luca é mais do ue uma simples loja de livros velhos e usados uando o proprietário Luca Campelli morre de forma inesperada o seu filho Jon um proeminente advogado ver se á envolvido num mistério inuietante Jon não planeia trocar a sua carreira pela livraria mas após uma tentativa de fogo posto à Libri di Libri di eBook õ Luca descobre ue o pai era o líder de uma sociedade secreta de leitores e amantes de livros os Lectores criada para preservar uma tradição oculta ue remontava à época do esplendor da Biblioteca de Alexandria Os Lectores eram pessoas dotadas de um misterioso poder tão fantástico uanto perigoso ue lhes permitia seduzir o leitor com histórias extraordinárias evocar mundos imaginados mas também manipulá lo e levá lo a pensar exatamente auilo ue ueriam uanto mais Jon descobre mais fica com a certeza de ue a morte do pai nada teve de natural Haverá uma conspiração no seio dos Lectores Após inúmeras uestões ue escapam à sua compreensão o jovem advogado ver se á obrigado a investigar as suas raízes para salvar a própria vida.

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  1. Mark Zieg Mark Zieg says:

    When evaluating a book or indeed any sort of artistic expression the first and often unconscious step is establishing the thresholds or criteria against which it should be fairly judged Not all plays ought be held against the standard of Shakespeare nor all novels Dostoevsky From the moment you first pick up a book thoughtfully heft its weight in your hand absorb the cover art and typeface and casually skim the publisher blurbs and reviewer call uotes you begin a process of shaping expectations These first impressions are typically completed occasionally refuted but certainly concluded as you slowly begin picking your way through the opening sentence paragraph and pageBy the end of the first chapter the experienced reader will have established a ready model of the audience for whom this book was intended the literary tradition it builds from and chooses to extend the ancient themes it has picked up and will shortly re tell with variations anew Consciously or otherwise the reader has already begun cross referencing an index of comparison points other books with similar style comparable diction analogous theme congruent historical or geographical setting parallel plot etc These will become the benchmarks against which this new entry will be measured and the water mark will be high for indeed novel comes from the Latin novus or new and readers will expect recent entries to build upon and therefore plausibly surpass the achievements of those who have gone before; mere regurgitation or mimicry merit little praiseAnd therein lies my problem with The Library of Shadows the latest submission in the subgenre of supernatural literary thriller The author dearly wishes to be placed on a shelf alongside recent bestsellers such as The Club Dumas The Dante Club Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian and even masters such as Umberto Eco This categorization is not subjective on my part Arturo Perez Reverte is mentioned by name in the text as is The Name of the Rose and special attention is given to a reading of The Divine Comedy These unsubtle allusions could be amusingly self referential in a genuine genre entry but come across as almost embarrassingly pleading in a novel of this calibreFor the fact is that Library does not measure up to the standards it self selects and so desperately echos Its fantastic suppositions beggar belief lacking even the internal logic so critical to establishing suspension of disbelief and effective empathy between reader and text The whodunnit aspect of the mystery the morality play of motivations as well as the supernatural element which sets the plot in motion are all presented with such clumsy cliches that I found myself wondering if this was a book written for children Indeed with one or two snips of the editor's scissors this could make excellent juvenile fiction an easy on ramp to spark interest in better books featuring similar themes dark and dank libraries filled with forgotten folios musty old tomes of legend and lore whose cryptic secrets spell ecstasy or horror for the unwary readerSadly this book is unlikely to be ever placed in those hallowed back rooms held behind counter and glass for curious cognoscente or discerning dilettante; I fear it is bound to remain ever caged in the sunlit paperback racks fronting friendly High Street shops At best it may provide an early map a hint to precocious young readers that books do exist which can carry the recondite connoisseur down circuitous paths to vivid visions and rewarding resolutions when the time is rightToday two stars; for too little too late

  2. Shomeret Shomeret says:

    I really wanted to like this book than I did The concept is so original and I am a great lover of books I believe that books do have power for their readers Making this than metaphor within a fantasy context is ingeniousI loved the way the paranormal reading experience is described We get into the minds of the characters as they are exercising their abilities I would have liked engagement with the specific texts I wanted to know about how the particular books played the roles that they didThere were also disappointments involving the author's techniue Not only was there a problem with plot predictability but this book also has the weakness that I find most deplorable in fiction The plot periodically comes to a crashing halt while the characters sit around and talk for a while The author often informs us about events by having the characters discuss them rather than showing them This can be the mark of an inexperienced writer so I hope that Mikkel Birkegaard grows out of it Authors don't always grow out of this habit but I won't mention Dan Brown by name

  3. Alatea Alatea says:

    It was an okay book but I expected from it The cover was SO promising Is it possible to die for reading? As a total book nerd I wanted to scream yes grab this book and read it at onceOkay it might be exactly what I did And though I enjoyed the idea seriously The Library of Shadows? Existing next to us for than 2400 years? What could be exciting? the book felt very flat All of the characters felt flat and kinda one sided and I couldn't associate myself with them Again the beginning was so promising I just loved the simplicity in the scene where Jon met Katherina for the first time Everything was so natural But nothing changed later No magic no sparkles not even one single glance with idk something I almost laughed out loud when in the end Katherina said But we were in love Were you?So summing up the storyline was predictable and the characters who caught my attention in the beginning were static and sketchy The book seems clumsy and lacks deepness I really wanted to like it butPS And in the end it wasn't even explained why Jon is so special He just is Well okay then

  4. Amy (Lost in a Good Book) Amy (Lost in a Good Book) says:

    Oh my god I adored this book How it only has an average of three stars is beyond me This was gripping it was suspenseful and it draws you in like no other Given the content of the book it was amazing that it had a hold over me It would be a disappointment if a book of this nature about this kind of thing was uninteresting and could be put down but this I had to drag myself away from and got annoyed when I was interruptedI simply loved it from start to finish the characters were real deep and were very well developed Even if not everything was exposed and explained the first time we see them it is drawn out through the entire book so even in the final chapters we are still learning about them as people It was intense it was funny it was sweet action filled and dramatic everything it needed to be very believable within its realm of possibility Admittedly the story contained a victim of a man in horn rimmed glasses a current pet peeve as it seems to be the only description of glasses I've come across recently Not actually an issue story wise but since I have come across so many in recent books it was a little tiring At least Birkegaard used about three different other glasses types as well which made me happy The writing style was good and allowed insights into characters as well as detailed but not over the top descriptions of people and places Some of the language around descriptions of the bookshop or environment were beautiful and fitted nicely into the story especially if seen by a character as it suited their perception of the world perfectly The point of view changes throughout between a few of the characters It is good because it allows you to get to know everyone through their own eyes and their interactions with other characters But no matter whose point of view it is Birkegaard sometimes flows off into tangents of explanations after he hits on a point or topic It is not a bad thing exactly it helps explain a few things surprisingly doesn't distract really from the story and then he manages to loop it back almost seamlessly to where he trailed off from It is an interesting techniue and it does expand on either the current character in particular or just explain those around them and their own back story and perceptions by othersThe first half appears slow paced not in a bad way though You get to feel around the story and take in everything much like Jon does you learn as he is exposed to the new information and situations But then at the halfway mark it gets very exciting very uickly and I got rather excited as I knew this was where the action and adventure was going to begin Throughout the story so much is not said so you are trying to make your own assumptions piece together clues assume everything is clues and hints trying not to suspect everyone It was enthralling which was great because in a book about being so involved in a text it was amazing how engaged and into this book you get It is very hard to draw yourself away from it you want to know what is happening what will happen It's so mysterious and you don't know what is connected and what isn't and it constantly keeps you guessing and eager to find out what is really going on It is a bit like watching a crime show or something similar you focus after awhile on people who keep popping up trying to fill in mystery people with possible people you've already come across You are suspicious of everyone who is mentioned because you are convinced they hold a greater purpose It is amazing your brain works overtime trying to think of all the possibilities and you read so much into everything in an effort to figure out the ending before being led there by Birkegaard I don't think I've ever read a book of this kind before it is very addictive and keeps you guessing constantly I just can't believe it is a first novel it is spectacularA version of this review was also published on my blog

  5. Kirstine Kirstine says:

    What a great book I got it for Christmas and I'm not even sure what I thought it was about but I was very wrong It's well written although the language isn't perhaps always the most interesting but the characters are believable and there are some fantastic descriptions What really sells the whole thing is that it's about BOOKS Let me put it like thisWhat if reading was a superpower? What if by reading out loud you could change people's experience of a story enhance their emotions and even change their opinion about something?What it you could change the way other people read? If you could enter their mind and change their experience of the book the story?What if books had energy? A tangible energy certain people could feel? What if reading a book the condition it's in or even a place could enhance that energy?I'm thinking a few of you would love that that a few of you even think about books like that I know I do and I love to see it made into something real to have it explored and have someone make something interesting out of it That's why this book is so great because holy shit what an AMAZING idea And Mikkel Birkegaard makes it work he makes it into a believable wondrous and exciting ride I suppose it's a mystery novel in ways but it's also a bit of an adventure and a love letter to books and the experience of reading It definitely changed the way I look at and think of books and how I treat them It was also a buttload of fun I recommend it to all of you

  6. Night Night says:

    To my surprise this book turned out to be a fantasy The plot is about a fight between two groups of readers with superpower or Lectors The protagonist is a lawyer with no interest in book business until his father a well respected shopowner died murdered He inherits the shop and discovers a new secret world in which reading has the power to alter people's mind Lectors were divided into 2 groups after an incident in his family And now when they were close to unite again violent actions and even murder began to happen againThe storyline is simple You discover the system learn the power find love and then you fight End of storyWhat I like is the way the writer describes the power using scenes The flow of the story which the reader can alter to a certain extent the charge of old books the way that each book has its own sound all these are trivias that I as a book lover enjoy very much Really imaginativeThis book reminds me a little bit of Inkheart in which the girl can bring the character she read out from the novel Anyway I think Library of Shadows is better in details and narrativeThe only flaw the reason why I gave it 3 instead of 4 stars is that the good guys are so naive so optimistic andchicken Hard to believe that someone with superpower can all be this humble and naive I wonder how they survive this long

  7. Kathy Kathy says:

    This story was absolutely AMAZING Also fascinating spell binding and heart poundingly gripping This is Mr Birkegaard's first novel and I sincerely hope that we will be treated to another book very soon It's an outstanding story in which I found myself avidly involved and the postulations are not that far fetched By that I mean when I read a book especially one that's got my undivided attention it very much plays like a movie But that's all I'll sayOriginally published and of course written in Danish I have to give kudos to the translator; she did a fantastic job and the story reads as though it was written in English; smooth and flawless

  8. Anneta K. Anneta K. says:

    This book had something of the Da Vinci code and was very promising from the beggining but somehow i was a bit dissapointed by the end of the bookOverallythe concept was very original and powerful but there was something missingI definately expected Nice try mr Birkegaard but i wasn't convinced

  9. Liviu Liviu says:

    Very entertaining thriller about books as magic Set mostly in today's Copenhagen and featuring Lectors who really transform books and reading into magic the novel is a page turner with very endearing characters and a very clean and readable styleFairly predictable in plot and with without too many nuances heroes being heroic and villains being villainous so to speak the novel succeeds because of its book worship setting and the endearing charactersHighly recommended for any book lover and after it you will see the act of reading with different eyes

  10. Linda Linda says:

    Oh how I love books about books

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