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  1. Luanne Ollivier Luanne Ollivier says:

    I had never heard of Anne Holt before she's described as Norway's #1 bestselling crime writer After finishing her latest book 1222 I can see why and I will be hunting down her backlist1222 features one of Holt's recurring characters Hanne Wilhelmsen Hanne is not a stereotypical protagonist She's wheelchair bound having been paralyzed from the waist down in a police shoot out four years ago She's a lesbian a loner and astute Oh and she really doesn't like people at all even so since her accident'It's having people close to me that I find difficult I am interested in people but I don't want people to be interested in me A very taxing situation At least it is if you surround yourself with friends and colleagues and if you have to work in a team as you do in the police When I got shot and almost died I ran out of strength I was perfectly happy sitting there all by myselfHanne is on a train to see a specialist about her paralysis When the train derails in a snowstorm high above any settlement the passengers are forced to take refuge in a hotel at the top of the mountain Communication is cut off as the storm rages on And someone else is full of rage as well a clergy man is found shot Hanne is recognized and reluctantly conscripted to the team that seems to be taking charge a lawyer a doctor and the hotel manager The storm is increasing in ferocity and there's a murderer among them And what about that extra car on the train the one with armed guards?I loved this book so much The character of Hanne was different not a by the numbers detective She somewhat reminded me of Inger Ash Wolfe's Hazel Micallef character Stubborn sardonic irascible and highly observant Like other practised liars he had stuck close to the truth As a rule it's the sensible thing to do but Adrian had given me a piece of a jigsaw puzzle without realizing that I only needed a fragment of sky to sense the outline of the entire finished picture1222 has been likened to Agatha Christie's 'locked room' mysteries The comparison is uite apt Hanne herself notes I thought about Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None I immediately tried to dismiss the thought And Then There were None is a story that doesn't exactly have a happy endingEach chapter has a clever title page listing the Beaufort Scale a wind rating that starts at one and rises to 12 ratcheting up as the tension increases in the hotelI truly had no idea who the murderer was until the very end The hotel is populated with many possibilities Indeed the various characters are half the fun of this read Hanne's unveiling of the perpetrator at the end and her reasoning were right there before me the whole time but I hadn't seen itThis was a five star read for me and a perfect read for a blustery winter day Releases on December 27 2011

  2. Emma Emma says:

    Why do I keep getting talked into reading books like these?Yes I get it Hanne is an anti hero She hates people She is extremely antisocial embittered and intolerant hmm BECAUSE she’s a wheelchair user? Ta da Makes sense now doesn’t it? Despite being gay disabled married to a Muslim she still finds room to be totally repellent and prejudiced towards someone with Dwarfism ie the doctor Magnus StrengI had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I read her characterisation of Streng but thought perhaps there would be a realisationrevelation by the main character Hanne later in the book that Streng “is a human being too” think Sesame Street The only reason I kept reading this awful book was to see why she wrote stuff like this“I myself was taken care of by the dwarf He couldn’t have been than 140 centimetres tall As if to compensate for this he was exactly the same width His head was too big for his body and his arms were even shorter comparatively speaking than those I had seen in persons of restricted growth before I tried not to stare” “As the little doctor moved through the room with an odd rolling gait the crowd parted before him like Moses parting the Red Sea His voice was surprisingly deep I had expected some kind of helium voice as if he were an entertainer at a children’s party As it would be extremely impolite not to look at the doctor when he was speaking to me and my closed eyes might suggest that I felt worse than I actually did I opened them ‘Magnus Streng’ he said taking my reluctant right hand in a thick stubby paw I mumbled my name and couldn’t help thinking that the doctor’s parents must have had a very particular sense of humour Magnus The Great One” There's where that came from but it's too depressing to uote it allMy conclusion WHAT THE F?So she wants us to hate Hanne for being a bigot? Well it worked Except it’s likely that Holt is actually a completely bigoted idiot She can’t characterise disabled people to save herself If you’re listening Holt please do your research We shouldn't have to read this drossApart from the utterly weird characterisation of the dwarf every other conceivable part of this book is just paint by numbers genre fare Poor Very poor I'm afraid a one star review might be too good for it

  3. Emma Turi Emma Turi says:

    I really enjoyed this book in the Hanne Wilhelmsen I had not read the book before therefore was a bit shocked to find out about her situation I liked this book especially as it all occurs after an accident on a train and all the people after the accident are holed up in a hotel Hanne Wilhelmsen who is not a police officer any suddenly finds herself having to be the person in charge of the investigation There is also some personal information about Hanne and how she has changed due to what happened in the last book I presume

  4. Book Riot Community Book Riot Community says:

    Norwegian crime novel starring Hanne Wilhelmsen a retired police detective paraplegic lesbian and semi misanthrope A powerful snowstorm hits Norway and the train Hanne is taking from Oslo to Bergen derails Miraculously all 269 passengers survive—the only casualty was the train’s engineer—and hole up in a nearby hotel to wait out the storm And that of course is when the murders start Hanne Wilhelmsen is my new favorite detective she’s a woman who takes advantage of the prejudices and assumptions often attached to her wheelchair; she’s than willing to eavesdrop to manipulate to lie; she’s a crankier less polite Miss Marple This is actually the eighth book in the series but the first to be translated into English—I can’t wait to read the others — Leila Royfrom The Best Books We Read In May

  5. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    What could be Norwegian than having your train break down and being trapped in an isolated mountain lodge for days during a blizzard while the wind howls and breaks the windows? Apparently secret service agents were aboard the train and there are a lot of mysterious goings on Then the bodies start to drop Detective Hanne Wilhelmsen happened to be on the train and she is coerced out of retirement to help solve the deaths Hanne is confined to a wheel chair and seems to be trying to be as unpleasant as possible to anyone who offers her help All detectives have uirks – it’s essential to the genre but Hanne seems to specialize in curmudgeonly ness to the point where I genuinely disliked the character With a stetting like this be prepared for paragraphs in every chapter about blowing snow and howling winds that get repetitive and the reader starts to feel trapped

  6. Mara Mara says:

    It took me an unusually long time to read this one simply because I was not enjoying it It pains me to say that honestly because this book is basically all my catnip The authorial voicewriting in this just made it a slog I'm not sure if this can be chalked up to being a book in translation but whatever the root cause I personally just didn't enjoy my time with this book Very funstrong setup for an isolated closed circle mystery though so worth giving a try to see if you can like it better than I did

  7. Jane Jane says:

    Locked room mystery suspense filled all through until weak and far fetched ending

  8. Sonia Sonia says:

    Back in November I spent a day driving to various places for work and so was listening to Radio 4 and there was an interview with Anne Holt who I had never heard ofShe is Norwegian and they were talking about the sudden popularity of Scandinavian crime books the fact that she seems pretty scathing about Norwegians in her books and her latest book that had just been translsated and was about to be released in the UK – 1222 I added it to my wishlist and was delighted to get an reminder of it informing me that it was available on Kindle for the princely sum of £1 ResultAnne Holt herself used to work for the Oslo Police Department and was in fact Norway’s Minister for Justice back in the 90sThis is the most recent in her series of books featuring detective Hanne Wilhelmson of which I believe there have been 8 books since 1993 She stressed that this story easily stood alone as a story and I loved the sound of it so thought i’d give it a go1222 refers to how many metres above sea level the highest station on the oslo to Bergen train route is The story starts slap bang no pun intended in the train crashing just outside the station during a snowstormOnly the driver dies in the crash and all of the passengers are rescued and moved to a nearby hotel There are just under 200 of them including Hanne Wilhelmson The snowstorm becomes worse effectively cutting off any chance of rescue the train being moved and any communication with the rest of the world And then of course there is the case of the mysterious ‘extra carriage’ on the train of which speculation is rifeThe passengers and hotel staff settle in for what looks like it could be a long stay and all of their personalities etc start to come out And then in the morning one of the most prolific passengers – a prolific football loving priest – is found frozen dead outside in the snow and ice But it wasn’t the cold that killed him it was a bullet through the head there is a murderer in their midstIn the interview Holt said that she wanted to write a story that had elements of the old Agatha Christie whodunnits where the detectives were in an isolated situation and had to use their own detecting skills without any help from technology databases or a teamWell that’s certainly how it worked – it was pretty claustrophobicthe only thing that didn’t really work for me was the fact that there were supposedly a couple of hundred people there The story obviously centred in on just a handful there were probably about 15 main characters and so there were tens of people supposedly ‘around’ that were completely uninvolved in the story but still in the isolated situationBecause of the dramatic start and the very descriptive narrative the unfamiliar landscape and situation and the hints at what was to come I felt extremely drawn in from the book right from the first few pages – and it didn’t let up i really enjoyed itI must admit there was a complete light bulb moment for me when I felt that I had worked out ‘whodunnit’ but at least you’re kept guessing and don’t have suspicions confirmed until right at the end There was just one twist in the tale in the last couple of pages that was a bit superfluous daft and made me groan – it could have done without that and it added nothing to the storyApart from that – brilliant Tense different and well written I’d give another Anne Holt book a go

  9. Katy Katy says:

    Please note I read and reviewed this book in Dec 2011 Updating the formatting and adding a disclosureDisclosure I received a free e galley copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my ownGenre MysteryThrillerSuspenseReading Level AdultMy Synopsis Hanne Wilhelmsen used to work for the police until a bullet severed her spine between the 10th and 11th vertebrae leaving her paralyzed from the waist down She is on a train to Bergen in the middle of winter on her way to see an American specialist because of health problems she has been experiencing when the train is derailed Fortunately they were only just past` the station and near to a hotel that was mostly empty at the time and the only person killed in the wreck was the driver of the train However that first night there is a murder And another the second night What is happening? Who is the killer? And what about the mysterious extra carriage at the end of the train – who is in it? Why is there an armed guard? Will Hanne overcome her self imposed isolation and help find the answers?My Thoughts I really loved this book Apparently it is an homage to Agatha Christie’s “ And Then There Were None” also known in some areas as “ Ten Little Indians” The plot moved uickly and there were lots of bits of subtle humor interspersed among the tension and suspense The characters were wonderfully portrayed – while discussing the book with my husband I commented that you know a writer is good if you become attracted to one of the characters simply based upon the description and characterization and that person’s personality Magnus Streng was one of my favorite characters – he was absolutely fascinating and if he were a real person I’d love to meet him Edit I should point out I mentioned to someone that I had read only one book with a character to whom I had become strongly attracted and that was this book and Magnus Streng So again impressive End Edit I strongly recommend this book to people who enjoy a good mystery suspensethriller or simply good writing – you won’t be disappointed – it is wonderful

  10. Dean Cummings Dean Cummings says:

    The writer Deb Caletti said “When you go looking for rescue you end up trapped in your own weakness” For me this captured the theme of Anne Holt’s “1222“the story that started on Wednesday February 14 2007 when train # 601 travelling from Oslo to Bergen derailed in the midst of a hurricane named “Olga” Of the 269 people on board only one perished as a result of the accident the train conductor Einar Holter Shortly after the accident the passengers were rescued whisked off to a nearby mountain lodge a place they were forced to remain in until the storm passed Among the passengers is Hanne Wilhelmsen a retired Oslo police officer now retired and confined to a wheelchair after she was shot in the back and paralyzed from the waist down since December of 2002 The “Finse Disaster” the name eventually tagged to the derailment occurred near the train station that is located 1222 meters above sea level There are a few recurring themes throughout the story one the storm is getting worse two there is unexplained loss of life most likely murder and three perhaps the most ominous of all is the passengers themselves This is how Anne Holt described them “Self confident young people in horrendously expensive clothesstressed businessmen with top of the range laptops desperately trying to get an internet connection screaming kids and middle aged women a handball team of fourteen year old girls completely incapable of grasping the point of showing some consideration for others”This was the mainstream of the passengers then there were othersThe mysterious and unseen occupants of a special train car protected by armed guards a low key uiet couple assumed by Wilhelmsen to be Kurdish who at a moment of apparent danger both draw handguns then uickly stashed them once the danger passed and an erratic moody television personality named Kari Thue who seemed determined to seize control foisting her haphazard agenda on the group As the story progresses we see the subtle ways that people become impatient both with the confinement and with each other As the storm becomes worse and the term of confinement increases we read about some of the darkest aspects of human nature A uote by Aristotle fits well here“The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace making the best of circumstances”Amidst the chaos confusion violence and deviousness there are characters whose personal integrity aligns with Aristotle’s standard It is this showdown of wills played out against the backdrop of Mother Nature’s fiercest suall that made this novel a pleasure to read

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1222 [Reading] ➽ 1222 By Anne Holt – Nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Novel from Norway’s #1 bestselling female crime writer—set in an isolated hotel where guests stranded during a monumental snowstorm begin turning up dead A t Nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Novel from Norway’s bestselling female crime writer—set in an isolated hotel where guests stranded during a monumental snowstorm begin turning up dead A train on its way to the northern reaches of Norway derails during a massive blizzard meters above sea level The passengers head for a nearby hotel centuries old and practically empty With plenty of food and shelter from the storm the evacuees think they are safe until one of them turns up dead With no sign of rescue and the storm raging retired police inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen is asked to investigate Paralyzed by a bullet lodged in her spine Hanne has no desire to get involved But when another body turns up panic takes over Complicating things is the presence of a mysterious guest a passenger who traveled in a private rail car and now stays secluded on the top floor of the hotel No one knows who the guest is or why armed guards are needed Hanne has her suspicions Trapped in her wheelchair trapped by the storm and now trapped with a killer Hanne knows she must act before the killer strikes again.