Green Heart Green Angel #1 2 PDF å Green Heart

Green Heart Green Angel #1 2 PDF å Green Heart

Green Heart Green Angel #1 2 ➸ [Reading] ➺ Green Heart Green Angel #1 2 By Alice Hoffman ➭ – A two fold tale of grief and hope loss and love told as only Alice Hoffman canWhen her family is lost in a terrible disaster 15 year old Green is haunted by loss and the past Struggling to survive in A two fold tale of grief and Green Angel MOBI ð hope loss and love told as only Alice Hoffman canWhen her family is lost in a terrible disaster year old Green is haunted by loss and the past Struggling to survive in a place where Green Heart PDF/EPUB ² nothing seems to grow and ashes are everywhere Green retreats into the ruined realm of her garden But in destroying her feelings she also begins to destroy herself It is only through a series of mysterious encounters that Green relearns the lessons of love Heart Green Angel PDF Ì and begins to heal as she tells her own storyAs she heals Green lives every day with feelings of loss Her family is gone the boy she loves is missing and the world she once knew has been transformed by tragedy In order to rediscover the truth about love hope and magic she must venture away from her home collecting the stories of a group of women who have been branded witches for their mysterious powers Only through their stories will Green find her own heart's desire.

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  1. Kirstine Kirstine says:

    This is a lovely book It's fragile it's tender it's soaked in colours and emotion The writing unfolds like a feather floating through the air a slight touch of skin against skin someone stroking your hair as you fall asleep I don't know how to describe it that's how I felt it It reads like a fairytale and a poem There are people who will read it and dislike it for this I know and that saddens me It's not a book in our modern day understanding of books it is not a story the way we're used to stories More than anything it felt like something my mother might have told me or my grandmother A story she just made up out of thin air and love for her children It's simple it's straightforward You don't have to linger on every word to understand the meaning of it instead word follows word and soon you're floating yourself It felt magical These two books reminded me of the beauty I know is out there The beauty that might be covered in sorrow or ashes or fear but is still there if I look close enough something I often forget to do I loved it Alice Hoffman is a strange incredible author for writing these brilliant books the way she has If it's the same style in her other books I will have to go find them

  2. Michele Harrod Michele Harrod says:

    As I am an avid Hoffman fan I thought I would check out some of her YA novels as well Needless to say I was in no way disappointed Green Heart is a combination of Green Angel written in 2003 and Green Witch 2010 following the life of Green after a disaster somewhat unspecific beyond a 'fire in the city' This novel takes you through the grief process of Green herself many of her neighbours and injured animals left behind in the aftermath of this tragedy As usual her rhetoric simply grabs me by the heart and takes me on a journey that I am always reluctant to leave This novel surpasses any 'age' limitations and is simply a short essay on the weight of love the forms it takes the places it hides and it's ultimate indestructability Achingly beautiful as always all I can really say about Hoffman is thisI am utterly convinced that on a day many years ago when a young Alice Hoffman first ever picked up a pencil and began to form the shapes of letters the angels would have created an entirely new constellation in celebration of what was to come I feel that Alice takes me there to a personal heaven created by her words A place that sets me on a journey within to the deepest regions of my own heart A place where no other author has ever had the ability to take me me My only regret with this novel is that as a returning full time student I don't have the budget to buy 46 copies for the YA students I work with on weekends I can think of no greater literary gift than an introduction to Alice Hoffman

  3. Penintime Penintime says:

    I love many of Hoffman's books and I wanted to love this And I enjoy magical realism and post apocalyptic stories so I thought the combination would be awesome But they don't mix or should I say that they don't mix well in this story This was pretty dreadful badly written compared to her other works that I have read But mainly it is a really really stupid story Nothing makes sense which drove me nuts The city burns and glowing embers fall from the sky The main character gets them in her eyes and is burned it damages her vision But nothing else is burned not her hair clothes skin house And the embers remain in her eyes and somehow continue to burn her as she goes about doing everyday things Does that make any sense? NO Her vision is described as being damaged and her eyes are bleeding but she can see things that happen in the distance no problem She trades pearls and jewellery for food and seeds near the ruined town but there is no explanation why people there have food in abundance to trade for useless things or where that food comes from She takes in a stray boy who wears a hood pulled up to cover his face A hood not a mask He lives there for a while weeks? months? and they do chores together and he keeps his hood up and that somehow prevents her from even getting a glimpse of his face even in daylight I'm sorry but this story has no inner logic The characters do things because it look good on paper like poetry not because it makes any sense for them to do it Like when the main character sews rose thorns into her clothes to make a sort of goth statementmakeshift armour Never mind how one would ever be able to practically go about sewing thorns into a scarf; what would rose thorns accomplish? The details that would lend some credibility to the story are glossed over in one or two sentences Of course this isn't meant to be a realistic story but there still needs to be inner logic A story doesn't have to make sense in relation to reality but the events in a story must make sense in relation to the story they are in In this story nothing makes sense

  4. Jennie Jennie says:

    LyricalLike many of Alice Hoffman’s novels this was an enjoyable readbut this one is both magical and lyrical Anyone who appreciated Ms Hoffman’s books will like this one

  5. Jessica Fortunato Jessica Fortunato says:

    This book a stunning conclusion to Green Angel combines Green Angel with Green Witch resulting in Green HeartThe book is beyond touching and riddled with the magic that is love and life itself For Green traveling the town and writing down people's stories is her mission especially the stories of the so called Witches in her village She fights to preserve a life that otherwise has been demolished To tell the stories of the people who are ridiculed the most yet carry the most wisdomAlice Hoffman is a treasure and I have yet to put down a novel of hers and ever regret picking it upMy favorite snippet from the book“This is what I hoped What you look for you may find Someone promised me this but I shook my headSurely wanting would only bring despair But desire can drive you for miles It can lead you in ways you never would have imagined A map can be written in ashes earth water air Take a step and keep walking Don’t be afraid to look back In the end every path you choose takes you closer to what you’ve been searching for all along”

  6. Karen Karen says:

    Alice Hoffman is the absolute ueen of writing I've read a few books from her and they have all touched my soul The way her characters love and always recover from the ashes is simply beautiful

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Two fable like tales of a character called Green whose touch came make anything grow Her village and the neighboring city experiences great loss due to a fire The first part is her plunge into grief taking on a new personna called Ash She survives by helping others animals to heal and survive The second part her journey back to wholeness and a new version of herself as Green is accomplished through documenting others life stories

  8. Kerenza Kerenza says:

    I can see why someone would love this book nice language and very dreamy and poetic But personally I found the story line hard to follow and every chapter reminded me of the one before it was very boring I really wasn't impressed

  9. Lauren Lauren says:

    I liked this book a lot than I thought I would I guess a part of me is still snobby about YA books especially YA books with hands and hearts on the cover even though I’ve liked far YA books than I’ve disliked Green Heart was really really good and I should stop being such a snobI’m a bit two minded about the book though It’s two novellas put together the first dealing with a teenaged girl who lost her family and many of her neighbours in a 911 kind of allegory and she must learn how to survive through the trauma and then the second story carries on from the previous expanding on the 911 allegory aspect and essentially bringing the girl’s journey to full circle The second story was apparently written at the behest of fans who wanted the story to continue rather than the author reaching this conclusion herself and it shows None of it felt necessary to read and I feel like half my time was spent being reminded of the events that happened in the first book which is fine if you haven’t read it but given that this is two in one it came off both redundant and annoying That said I still liked it overall And the first story is great It has all my favourite things witches gardens woods cool animals girls surviving against grim odds sewing thorns into their clothes and generally being rad It’s basically a post apocalyptic fairy tale and I give it 5 starsI think the fairy tale aspect is actually what hurt the second story in the end It had cool fairy tale aspects of its own but then it breaks from this and then the whole story feels off kilter I hate to say it but part of it is the 911 stuff It was just so blatant that it takes you out of the story It was also just the way those characters were incorporated into the story They needed to be developed but this isn’t the kind of story that can sustain too much development and so the result was unsatisfying all roundThe love interest suffered in a similar way He is likeable enough in the first story because he is basically a fairy tale character serving his purpose and not overstaying his welcome But then the second story starts talking up his and the main character’s relationship and wants you to be invested in it and no Sorry but you can’t have it both ways He’s a boring stock character and no amount of “but LOVE” is going to fix that Hee I feel like such a scrooge It’s funny because the book doesn’t spend that much time on him anyway but because the story is so short each line of dialogue and unnecessary character interaction sticks out I think the love aspect could have worked fine if Hoffman hadn’t tried to break Love Interest out of the fairy tale mould I didn’t care about the finer details of their relationship I just wanted to enjoy the overall message of itOne last complaint the binding on my copy is bloody horrible and the pages crackle and are all warped near the spine Screw you Scholastic Unless that was an intentional artistic decision like a low rent House of Leaves in which case well doneAnd good stuff to prove I actually did like the bookThe main character why haven’t I said her name yet? Her name is Green is a likeable protagonist with a simple but satisfying character arc The world she lives in feels real and interesting I thought the character of Heather a girl Green’s age minus Green’s determination and helper animals was kind of tragic and fascinating Though the second story was an undeniable step down I loved the little journey of finding the various “witches” as much as anything from the first story and I also thought the bits with Green writing down people’s stories on paper she’d made to suit their individual identities were pretty neat And I did like the very end though I won’t spoil it of course Despite the second story not being necessary at all I actually wouldn’t mind seeing stories come out from these characters and this world Self contained stories Because it’s an interesting little world and the stories that could come from a city rebuilding itself and learning to live alongside a foreign culture could be really worth writingBut anyway Green Heart isn't a masterpiece by any means It's a lot harder to recommend to others than say Tamsin But it’s full of too many things I like for me to not love it

  10. Kelly Kelly says:

    This was truly one of the most beautiful YA novels I've had the pleasure to read in a very very long time Hoffman's writing style is lyrical poetic and even somewhat haunting It's the kind of story that slowly meanders it's way through your heart wending and winding to touch you unexpectedly Her writing style reminded me a little of Susan Fletcher's Corrag which I found to be really beautiful too Granted this particular type of writing will not be everyone's cup of tea; some may find it too poetic is there even such a thing?? with a storyline that takes it's time to get anywhere But me I liked it that I had the time to savour each sentence and phrase that helped me almost become Green; I liked letting myself be hypnotised by the lyrical language being led deeper and deeper into her dreamscape of somewhat folk tale proportionsFifteen year old Green is orphaned when her family is killed by a fire that devastates the entire city Green Angel is the story of her coming to terms with her loss in the wake of her ruined home through the animals she slowly nurses back to health and the silent Diamond a mysterious boy who turns up at her door one night to whom she has given her heart Green Witch is a story in which Green learns about love as she waits for her beloved Diamond who has gone to search for his family to come back to her Along her journey she encounters a few witches who turn out to be wise women who have lost much in the fire and have much to teach her about love If Green Angel is about coping with loss Green Witch must be about knowing love These two heavy lessons are subtly woven into the folkloric tale Overly didactic and preachy it is not though and Hoffman does a splendid job of handling such deep and profound subject matter in a manner that would make the discerning teen think deeper past all the angst and the adult ponder at the oxymoronically deeply simplistic essence of these two tough topics That's not to say that Hoffman's presentation of loss love and ultimately hope is as straightforward as differentiating black from white but rather she took me on a lush discovery through Green's eyes and I learnt as she learnt I felt that the text was rife with symbolism each element meaning so much than what it appears on the surface For example each witch that we were introduced to in Green Witch was an embodiment of a certain aspect of love which made it all the meaningful to me since I've witnessed Green's journey of self discovery and I've been touched too by the encounter I'll admit that this book tugged at my heart strings almost moving me to tears several times with its innocent profundity and sheer lovelinessThe only tiny thing that kept me from rating this book a full 5 out of 5 was the character development of Green Yes I enjoyed seeing through her eyes and just being her spending time in her enchanted devastated world so much so that I wished I could have spent time with her This is totally a non conventional dystopian and coming of age piece of literature but it's an absolute joy to read and I would recommend this book to anyone with a niggling desire to grapple with the tougher things in life and a couple of hours to spare Also for anyone who has dreamt and wants to keep dreaming because I felt like I had just woken up from an achingly lovely dream when I'd gotten to the end of the book“I dreamed of vines and grass apples and emeralds rain and white night flowers that bloomed with white centres I dreamed of everything I’d lost and all that I’d found and everything in between” p111

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