असा मी असामी Epub ✓ असा

असा मी असामी Epub ✓ असा

असा मी असामी ❰Reading❯ ➷ असा मी असामी Author P. L. Deshpande [ पु. ल. देशपांडे ] – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk प्राविडंट फंडाकडे डोळे लावून दिवसादिवसाने म्हातारे होत जायचे याहून मोठी म प्राविडंट फंडाकडे डोळे लावून दिवसादिवसाने म्हातारे होत जायचे याहून मोठी महत्वाकांक्षा न परवडणार्‍या मध्यमवर्गीय सामान्य माणसाचे विनोदी शैलीतले असा मी PDF or मनाचा ठाव घेणारे चित्रणतुळशीवृंदावनापासून ते कॅक्टसच्या कुंडीपर्यंत कळत न कळत काळाबरोबर वाहत वाहत गेलेल्या एका कारकुनाचे हे आत्मचरित्र आहे निरनिराळ्या मासिकांतून त्यातला बराचसा भाग यापूर्वीच आला आहे.

10 thoughts on “असा मी असामी

  1. Vaibhav Gundre Vaibhav Gundre says:

    One of the best books in Marathi Literature Aah the pleasure of reading books by P L Deshpande

  2. Rasik Tirodkar Rasik Tirodkar says:

    Given the overwhelming love for PL Deshpande among the masses as well as the classes there was certainly a sort of pressure on me to appreciate the humour of the great litterateur even before i picked the book from the shelf of the library And very frankly the book didn't match up to those sky high expectations Just the fact that a book written in 1964 managed to for the most part bring out loud laughs out of me in 2019 is probably enough to call it a true classic But the portion after the protagonist shifts out of a chawl into an apartment complex and the attempt to bring out the humour in this newfound prosperity of a uintessential lower middle class Maharashtrian hasn't aged too well I for one found it just a little dull Again only if i had read the book with little to no expectations like i watch most movies i would have probably enjoyed it just a bit

  3. Smit Smit says:

    This is one of 'the' best book i have ever read in Marathi The language and humor make you fall in love with Marathi all over again And the ending sentence was the best part It is meaningful if you read it directly as a sentence but it has this totally deep meaning if you read it after book is finished

  4. Pradnya Pradnya says:

    The first ever book I read of genre 'PL Deshpande' His style of writing was a genre in itself The finest ever humor author of Marathi language and I am thankful for having his books in my life

  5. Prashant Vyawhare Prashant Vyawhare says:

    Dear Fellow ReadersThis is an another classical Gem in the Writing of prominent social comic writer P L Deshpande it describes a story an imaginary life of a person living in Mumbai City and it describes the crispy moments which sometimes make you life and sometimes it make you sorrow and the magicl thing in this book is that the reader every time feels that he is the character and his life is matching with the bookNo words for this magical writer and how workThanksPrashant Vyawharehttpsstorytellerpvblogspotcom

  6. Prashant Prashant says:

    All the characters in the book are very hillarious and we'll developed I have read it like ten times and still read some passages to relieve myself from stress Not only it makes you laugh but also makes you feel how hard it is to cope up with the ever changing world It really sucks when you don't wanna change but you have to just for the sake of others

  7. Aniket Patil Aniket Patil says:

    Every book of Pu La is a Gem Real laughter one gets out of his every book I have never ever came across such a humorous books there is no competition to Pu La till date

  8. Aniket Patil Aniket Patil says:

    This one I liked when I read it Pu La is the first Author I literally worshiped

  9. Mahesh Bhosale Mahesh Bhosale says:

    Was a very good book Though with Deshpande's comedy style of writing he makes impact of morality of revolutionary transformations we have seen

  10. Yamini Joshi Yamini Joshi says:

    Read it ever time I need a good laugh

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