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Play It Safe ✴ [BOOKS] ⚡ Play It Safe By Kristen Ashley ✾ – No connections Play it safe These were the rules Ivey lived her life byUntil she hit Mustang Colorado a perfectly imperfect town where the citizens were welcoming and one of them included the tall bea No connections Play It Safe These were the rules Ivey lived her life byUntil she hit Mustang Colorado a perfectly imperfect town where the citizens Play It ePUB Ò were welcoming and one of them included the tall beautiful macho man rancher cowboy Grayson CodyOn the run for a decade Ivey knew she was supposed to Play It Safe But she was tired of being on the run She wanted a normal She wanted real She wanted a homeAnd she wanted Grayson CodyAnd Grayson Cody wanted IveyNo one who looked at them couldn’t see they belonged together There was one man in this world for Ivey and one woman in this world for Grayson CodySo they fell in loveBut just as uickly as they fell together they were betrayed and torn apart Separated for years Ivey was certain her life would not include her rancher cowboy Until the town of Mustang reached out to her when Gray was in trouble Even though she thought he broke her heart she charged in to help Then Gray and Ivey discovered they were betrayed and not only that Gray had an enemy who would stop at nothing to defeat him.

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  1. Aestas Book Blog Aestas Book Blog says:

    6 stars SUEEEEE SWOON DREAMY SIGH I SERIOUSLY ADORED THIS BOOK WOW This book was a heart breaking heart warming heart racing keep you up all night have you swooning sueeing and declaring your undying love for the hero kind of story It made me laugh suee swoon a LOT cry grin everything you could want in a bookThis was my first 6 star above and beyond KA read I was hooked I started it just after midnight and it kept me riveted to it until the sun came up and my iPad died and then after only a few hours of sleep I was wide awake again and finished it I literally could not tear my eyes away from the storyI just love a book about a crazy in love functional couple where all the drama in the story comes from external sources not from problems within their relationship and not from any stupidity from the charactersBasically Ivey and her older brother Casey come from a really horrible messed up family When things got really bad and Ivey was attacked Casey beat up her attacker and they have been on the run every since going from town to town hustling people to make ends meet Its not the life Ivey wants but its the only life she's known But she always has to play it safe never make any connections But when they pass through the town of Mustang Ivey meets Grayson Cody who is a beyond swoony Alpha cowboy rancher They both feel this pull towards each other but Ivey is wary of making connections But when she is attacked and Gray steps in to save her and takes her home to keep her safe it becomes harder and harder to ignore the fact they have something really serious to explore between them You still fallin' in love with me? 'Cause you know baby I'm already gone for you Their relationship progresses at a beautiful intense but not rushed pace But just when things are starting to seem to good to be true they are betrayed by someone close to them and an old enemy of Gray's will stop at nothing in order to hurt him Separated for many years their feelings for each other are still as strong as before And when Ivey gets word that Gray is in trouble she rushes back to Mustang and as soon as they figure out that they were betrayed nothing will ever again keep them apart I loved you then I love you now I've loved you every day for the past seven years Every day every minute every second Grayson Cody swoon drool sigh LOVE LOVE LOVED him right from the start It was instant swoony love He was another of those PERFECT male characters in my eyes there is nothing about him I would change He was a seriously macho man cowboy rancher but also a hot as all hell Alpha who was kind oh so loving sweet thoughtful confident oozing natural authority generous understanding with serious do not fuck with me vibes who was head over heals in love with his womanIvey was a delightful heroine She was never annoying so insanely loyal to her man and turned into uite a spitfire by the end of the bookIvey and Gray's connection even from the start was SO strong and built itself up so beautifully that its so hard to imagine what could ever possibly tear them apart They were just perfect for each other And when the betrayal comes its just so numbing Just for your peace of mind neither of them betrays the other its again completely external The betrayal though is just plain dirty it rips your heart out and you just can't stop from turning the pages cuz you NEED them back together againBut their reunion Wow That might have been one of the best reunion scenes I've ever read It had me sueeing out loud fanning myself I did a lot of that this book and grinning till my cheeks hurt Never before never since have I felt for any woman fuck anyone the way I felt about you I want that back I want my girl back And the HEAT in this book Some of even just their kisses had me breathless and fanning myself There was lots of steam in this book really beautiful intense HOT bedroom scenes with really deep emotion in themThis book has a super sweet HEA and a beautiful epilogue as well I can't say how much I adored this book This is KA at her best And I just found out its the first of a series so SUEEEEEEHow I see Gray and IveyFor of my reviews visit Aestas Book Blog

  2. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    Play it Safe is just 099 today for kindle Okay I love cowboys and I love Kristen Ashley’s books so a Kristen Ashley book with a cowboy hero?? Yeeeehaw Hell yeah I loved it Play it Safe is heartwarming heartbreaking funny exciting burn up the pages hot and even though it’s about fifty thousand pages long it was still too short There’s a fantastic supporting cast of characters who need their own stories told but most definitely both Lash and Freddie Those guys are all kinds of awesomeI know I sound like a broken record but I just can NOT get enough of Kristen Ashley’s writing because even though the writing isn’t perfect the stories are And I don’t know about you but when I sit down with a book looking for a chance to escape real life I’m not looking to find it through perfect grammar and punctuation I’m looking for that escape through characters and story lines that grab hold and don’t let go and KA delivers Every Single Time If you're a Kristen Ashley addict or just interested in checking her books be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict's Support Group here on Goodreads

  3. Flo Flo says:

    4 I'm in love with a cowboy STARS “I loved you then I love you now I’ve loved you every day for seven years” I'm a broken record What you are about to read or maybe in the best case scenario skim over or even likely ignore altogether will feel like a repetition of something I said before Just a fair warning in the spirit of public safety ;D Now that we have this out of the way let me start gushing about how much I love Kristen Ashley her books and how she just makes my life better every time I get lost in one of her novelsI was in a bit of a book funk for about two seconds until I remembered starting this gem a few weeks ago before I got sidetracked by some other stuff I needed to finish but I'm finally here and I really enjoyed Play it Safe Which is btw a second chance storymy holy grail of romance tropes “Prettiest thing I've ever seen” Ivey leads a very unusual life Together with her brother she is always on the move from one town to another Doing what needs to be done to survive With no skills or work experience whatsoever the two get by with Ivey playing pool like a pro Take the win and move on No connections and always playing it safeThat is until they hit the small town of Mustang Ivey immediately falls in love with the sweet and uiet place but once she lays eyes on the handsome cowboy named Grayson Cody her life changes forever “How can one day you have next to nothing and then a week and a day later you have everything?” From the first moment I was in love with every single character I guess it comes down to the writing but Ivey as well as Gray felt very well rounded and three dimensional They are good people who and the whole town would agree just belong togetherIvey is twenty two years old and despite the life she was thrown into at a very young age she is still very innocent and open to the beauty in life She decides to stay in Mustang and give a real life with a real boyfriend a chance Yes there was insta attraction and some would say the love thing happened too fast as well but I didn't really careGray is the ultimate sweet and caring macho man rancher cowboy that's a direct uote from IveyHe takes care of his land his grandmother and has a heart of gold The moment he lays eyes on Ivey he looks right through who and what she is but wants her neverthelessBut things aren't that easy there is trouble in paradise and through no fault of their own they get seperated for a long time uestion is can they pick up where they left off when they cross paths again? “Say you love me Ivey”“I love you Gray” As always Miss Ashley brings her descriptive style but contrary to other books this one is not as excessive and considerably shorter than the rest The beginning was very lovely and sweet until it started to drag on a little I would have loved for the big twist which is also mentioned in the blurb aka the moment Ivey and Gray get separated to occur a bit earlier But other than that I had very little to complain with this one Play it Safe certainly isn't the best KA book I read so far but it was a wonderful all is well in the end chick flick to escape the world for a second And there was a porch with a swing What does a girl want? Oh I know A cowboyYes it is entirely possible that I have a huge crush on Scott Eastwood right now Damn that's a fine looking man

  4. Christy Christy says:

    5 Cowboy Stars Twenty two year old Ivey and her brother move around a lot They go from town to town do their thing then they get out Thats how it works for them Ivey has her rules No connections Play it safe 
When she meets Grayson Cody things start to change Grayson has lived in Mustang his entire life His family owns a ranch well it’s his now and he loves it there One night he’s at the local bar and he sees her Ivey He’s never seen anything beautiful Then she gets into a little trouble with the town’s asshole and Gray helps her out Ivey is very hesitant to give Gray anything any information about herself Circumstances lead to her staying in town a few days that turn into a week or so and everything in her life changesFor the first time in a long time Ivey can see herself settling down Growing roots in a place And a lot of that has to do with Gray “How can one day you have next to nothing and then a week and a day later you have everything?” She is feeling things for Gray she’s never felt before and he feels them right back Just as Gray and Ivey are starting to get in deep things out of their control tear them apart For seven years When they finally are able to reunite everything has changed Is it too late for Ivey and Gray to find what they once had or will they live happily ever after?Grayson Cody Alpha male Rancher Swoony Sexy Protective Loving Understanding Male perfection As you can probably tell I adored Grayson Ivey Loyal Tough Sweet Generous Caring Feisty Both of the main characters were really great but like most KA books there were some amazing secondary characters that really stood out Ivey and Gray’s connection was instant but their love grew with time The two of them together it was just beautiful Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I’m writing a review for a KA book but I can’t help it I love her writing story telling ability and her alpha men I laughed I cried I swooned I just loved it The combination of romance suspense humor and steam make for the perfect book for me Favorite line “Prettiest thing I've ever seenGrayIn that getup in your jeans and tees in your bikini on the lawnmower when I open my eyes in the morning and see you next to me anytime I see you that's what I think First thing that comes to mind Anytime Every time”

  5. Mo Mo says:

    4 say you love me stars I ended up really enjoying this one What's not to like a sexy cowboy with a dimple To be honest I found it dragged a bit in the beginning I know KA is known for her descriptions but sometimes less is It wasn't plain sailing for Ivey and Cody But the fates were in their favour and they found each other again Faded jeans Leather jacket Scarf Hands shoved in the pockets of his leather jacket You're the prettiest thing I've ever seen Ivey How can one day you have next to nothing and then a week and a day later you have everything? Bud was a total dickwad Say you love me Ivey You were my first kiss Not my favourite KA book but they can't all be five stars

  6. Rachel Reads Ravenously Rachel Reads Ravenously says:

    Reread # 832740823759237910248still amazing This is the first Kristen Ashley book I ever read therefore it has a special place in my heartReading it a second time after reading other KA books gave me a better perspective on her writing style and character building so I ended up enjoying it because I was comfortable with her uniue style of storytellingPlus I am a sucker for second chance romance Give it a chance everyone it's a great read for those who like romance I mean

  7. ♥Sharon♥ ♥Sharon♥ says:

    Kristen Ashley was the first author that I did binge reading with My first book was Heaven and Hell which I read back in 2012 From there I jumped into the Colorado Mountain Series and just kept on going It really is kind of crazy how much I loved her writing I love how she lures you into her story with little morsels of each character and the plot gets you hooked then brings on uncertainty that locks you in But during all this you know she takes good care with everything That somehow in the end everyone will be where the need to be Ivey Bailey and her brother Casey knew how to survive They had no choice They only had each other and hustling the game of pool is what they did Moving from town to town was their life Ivey has come to live her life by following two simple rules No connections Play it safe But playing it safe was going to be hard for Ivey to do once she meets Grayson Cody It wasn’t just one thing that drew her to him It was everything He was handsome he had a voice of confidence and he showed her he cared But I think the icing on the Grayson Cody cake was his dimple ❤Grayson wasn’t just a beautiful man he was a legend of sorts The Cody family has been in Mustang for generations They own and run a Ranch and orchard The land is beautiful his home is beautiful and it was all that Ivey has ever wanted When Ivey stays in town one day longer than she should have so much changes for her Things change for Gray too The night that Gray sees Ivey in a local bar she playing pool with the local cocky guy Bud Sharp Crossing paths with Bud Sharp was not a good thing but Gray is there to protect Ivey and keep her safe Gray didn’t hesitate welcoming Ivey into his home and his life And for the first time Ivey felt happy and she felt free of the life she had been living It was finally a chance for her to make a connection and finally settle somewhere she could call home Gray thought she was beautiful She was his dollface Then it happened Her new life was turned upside down She left Grayson but not without leaving a note She would come back for him But circumstances surrounding Ivey and Gray become too much for either of them to handle A separation that has them both growing and changing One fighting to keep a life together the other having it all But both lives are missing the one person they loved Time apart has made Ivey a stronger confident and beautiful woman She has people in her life that make her happy but her heart is still broken from not having Gray in it When something brings her back to Mustang and she sees Gray once again her life will never be the same I loved getting back to an earlier KA book Grayson and Ivey’s story was sweet sexy and just all around perfect IMO Together these two caused my heart to race break and race again Grayson was heavenly and Ivey precious And KA surrounds these two with awesome secondary characters too I loved Lash and Brutus They were funny loving and pretty entertaining Grandma Miriam was a bit of a force to reckon and she was a hoot I loved the relationship she had with Gray And I can’t forget Cecily She was uite the bitch and so is Karma So that’s about it Sorry for rattling on but I LOVED IT If you are a Kristen Ashley fan and haven’t read this one like me bump it up or add it to your TBR Don’t miss out on it D

  8. Catarina Catarina says:

    5 “Say You Love Me” Stars Ivey is a girl with a bad past just trying to survive Until one day she stops in the small country town of Mustang and there she meets Gray the cowboy that will change her life and make her want to create roots for the first time They fall in love and everything seems to go in the perfect direction Until someone that wants Gray out of the way makes sure they fall apart and succeeds Seven years later they are living in different cities and opposite lives Life changed and they changed with it and with happened between them Ivey thinks she was betrayed Gray thinks the same thing One day Ivey gets a phone call that tells her Gray is in trouble and without hesitating she goes back to the town she once left heartbroken to help him When they realize what really happened between them they will make everything to make up for the lost time but what they don’t know is that the threat is still there And this time it doesn’t plan on fail I may have been a little overboard with Mr Eastwood pictures but look at that face Perfect Gray In case you don’t know I’m a complete sucker for second chance romances Add Kristen Ashley the fcking romance ueen to the mix and you got a winner And this book is a winner Sexy cowboys hilarious moments steamy scenes and some tear your hear apart moments and we have everything we could ever want in a book As ever Kristen Ashley managed to create an epic love story that not only made me look like a zombie while reading it it also left me with a huge hangover that already made me re read my favorite scenes over again If you’re a KA fan if you like cowboys or hell if you just like a really great romance book this is definitely the book for you Rating 5 Stars Characters Development Gray is the sweetest alpha cowboy ever He’s really a great guy and it’s so sweet to see how well he treats his grandmother that is awesome and how he treats Ivey when he meets her for the first time Not to mention that he’s a sexy sexy alpha cowboy and it’s impossible not to love him Ivey was great as well she was sassy and I liked how a nice person she was even with her situation and her past There was some really good supporting characters but this is a KA book so what else is new? Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler Abuse hide spoiler

  9. Karen Karen says:

    5 STARSimage error

  10. Anna Anna says:

    Say you love me IveyI love you Gray I loved this book I reckon I love me some Grayson Cody too ❤️❤️❤️ swoon serious swoon Read this book KA never fails ❤️

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