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  1. Tay Tay says:

    This is a book I would not have discovered if it wasn't for Goodreads I don't usually read time travelling books because they always have fallen short of my expectations What drew me to this book was the Asian backdrop and the potential that Cassia might be an awesome heroine Sadie S Forsythe has a way with words the first pages of the book drop you right into the action I couldn't believe that I didn't need to read 50 pages to get into the story Sadie seamlessly drops in aspects of Cassia's personality her motivations and pain points into the story that you don't notice it I felt as though I was going on the same journey with Cassia I haven't had that feeling with a book for a long time More and often I am pick a fantasy story with a heroine and it seems as though I am reading the same basic plot with different authors With The Weeping Empress I didn't know if Cassia would save the nationI came to love the characters that were so abhorrent to me in the beginning That in itself shows how amazing the book is Summary I read this book with zero expectations I secretly hoped that I would enjoy it or that it would at least not make me regret spending time reading it when there are so many other books to read I am so happy I gave this book a chance After the first battle I thought that there is never a valid reason to end human life with as much coldness as Senka did and by end of book I realised that life is a very deep shade of grey For actions that are very black the reasoning behind them might be very white or it may just be survival It may seem very obvious idea but I also think on some level deep inside we still live in world that is very black and white Thank you Sadie S Forsythe for writing this amazing book I will be eagerly awaiting for any new releases from you

  2. J. Kahele J. Kahele says:

    I have had this book in my kindle for awhile now how I missed it is beyond me I found this book very interesting and so different from others The author did a fantastic job in world building and bringing into the story from the get The writing was phenomenal and very goodChiyo Alglaeca finds herself in the middle of a battle confused and not knowing how she got there and really where she was Along the way she meets Muhjah and Senka who see something in Chiyo and decide to train her and it's when she truly finds her purpose in life and her real self

  3. Nadia Scrieva Nadia Scrieva says:

    I just finished this story a few minutes ago and it has left me with a rare feeling of satisfaction I could have read it in one sitting but I spaced it out over three days allowing myself to reflect on the themes and situations as I went about my everyday life The story was never far from my mind and I was always eager to get back to it — Chiyo got deep under my skin From the onset I was enchanted by the raw and vivid descriptions The author writes battles so well that I almost believe she has ventured into the midst of a field of dead bodies and crouched down to feel whether they were warm or cold wet or dry I almost believe she has inhaled deeply to perfectly relate the aroma of decay to us as wine connoisseur might I loved it It was as real as the dream from which you awake sweating and panting but you immediately want to lie back down because it is so much thrilling than anything you normally experience in life This is one for the intellectual anime fans — I had a good chuckle at a reference to Kagome Let’s talk about the boys I've always had a soft spot for a pair of really good male friends It demonstrates a man's character when he is loyal to someone and treats him like a brother The casual knowing manner between the men just melted me It was believable that they had always been close completing the missing parts of each other I loved the us against the world vibe to their camaraderie The author uses such endearing metaphors to describe the dynamic between the men as we progress and it’s simply perfect I appreciate the time and care she must have put into developing these amazing personalities Somehow it filled a need in me to travel along with Muhjah and Senka and live vicariously through Chiyo I enjoyed it immensely from the smallest details of having tea to the well written battles There are few things precious to me than that feeling of brotherhood being respected as an eual by powerful men valued for skill and intellect and not just for beauty and shallow feminine ualities I haven’t felt that in a long time and I was overjoyed to find it in this story The religious fables were both entertaining and well woven into the plot Not a word was wasted How can I describe the gratifying thrill of being with characters that shamelessly embody your innermost desires? They admit to fearing peace and living for the fight and this made my heart sing out in understanding I have often felt guilty for having similar desires and seeking dangerous situations If you are an aggressive soul and if you have ever thought to yourself “I wish someone would attack me right now and give me a good reason to fight” this story will make you feel vindicated For the characters there need not be any reason — battle IS the reason and that is glorious to me At first I was uncomfortable with the randomness and lack of purpose but I understood that it was the point By the end this discomfort had disappeared I was able to relate to Chiyo than I have been able to relate to a heroine in ages if not ever After her transformation that is I have never had the privilege of being a happy wife and mother The writing is so excellent and rich that when Ms Forsythe depicts Chiyo lying on the brittle grass or taking a bath I feel the grass poking me and the softness of the water Her style is literary yet flippant — intelligent yet casual and ultimately addictive It's rare to see a female writer have such a keen respect for blades The intricate reverent descriptions of the majestic killing implements left me breathless At one point I was reminded of the Shield of Achilles I was charmed and swept away by her superb and well imagined weaponry This really dug its way into my heart There are many love stories out there but this novel speaks to a woman’s inner and outer strength and endurance a sense of duty and divinity and the randomness of purpose It presents interesting uestions about the control one has over their own life This story was about far than love I look forward to reading from Ms Forsythe

  4. Sean DeLauder Sean DeLauder says:

    A reader like the main character Chiyu whose name I pronounce in my head like the latter portion of an explosive sneeze is likely to begin this story a bit disoriented Here we have a perfectly normal woman in her night clothes inexplicably surrounded by the gristle and blood of broken bodies soldiers in tunics hacking medievally at citizens and two invincible warriors resisting themHoly beans or something eually if not profane you think to yourself Where on God’s green Earth are we? How do I return to whence I came? Nevermind that Let’s get out of hereChiyo obediently follows this same train of thought linking up with fleeing citizens the two warriors guiding them to safety Pretty standard stuff that proceeds about as much as you might expect Then after all of their efforts the two epic heroes do something shocking a euphamism that with any detail would be considered a spoiler and at the same time we learn about a fairly striking prophecy At this point the story takes offFrom this point on I enjoyed this story Not that I didn’t enjoy the story leading up to this unexpected turn of events and important reveal but this is the point where the tale entered fabled New Territory piuing my interest as it had not before Suffice to say characters we anticipated might be archetypal and bland were abruptly not so I’ll spare readers any further detail outside of this small tidbit the title fits as you might expectAs an added bonus I enjoyed the tidbits of scripture or what have you provided at the outset of each chapter giving us an insight toward a prevailing religion and shaping the ensuing story As a fan of Watership Down and The Shipping News this can be a remarkably effective device if done well and if the author is either studious enough to locate an appropriate uote or clever enough to invent one of their own Forsythe gets the nod on the latter assuming the religious text she uotes doesn’t actually existAll in all an excellent story that once I crested that first mount of “where am I and what exactly is happening here and oh That was unexpected” I cruised along to the wholly satisfying conclusionWhy oh why deduct a star then? The missing star lends entirely to preference There are several different styles of writing and I tend to prefer tight narratives where this story tended to offer descriptions that bordered on excessive such as using two sentences to describe something where one might suffice eg “She couldn’t breathe Her breath came in sharp uncontrollable gasps” “panicking and uncertain of what to do” That said to each their own and Forsythe gets full marks for all but the Personal Preference category which is completely subjective but something that weighs heavily in my opinion of a story’s enjoyabilityThis isn’t a romp or a happytime joystory full of girlish frolicking and adventure and I think that is the story’s biggest strength A good story is a convention turned on its head and this story demonstrates some skillful acrobatics

  5. Barbara Rayne Barbara Rayne says:

    Sadie is an incredible writer I got drawn into Chiyo's world from page one and couldn't put it down until I finishedThe book started with Chiyo not knowing where she was or what was happening and as I went through the same emotions it had an effect on me as if I was there going through the same situations That created an emotional bond with Chiyo which intensified as the story progressedI'm a huge fan of Japanese world their tradition and sense of morale and duty so I was rather susceptible to this kind of story and was enchanted by the dance of the good and bad Sadie created It really makes you think how you'd react you are pulled deep into character's psyche you start to understand their reasoning and motivations behind their doings and although they are killing people that doesn't bother you Somehow I viewed them as the good guys and fell in love with their personalitiesThe biggest thrill this book caused was my own redefinition of good and bad I was so happy that the characters were not typically goodish or notoriously bad that they walked the edge of grey as well as the fact that the book did not end in a perceivable way What creeped me out is how much I was in tune with the characters how their actions were not so odd to me how much I felt as part of their group Well I guess that makes me a weirdo There's nothing beautiful in being ripped out of your happy cozy life losing everything and everyone you loved But there is something beautiful in surrendering to the beast inside of you in grotesueness of killing in mind's power over the body and the self discipline In a very dark and destructive way you find out who you truly are what you're capable of what you're made of If I compare her previous happy life and this one I say she was given an opportunity of a lifetime She could have had a normal happy life but what's so spectacular about that?

  6. Simona Simona says:

    I have recieved The Weeping Empress by Sadie S Forsythe thank you very much Sadie in exchange for my honest reviewI have started this book the same day that I recieved it I was really amazed that the pages were really full of words not like other books and only after reading a few pages I have felt that I read much The story follows Chiyo Alglaeca In the beginning of the book she finds herself in the middle of a battle confused and not knowing how she got there As the action progresses she goes along with two males Muhjah and Senka who are the only ones she thinks she can possibly trust The two men see something really interesting in Chiyo as she always survives and acts like anyone else They decide to train her and so the main protagonist finds her inner warrior spirit proving her strenght and capability of handling a swordThis book is really beautifully written I really was absorbed by the story and I was amazed of it since this genre mostly does not fit with my style I felt that this book had something inside even since before I started reading itI really admire what character Sadie created Chiyo is full of everything I really loved her strenght and power to get in a place she had never thought ofThe ending of the book was also amazing I had to digest the information after reading the Epilogue; I really liked the idea Sadie used there the combination of the past and present was really something I did not expectThank you Sadie for writing such an amazing book I felt like I was reading scenes from a movie that played somewhere in the back of my mind this book would be a really good movieI recommend this book to anyone who admires the evolution of a character and loves to see beyond the written text

  7. Harv Griffin Harv Griffin says:

    I’m a new Sadie S Forsythe fan Empress is not my preferred type of reading but Sadie won me over completely with her superb narrative drive She is a GrandMaster—excuse me GrandMistress—at narration This book should be on bestseller lists if there is any justice in “this world” Now my method of dealing with time travel is to go all High Tech get into Time Renormalizing Theory and Closed Timelike Curves and then cop out by saying that superior aliens developed the technology which is beyond our poor human brains to understand anyway I almost like Sadie’s way better; she just dumps the time traveler into a new time “Deal with it girl”I got sucked into the story in the first few pages and uickly became caught up in heroine Chiyo’s new life She has to fight to survive from hour one She chooses her allies on the enemy of my enemy theoryThe only structural flaw in this awesome story that I could see was the lack of flying weapons like spears and arrows; but it didn’t dent my enjoyment just made me wonder why there weren’t anyStop reading reviews Read her free sample If you don’t buy it I’ll eat my digital bits my 1s and 0s hg47

  8. Anna Anna says:

    This book is self published but don't let that put you off If you like martial arts epic journeys fantasy anime and manga then you should definitely check it out It brings it It brings all the blood Chiyo is a ruthless killer But she didn't used to be She used to be a mother a wife presumably a friend living in we assume surburbia From what she describes she was comfortable and happy However this book starts when she is thrown out of that world and lands in an unforgiving new one where she is being rounded up like cattle by armed men who could have who knows what intentions Even though she has no idea where she is or how she came to be there she fights these men as she has never fought before for survival And she never stops It's like Kill Bill in hereI really loved Chiyo She is weak and vulnerable at the beginning but after a bit of roughing up and asamurai sword training montage she is soon euipped to slash through soldiers with the best of them Muhjah and Senka are the men she travels with who train her up and they are very well developed characters Each has distinctive traits and they feel dangerous and unpredictable in their own ways Senka in particular with his silent approach and fierce loyalty feels both a threat towards Chiyo while also being her best hope of safetyThe plot really makes you think You put yourself in Chiyo's shoes and wonder how you would react; how could you cope knowing you had been ruthlessly torn away from everything you've ever known for no particular reason? And now you're being hunted by people you don't know or care about? The emperor wants to capture Chiyo because word has gotten around about this new stranger who is fighting her way through his men and people are whispering about her potentially becoming a new Goddess their previous Goddess abandoned them some time before Chiyo fits the prophecy for the new Right Arm of the Goddess and so she is suddenly becoming revered for something she knows nothing about Chiyo doesn't care about any of this She just wants to go home I loved that about her; none of it ever goes to her head or fazes her she knows who she was and violence is the only way she can stop herself crumbling because of it She doesn't care about these people in this world or saving anyone from anything she is no hero She isn't moral or doing anything for the 'right reasons' because she has no reason to love this world that she was so cruelly flung into She wants to get out of there and if that's not possible live the simultaneously violent and peaceful life she has acuired with Muhjah and Senka There is something beautiful about the way Chiyo finds that to completely block the memories of her previously cosy motherly nurturing life is to embrace the opposite; a bloody ruthless merciless one where killing provides joy She becomes the best she can be physically at one point realising that she is no longer 'voluptous' and is instead 'all angles' there is no longer anything 'soft' about her neither physically or mentally no vulnerability or fear left at all How could she have got there cradling babies and doing the washing?There were only a few downsides to this book One was I felt the lack of world building I can understand why Forsythe has done this because it makes the landscape even anonymous and disorientating and we as readers are put in the same position as Chiyo in terms of not having a clue where we are But I like descriptions and details and I would have liked to be able to envision things better I also would have liked the Emperor who sits up in his tower like an ineffective pig waiting to be slaughtered to have been evil and involved in the story He does order some pretty horrific things to be done to Chiyo but I was still never really afraid of HIM I feel like if I had been it would've added a whole other layer to the storyOverall I really liked this story It was very original and had a badass sword wielding female protagonist who unleashes her inner beast I am so excited for the seuel as I am told her family from her old life enter the picture Will she be able to reign in the beast? I'm not sure if she canI hear once you get a taste for blood you don't go back

  9. L.S. Fayne L.S. Fayne says:

    I don’t really understand why but I know this book is important to be read It strikes a deep personal note It’s personally enlighteningThe book is stark and pungent It made me feel restless recognizing that something was stirring on a deeper level than that which I understood As I read on I asked just where was this concept coming from and where was it going? How the hell did it even get to evolve? It’s not just a book or just a story It’s a rousing To personal anger or madness? No but to something recognized by the primitive part of the soulI had trouble with the very first couple of paragraphs In point of fact I groaned I read on deciding to trust in the author and she delivered I realized the reason for my problem with the beginning was that I didn’t find it very creditable That was because Chiyo’s response was totally foreign to me If it was me waking up as she did my fight or flight instinct would be kicking in probably before I even opened my eyes She didn’t rouse to any level of emotion until the solders roughed her up and only then did she berserk I realized that this was just a sleep patterning difference It had nothing to do with the believability of the book Different people would in fact stir differently Chiyo was simply lethargic upon wakingI understand her “beast” I would term it a berserker rage Giving in to that rage will give a person strength and push fear aside allowing them to do amazing things Chiyo was furiously angry and felt that she had already lost everything This gave her the freedom to seek and cling to her darker nature The killing allowed her to distract herself from all that she had lost and give her an outlet to the anger I understand the initial rage I don’t understand its continuation That’s okay I’d rather not understand if you get my drift She later felt betrayed yes but she was already a killing machine The betrayal was not an excuse to the killingI liked Muhjah and Senka but never understood their madness Senka needed to kill Muhjah’s purpose seemed to be to direct Senka’s killing It was shocking to realize their brutality and still like them as characters Part of that liking though was because of the way they absorbed ChiyoThe concept of the Goddess was interesting It wasn’t intrusive to the story but did come across as real I liked the relationship between the Goddess mankind and the snakeThe story was shocking in the careless way it portrayed killing It was brutal and swift It was deliberate I have often wondered just how our ancestors managed this It’s a fact that they did Have we really evolved away from this? We still kill but not so much with hands on not so personally I’ve seen the eyes of solders who have killed hands on They come back different dark The term “eyes of a killer” is true They are never the same again We see the nonchalant killing in the movies but in reality those who kill rent their souls

  10. Christine Keleny Christine Keleny says:

    I am going to try a different format to my reviews I saw some else do this and I liked it for its simplicity I could go to any section of the review to find out what I wanted about the book thus saving me time I am always looking for ways to save time Imitation is the sincerest for of flattery right? So here goesGenre YA fiction fantasySynopsis from Goodreads Chiyo Alglaeca was happy in her life That is until it was all taken away Forced into notoriety stalked by a mysterious cult hunted by the emperor and facing betrayal at every turn she clings to the only safety she can find two enigmatic men and the sharp bringer of death Salvation The Weeping Empress explores the devastating effects of loss the hunt for redemption and the price of destiny It uestions the true meaning of evil and asks what monster is not also an innocent?Things I liked I like how the author made up a whole new religion I assume it's a new religion I've never heard of it and as odd as this religion is I think I would have I also like that the religion has no rules as unlikely as that might be and that the head of this religion is a woman That the main character Chiyo is a strong woman I like the epilogue too but I won't say why because that will give something away for people who want to read the bookThings I didn't like Chiyo falls into this past time and easily develops a blood lust Later on in the story the author explains about this but I think it would have worked better been believable if she would have put that explanation earlier in the story It just seems out of place for a modern day wife mother and presumed employed female of the 20th century to fall back in time and not bat an eye at opening people up with a sword I can understand her first battle it was a matter of survival but it should have really taken Chiyo a while to enjoy all the killing she does or at least have a reasonable explanation for it but that doesn't come until later I also would like to have seen why the bad guy the Emperor was such a bad guy You just have to take it on faith that he is but it's hard to root for Chiyo and her killing cohorts Senka and Muhlah when you know nothing about why he is bad I also don't get the logic of Kali the Goddess that is the head of this religion and why she is asking he followers to do what they do related to Chiyo which is why Chiyo ends up as she does Maybe I'm dense but I don't get it And lastly the use of foreign words is make reading it difficult because most of the time Forsythe does not give you any context to figure out what the words means or a translation within the story She does it on occasion so I'm not sure why she didn't do it throughoutAs you can see I have things that I don't like about it than I do but overall it wasn't a bad story it just needs some polishingRated 35Thank you Sadie for a free e copy of this book

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The Weeping Empress [Reading] ➽ The Weeping Empress By Sadie S. Forsythe – Chiyo Alglaeca was happy in her life That is until it was all taken away Forced into notoriety stalked by a mysterious cult hunted by the emperor and facing betrayal at every turn she clings to the on Chiyo Alglaeca was happy in her life That is until it was all taken away Forced into notoriety stalked by a mysterious cult hunted by the emperor and facing betrayal The Weeping Epub / at every turn she clings to the only safety she can find two enigmatic men and the sharp bringer of death Salvation The Weeping Empress explores the devastating effects of loss the hunt for redemption and the price of destiny It uestions the true meaning of evil and asks what monster is not also an innocent.

  • Hardcover
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  • The Weeping Empress
  • Sadie S. Forsythe
  • English
  • 19 April 2014
  • 9781105232886

About the Author: Sadie S. Forsythe

Though Sadie does write on occasion she is predominantly a reader She hails from the Southeastern United States has twice lived in Northwestern England now resides in the American Midwest The Weeping Epub / She holds degrees in AnthropologyComparative Religion International Criminology and Social Change loves local coffee shops geek culture everything bookish and tea steaming with milk and sweet iced.