From Chaos Born PDF/EPUB ´ From Chaos eBook Ì

From Chaos Born PDF/EPUB ´ From Chaos eBook Ì

  • Kindle Edition
  • 261 pages
  • From Chaos Born (In Her Name: The First Empress, #1)
  • Michael R. Hicks
  • English
  • 18 October 2016

10 thoughts on “From Chaos Born (In Her Name: The First Empress, #1)

  1. Solace Winter Solace Winter says:

    Despite the fact that Mr Hicks says that you can go into this novel not having read any of the previous novels I have to sincerely disagree Now do you have to have read all of them? No But I think having read In Her Name Empire saved me from being completely confused There are a lot of cultural references for the Kreela that if you have not read anything before might seem confusing especially their almost brutal form of life in such an advanced raceFor me this hurt the book none at all I’ve read something I understood the culture and therefore could foam at the mouth as I read further and further Foaming in enjoyment Okay salivatingThe book mostly reads like a very well thought out preuel This is the first book in a new trilogy and it shows in an almost marvelous way Instead of giving us a story and then writing about how it came to pass later Hicks decides to give us how the story starts and then will move on from thereTo touch on the plot there is an evil ueen good warriors good priests and acolytes and a lot of mind rape another thing interesting about this society In the end it comes down to protecting one child There are a slew of characters none who you get too much of a feel for other than Ayan Dar a bad ass priest with one arm and an open attitudeExcellently told to the point you may never guess this was written by an independent author if you did not already know this story is captivating and keeps the interest of the reader from beginning to end This is one of those novels that absolutely plot driven as opposed to character driven Here’s two things to know about me and my choices and why giving this 4 5 stars is amazing I typically hate sci fi I typically prefer character driven While this is less sci fi than Empire and in the realm of fantasy it still touches on it enough that normally I might have cringed Instead I’m celebrating and thinking everyone who enjoys fantasy sci fi or a well told story should read itReasons to Read Better blue aliens than Avatar Interesting culture Sci fiFantasy fan You enjoy trilogies You enjoy good booksReasons Not To Read You can not enjoy a plot driven novel You have not read a previous In Her Name novel You can not get in to sci fi or fantasy on any level

  2. Cameluta Cameluta says:

    Rating 45 starsUnlike the other six books in the series I consider In Her Name From Chaos Born a fantasy with some elements of sci fi The book is packed with action and keeps you hooked from the beginning to the end but I would have liked to learn about Kreelan culture maybe in the next book I really liked the fact that Kreelan race was capable of handling advanced technology but they prefer the simple life on the daily basis

  3. Phoenix Reads Phoenix Reads says:

    It had been a long time since I read science fiction but I decided to expand my reading to new genres and picked up Empire In Her Name Redemption #1 by Michael R Hicks I found it to be a wonderful blend of epic fantasy and sci fiSo read it loved it and immediately bought Confederation and Final BattleMichael Hicks created the world of Earth after it had taken to space having built far flung loose colonies that behaved similar to our own nations here on Earth mistrusting not necessarily ready to help or support one another and having fierce differences of opinionHumans were not sure they were the only sentient species in the universe and had not given up lookingI love the characters which Michael Hicks is a master at creating a massive number of them as the series progressed and some wonderful key players such Ichiro SatoBut the best characters in the series were among the Kreelans a society whose ideals were so foreign that it was easy to hate them And yet the author managed at a point to gain my understanding for them and even empathy Imagine a society of female warriors whose lives were totally dedicated to battle And they were so skilled at war that there was no one left anywhere to conuer they have taken on every sentient society they found and annihilated themTo die in battle was the ultimate glory to the Empress So they fought and were happy to die in her name Until they found the humans they had the problem of having no wars to win So this war like society was excited to have a new game of war to play with what they felt were somewhat worthy opponents Even though the humans were Neanderthals when it came to technology Nor did they have their powerful magical skills So the Kreelans had to use ancient technology to even the odds Because if the win was easy it was not honorableYou ask were there only females in this strange society? Well no But to tell you about that would be a spoilerSo we had a clash of two completely different societies the Kreelans who had terrible powers and who did not find killing immoral and the humans who found killing abhorrent but a necessary evil of war a war in which they were powerless to winI was riveted to the entire exciting series

  4. keith m diver keith m diver says:

    7th Time a WinnerHave been waiting a long time to start The First Empress Trilogy this was especially difficult considering how much I loved The Redemption Trilogy and The Last War Trilogy These books rank up there with Tolkien's Lord of the Ring trilogy and Asimov's Robot series Totally engrossing I read this book in one sitting So much for waiting This is probably the best of the 7 books I have read so far Can't wait to see how Keel Tath evolves into the Empress that turns the Kreel into the race that attacks Earth in Empire

  5. Winter Winter says:

    Another great book from this author Solid entry exitement battles but not too much battles For sci fi and fantasy fans alike

  6. Dave Sarcevic Dave Sarcevic says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it In my adult years I haven't read many works of fiction preferring to stick to non fiction pertaining to history and science based books Mr' Hick's books brought back the pleasure of reading science fiction books of my youth When life's responsibilities are reduced I will return to reading his works

  7. Mr Richard Mr Richard says:

    BrilliantMy only issue with the whole series is that i didn’t want it to end Absolutely loved it all and will miss it terribly Thinking of starting again and this is not something I would normally do

  8. John Combs John Combs says:

    Good readIt's slower then others in beginning but got much better I've read all up till now and hope the rest are as good

  9. Sunwyn Sunwyn says:

    Just as magnificent as the othersI didn't think trilogy could be as good as the first two in this series but I was wrong It is completely enthralling

  10. Darsie Darsie says:

    Decided to read the third trilogy in this series next Seems to me that understanding the Empress and the world she comes from is vital tounderstanding the true depth of the story And the second trilogy will have meaning if I know these thingsWith that in mind there are no humans in this part of the story This is the beginning of a history lesson in how the Kreelan world came to be as it is during First Contact There are powerful players here and a deep spiritual emphasis on the connections to their family and ancestors Knowing these things brings a new dimention to everything that comes afterwardBut meanwhile the Kreelans are in the midst of a devastating and brutal civil war Where one side fights with honor and the other breaks all the conventions nothing is held sacred using any means necessary to acheive the desired results I proceed on to Forged in flame

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From Chaos Born (In Her Name: The First Empress, #1)[PDF / Epub] ☆ From Chaos Born (In Her Name: The First Empress, #1) By Michael R. Hicks – For long ages the Kreelan race has been ruled by war Only the priests and priestesses of the ancient martial orders have prevented the utter destruction of their kind But a newly arisen ruler the Dark For long ages the Kreelan race has been ruled by war Only the priests and priestesses of the ancient martial orders have prevented the utter destruction of their kind But a newly arisen ruler the Dark ueen seeks to destroy the ages old euilibrium All that stands before her is a child of From Chaos eBook Ì prophecy a child destined to unite their race A child the Dark ueen must kill at any cost.

About the Author: Michael R. Hicks

Born in Michael Hicks grew up in the age of the Apollo program and spent his youth glued to the television watching the original Star Trek series and other science fiction movies which continues to be a source of entertainment and inspiration Having spent the majority of his life as a voracious From Chaos eBook Ì reader he has been heavily influenced by writers ranging from Robert Heinlein to David Weber a.