Are You Sleeping Little One? Kindle Þ Sleeping Little

Are You Sleeping Little One? Kindle Þ Sleeping Little

  • Board book
  • 18 pages
  • Are You Sleeping Little One?
  • Hans-Christian Schmidt
  • English
  • 28 June 2014

10 thoughts on “Are You Sleeping Little One?

  1. Miranda Miranda says:

    This is a short little read Perfect for little ones at bedtime The pictures are cute and the story is sweet My little boys really liked this one It made my heart smileARC graciously provided by Abbeville Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  2. Zac Weikal Zac Weikal says:

    Are You Sleeping Little One? by Hans Christian Schmidt and Cynthia Vance and Illustrated by Andrea Nemet is a children's book about different animals and how they sleep From a giraffe to a sloth this book is an enjoyable way to introduce young children to animals and their sleeping methodsWhile this book is educating the reader on different sleep patterns of animals and the names of some baby animals it does not come across as an educational book with its colored words and definitions Instead it comes across as a typical book for young kids filled with illustrations of animals and rhyming phrasesI liked having some “uncommon” animals in the book I think this is a good way for children to at least hear of the animal and see a picture of it I enjoyed getting to learn how different animals sleep as well as hear the names of some baby animalsThe illustrations in this book were nice They were not anything different from what I think a “typical” children’s book would have but they were NOT disappointing I think kids will enjoy looking at these pictures and seeing different animalsThe rhyming phrases of most of the book I think will allow kids to start picking up some of the facts in the book I think this can be a way to turn story time into a fun and “hidden” learning time I received a copy of Are You Sleeping Little One? from Abbeville Press via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    Ah with a title like this book has I knew that I had to reuest it from Netgalley I'm always looking for bedtime specific books to read to my son so I was excited to give this one a go This was also recommended to me by one of my goodreads friends on hereThis simple rhyming book shows the sleeping habits of all different baby animalsThis was a nice short simple book It is perfect for very young readers animal lovers and for when your child wants just one book and you are all read out The illustrations are adorable and the soft soothing tone of the book is perfect for night time readingMy son the animal lover loved looking at all of the animals Especially the giraffes Lately he has been asking to go see them because he is fascinated with their loooong necks This was a perfect fast night time reading book It wasn't overly long or wordy but it kept my son engaged The baby animals with their parents also encourage a bit of snuggling up while readingThis was a 5 out of 5 stars readI received a free copy of this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinionThis book was read with my special needs son who is severely learning disabled The review reflects not only my opinion but his as well

  4. Paula Phillips Paula Phillips says:

    Perfect for babies and toddlers Are you Sleeping little One? takes us into the world of you and me and a whole lot of animals and their sleeping habits This is a cute story and easy to read with approx 10 20 words per page the book can also be read as an interactive tale with the children by asking them to make the sounds of the different animals or saying Goodnight to them as they all tuck into bed to go to sleep Are you sleeping Little One has a great array of illustrations and the text is presented in a lovely rhyming manner which can grasp the child's attention Are you Sleeping Little One ? is the perfect guide for those parents who are wanting to encourage their children to go nighty night in bedtime land and would work as a picture book or part of a Junior Parenting Collection

  5. Julie Barrett Julie Barrett says:

    Are You Sleeping Little One? by Author Hans Christian Schmidt and Cynthia Vance Illustrated very colorful children's book that shows a mother with her youung infant animal There are the typical animals and thenot so typical making it a bit uniure in that this is a book for children all around the world Words are easy for the youngones who are just starting out to read This is one of the better books i've read that shows the pairsSBN 9780789211231

  6. Ashalyn Ashalyn says:

    My 3 year old loved it We had to read it 5 times before he finally let me finish It was cute and gave him views of lots of animals plus the babies names It was so cute he corrected me a couple times because he did not know the baby animals name example Joey not Kangaroo Thank you net galley for the advance copy definitely will have to buy it

  7. Genie Genie says:

    My thanks to the publishers who were so kind to provide a copy via netgalleyI think it is a great good night story book for the little ones with beautiful pictures

  8. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    My son loves this one This is a translation from German so there are some odd things for example the line Are you sleeping baby sloth grasping with paws and tail both? is a bit odd because sloths do not have tails or at least no ones that grasp Was that something lost in translation or just an error?

  9. Sue Parker Sue Parker says:

    Sweet book like many others for little ones My granddaughter who loves birdsducks would love it now but it is not a book likely to be a classic

  10. Cindi Cindi says:

    Bedtime stories are one of the best ways a parent can help get their baby settled in for the night and ready to drift off to sleep Finding the right book though can be difficult Some stories will end up sending little ones into the world of nightmares instead of sweet dreams and others will do everything but help an active little body unwind for the nightAre You Sleeping Little One by Hans Christian Schmidt Cynthia Vance Andrea Nemet and translated by Laura Lindgren is a board book ideal for helping babies and toddlers get comfortable and relax before closing their eyes for the night Using simple yet colorful illustrations and asking the uestion Are you sleeping? several baby and parent animal pairs fall asleep to get some much needed restOverall babies and toddlers will be most satisfied with having a grown up read to them as they prepare for bed Sharing a bedtime story can be part of a nightly routine that makes going to sleep easier for the youngest members of the family It's never too early to start reading to and instilling a love of books in childrenI received a free digital copy of this book from the publisherRead the entire review

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Are You Sleeping Little One?✻ [EPUB] ✰ Are You Sleeping Little One? By Hans-Christian Schmidt ❅ – Introduce young children to how baby animals sleep with this whimsical board book With lyrical bedtime rhymes it describes the sleeping habits of over a dozen animals including species both common and Sleeping Little Epub Û Introduce young children to how baby animals sleep with this whimsical board book With lyrical bedtime rhymes it describes the sleeping habits of over a dozen animals including species both common and rare from ducklings to sloths bats to giraffes Its gentle rhymes and sweet soothing pictures are the perfect way for little ones to end the day.