The Arthur Miller Collection Latw Audio Theatre Collection

The Arthur Miller Collection Latw Audio Theatre Collection

The Arthur Miller Collection Latw Audio Theatre Collection ➮ The Arthur Miller Collection Latw Audio Theatre Collection Read ➶ Author Arthur Miller – Ten essential plays by one of the greatest American playwrights of the last century©2012 L A Theatre Works Ten essential plays by Miller Collection eBook ☆ one of the greatest American playwrights of the last century© L A Theatre Works.

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  1. MountainShelby MountainShelby says:

    When an artist’s tempestuous life still crops up in the media it’s easy to forget the actual work that originally brought him to fame So how refreshing for me to discover The Arthur Miller Collection another exceptional production from LA Theatre Works Containing 10 important plays by one of America's most acclaimed playwrights the collection showcases four of Miller's most famous plays The Crucible All My Sons A View From the Bridge Death of a Salesman along with lesser known but eually dramatic pieces On this 19 CD collection than 75 highly talented actors bring Miller’s plays to life and the cast is impressive across the board Some of the well known names include Richard Dreyfuss Amy Brenneman Anthony LaPaglia James Farentino Fionnula Flanagan Julie Harris Linda Purl and many many Over the years I've had the good fortune to experience Miller’s major plays in different live productions on stage so I was a bit unsure if the audio only production would lessen the experience Just the opposite the exceptional acting and direction actually increased my enjoyment of the plays The audio versions bring the words to the forefront highlighting Miller's famous gift for dramatic dialogue The actors' timing is perfect you feel as if the characters are right there in the room or the car with you wrestling with their demons and dilemmas arguing with one another struggling with inhumanity— the productions are so very authentic it’s easy to forget it's just a play I started with the lesser known plays which include The Ride Down Mt Morgan a delightfully wicked tale of a wealthy smug man strolling through his indulgent life until a car wreck lands him in the hospital with his wife and second wife both in attendance Incident at Vichy and The Price are very moving even heartwrenching in their exploration of the human condition Each production in the collection is well directed well acted and of excellent uality This collection is highly recommended for individuals and institutions

  2. Steven Brandt Steven Brandt says:

    Okay I’ll be honest with you I don’t like plays very much and frankly I couldn’t tell you what makes a play good or bad I do however know what I like and I can tell you that I like the works of Arthur Miller Some months ago Trond Knutson at L A Theatre Works sent me a copy of their production of Miller’s Death of a Salesman and I loved it Stacy Keach was fantastic in the role of Willy Loman and Arthur Miller captured the essence of working class America and their pursuit of the “American Dream” perfectlyThat’s just one of the plays gathered into this collection You’ll also find All My Sons which is about one American family that was greatly impacted by World War 2 And then there’s The Crucible in which Miller draws an eerie comparison between the Salem witch trials and the Communist trials that were sweeping the country at the time he wrote the playRead the full review at Audiobook Heaven

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