Pimp ur Blog Episode One Pimp ur Blog #1 eBook ë ur

Pimp ur Blog Episode One Pimp ur Blog #1 eBook ë ur

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    If you align yourself with serving the highest good of all you’ll receive plenty of help along the way and best of all you’ll deserve it Steve Pavlina How to Build a High Traffic Website or Blogbased on their personal experiences authors Paul Rice and Messie Jessie present to the reader how social bookmarking has significantly raised their respective blogs' visibility and position in Goggle search results this first episode is divided into five parts the first one describes both Paul and Messie Jessie's journeys as a writer and blogger the next part deals with technical details about IMAutomator this is a paid software which Paul used to make submissions of his articles posts and video URLs to social bookmarking sites a case study of one of Messie Jessie's blog posts is shown next followed by a detailed presentation of Paul's measurement efforts the last section deals with each author sharing their best practices their position on social bookmarking is well supported by screenshots hpyerlinks graphs spreadsheets and other data relevant information is presented in a language that is simple and easy to understandi think this book and its future episodes would appeal to both amateur and seasoned bloggers and authors who wish to increase their traffic andor sales experimenting with and implementing what Paul and Messie Jessie did could be well worth a try

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    Pimp Ur Blog Leveraging Social Media for ExposureRating 4 of 5Author Paul Rice Messie JessieFormat Kindle epubWhether you are a blogger looking for visibility or an author struggling to find and gain an audience one thing is for sure – leveraging social media can be one key to success But should you use twitter facebook myspace linkedin google live journal goodreads wordpress ning meetup mylife? And what does SEO mean – argh Endless opportunities endless options unfortunately none of us has endless timeThis is where Paul Rice and Messie Jessie have done the work for you in Pimp Ur Blog The authors have done considerable research and Rice has experimented with a number of techniues measured their success and impact and shares the results for readers along with recommendations Rice is extremely thorough; research experimentation measuring and iterating his approach are his expertise While presentation of this level of detail could become dry Messie Jessie balance the material with her practical experience and witty banterWritten for both the novice and those advanced everyone will find than a few kernels of wisdom from Pimp Ur BlogNote A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review

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    This is a neat little book on boosting search results for your blog; it's a uick though I'm not going to say easy book that can be read in an hourIf you're a blogger and you want to boost your search results this book might prove pretty helpful Look next to your 85 year old grandpa I'm probably the most tech un savvy person you'll ever meet I read the book and mostly understood it so that's saying something I'm of a visual learner I can't hear or in this case read something and instantly get itSo my gut instinct is to test the theoryI haven't tried all of the tips in the book yet so I can't attest as to whether they work But the logic seems to be there and the authors have tried and tested the tips with favorable resultsSo go forth my pretties and buy the book and boost your blog

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    This book co written by Paul Rice and Messie Jessie gives you a detailed insight into how both started writing publishing and promoting their blogsThese blogs serve as a vehicle for their online book promotion Every indie author can relate to thisThey are detailed in their conversation and honest about their experiences
They walk us through a case study in which they use social media bookmarking to their advantage
I think this ebook is geared towards bloggersauthors starting their online journey than to seasoned marketeers For the price they charge you can’t go wrong

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    Again like episode two this is nothing but an advertisement for an automated way that of course you must pay to use that claims to help with your SEOIt's a scam people Do not waste your money on this like I did I thought it had real information to help me It does not

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Pimp ur Blog Episode One Pimp ur Blog #1 [Reading] ➽ Pimp ur Blog Episode One Pimp ur Blog #1 Author Paul F. Rice – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Pimp ur Blog Episode One Boost Search Results with Social Bookmarking is about gaining and maintaining a position in Google's search results Paul Rice and debut author Messie Jessie describe only what Pimp ur Blog Episode One Blog Episode PDF ↠ Boost Search Results with Social Bookmarking is about gaining and maintaining a position in Google's search results Paul Rice and debut author Messie Jessie describe only what they have actually done with respect to social bookmarking in this eBook Subseuent Pimp ur Blog episodes will cover other aspects of Pimp ur PDF/EPUB ² their efforts to engage the audiences of their blogs and ebooksAfter an Introduction the eBook geeks out with Technical Details on the use of specialized software The eBook's most amazing part is the third section a Case Study of how just one blog post when run through the Pimp ur Blog process can have a ur Blog Episode PDF/EPUB é multiplier effect in Google's search results A fourth section on Measurements follows and then a Best Practices topic wraps up the eBook with tips on using social bookmarking to gain a wider audience for their blogs through GoogleMs Messie Jessie writes engaging and humorous articles on topics such as science relationships and navigating the pratfalls ur Blog Episode One Pimp PDF/EPUB or of life Mr Rice is also a writer on stress its effects and its underlying causes.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 40 pages
  • Pimp ur Blog Episode One Pimp ur Blog #1
  • Paul F. Rice
  • English
  • 09 January 2016

About the Author: Paul F. Rice

I work as a software Blog Episode PDF ↠ developer for my day jobIn I co authored with Messie Jessie the first two eBooks of the Pimp ur Blog series – Pimp ur Blog Episode One Boost Search Results with Social Bookmarking ASIN BKNLEB and Pimp ur Blog Episode Two Increase Search Results with Articles and Feeds Pimp ur PDF/EPUB ² ASIN BTV Pimp ur Blog Episode Three Working with and Google is open to any co.