Many Lives Many Masters PDF ☆ Many Lives eBook

Many Lives Many Masters PDF ☆ Many Lives eBook

Many Lives Many Masters ➵ Many Lives Many Masters Download ➾ Author Brian L. Weiss – As a traditional psychotherapist Dr Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxi As a traditional psychotherapist Dr Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks His skepticism was eroded however when she began to channel messages from the space between lives which contained remarkable revelations about Dr Weiss' family and his dead son Using past life therapy he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new meaningful phase of his own career.

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  1. Jon Danzig Jon Danzig says:

    This is one of the worst books I've ever read parading as a scientific analysis when it is nothing of the sortDr Weiss has conducted his research without scientific protocols or peer review yet as a scientist Dr Weiss should have the skills and resources necessary to have conducted his investigation properly and scientifically The fact that he chose not to has I believe discredited his book as a work of fairy tale like fictionRather than a conventional review I will go through some of the claims made in the book page by page and show how it's full of nonsensePage 27 28 – In regressing under hypnosis an anonymous patient called Catherine to a “past life” Dr Weiss claims that Catherine can “vividly” see that “The year is 1863 BC” Yet this date could not have existed at that time so how could Catherine possibly have seen it? In later hypnosis sessions Catherine was only able to reveal the date of her past life if she could “see or hear” it so it makes a complete nonsense of history to be able to “see” a date that didn’t exist contemporaneouslyPage 28 – In another hypnosis session Catherine claimed that her daughter from 1863 BC called Cleastra was her niece in the present time called Rachel Why didn’t Dr Weiss uestion Catherine closely about this astonishing claim? It could simply have been the result of Catherine’s vivid imagination How precisely did she know? No details scientific basis or substance are provided; it was just presented by Dr Weiss as a factPage 29 – Catherine states now that she is in the year AD 1756 and her name is Louisa Why no surname mentioned? With a surname in modern time such as the 18th Century the existence of such a person could be verified Throughout the book Catherine never states and is never asked for a surname Neither is any specific address given or asked which could be factually verifiedPage 30 – Dr Weiss asks Catherine if he appeared in her past life Yes she replies Dr Weiss was her teacher in the year 1568 BC Again no uestioning on how Catherine could presume that It is accepted and presented as fact by Dr Weiss without challenge Again a contemporaneously non existent date is presented when dates of modern times could not be revealed as Catherine claimed she could not “see” themPage 36 – Dr Weiss claims that reincarnation was mentioned in the Bible but it had been deleted early on Where is the source? For a doctor who claims to have written many scientific journals this is one book written in a most unscientific way Dr Weiss does not provide a list of sources or references to support any of the claims he makes in this bookPage 42 – Now Catherine claims that the man who killed her in 1473 was her current boyfriend called Stuart Again no uestioning by Dr Weiss on exactly how she came to this conclusion Also Dr Weiss did not give Catherine’s verbatim account even though Dr Weiss claimed to have written down or recorded her words This was a critical commentary by Catherine and Dr Weiss should have uoted her directlyPage 43 – Catherine claims that her mother in a previous undated life is the same mother she has now Again no precise details are provided No mention of when or where this happened It’s all skipped over No clear description of the mother then and her mother now It’s all accepted without uestion This amazing revelation is all over in one paragraph and not mentioned again Where is the close uestioning by the scientist that Dr Weiss is supposed to be?Page 43 – Dr Weiss states “According to most writers groups of souls tend to reincarnate again and again” Most writers? Maybe Dr Weiss could claim that most writers who write about reincarnation but surely not most writers generally? It’s this type of imprecise writing that makes Dr Weiss’s book not one of scientific scrutiny and discovery but a book of imprecise narration Again no source to back up his claim about “most writers”Page 43 Dr Weiss states “I felt the need to apply the scientific method which I had rigorously used over the past fifteen years in my research to evaluate this most unusual material emerging from Catherine’s lips” Good idea Yet nowhere in the book does Dr Weiss apply any scientific methods to evaluate the claims made by his patient Catherine He only ever makes lip service to scientific methodsPage 44 – Dr Weiss wrote that following the hypnosis sessions Catherine gained “psychic powers” However Catherine’s father in her present life expressed doubt about Catherine’s new powers Dr Weiss wrote “To prove to him that it was true she took him to the race track There before his eyes she proceeded to pick the winner of every raceshe took all the money that she had won and gave it to the first poor street person she met on the way out of the track” Where is the source and independent verification for this story? If true it should have been easy to check and prove the truthfulness of this account By not doing so by not even explaining why he could not do so Dr Weiss has demeaned the intelligence of every one of his readersPage 44 – Dr Weiss states “This was tangible proof I could not deny her psychic abilities” Dr Weiss calls this one unverified account of winning at the races as “tangible proof” of psychic abilities Whatever happened to Dr Weiss’s scientific training? This was not proof at allPage 46 – Under hypnosis Catherine is “regressed” to an unknown date in history to a town she thinks is called “Brennington” Dr Weiss states “Here she Catherine said some words I could not identify Whether they were Gaelic or not I have no idea” Dr Weiss had no idea? He had recorded the sessions Surely it would have been easy for him to identify whether the words spoken by Catherine were Gaelic or not and if he could not to explain precisely why The lack of precision detail or uestioning in Dr Weiss’s writings undermine his title of DoctorPage 47 – Dr Weiss wrote of Catherine “She had never heard of the Tibetan Book of the Dead Yet she was relating similar experiences to those described in these writings This was a proof of sorts” A proof of sorts? This was not proof of anything How could Dr Weiss ascertain that Catherine had never heard of the Tibetan Book of the Dead? His scientific training should have taught him that it is impossible to prove a negative To put forward this as proof again makes a mockery of true scientific discoveryPage 54 – Dr Weiss states that under hypnosis Catherine tells him things about his own father and his son that could not possibly have been known by Catherine This might be impressive if it was independently verified There is no way of telling whether the entire book is a complete work of fiction and if it is then of course it would be easy for Dr Weiss to make up anything to try and impress the gullible reader After all the existence of Catherine is not proven She could be a person made up We don’t know her full name Why has she not come forward to confirm what Dr Weiss has written about her? This book has made a lot of money Who knows what was the true motive of Dr Weiss to write it?Page 57 – Dr Weiss refers to “thousands of cases recorded in the scientific literature” of children miraculously being able to speak foreign languages “to which they had never been exposed” Again no source for Dr Weiss’s claims Not even one book is sourced to show that there has been any scientific study let alone thousands about children who speak languages that they have not been taught I challenge Dr Weiss to provide the so called scientific studies to which he so casually refersPage 66 – another hypnosis session in which Catherine is regressed to a town in Wales called something like “Hamstead” when Catherine was a man called “Christian” – again no surname ever stated Dr Weiss says “She could not see a year” How was it that she could not see a year? It seems that Catherine was only able to tell the year if she could see it written down but that was impossible for the times she could date from BC This seems so nonsensical Then Dr Weiss uotes Catherine as saying “It’s a port a seaport in Wales They’re talking British” British? There was and is no such language as British Perhaps the people around her were talking Welsh or English but not British Why didn’t Dr Weiss uestion this?Page 82 – Under hypnosis Catherine described a wedding in a past life Dr Weiss asks her if there was anything in the newspaper about the wedding because if there was he could have looked up the date “No” replies Catherine “I don’t believe they have newspapers there” Dr Weiss writes “Documentation was proving difficult to come by in this lifetime”This was a nonsensical statement for Dr Weiss to write as if giving credence to the idea that there was documentary evidence to support any of the other past lives described by Catherine In fact Dr Weiss did not provide any documentary evidence at all in his book to support any of the pasts lives described by CatherinePage 88 – Dr Weiss writes that he was “driven to pursue the experience with Catherine in a careful scientific manner” and to look at the information “objectively” In the book Dr Weiss makes several references for the need to explore everything in a scientific manner and with objectivity but nowhere did he do this This is an old trick By mentioning the need for scientific scrutiny and repeating often that he is a scientist to the vulnerable reader this could seem the same as conducting peer reviewed empirical repeatable scientific experiments But Dr Weiss did no such thing he just wrote about its importance without doing it Dr Weiss did not follow any scientific principles in his study of CatherinePage 106 – Dr Weiss simply states that he knows Catherine’s information to be true “intuitively” and “my bones also knew” This is the best he has to offer It’s not the same as scientific evidencePage 116 117 – Under hypnosis Catherine describes herself as a 35 year old German pilot in the Second World War shot down in France Again no specific detail is garnered by the uestioning of Dr Weiss that could have proved beyond doubt whether such a pilot actually existed; such as what was the pilot’s full name and rank and suadron? This hardly seems the work of a true scientistPage 117–118 – Dr Weiss writes “During this entire process with Catherine I had been reluctant to discuss her revelations with other professionals I had not shared this remarkable information with others at all” A true scientist would insist on sharing his data with other professionals to discuss and verify By not allowing the data to be independently scrutinised we only have Dr Weiss’s word for what happened between him and “Catherine” and we only have his interpretations of the results This is simply not good enough No drug testing no murder trial not even a newspaper story should ever rely upon one unverified source as evidencePage 129 – Dr Weiss lists a number of people who had “psychic experiences” without naming them or providing any verification or proof A chairman of a hospital department whose dead father protects him; a professor whose dreams provide the answers to his research experiments; a “well known doctor” who knows who is phoning him before he picks up the phone yeah isn’t that ‘Caller Display’? a woman who’d never been to Rome before but when she visited knew every street as if she had previously lived there This is all gossip; the fact that Dr Weiss is prepared to uote such examples without providing any substance means that he does not adhere to scientific principles at all This is the case throughout the book only lip service is made to science as if that is good enough to make the book scientific which of course it is notPage 159 – during the hypnosis sessions Dr Weiss states that Catherine speaks the voice of “masters” sort of gods who control the spirit world and are the well of all wisdom Of course Dr Weiss accepts this without uestion One master named by Dr Weiss as the “poet Master” provided a summary of all wisdom as follows “Everything must be balanced Nature is balanced The beasts live in harmony Humans have not learned to do that They continue to destroy themselves There is no harmony no plan to what they do It’s so different in nature Nature is balanced Nature is energy and lifeand restoration And humans just destroy They destroy nature They destroy other humans They will eventually destroy themselves”This is all just reactionary doom laden nonsense aimed to appeal to the least sophisticated of human thinking “The beasts live in harmony”? The animal world is vicious involving wanton and brutal killing for food sex territory and power animals destroy each other and can often be very damaging to the rest of nature Look at the damage caused by locusts for example or ants or foxes Humans are animals too so we cannot be expected to be any different or actually any better Yet how many animals have invented courts and parliaments to resolve differences create laws and govern ourselves in a civilised manner? How many animals stop at traffic lights? What animals make plans for industry transport schools hospitals and libraries? The standard of living of the average ant hasn’t ever improvedyet humans have made huge strides to improve their way of life If describing humans as being worse than animals is wisdom that Dr Weiss believes truly comes from “masters” of the universe then it doesn’t seem so wise or enlightened to mePage 199 – Dr Weiss describes how Catherine had gone to see a psychic astrologer called Iris Saltzman According to Dr Weiss Saltzman confirmed all of what Catherine had revealed under hypnosis This is hardly scientific validation How does Weiss know what really happened at that session with Saltzman? How does he even know it even happened at all?Page 203 – Dr Weiss describes how progress is going to be made in proving past life memories He writes “The important strides that are going to be made in this field will be made using scientific methodology In science a hypothesis which is a preliminary assumption made about a series of observations is initially created to explain a phenomenon From there the hypothesis must be tested under controlled conditions The results of these tests must be proved and replicated before a theory can be formed Once the scientists have what they think is a sound theory it must be tested again and again by other researchers and the results should be the same” I say hear hear But throughout his book Dr Weiss has not used any of the scientific methods he claims to subscribe to In fact his methods were so unscientific that the so called “evidence” he has presented to the world would have to be excluded from any scientific report as being a complete sham and the opposite to true scientific discoveryPage 203 – Dr Weiss uoted several scientists who had published “detailed scientifically acceptable studies” to support reincarnation For example the work of Dr Joseph Banks Rhine a pioneer of parapsychology Yet despite the reuirement agreed by Dr Weiss for experiments to be “repeatable” Dr Rhine’s results could never be duplicated and several of his assistants were accused of fraud Dr Weiss named Dr Ian Stevenson as another scientist who had proved reincarnation Yet Dr Stevenson was on record as recognising a “glaring flaw” in his researches “the absence of any evidence of a physical process by which a personality could survive death and travel to another body”Page 217 218 Dr Weiss explains that after Catherine he has regressed under hypnosis 12 other patients He recounts a Jewish housewife who ran a 19th Century brothel in New Orleans surely verifiable but no substance provided and who has “even of a facility for accurately predicting future events” Dr Weiss claims “I am still the scientist All of her material must be scrutinized evaluated and validated” Yet so far Dr Weiss has failed to do that with any of the material he has presented At least at the beginning of his book on page 10 Dr Weiss admits “I do not have a scientific explanation for what happened”In reading “Many Lives Many Masters” I had an open mind and was prepared to consider any evidence provided I am disappointed that a doctor should write an account in such an unscientific manner and without any evidence to offer when much could have been offered to either validate or disprove what happened For example why not release the recordings of the sessions with the patient? Or at least prove that the patient really existed? How are we to know that this wasn’t simply a work of fiction? It’s impossible to tell from what has been written It could have all been made up only first names have been used Dr Weiss made no attempts to verify the astounding claims made by his patient CatherineDr Weiss on page 11 argues that “throughout history humankind has been resistant to change and to the acceptance of new ideas Historical lore is replete with examples When Galileo discovered the moons of Jupiter the astronomers of that time refused to accept or even look at the satellitesSo it is now with psychiatrists and other therapists who refuse to examine and evaluate the considerable evidence being gathered about survival after bodily death and about past life memories Their eyes stay tightly shut”It is disingenuous of Dr Weiss to compare his discoveries with that of Galileo or to claim that there is “considerable evidence” to prove life after death Galileo’s discoveries were proved by real evidence So far there is no similar scientifically validated or accepted evidence to prove life after death or past life memories To try to suggest that such “evidence” euates with the discoveries of Galileo is simply uasi science aimed to hoodwink unuestioning and unscientific members of the publicJust because “Catherine” spoke her words under hypnosis why should they be considered any valid or believable than if she had simply told a story whilst wide awake? Her stories seemed imaginative fiction to me; I could not tell them apart from many other made up stories I have read or heard but it doesn’t make them true People have been telling stories ever since we could talk There was nothing truly special in the stories of Catherine All her historical references which were uite vague anyway could have been remembered from school lessons or documentaries or other books she had read or simply from her imagination Dr Weiss only claimed to know Catherine in the privacy of his consulting room he didn’t really know her personally or in the “outside” world How could Dr Weiss know if she had hidden or even open talents as a story teller? Also I’ve been hypnotised many times there’s nothing really that special about it I knew exactly what I was saying during hypnosis and could remember it all afterwardsAs I wrote at the beginning of my review Dr Weiss has conducted his research without scientific protocols or peer review yet as a scientist Dr Weiss should have the skills and resources necessary to have conducted his investigation properly and scientifically The fact that he chose not to has I believe discredited his book as a work of fairy tale like fictionReview Copyright 2012 Jon Danzig

  2. Jaidee Jaidee says:

    Half a Stay Away Stay Away Star The lowest rating I have ever given a book that I completedWorst Read of 2015 This was wretched but I had to read it to the end Believe it or not it was worse than the Celestine Prophecy remember that oneI decided I just have to have a little fun and rewrite the title of this book Many Lies Much Malarky The Fairy Tale of a Narcissistic Psychiatrist His Duped Patient and the Past Life Bullshit That Made the Doctor Millions of Dollars

  3. Amy Amy says:

    Wow This book was INCREDIBLE It's now one of my favorites; I read it in only two days I would totally recommend it to anybody adults and older kids It's about a woman who goes to a therapist to get help with her anxiety and phobia problems The therapist whose point of view the book is told from then hypnotizes her to find the source of her phobias and the woman starts telling him accurate details about her past lives There is even to the book but I won't give it away This book is AMAZING and although it may sound weird at first it totally changes the way you think about life and the fear of death I still cannot believe that it is a TRUE STORY Please read this book It's easy to understand and you will learn so much from it

  4. Christy Christy says:

    This was an interesting one and a fast read It kept me up late two nights in a row You know you have to read these things with an open mind but also with a critical one You can't just completely accept or reject what he has to say His and Catherine's experiences about past lives are truly fascinating and no matter how you feel about reincarnation the lessons from the Masters about how to live are uite universal In the end it all comes down to love patience and forgivenessEven if you are a hardcore athiest or believer in a religion that doesn't allow for past lives you can still get a lot out of this book about how to treat people and release yourself from fear both specific and general

  5. Archit Ojha Archit Ojha says:

    Life or lives That I'll always wonderAbove the hills orShallows downunderI'll remember youRegardless of my rebirthIt's the body that goes on in a cycleFor the soul it's just another miracle

  6. INFP INFP says:

    AMAZING is the world Well this book is about Dr Brian Weiss of Yale who's a very logical person untill he met catherine the patient who was depressed tried to hypnotised her into her childhood so as to know the cause of trauma how she goes beyond thatinto many of her pervious lifetimes how the events in our present life are predefined according to our past lives how we have to understandconiure negative feelings in our life for our spiritual growth the immense peace nd love soul experiences once it leaves the body nd goes to the MASTERSgods or whatever how our soul reviews present lifetime nd tells the masters the lessons it has learnt how it decides the souls it will interact in next life according to karma how souls immensely in love in one life time reincarnates together in many 2 next lifetimes how our most hatefull enemy will keep on giving us company in many lifetimes if v can't really forgive them and understand the limitation of their mind why are people fat loland above all that ONLY LOVE IS REAL All the other books by Dr weiss spreads this philosophy further through the case history of many patientsand their previous lifetimes

  7. Julia Julia says:

    I have to agree with what all of my friends have said about this book it is amazing and you cannot put it down a read it in a few hours but the information in it will stay with me for a lifetime and maybe longer Everyone should read this book All those times you have felt a connection with people and not known why or have realized that you have impacted someone's life in an amazing yet unintentional way it will all start to be clear to you This is a wonderful book that will make you fear death less and understand life's purpose It is a true story so not a hokey Oprah book Give it a try it won't take much of an investment of your time but will be well worth it

  8. Renee Amberg Renee Amberg says:

    Just wow Amazing read This is truly a spiritually awakening book Weiss does a great job of diving straight to the point sharing his revelations and telling stories through an all around approach with no bias He explains his experience as a skeptic turned believer which I really enjoyed he’s a realist This has easily become one of the best books I’ve ever read He even mentioned Dr Raymond A Moody Jr’s studies which is one of my favs The and I read about the soul spirit life death the correlations I see from all different angles How can so many people from all different parts of the world religious backgrounds and childhoods have such detailed similarities in their stories? There has to be truth in it all which brings me so much peace and understanding in this human experience we’re all apart of I feel like I just had a lesson with the other side An essential life lesson to help guide me through life like I literally spoke to a higher power I feel lucky to have read this book I would recommend everyone to read it at least once in their lifetime

  9. Jay Jay says:

    Pretty fascinating read Is it true? I'd like to think so but who knowsI recommend it as a feel good page turner for the spiritually inclined

  10. Grumpus Grumpus says:

    Sorry Darlene JohnIt took too long to get me to shake my initial impression of the ego centrism of Dr Weiss I'm certain he is a nice guy a competent doctor and a compassion human being But as I stated in our discussion while I was reading my interpretation is that the book feels about him than anything else Take the title for example it starts The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist I'm sure he is but I didn't feel it needed to be called out His uestions were leading and he seemed curious about whether he was there in her past life than anything else Some of the uestions he asks are inane eg after asking about how her life was in previous life he finds out she was poor and lost her son Dr Weiss asks Do you miss him?In the end we finally find out some of the good messages from the Masters which I thought very good but it was all too little too late to save this one for meI recommend that readers seek out Journey of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives if interested in this topic

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