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Scared Straight From The Criticism Of Our Universities As Purveyors Of Hopelessness To Thedynamics Of Getting Laid, Scared Straight Is An Eye Opening Andpenetrating Analysis Of U.S Culture, Explaining Why Accepting The Fullhumanity Of Gay People Divides People And Organizations Dr Minor Shows How Homophobia And Discrimination Against Transgendered Andbisexual People And Lesbians And Gay Men Is A Major Ingredient In Our Way Ofdefining The World Without Sparing Any Of Our Cultural Institutions, ScaredStraight Identifies Our Culture As Fear Based And In Denial Like Softwareinstalled In A Computer, Our System S Messages Install A Straight Role Inus Which Actually Has Little, If Anything, To Do With Sexual Orientation Inthe End It Has Little To Do With Religion, Tradition, Or The Bible, Andeverything To Do With Maintaining Quite Limiting Definitions Of A Humanbeing, A Real Man And A Real Woman People Of All Sexual Orientations Are Hurt By Being Straight, Torn Fromtheir Full Human Potential, And Squeezed Into The Molds Which Support Ourdominant Institutions Human Relationships With Either Sex Are Incompleteand Unfulfilling Chapters On How To Be Straight And How To Be Gay Describe The Roles Straight And Gay People Are Conditioned To Live In Orderto Maintain This Status Quo Yet, Not Content To Merely Identify The Problemand Its Depth, In The Final Chapter Dr Minor Describes The Dual Elements Ofhealing That This Cultural Disease Requires One Reader Said Of The Final Chapter This Is The Most Empowering Piece Onactivism That I Have Ever Read