Their Separate Ways eBook Á Their Separate PDF/EPUB

Their Separate Ways eBook Á Their Separate PDF/EPUB

Their Separate Ways (Sacred Vows, #2) ➸ [Read] ➳ Their Separate Ways (Sacred Vows, #2) By Michelle Sutton ➽ – Forgiveness is a beautiful thing when you experience it in marriage But what if you don'tTony Perotta and Hope Williams are each recovering from their affair and trying to work things out in their mar Forgiveness is a beautiful thing when you experience it in marriage But what if you don'tTony Perotta and Hope Williams are each recovering from their affair and trying to work things out in their marriages But what happened when they went their separate ways Did they heal enough to enjoy their marriages as before or Their Separate PDF/EPUB or were they worse off after their sin was exposedTheir Separate Ways takes a close up look at their hearts and their family situations as they reflect on the painful memories resulting from that devastating choice and they attempt to return their lives to normal Experience with them the vast difference between couples who know true forgiveness and hope and those who don't.

  • Paperback
  • 246 pages
  • Their Separate Ways (Sacred Vows, #2)
  • Michelle Sutton
  • English
  • 27 August 2016
  • 9780982587072

About the Author: Michelle Sutton

Michelle has written over two dozen edgy inspirational novels She is a book reviewer blogger and a supervisor for the State of Arizona.

10 thoughts on “Their Separate Ways (Sacred Vows, #2)

  1. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    The seuel to Never Without Hope is without a doubt very good This book follows the lives of Hope and Tony after they split up Each chapter goes from Hope then Tony which I found cool It was addicting and didn't take me too long to finish but I couldn't give this a perfect five stars Hope and James are doing well even though Hope can't help thinking about Tony from time to time and at one point in the book when Hope receives a call from Tony which is seemingly kind of innocent from his part she tells her husband James and he storms out of the house and comes back having been drinking They make up and James is still practically a saint from when he changed in the last book So they are still solid but have a few moments What I didn't expect in the book was Hope's best friend Angie's husband to cheat on her and then to have Angie's husband's new girlfriend cheat on him and Angie reluctantly take him back after they divorcedThere was even a part in the book I think when James overhears someone else cheating in their marriage and I thought that was a bit overkill It seemed to say 'everyone is cheating' and that simply isn't true With Tony's story he occasionally thought about Hope too as a friend and as a lover He promised his wife Brenda he would stay faithful and make the marriage work because he didn't want to lose his son Brenda had a crazy streak in her but after awhile she changed and was affectionate toward him and he accepted it wondering how long it would lastWell Brenda being pregnant again changed on him again like she did with her first baby When her child is stillborn she tunes out again and what I loved is that Tony finally took a stand and forced her to get help in the hospital and when she was violent with him again he finally became a man and realized he needed to let her go The bad part is yes he cheats again with his 'sexy'how could she not be? next door neighbor And she is perfect mind you He admits he loves her and she loves him and all is well until the last three pages Miss perfect who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with is far from perfect and Tony now divorced from Brenda is afraid to be alone So guess what? He goes back to her So my only negatives in this book was saying everyone cheats and Tony taking a huge step forward only to take one back That left a bitter taste in my mouth If only Tony would have found someone at the church even if the door was locked say someone walked up to him then he talked to them and accepted God into his life it would have been a resolved and positive ending

  2. Tracy Krauss Tracy Krauss says:

    Their Separate Ways by Michelle Sutton follows the lives of Hope and Tony in the aftermath of their illicit love affair chronicled in the book Never Without Hope In the first book we get an intimate glimpse into the life of Hope who despite the fact that she is a Christian finds herself attracted to another man She soon falls headlong into a steamy love affair with Tony an attractive Italian immigrant Both Tony and Hope are married however and in the second book Their Separate Ways we alternate between Tony’s point of view and Hope’s as they each struggle to put their marriages – and their lives back together Most of the conflict centers around the two couples’ sexual lives Make no mistake – this is one steamy book especially given the Christian message it espouses Sutton includes an introduction where she explains her motivation for writing the book and warns readers of the explicit nature of some of the sexual scenes Given that warning readers should be able to skim the parts that they find too graphic and get to the real crux of the story – the marked difference between the way the two couples try to handle the stress of the affair and ultimately find healing I especially appreciated the way Sutton treated the relationship of Hope and her husband James Although they had God on their side it was not an easy road and there were no pat answers It took time for healing to take place fraught with many trials doubts and stumbles along the way I found this to be very true to life As long as readers aren’t put off by the sexual content this book is an excellent source of hope and encouragement for people struggling with sexual sin or any other form of trial for that matter

  3. Andi Andi says:

    With two couples who are hurting from the devastation of an extramarital affair which couple is going to survive and which wont Brenda Tony's wife is determined to remind him of his SIN at every turn not even giving him a chance to WANT to make things right with her When she finds out she is pregnant something she is excited about and she becomes amorous in the bedroom that doesn't do anything but help their physical relationship; and not really because it's just sex Their emotional and spiritual relationship is a mess On the other side of the pond James and Hope are working on their relationship They are given tickets from their good friends for a cruise and while they are on it they play like two young kids in love James and Hope are definitely wanting to have their marriage work That doesn't mean that Hope doesn't have flashbacks of her affair she does and when she does she immediately tells James and they pray about it Hope and James are a beautiful example of forgiveness grace and love in actionWhen their friends Angela and Kevin subcomb to the same devastation that they did Hope and James are right there to help them and their family put the pieces back together againAnd be on the look out for a SURPRISE ending that you will never see comingI highly recommend this book

  4. Jeannie Jeannie says:

    WOW Michelle never disappoints This book is by far hotter than Never Without Hope the first book in the series Wow I loved seeing the contrast between Hope’s life with her family after the affair and Tony’s with his wife Seeing how Hope and her husband slowly rebuilt their relationship again with God at the center of their lives While Tony and his wife’s relationship was in a shambles Crumbling all around him Michelle did an excellent job showing the differences in a marriage with God at the center and a marriage without him after an affair How one is able to survive the betrayal while the other is ravaged by it Tony is still a pig in this book too but there are moments when I do feel for him Being emotionally and physically abused by his wife definitely left me feeling for him The man did not have it easy In the end I was glad he stood up to his wife and said no even though he hadn’t changed his ways at all Lastly the ending of the book was uite perfect A great way to end the series Awesome job Michelle Loved it

  5. L.D. L.D. says:

    This is the second book in the Sacred Vows Series and Michelle does not dissapoint The series continues to follow HopeJames and BrendaTony a year after the affair between Hope and Tony Both couples go in diametrically different paths Hope and James dig deeper into their Christian faith to help stregthen their bonds of marriage with Christ being the center Tony and Brenda take the humanistic road and are in constant conflict Not only do Tony and Brenda not have Christ as the center of their marriage Brenda is also emotionally challenged needing medication As the perspective couples continue on their paths different outcomes occure Michelle is Biblically spot on I liked the chapter concept of alternating between Hope and Tony It was easy to follow and difficult to put done This second read could be read as a uide to help others whose marriages been challenged through infidelity Michelle thank you for your insight and placing into words that others dared not

  6. Erin Erin says:

    I graciously received a signed copy of this book for free through first reads giveawayLet me start out by saying I never read the first book in this seriesI found the book an easy read but not as enjoyable as I was hopingThe first thing that drive me crazy was that the one couple was only able to make things work because they had god What about just believing in marriage? I knew a pastor who was very religious and got a divorce without even trying to seek counseling And the character even admits to leaving him if he had erection problems again What happened to for better or for worse?Another thing that drove me crazy was that every single person in this book cheats It's not that common peoplelike I said it's easy to get through and never gets boring but is way over the top in my opinion

  7. Kathy Eberly Kathy Eberly says:

    I started reading Their Separate Ways when I received it yesterday and I could not put it down Their Separate Ways is a continuation of Michelle Sutton's book Never Without Hope This book examines the feelings of people who have gone through an extramarital affair and the choices they make following them as well as their own relationships with their families The intimate details shared with the reader endear you to the agony that each character experiences I found myself cheering for a particular character in the story and was not disappointed with the outcome I would encourage anyone to read this new book by Michelle Sutton

  8. Anita Anita says:

    THEIR SEPARATE WAYS contains way sex than I like to read about honestly It isn't offensive to me it was just too much The message of God's redemption comes through clearly despite that I liked book #1 Never Without Hope much better Though it did contain a lot of sex the storyline was real I'd imagine that the tension involved in having an illicit affair would be enough to make a couple sex crazed and irrational in their need and lust for each other Decision to love is next on my book shelf

  9. Valerie Strawmier Valerie Strawmier says:

    This book is a continuance of the first in the series and will take you through some incredible highs and lows Love is not always easy or fun but when it's worth fighting for it's an adventure Hope Tony and James each have their own journey to deal with after affairs fights and events that could potentially tear people apart forever What I love about this is that God's love can heal ANYTHING no matter how dark it looks Michelle's book will lead you through some real life heartbreak and then show you how redeeming God's love can be in the end I highly recommend it

  10. Dawn Turner Dawn Turner says:

    Loved this story Michelle did a wonderful job of depicting the ongoing struggle to rebuild a marriage after something as traumatic and difficult as an affair The struggle to trust The struggle against suspicion and fear Satan wants both parties to feel to undermine the relationship The struggle with insecurity She also illustrated so well how God can use even our biggest foul ups to build something great and to help others when we repent and turn those sins over to Him Outstanding

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