Death on Deadline PDF ☆ Death on PDF or Nook

Death on Deadline PDF ☆ Death on PDF or Nook

Death on Deadline [Download] ➵ Death on Deadline Author Diane Majeske – Newspaper reporter America Miles knows picturesue Hyacinth Missouri is a place to raise a family not a fuss She knows small town life is slow and steady And she realizes that the way her love life is Newspaper reporter America Miles knows picturesue Hyacinth Missouri is a place to raise a family not a fuss She knows Death on PDF or small town life is slow and steady And she realizes that the way her love life is going her cat is likely getting action than she isBut all that changes suddenly when Harrison Fielding her mean as a snake editor keels over clutching a brownie baked by Sandy Betts America's best friend and the food editor at the paper With Sandy suddenly under suspicion for the death America finds herself drawn into the investigation She soon finds herself looking at her co workers in a new lightThere's just one problem Everybody hated Harrison FieldingThere's a tough talking photographer with a chip on his shoulder and a cops reporter with a decidedly murky history The superstar reporter barely seems to notice the editor's been killed and the sports editor seems interested in getting home to his wrestling shows than in discussing any crimesOnly one local detective can help America view things objectively and she's not sure she can stand that much arrogance in one room thank you very muchBut when the body count starts to rise America realizes she might need all the help she can get After all reporting can be dangerous In fact it seems some stories can get you killed.

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  1. Anthony Chavez Anthony Chavez says:

    I received a copy of Death on Deadline for review and what a great little read it wasMajeske may write about what some perceive boring the desk jobs we don't think about This book is not only a murder mystery at its core but it is about the daily paper something I think a lot of people take for granted in how it got to our doorstep This book really got me thinking about the tireless work that goes into the articles in the paper that so many people just gloss over It also brings up how technology is putting the small time papers out of business and making reporters and newspapers work twice as hard to stay afloatBut aside from that Majeske took this murderous story and brought a nice crisp lightheartedness to it it really made it seem real and everyday America Miles The main character is flawed as are many of us yet she is uirky and funny and that makes her so much able to relate to She's a real woman with a real normal job normal friends and a normal sex drive and I love her thought process andor narration throughout the reader cannot help but be drawn into her life and all the surrounding events and that's what makes such a good book how it envelopes youAmerica Miles lives in Hyacinth Missouri and works for the local paper She is strong clever intelligent and very resourceful I absolutely loved her depth of classic nick at night television references laced throughout I also can't help but feel that the cast of supporting characters are all based on people Majeske has worked with the last 15 years in her journalist career complete with backbiting journalistic flaws and the camaraderie between coworkers but everyone of them added even greater dimension to an already engaging story It was also nice to have the little sub plot love triangle going on it didn't take away from the main story one bit but thickened the tension as the mystery drove on There are some good twists and diversions in this roller coaster ride of a little book to keep the murder mystery enthusiast guessing until the final reveal Great little read I thank Diane Majeske for sending me a copy and look forward to her next book Great debut novel

  2. Nenette Nenette says:

    A nice funny and light whodunit story Pardon me for this but I can't help but think how this book has similarities with The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark HaddonIt did not get me off my seat during the climax probably because of its lightness but it was a refreshing change from the serious mystery novels I've read so far not many I think it's also clever of the author to have the story told in the first person by the protagonist a writer herself; it was very effective in bringing a lot of things and situations into perspective I believe this is the debut work for author Diane Majeske and surely I'll be waiting for the next one

  3. Haresh Daswani Haresh Daswani says:

    Death on a Deadline has been very successful in making sure the twists and turns will keep you wondering on who the killer is although I did realize it somewhere past halfwayOk I'm kidding I did not find out who it was until near the end it was hard to put the book down And rightfully so Diane has kept it light and fun it was an enjoyable read with an interesting plot and a really nosey and stubborn reporter Did I say she was really nosey? She was too nosey for her own good that I would actually pause and think twice about reading the next line wondering what in God's word is she thinking in what she was going to do next kinda like Scooby Doo but in the sort of none of your business side as wellIt really felt interactive and addictive I had to read on to see what happens nextFor those who are big fans of whodunits this book should be in your to read list

  4. Diane Majeske Diane Majeske says:

    Well okay I wrote this so of course I'll give it five stars But I really think you'll like it tooHere's what it's aboutNewspaper reporter America Miles knows that picturesue Hyacinth Missouri is a place to raise a family not a fuss But when her mean as a snake editor keels over and her best friend falls under suspicion America starts looking a little closer at her town and her co workers She finds out that even small town journalists can live dangerously and there are some secrets that can get you killedI'm a former journalist who took my inspiration from years of working at newspapersHowever I never killed any of my editors this is fiction so you can read this with a clear conscience

  5. Lyle Scott Lee Lyle Scott Lee says:

    With a name like America you'd think the main character in Diane Majeske's Death on Deadline would be knee deep in either a national or an international scoop Not the case here But that doesn't take away from this uirky and altruistic 30 something's desire to dig for the answers surrounding the deaths of her fellow workers at the local newspaper in Hyacinth Missouri There's even room in this tidy who dun it for a little romanceThe story starts out a little slow eg too much info about a cheese and crackers appetite while providing less than charitable descriptions of most of the characters And the reader is nearly a fifth of the way through the story before things turn from trivial to tense But once there that's when the roller coaster ride beginsMiss America is the kind of woman who is compassionate but she also has a critical eye a trait that serves her well as a sleuth reporter but perhaps less so as a trustworthy friend or sincere love interest With job layoffs and death lingering in the air everyone is suspicious of everyone else's motivationI believe most readers will find America's out going matter of fact approach to both her job and private life endearing as well as refreshing This is a nice read for anyone looking for a mix of crime and romance in small town America

  6. Conchie Fernandez Conchie Fernandez says:

    I'm not a fan of serials I don't have that attention span Diane Majeske's Death on Deadline has made me reconsider making a long term investment in her uirky hilarious characters and inventive plot Ms Majeske has created a highly likeable character in America Miles an ever hungry small town journalist totally at ease with her surroundings at peace with her friends and career and soon the protagonist of a series of workplace murdersI won't go into details about the twists and turns which stray far from cliches and plot reworks; I might throw in a spoiler by mistake What I can do is recommend this great little read to the high heavens And 'little' only because time flew while I read it and I got the feeling it was short; I would have loved to keep on reading even I really really look forward to Ms Majeske's next books and I will certainly follow America's next crises Plus I really want to know who she'll end up withCongratulations to the author for a well formatted Kindle version and most of all for a flawlessly rendered comic thrillerConchie Fernandez Author Undrawn

  7. Kimberly Fujioka Kimberly Fujioka says:

    This novel is a mystery and well told The main character is America Miles The town is Hyacinth Missouri America we discover right away is a reporter on a Midwestern small town newspaper Nothing really happens in Hyacinth until now America's unfriendly editor dies of unnatural causes Since he is not well liked everyone at the newspaper is suspect America investigates the story on her own However there is danger I won't give away the surprising events or outcome The author Majeske offers up the mundane ins and outs of being a small time reporter with humor The newspaper environment is very true to life The main character is funny and of course she has blind spots that always make the main character interesting She's a real person with an everyday job We as readers can see the trouble she's getting into Will she get out? Solve the murder? You must read it to find out Very good novelSuspensefulKimberly

  8. Paul Jones Paul Jones says:

    This is uite simply a standout novel by author Diane MajeskeDiane's writing is fluid clear and crisp Her story's main character America Miles instantly likable and the cast of supporting characters are all well developed and believable The story revolves around the suspicious death of the editor of a small newspaper where America works Thanks to her own experience in the news business Diane has managed to capture perfectly both the backbiting and camaraderie often found in small close knit publications There are enough twists red herrings and diversions in this clever little book to keep even the most hardened murder mystery enthusiast guessing until the final reveal Death on Deadline is a great first novel from Diane and for me embodies everything that is great about today's indie author movementHighly recommended

  9. Shaeeza Haniff Shaeeza Haniff says:

    An absolutely delightful caper A whodunit with all the twists and turns of an Agatha Christie novel Written with light humor this is a must have for the ultimate summer beach bag The lead character is full of energy likable and someone I could relate to Her witticisms and references to classic TV and novels entertains us through out this modern murdermysteryromantic read This is one book I couldn't put down it kept me guessing and I literally said WHAT? at uite a few instances causing my hubby to look at me with suspicious eyes Sorry honey I wasn't talking to youDiane Majeske has done it wellSpellbinding

  10. Erin Lausten Erin Lausten says:

    A fun and uirky whodunit Packed with details I found I couldn’t stop suspecting everyone America is a sharp straight talking lead character with plenty of opinions and lots of sass The story is full of energy and you get a front row seat on the inside of a newsroom and it is obvious the author knows her way around that world It takes a little while for to get the ball rolling The first part provides uite a bit of setup and character development but once death finally comes knocking no I won’t say who snuffs it you have to read it first things start to move It is a fun read and has plenty of moments to make you smile

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