Time Lottery Time Lottery #1 PDF/EPUB ß Time Lottery

Time Lottery Time Lottery #1 PDF/EPUB ß Time Lottery

Time Lottery Time Lottery #1 ➽ [Reading] ➿ Time Lottery Time Lottery #1 By Nancy Moser ➲ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Come experience a lottery unlike any other The prize is not money or a new car or a trip to Bermuda The prize is utterly priceless time The annual Time Lottery offers its winners a chance to go back Come experience a Time Lottery MOBI ï lottery unlike any other The prize is not money or a new car or a trip to Bermuda The prize is utterly priceless time The Time Lottery Epub / annual Time Lottery offers its winners a chance to go back into their pasts and change something make a different choice  Follow the journey of three winners a surgeon a socialite Lottery Time Lottery Epub Ù and a homeless man as they travel back into their lives and totally immerse themselves in their pasts exploring what could have been fully immersed without memory of what happened the first time or the life they've left behind in the future They live their second chance lives without the encumbrances of memory or the benefit of future lessons learned At the culmination of their visit after making their different choice they experience Dual Consciousness fully seeing their new past as well as remembering how it played out the first time around They also remember what they've left behind in the future and face uestions about what kind of future might evolve out of this new choice One is known The other is not With all of this knowledge they are given one monumental choice should they stay in their new reality their Alternity and live out their lives amid their new choice and its unknown ramifications and outcomes Or should they return to life as they know it in the future their lives made richer from the Time Lottery experience What would you do What life choice would you like to explore.

  • Paperback
  • 383 pages
  • Time Lottery Time Lottery #1
  • Nancy Moser
  • English
  • 09 October 2016
  • 9781586605872

About the Author: Nancy Moser

NANCY MOSER is Time Lottery MOBI ï the best selling author of novels novellas and children’s books including Christy Award winner Time Lottery and Christy finalist Washington’s Lady She’s written Time Lottery Epub / seventeen historical novels including Love of the Summerfields Masuerade Where Time Will Take Me and Just Jane An Unlikely Suitor was named to Booklist's Top Romance Novels Lottery Time Lottery Epub Ù of the Decade The Pattern Artist.

10 thoughts on “Time Lottery Time Lottery #1

  1. Lawrence Lawrence says:

    One of the best book I've ever read

  2. Carol Carol says:

    This is another of those books that came from browsing in the stacks at our library Time Lottery The title drew me in and the cover blurb hooked me What would you do if you could do it all over again? How many times do we ask ourselves that uestion If I go back if only I had I wish I did these thoughts visit us throughout our lives What if you really did have the chance to go back and change your own history? Nancy Moser gives three characters just this opportunity in Time Lottery The story begins as Alexander MacMillan arrives home only to find his front door open He's peeved He's told his wife to be careful to keep the door locked to take precautions as he often travels and worries about her and his son Andrew Today's Andrew's fourth birthday and they are to celebrate with Andrew's favorite meal of hot dogs lime Jell O and grape Kool Aid Calling out to his wife there's no answer Walking through the house continuing to call out Alex finds them and nothing would be normal again Flash forward in time and Alex is offered the opportunity to be the marketing rep of a company who plans to hold a time lottery and send 3 lucky winners back to any time in their lives they choose a time that becomes their Alternity They then could choose to remain in their Alternity or return to the present As Alex understood this scientists had discovered a way to tap into a portion of the brain they called it the Loop where memories are stored and somehow fix it so people could go back into their own pasts For managing the lottery Alex would be given the opportunity to go back before that tragic day when his life changed forever I enjoyed this exploration of the linguistics of time travel the whats the hows the whys but also the reasons the dreams the hopes the three winners could explore Moser did a good job of fleshing out the three winners and their stories are interesting I was not expecting the faith based approach she took I am not a big fan of what I consider Christian fiction and this one is heavily based on the bible and scripture but I was still able to appreciate the story for its premise Would I want to win this lottery? Whenever the uestion of returning to younger years come up I generally say no but just picking up this book gives pause that I might be interested than I thought

  3. Kristen Kristen says:

    This was an interesting read If you could go back in your life knowing what you know now what would you change? This made me want to live my life so that when I look back I don't have a wish that I had done something differently I think I've become assertive when something happens that I don't like Change it NOW and then I can be happy Can you tell I've just read The Tenant of Widfell Hall? Make the changes in your life that need to be made so you can be happy and at peace Don't sit around in a bad situation wishing it could be better because it won't unless YOU do something about it

  4. Eleisha Luck Eleisha Luck says:

    This book was very hard to put down once I picked it up and started to read it I loved it and hope that in the series is written It talks about finding God in your past and how he is always with you even when you dont see it and that the dessions you make now will affect everything you do in your future

  5. Honesty Alexander Honesty Alexander says:

    The first half of the book wasn't bad But after that it got way too religious I could tell from the beginning that the author was Christian but this was just too much When I read a book I don't want to hear about F#CKING god I don't run around shoving my religion in other people's faces and I expect that they return the favor

  6. Margaret Margaret says:

    This book was the first book I read by Nancy Moser It has an interesting premise for examining life choices and their conseuences Also how we cross paths with people and the effect they have on us You can find this book and its seuel at the Cabell County Library

  7. Colleen Scott Colleen Scott says:

    I was a little skeptical when I started to read this but it just got better and better A definite good read for anyone who wonders what they might have done differently

  8. Robin Sampson Robin Sampson says:

    Excellent readThroughly enjoyed this even though it's not my genre Well written Time travel is probably a hard story to write but this one is easy to comprehend because it's well written It certainly made me think about my past and when I would change And made me even thankful for God's grace and mercy

  9. Misa Misa says:

    Picked this one up at a library book sale thinking that it was going to be a time travel what if little sci fi thing If I had bothered to open the book rather than just read the summary I would've known that this was Christian Lit pretty dang uick at least by the Bible verses that start each chapter The Christian genre is not a favorite of mine too often do the moral values and Christian lessons overshadow the plot and characters but I decided to give this book my 50 page test; However this book disappointed from the very get go Within the first four pages the main character arrives home from a business trip to find his wife murdered and then we are told that he is Very Sad about this fact and that this is Important and we should care how much he misses this Very Important Person in his life a character that never even got a single line to herself The book might as well have sticky notes on it that say Be sad here and Feel sympathetic now And the rest of the characters are only a smidgeon better All of them seem to have this fantastic ability to accurately describe what they are feeling at all times and exactly pinpoint their problems in their lives through their inner monologues If only this book had show and less tell I probably could've gotten through it but it really pulled me out of the plot very uickly I did give this two stars because the actual writing isn't that bad and the plot is somewhat interesting and the title and summary were enough to make me pick it up in the first place without knowing what I was getting into Lesson learned I will make a point to read the first chapter before buying my next new book

  10. Jane Jane says:

    What if you had a chance to go back in time and relive one decisive moment that changed the course of your life? Now there is a way The Time Lottery The result of 22 years of scientific research it's finally ready for the public Three winners of this uniue marriage between marketing and time travel technology ear the chance to travel back into their alternate reality their Alternity to relive one moment they've always wished they could changeto revisit that what if uestion that plagues them But when one man murders a Time Lottery winner then takes his place another tries to collect life insurance on his wife who's now in the past and the police clamor to shut down the whole enterprise it's time God to get involved Or maybe He's been in on this whole thing from the beginning using it for His own redemptive purposes all along the wayless

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