Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds PDF/EPUB

Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds PDF/EPUB

Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds By David A. Adler ✼ – When Jennifer Cam Jansen and her friend Eric are at the mall they witness a robbery at the jewelry store Can Cam's amazing photographic memory help catch a thief When Jennifer Cam Jansen and her and the eBook ´ friend Eric are at the mall they witness a robbery at the jewelry store Can Cam's amazing photographic memory help catch a thief.

  • Paperback
  • 58 pages
  • Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds
  • David A. Adler
  • English
  • 27 July 2015

About the Author: David A. Adler

Michael S Adler is now the and the eBook ´ co author of several books with his father including A Picture Book of Sam Adams A Picture Book of John Hancock and A Picture Book of James and Dolly Cam Jansen MOBI :Ú Madison Another son Edward was the inspiration for Adler's Andy Russell series with the events described in the series loosely based on adventures the Adler family had with Edward's enthusiasm and his petsAs of November Jansen and the PDF É Adler has three sons and two grandsons He lives in Woodmere New Yorksource Wikipedia.

10 thoughts on “Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds

  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    When Cam Jansen real name Jennifer but nicknamed The Camera for her photographic memory and her best friend Eric Shelton witness the aftermath of a jewelry robbery at the mall in this beginning chapter book the pair soon realize that the police have made a mistake With Eric's baby brother Howie in tow they set out to track down the diamond thieves themselvesWell this was a trip down memory lane I used to read the Cam Jansen mystery series as a young girl but hadn't picked one up in years The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds is one I recall particularly enjoying and rereading it today on my train commute as part of a project to familiarize myself with titles intended for this beginning chapter book stage I was filled with nostalgic happiness First published in 1980 some of the developments seem a little unlikely in 2019 especially carrying little Howie along while confronting jewel thieves Still I don't think that this bothered me at all as a young reader so perhaps today's children will be likewise unconcerned Recommended to mystery fans who are just getting going with chapter books

  2. Sarah Schupanitz Sarah Schupanitz says:

    Read with my nieces for “book club” I loved this series growing up probably cuz she has red hair This also explains my true crime obsession that started pretty young Story is very unrealistic however Don’t go into strangers homes

  3. Josiah Josiah says:

    Cam Jansen's career as a fifth grade sleuth gets off to a fine start in her inaugural adventure Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds Cam isn't a proven veteran of dozens of investigations at this point merely a bright girl hailed for her unfailing photographic memory but that gift is in rare form as her first case ever pops up when she's at the mall with her friend Eric The case is challenging convoluted enough that the police can't get to the bottom of it but no detective on the force is as observant as the soon to be legendary Cam Jansen Trusting her own instincts and faultless memory she's about to establish her reputation as a kid detective on par with the very best Eric's mother leaves him with his baby brother Howie at the mall for a few minutes on the morning Parker's Jewelry Store is robbed at gunpoint Seated on a bench with Eric outside the shop in the mall's main corridor Cam sees only the commotion after the heist when a man pushes his way out of the store and runs away Other patrons file out moments later looking dazed and frightened a man with his wife and baby a pair of elderly ladies The police arrive shortly and go after the man who ran off but Cam asks uestions of the other people in the store when the holdup occurred These witnesses should be able to identify the culprit The authorities conduct their investigation professionally but only Cam perceives the situation well enough to deduce how the jewelry theft really went down and who's responsible There's no time to alert the cops; she and Eric must bring the perpetrator to justice on their own or the bad guy will get off scot free It's Cam's debut as a detective capable of solving crimes the police can't but it might be her last case if she's not careful about getting involved with armed robbers Desperate criminals take desperate actions to preserve their liberty Can Cam and Eric prove the offenders' guilt and alert the police to come rescue them before the robbers silence the junior gumshoes permanently Easy reader mysteries are a popular genre and David A Adler put together a propitious start to this series with Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds The case makes perfect sense with a few smart twists I didn't see coming The solution is simple enough for the earliest readers to grasp yet with plenty of pop to keep older kids engaged The climactic chase is exciting with the thrill of real danger for Cam as she eludes capture by villains Kids who enjoy this book are sure to want and there's a whole Cam Jansen series out for them to find thanks to the great David A Adler I look forward to many adventures with Cam Jansen She sure is a brilliant detective

  4. Dolly Dolly says:

    This is an interesting story about a young girl with photographic memory who solves a mystery based on her observations She's a female version of Encyclopedia Brown of sorts As a mom I don't like that the youngsters are left alone in the mall to babysit nor that they leave the area and put themselves in danger but this is just a story On the other hand I like that Cam is the lead character providing a strong female role model for young girls We will definitely look for other Cam Jansen stories by David A Adler and Susanna Natti

  5. Greg Greg says:

    What does it take to write a successful children's series 1 Here we have a character with a photographic memory hence her nickname is Cam 2 In the first book of this series she solves a crime using her special talent 3 Some but not all adults are made to look silly This specific book is indeed rather clever and far better than for example Dahl's very odd and unlikeable The Twits Oh and 4 Cam is in the fifth grade and surely this book was written for perhaps students in the first or second grade so these children would look up to Cam thus children want heroes and heroines All in all there is a lot to like here for my 3 star rating I've never tried to write a children's book but why not I'm going to read in this series to get a better understanding of this field of literature

  6. Stella Stella says:

    The following is a confession from Stella ChenI've always wanted to be like Cam Jansen Photographic memory Heck yes I thought I'll ace every test in school and become a detective one day Unfortunately that never happened so I have to rely on stupid studying to get me through school le sigh Also please read my review of The Absent Author by Ron Roy to take a peek at my childhood and how I became The Girl That Loves Mystery Books

  7. Anne Anne says:

    This is the 1st book in the Cam Jansen mystery series A man and woman stole diamonds from the jewlery store Cam and her friend Eric solve the mystery I learned never to steal because then you get in trouble Maddie

  8. Sarah Mae Sarah Mae says:

    As enjoyable as I remember it being as a child Of course as an adult who has read it before even though it was many years ago I knew the answer right away I always wanted Cam's photographic memory

  9. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    This was a fun dose of 80s nostalgia even though I never encountered these in my own 80s childhood We got the edition with the original illustrations Fun The story moves along at a uick pace Though the outcome seemed pretty obvious to me I think it is a good first mystery for children to piece together I don't feel it has uite the style or personality of Nate the Great and I think it's geared to a little older audience than the Nate books though my children 7 and 4 both were attentive While I wasn't wowed I will probably look for since my children enjoyed it Modern parents should note it is certainly dated in that the children are on their own the entire time chase after the thief with baby brother in tow without telling any adults that sort of thing

  10. Justin Ferrell Justin Ferrell says:

    Mystery 1980Cam Jansen is a young girl with a photographic memory that has a pension for solving mysteries One day while waiting in the mall with a friend Eric they see that there is a commotion at the jewelry store They see many different people come running out of the store before the police arrive and Cam learns that the store has been robbed Using her excellent memory Jan recalls that immediately after hearing the alarm she saw a man with a mustache run out of the store then a young couple with a baby and two older female friends left All of these people were gone by the time the police arrived and chased after the first man that left When the police returned to the store with the man they were told that he was not the one that stole the jewelry With the police thoroughly confused Cam decides that it is up to herself and Eric to solve this mystery They decide to follow the mustached man to a house not far from the mall Once there Erica and Cam see that he is meeting with the young couple from the store Cam enters the building while Eric looks for the police officers After a close call Cam discovers that all three worked together to steal diamonds and Eric arrives with the police to arrest the thievesThe Cam Jansen series is leveled around the second grade level but would be a good option for some students from first grade through fifth It is difficult to find books for upper grade students that read at a lower level Cam Jansen is a good option because it is a short read but is still entertaining for a variety of ages This could also be a good book to introduce mysteries to younger ages and maybe work with predictionsHow do you think Cam and Eric feel about needing to watch Eric's little brother What do you think happened in the jewelry store Who do are the suspects Which do you think stole the jewelry How are Eric and Cam similar different What traits would you use to describe them How does Cam feel being alone in the house with the thieves What about Cam makes her a good detective What about this story makes it a mystery

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