Lady Injury ePUB Ú Paperback

Lady Injury ePUB Ú Paperback

Lady Injury [PDF / Epub] ☉ Lady Injury Author Melissa C. Water – Follow the true story of my struggle with self injury bulimia and my own mind Constant anxiety and an abusive past brought me to intentionally and repeatedly cut my leg burn my wrist and beat my arm w Follow the true story of my struggle with self injury bulimia and my own mind Constant anxiety and an abusive past brought me to intentionally and repeatedly cut my leg burn my wrist and beat my arm with a wrench I was admitted to a psychiatric ward My fear of regaining the weight I lost and losing my violent means of coping causes me to fight against the help I so desperately needed I went where all the rules were made for me and I had to obey People cried out in fits I've seen them destroy the things in their path I've heard the staff call for security and moments later I'd see the patient get carried away by a dozen strong men Soon that patient was tied to a bed in an isolation room My heart ached for those that got tied down I had no idea that I would soon become one of them Let me tell you about how I dealt with the loss of my secrets and how my family reacted to my need to bleed Let me introduce you to the uniue men and women admitted to the ward alongside me Let me tell you what all this was like for me This story has descriptive detail of acts of self injury I warn you of triggering content.

10 thoughts on “Lady Injury

  1. Alina hagan Alina hagan says:

    I really loved this book I couldnt beilve tht she actully lived thourgh this it had me mesermized from page one when she first admited to her docter all the way to the end It gave me a real insight into the mind of someone who has problems with anixety bulmia self harm and depression At some points i could almost feel or imagine myself in her postion

  2. Mindy Mindy says:

    I absolutely loved this book I could re read it over and over again Melissa is such a wonderful person Her youtube is idranktheseawater Her autobiography is so raw honest emotional and downright realistic She holds nothing back

  3. Lauren Lauren says:

    Such an amazing storyI have followed Melissa for years Her YouTube channel is really inspirational This book really sheds light on the taboo of staying in a hospital for metal health issues Melissa's story is nothing short of amazing considering how far she has come It takes real courage to share your story in a public format like thisI love the writing At times I felt like I was there with her I highly recommend this book Do keep in mind there is trigger warning for self harm and eating disorders for those sensitive to those topics

  4. Anastasia Huddleston Anastasia Huddleston says:

    Disappointing frustrating monotonous and unresolved I could not relate to nor understand the protagonist at times despite our many similarities with experiences issues and the past amongst many other things I continued to read the same situations page by page for what seemed like forever but I was left with an abrupt and incomplete ending

  5. Tara Tara says:

    This book was hard to read It was eye opening and disturbing too But it's real and it's something people deal with pretty or not I loved how honest and open this book was and how it wasn't just an easy fix Nothing is every easy This book was difficult to get through because it brings back feelings but it is good to root for Melissa to come through this

  6. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Such an amazing book by an amazing woman Melissa is honest and doesn't hold back in describing her journey through self harm depression anxiety bulimia and experiences with doctors and nurses I felt like I was right there with her through it all

  7. Katrina Katrina says:

    I loved this book It was hard to read at times And somewhat triggering to someone who struggles with self harm But it was worth the read I couldn't put it down It's definitely a book I plan on reading over and over again It was easy to read through and it left me wanting

  8. Kassy Kassy says:

    OMG words can't describe this book READ IT

  9. Joey Joey says:

    Due to this being a first person account written from journals of the time its such an accurate representation of the fear experiences when attempting to get help for mental health difficulties The book highlighted a lot of my fears and lived experiences of lack of dignity fro staff and the little trust that what I was experience was real I understand a while ago Melissa was less happy with this book than when first published but the fear and confussion experessed is extreamly acurate for many who are seeking to be able to cope with life with a mental health condition

  10. Aaron McClelland Aaron McClelland says:

    From the opening page Lady Injury will grip you and give you insight into one young woman's experience with mental health issues and the misguided medical and psychiatric professionals whom she encounters

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