Double Black ePUB Ú Kindle Edition

Double Black ePUB Ú Kindle Edition

Double Black (A Ski Diva Mystery, #1) ❧ [KINDLE] ❀ Double Black (A Ski Diva Mystery, #1) By Wendy Clinch ➠ – First in a very cool literally skiing series that introduces a sleuth who has ditched grad school along with her cheating fiancée to become a ski bumTwenty something Stacey Curtis is living the life First in a very cool literally skiing series that introduces a sleuth who has ditched grad school along with her cheating fiancée to become a ski bumTwenty something Stacey Curtis is living the life she’s always dreamed about—until she finds a dead body in the ski chalet And after her new landlord turns out to be the local sheriff her life contains a whole lot suspense than she bargained for Populated with uirky characters loaded with New England atmosphere and co starring a handsome young hunk with nerve a sense of humor about it all and an enormous trust fund Double Black is an exciting run down some mysterious and treacherous trails.

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  1. Dean Cummings Dean Cummings says:

    It was only six months before their wedding day that Stacey Curtis had discovered her fiancée in bed with a mutual friend She immediately decided against making a scene she would just set herself free Right there and then she made a pact with herself that she would embrace freedom and connect herself with the one thing that always brought her true joy The one thing that never let her down Skiing With that immediate goal in mind she eased herself out the door of the condo she and her fiancée had shared ever since she said “yes” to his proposal of marriage She uietly but methodically loaded up the ski racks on her car and made her way to the Great State of Vermont The highway was not busy the drive smooth There was lots of time to think She stayed in a ski resort town motel for the first two nights after that she was sure her accommodations might become no swanker than the back seat of her ’87 Subaru Luckily her timing was good it was late November and the ski season was just beginning Every business in this tiny tourist town was still hiring Soon she landed a serving general labor job at one of the local bars named “The Binding” And it was in that very bar while she was vacuuming one afternoon that her lucky break revealed itself She’d pulled the juke box back to vacuum underneath and to her surprise she found a set of keys with a fob indicating that they were to the “Snowfield Condominiums” She leaves the keys in the bar’s lost and found for a few days and when they are not claimed she uietly scoops them up and decides to check out the place for herself After all how long could one stand sleeping in their car in the middle of winter She sat in her car surveying the place It looked to be a building of about twenty units only one or two of which appeared to be occupied the lights were on The locals had said that the condos were the remnants of a failed business venture of a young man from Troy who’d tried to sell the units and after a downturn in the economy simply walked away Nobody had seen the mysterious young entrepreneur in at least three years But as Stacy sat there staring at the mostly empty residential building she realized that the young businessman’s loss might be her gain She was sure she wouldn’t be seen if she entered these abandoned condosand she knew she needed a break After a few minutes of watching and not seeing anyone walk in or out she decides to make her move She climbs out of her vehicle and tries the keys she found in the bar on the main door lock The keys work She then scouts out a unit located furthest from the one or two that show signs of habitation presses her ear to the door and hearing no sound from within tries another key from the ring that says “master” It opens the unit and as she looks about the empty but rather new looking unit she realizes that she may have found her new home It is there we pick up the story Stacey has lived in the unit for some time skiing in the afternoon working in the bar at night and living in her suatter uarters at all other hours It was as if life seemed to be falling into an unusual but strangely comfortable rhythmthen it happenedShe came “home” to find a dead man laying on the bed Based on his condition it’s clear he’s not died of natural causes She calls 911 gives the operator a fake name and promptly leaves her temporary home What she isn’t aware of at the time is that she’ll be thrown into a surreal world of financial intrigue a bitter family battleand murder I absolutely had to read on and by the end I realized that I’d been riveted to this story right from chapter one This tale was filled with chills and unexpected twists throughout A small sample of my favorite moments included The “Sheryl Crow” life soundtrack a sheriff with a twenty three year career who’s a rookie when it comes to murder investigations the menace of “The Claw” an elusive engagement ring as a piece of evidence to a crime a nighttime hike up a mountain a fiery red head a cowboy corporate executive and a rogue snowmobiler who attacks in the night There was uite a bit of uality humor here as well including Stacey’s assertion that phone calls with her mother go better when she’s in motion and that getting a good night's sleep in a car in the middle of winter is an unappreciated art form The beginning and middle were excellent the ending went by a bit too fast for my liking but overall a enjoyable read

  2. Laura Laura says:

    This book brought back memories of my time as a ski instructor and living at Loon and Stratton Mountain well not the murder part so much but the setting I found it to be a great page turner It only took me about a day to read it and I worked most of that day I'd recommend it to any mystery reader who skis or anyone who would like to catch a glimpse of what life is really like at a mountain

  3. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    A uick fun read It didn't always seem like a mystery which allowed the characters to develop I would have taken a different driving route from Boston to the Vermont ski areas but who cares really as long as you get there Passed this book to Jen for her flight home from SLChttpwwwbookcrossingcomjournal7

  4. Marsha Marsha says:

    First in what I think is going to be a series of ski diva mysteries Stacey goes to Vermont to be a ski bum to escape a cheating fiancee and winds up in the midst of a small town murder mystery well written a few foul language uses that weren't necessary enjoyable light read

  5. Brenda Brenda says:

    Good book Nice twist at the end My only uibble is the editing and this seems to happen and in booksCamelBak is not spelled Camelback Typos and misspelled words in books drives me nuts

  6. Lynne Lynne says:

    This is a lovely little book that is perfect for curling up with after a long day of skiing

  7. Mary Mary says:

    A really good first book Let's see how the characters hold up since she clearly plans for this to be a series

  8. Diane Burnett Diane Burnett says:

    Double Black by Wendy Clinch has a cast of believable characters There are people to like hate fear and hope for The story develops well and the situations that unfold expose about the motives that caused the murder But who the murderer is saved for the very endwell done

  9. Anne L. Miller Anne L. Miller says:

    Very nice light readingWell constructed story The characters were believable Nice to have a murder mystery with interesting side plots that supported the main plot

  10. Erlend Tyrmi Erlend Tyrmi says:

    One of the few novels about skiing The heroine is likeable the skiing scenes are good and I loved the athmosphere of the outback ski resort with smoky bars hotels being built and of course a gory murder As a crime novel it’s not perfect and the writing’s uneven but it’s a novel about a ski instructor how picky can you be

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