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Bobbi and the Beast Once Upon A Time, There Was A Handsome King Who Trusted No One He Brought Many Bedmates To His Concrete Castle Overlooking The City, But Allowed None To Say An Entire Night, For He Believed Love Was Beneath Him.Then A Vengeful Witch Placed A Curse Upon Him, Turning Him Into A Beast By Night By Day People Sensed His Savageness And Turned Away From Him Shunned And Feared, The King Learned The Meaning Of True Loneliness.In The City Below Lived A Beautiful Young Man Named Bobbi Who Struggled To Support His Family Outlaws Abducted Him And Dragged Him To A Dark Forest, But They Didn T Know Someone Lurked In The Shadows.That Night The Beast Would Kill, An Exiled King Would Fall In Love And A Curse Might Be Broken