Chasing Amanda PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Chasing Amanda PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Chasing Amanda [Ebook] ➠ Chasing Amanda Author Melissa Foster – Nine years ago Molly Tanner witnessed a young girl’s abduction in the busy city of Philadelphia shifting her occasional clairvoyance into overdrive Two days later the girl’s body was found and Mol Nine years ago Molly Tanner witnessed a young girl’s abduction in the busy city of Philadelphia shifting her occasional clairvoyance into overdrive Two days later the girl’s body was found and Molly’s life fell apart Consumed by guilt for not acting upon her visions and on the brink of losing her family Molly escaped the torturous reminders in the city fleeing to the safety of the close knit rural community of Boyds Maryland Molly’s life is back on track her son has begun college and she and her husband have finally rekindled their relationship Their fresh start is shattered when a seven year old girl disappears from a local park near Molly’s home Unable to turn her back on another child and troubled by memories of the past Molly sets out to find her jeopardizing the marriage she’d fought so hard to hold together While unearthing clues and struggling to decipher her visions Molly discovers another side of Boyds where the residents and the land itself hold potentially lethal secrets and exposes another side of her husband one that threatens to tear them apart.

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  1. Miss Kim Miss Kim says:

    This is my reading experience with ‘Chasing Amanda’10% This is an interesting premise 25% I’m really into this chomping popcorn50% Ignoring the world around mehmmmmwell this is interesting there are a few people that are in on the bad stuff75% Annoyance is starting to set in I want to finish it tonight I have to know Waitsuddenly there are ghosts thrown in the mix huh90% WHAT? Are serious? The end makes no sense All these extra people are not neededand end up having NOTHING to do with the story100% WHAT THE F??? I want to throw this piece of shit against the wall but it’s on my kindle and I cannot to that to My Precious I still don't get who took Tracy Wasn't it the pastor? Who are the dead people in the water? What does her son have to do with anything?NOT worth the 99 cents HMPH

  2. Melissa Melissa says:

    I have mixed feelings about this book I honestly thought that this was written by a teenager in high school As I finished the last page I thought that wasn't too bad for high school level Next thing I know I'm looking at a picture of a 40 something year old woman And here I find out it's won awards? I am completely confused Did I read a different version of the book than everyone else?PROSPlot This book is definitely a page turner Melissa Foster is uite good at creating a mystery And it was the only ONLY thing that kept me readingCONSCharactersI couldn't help disliking Molly Her character just didn't ring true to me The cast of supporting characters wasn't that great either They don't act like real people in my opinion Molly's moods are so all over the place that I kind of got the impression that she is bipolarIf there is one word to describe all of these characters it is MELODRAMATICDialogueOne of the biggest hurdles that writers face is giving characters their own voice Melissa Foster hasn't even come close to jumping that hurdle In fact she's not even on the running track yet Every character talks exactly the same The dialogue is either bland or packed with so much flavor that it turns your stomachWritingThe writing in this book is downright atrocious When it comes to tell vs show Foster is without a doubt a teller In that she directly tells us what the characters are feeling instead of showing us through their actions Instead of simply saying Molly was annoyed a billion times it is much effective to show us her annoyance with a sigh or an eye roll Molly has no mannerisms she simply has states of being I think this is the biggest reason why I disliked her character so muchThere is a lot of filler content in this book The never ending pointless descriptions made me put it down than once The professionalism of her writing is on par with Stephanie Meyers' Who in my opinion is one of the worst published writers to emerge in the past few decadesOverall the book was okay It would have been a good first draft and whoever decided to publish it at this level should be ashamedIn a way I'm glad I read it Now I see clearly what I do wrong in my own writing25 stars

  3. Sarah (Workaday Reads) Sarah (Workaday Reads) says:

    Molly's life was turned upside down when she witnessed the abduction of Amanda but didn't recognize it as an abduction In an effort to try to save her life and marriage she moved her family to the small town of Boyds Everything seems to be getting better until a little girl goes missing Molly feels compelled to help find her even if it means destroying the peace she has finally found Can she find Tracey before she loses everything she loves?I enjoyed the storyline but didn't like Molly I found her selfish unrealistic and just plain annoying I have tried to figure out why I disliked her so much but I can't pinpoint any one thing In the first few chapters I found myself sympathizing and siding with her husband than her and I just never got over thatSince Molly's character is such a big focus in the book I found it hard to get into the rest of the story I did find myself interested in how the kidnapper was There were hints here and there and I did figure it out about halfway through the book This didn't detract from the story as I was still trying to figure out of the back storyOverall this was an interesting storyline with lots of secrets to be revealed I really wanted to love the book but I couldn't connect with or even like the main character which definitely affected my opinion This is a book I would recommend as I am sure I am in the minority regarding Molly

  4. AJ Payne AJ Payne says:

    Again a 99 cent deal I think I have to stop with theseI really liked the original premise of this book and think it would have been a great way to delve into some really deep and interesting psychological moves The main character witnessed an abduction 10 years before though she didn't realize it as it happened When she found out that the girl she saw being put into a car was later murdered by the man she saw she deals with incredible guilt and a wish to atone Then when a girl goes missing in her town it brings up all the old emotional problems and she wants to help find the girlThis would have been enough I think for an interesting story Instead the author brings in all of these implausible and poorly explained things like the main character being a psychic and her son all of a sudden is too The twist which I won't give away was pretty easy to spot part way through the book but there are so many intertwining stories that it puts you off your game for a while I think there were too many stories going on and then they were all randomly explained at the end of the book in a neat two pages The premise and the secrets and all of the small town stuff that went on could have made for a fantastic story but this just wasn't Too bad

  5. Stacy Eaton Stacy Eaton says:

    Intriguing suspenseful emotional and fulfilling That is what this book was to me Author Melissa Foster took a subject that is intense in nature alone and made it into an emotional intriguing story from start to finish The plot line of this book was intricate and carried many twists Normally I can figure out the who done it pretty uickly but Ms Foster kept me guessing on this one Although as I look back on it I wonder how I didn't see it She did a great job hiding itThis story is written very well and kept me intrigued page to page Her use of the knowing making the storyline touch the paranormal slightly and bringing about a whole different view on a criminal matter I am not one to get emotional during a story but this one was written to the point that I found myself with tears in my eyes and a tightness in my chestThis is the first book I have read by Ms Foster and I am looking forward to reading Megan's way next

  6. Naomi Naomi says:

    Oh my good Lord this book dragged on and was way over the top dramatic If I didn't have to read this book for a challenge I may or may not have given up on it There were points where I would lose serious interest in the book and move onto other books and times when I would zone out while reading it

  7. Fran Fran says:

    Chasing AmandaAuthor Melissa FosterReviewed by Fran Lewis Observations and noticing small details and remembering them can often make all the difference in the world when an investigation is ensuing or reporting the news But how often do we discount the sounds of a child the screams of a temper tantrum as trying to get someone’s attention because they did not get what they want or just a child who throws tantrums Reliving and revisiting events can be the difference between solving cases or not But when Molly Tanner witnesses the abduction of a young child and fails to heed her own warnings and visions her life crumbles when the little girl’s body is found two days later Living in Philadelphia seemed like torture as she faced the demons and reminders of her own self imposed guilt Moving or running to another place would create at least a temporary haven for her and her husband to rekindle their marriage and refocus on their life together So they moved to Boyds Maryland hoping to start anewMolly is clairvoyant She has visions and is often capable of seeing things that most cannot Reflecting on this murder from nine years ago recalling many incidents with her young son before he went off to college Molly takes a hard look at her life in the present What would motivate someone to kidnap torment and confine a seven year old child? Twisted and demented imposing rituals and demanding she recite prayers and follow her orders or endure her wrath Terrifying to say the least Molly cannot wrap herself around the fact that Amanda’s death was not her fault Enveloped in self imposed guild she returns to the woods hears a cry and immediately thinks and hopes its Tracey Enlisting help and joining in the search does not find what she hoped for namely the missing child 
Cole tries to reason with her but Molly needs Visions that come to light of a cavern shovels and trees cause her to find someone that might know For now Tracey’s cries fall on deaf ears Reliving the experience with Amanda before realizing her fate she plays the scene over and over again in her mind leading her to delve into the disappearance of Kate Plummer twenty years before The information she unlocks enlightens her in ways than one Leading her to Officer Brown she learns that Kate’s body was never found the man accused of taking or killing her the brother of the Pastor and the reason he was beaten to death sends chills down her spine and much 
Rodney Lett was misunderstood not only by his family but those he encountered in the Boyds Speaking with Pastor Lett she uncovers that he too had a sixth sense and often predicted events before they happened But his family did not consider him clairvoyant His parents never understood his rants and raves and the end result was tragic Added into the mix is Pastor Lett and her secret that is behind the closed doors of Perkinson House Who does she have locked up and why? Hannah Molly’s close friend has a secret that she is hiding too? Who does she have that no one is supposed to know? Who is Charlie? Just who took Tracey and when will all the dots connect? Delving even further would definitely put a strain on her relationship with Cole and her perception of some of her neighbors too How will all three abductions link together and how many lives will be shattered and destroyed before a kidnapper is revealed? Just who remains to be seen as I continue with my review of Melissa Foster’s novel Chasing AmandaCharacters that are uniue and different whose personalities shine through on each page One little girl names Tracey whose inner fears torments and terrors you feel hear and understand throughout the novel A seven year old child who was really confused and did not understand the truths behind why she was taken Thinking that Mummy just wanted to safe her from the toxins living outside was Tracey going to be brainwashed if she ever made it home Was she going to do the same thing when she got older and answer the call when sent for she would be with those that called her Pastor Lett has a secret that would change the course of her life and surprise those living in the Boyds What or who was hidden away in the Perkinson House and what would happen if the town found out? A simple note would change it all Molly goes into the woods the knowing takes over and what happens you will not believe When all is said and done and the captor is finally revealed just whom it turns out to be you won’t see coming and won’t believe Kate Tracey and Amanda all victims all taken Each member of this tightly knit group is guilty of something and has lived with an inner turmoil that needs to be released Just how many secrets lies betrayals and murders have been committed? Who took Tracey and why? What will Tracey’s fate be and will she ever live a normal life if returned to her mother and father? Forgiveness is not something that is easy to bestow on someone who has hurt and deceived you Children are often resilient but some are too naïve to see the truth in front of them nor understand the reactions of adults in many situations When Molly is in danger and thinks she has finally found Tracey just who helps her you won’t believe Will Cole ever not doubt doubt her visions? Will they ever bond again and will this torn community ever repair the many rips tears and holes that have severed their ties and become one unit again? Author Melissa Foster has given the reader much pause for thought in this novel of friendship loyalty redemption hope and understanding Characters that are vividly described and one little girl at the center whose voice rings out loud and clear throughout the novel and hopefully are finally heard One woman named Molly who would never give up or forgive herself if she did not try and find Tracey and bring her home Once again author Melissa Foster brings to light so many important issues but the most important is child abduction and the responsibility of parents to protect and watch their children She describes a town filled with secrets and hidden lies She unveils situations that many would never forgive This is one book that every parent should read Parents need to watch their children and teach them never to go with strangers Parents need to watch their children in the playground at home in your backyards and definitely in malls Parents should never allow their child to go to the restrooms alone As America must learn to always be on Red Alert and remember 911 every parent needs to be on their own Red Alert so that their child never becomes an Amber Alert Fran Lewis reviewer

  8. Jeanette Stingley Jeanette Stingley says:

    I was very impressed with Megan's Way as it was Foster's first book She has a way of drawing you into the world of her story instantly Chasing Amanda her newest release captivated me just as uickly as Megan's Way Chasing Amanda covers a subject that is every parent's nightmare Your child being abducted never to be seen again Molly Tanner witnesses an abduction of a young girl 9 years prior to the story taking place Her life is forever changed as you can imagine after the little girl's body is found Molly has a gift of clairvoyance which she did not rely on at the time She is haunted and tormented by what she has witnessed so her family moves to a rural area of Maryland to escape the big city in Pennsylvania Life seems to be normal again for Molly her husband and her own child Her son goes away to college she settles into her community comfortably and running becomes her comfort Then the worse thing could happen a little girl goes missing in this community Molly is thrown back into the past and begins obsessing over the hunt for this little girl This time she HAS to do something anything to find this little girl Her gift of seeing takes over and she swears to herself she will follow her instincts this time The plot of this story is pretty complex and Melissa untangles this story from several points of view We see the world through Molly's eyes the eyes of Tracy the little girl the abductor just to name a few The story had me hooked and shocked by page 40 The characters are well written You almost feel like you are in their minds seeing the story through their eyes For reviews by me check out my website Women's Lit Bellaonlinecom

  9. Mishael Mishael says:

    So many people have already written plot descriptions about this book so I won’t bore you with that I will share my impressions of the book though1 I read this book MONTHS ago and it’s still inside my headand that’s a good thing Really effective fiction in my view changes the reader in some way and gets them thinking—and thinking and thinking and thinking That’s what Chasing Amanda did for me and I love it2 It’s a really really good mystery I was convinced I knew who the kidnapper was—in the beginning Then I didn’t know And then toward the end of the book I thought I knew againbut it turns out I was wrong about that too Predictable? No Not in my book Excellent It kept me guessing right up until the end but it didn’t leave me feeling cheated like something had been kept from me—like so many Agatha Christie books have in the past And I’m a big fan of Agatha Christie Also I didn’t notice ANY loose ends as is so often a problem in many novels—not just mysteries 3 I went to bed reading it when I was getting toward the end of the story but I woke up just a few hours later at 1 AM just to finish the thing I couldn’t stand not knowing the answers to all the uestions So while it didn’t keep me up reading late into the night it did WAKE me up in the middle of the night Melissa Foster is a fabulous storyteller and she’s just an all around great person not that I’ve ever met her personally—I’ve just interacted with her on Facebook For the price you can’t beat this read If you’re looking for something good to read DON’T PASS THIS UP

  10. Webbweaver Reviews Webbweaver Reviews says:

    Molly Tanner has a wonderful lifenow She has a lovely husband who she adores a son off to college with a bright future and she lives in a close knit community in a great areanow But things were different for Molly nine years ago When a young child went missing in Philadelphia Molly had visions she did not act upon and the child was found murdered Guilt ridden her family moved to Boyds Maryland and things got betterNow a seven year old girl has disappeared and Molly cannot ignore it Not for her life—not for her husband—not for anything She goes against everything to decipher her visions and seek the truth behind this tragedy But Molly finds that the people—and the land—in Boyds hold some secrets she could never have guessed She also finds there is another side to her husband that could cost her marriageThis story is told from several viewpoints which make it even interesting and gives it a twisted thrill that I have not seen before but still flows well and reads superbly If you are one of those readers who try to figure out ‘whodunit’ please read Chasing Amandait will have you pulling your hair out trying to pin down the culprit but you never will until the very end This is a well written well thought out thriller with a kick butt ending and it will definitely keep you on the edge Melissa Foster is a writer to watch and Chasing Amanda is THE book for thriller loversI’m giving Chasing Amanda a 5 spider rating and recommending to all thriller readers Don’t miss this oneDJ Weaver

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