One By One Kindle ☆ One By eBook Ì

One By One Kindle ☆ One By eBook Ì

  • Kindle Edition
  • 212 pages
  • One By One
  • Phil Tucker
  • English
  • 15 November 2016

10 thoughts on “One By One

  1. Kaitlin Kaitlin says:

    This book was an #SPFBO one and I must admit it was uite different from what I had expected it to be I would class this as a dystopia kind of in the same style as 1984 by Orwell as it's focused on a world where humanity faces the disappearance of many of its number There are vast amounts of people who just seem to vanish into thin air our main character's mother is one of the earlier ones to goWe follow Peter and later Sophia they are two of the population who haven't yet vanished but as the numbers of disappearances increase they feel as though they can't meet anyone who hasn't been affected by a loss Each person they lose is a devastating blow to humanity and every person lost is random and terrifying because there is no trace at all where they have gone Naturally the world is riddled with panic and riots and cult leaders start to take overWhat I liked most about this story was that it was well written and it had a solid concept Instead of focusing on the 'why' or 'how' we focus on the characters and their troubles with adapting and conforming to the new world We get a system called the New Republic which is introduced but many of the people in the general population are unhappy and disheartened by the strict views that the Republic have Ultimately the world starts to be smaller and smaller as people vanish and those left behind have to struggle with survival not only through grief and a break down of humanity but also from their fellow humans who are just as lost and broken as they There's an awful lot of dialogue and pondering in this book which revolves around how it would feel and the situation that is unfolding helplessly around everyoneIn the end the reason it only got a 35s from me is because I really did want to have of a resolution Although I do believe the story is intentionally left vague in areas concerning the sci fi elements I just wanted to have a little insight maybe some clues about where every one had gone It's even a little horror ish to think of humans being picked off one by one A good book but one I felt needed of a resolution in the end for me personally

  2. Witchy Reviews Witchy Reviews says:

    This review was brought to you by Maleficent at Witchy ReviewsAwesome sentence structure It was a refreshing read that didn't make me wish only for a moment that I was a pre teen or YA fantasy reader just so I could relate to the author's motivesThe title refers to civilization disappearing one by one and how those remaining are left to cope You'll read about a grieving son a heartless dictator and a faithful man of god You'll read about commitments failing and relationships at their weakest and strongest and still wonder what is going to happen in the end Though you really know what's going to happen in the end Many refer to this novel as Post Apocalyptic but I feel that gives the plot an unnecessary and unfair expectation of a grandiose resolution And depending on your style of imagination you may or may not find what you're expecting Therefore I am 100% happy with the last two chapters of the book The final sentence should've been nothing else If you like reading books that simply tell a story and won't bog your reading hours down by page after page of world building and if you like to constantly try to figure everything out especially with the plot being seeded in reality the this novel is for you

  3. Sharon Michael Sharon Michael says:

    Interesting twist on the collapse of civilization which is a theme I generally find entertaining Unfortunately while there were some interesting twists in this storyline there seemed no resolution at the end I personally found the ending both unpleasant and grimIf I want grim reality I watch the evening news I read for entertainment and I definitely was not entertained by this book Very much not my personal choice in reading entertainment and I must confess to doing a lot of skimming in the last 23 thirds of the book

  4. Ruth Ruth says:

    The book had a lot of promise The plot was intriguing was didn't really pay off The story was set in the US yet sounded British There were very long passages where either a character rambled or there were descriptive paragraphs that ran onIf the pacing were snappier and the story had a resolution I might be able to recommend it

  5. Bennett Gavrish Bennett Gavrish says:

    Grade BLC Ratio 60% Literary 40% CommercialThematic Breakdown35% Social dynamics30% Philosophy20% Apocalypse10% Romance 5% ReligionAddictiveness MediumMovie Potential 1 Thumb UpRe readability LowBy their nature stories about the end of the world must carry a grim tone to some degree In One By One Phil Tucker presents an especially bleak apocalyptic vision The human population is slowly vanishing and hoping for a happy ending is a foolish exerciseTucker is less interested in the cause of the apocalypse and in the reaction from the remaining shrunken society which makes for a compelling study of governmental philosophy and martial law One By One shows that when the physical world stops making sense people's actions often follow suitAlthough the transitions in the characters' dialogue from lofty rhetoric to casual speech can be jarring Tucker is careful to keep the novel focused on the human perspective The story's setting remains a mystery to the reader throughout and perhaps that's best because apocalyptic disasters have no concern for geographic or cultural boundariesNoteworthy uoteI don’t know maybe we repopulate the earth like Adam and Eve”“I always wondered about the inbreeding angle there”“You can’t inbreed when God’s given you the thumbs up that’s like tribal immunity from genetic malfunction”

  6. Aimee Dars Aimee Dars says:

    This book had a fascinating premise that the earth's inhabitants vanished in large numbers without explanation until hardly any were left at all When the population disappears including lawmakers like the President what happens to the government? Without basic services do humans reveal their best or worst natures? Alas I found the narrative itself disappointing The writing might have been deliberately stiff as if emulating a fairy tale but it felt clunky especially the dialogue I wanted the author to do so much with the set up and was ultimately disappointedFind Me Onlineaka darzyInstagramTwitterFlickrGoodreadsFacebook

  7. Andy Andy says:

    One by one is a bleak outlook on how humanity would handle a crisis of global proportions The book starts out with the disappearance of Peter's mother and uickly unfolds to the vanishing of billions of people across the world One by one everyone will disappear when no one is looking A man only known as The Orator tries to hold civilization together in the only way he knows how by force I would have given this book five stars but I don't really enjoy feeling depressed after reading a book Worth a read even if you weren't able to catch a copy for free from

  8. Trish Izzo Trish Izzo says:

    Interesting story I guess you'd call it apocalyptic without the bang In that sense it reminded me of The Age of Miracles; the main difference being that focuses on younger charactersAt times I felt like I was reading a secular version of a rapture story and at others a retelling of the events leading up to Nazi Germany But mainly it brought up lots of uestions about how a society is held together and what we hold on to when nothing is certain any not even our own existence

  9. Linda George Linda George says:

    This is not the kind of book that I usually read However I did enjoy it The author's vocabulary was amazing I LOVE reading books on the Kindle because you can look up words so easily I hope for different endings in future books though

  10. Clare K. R. Clare K. R. says:

    The description for this book says to be sure to sample the book before buying it because it is written in a different style from most novels I guess written in a different style means doesn't use commas

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One By One❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ One By One Author Phil Tucker – Product DescriptionFor Peter the end of civilization begins uietly with the disappearance of his mother At the police station he learns that thousands of others have gone mysteriously missing overnigh Product DescriptionFor Peter the end of civilization begins uietly with the disappearance of his mother At the police station he learns that thousands of others have gone mysteriously missing overnight and that tens of millions are vanishing daily across the globe Without explanation humanity finds itself facing its final year on the planet and it One By eBook Ì is only then that Peter falls in loveHer name is Sophia and though both are haunted by loss they find in each other a passion that is as real as it is worth fighting for As the government buckles and then collapses as the darkest registers of human nature are sounded and a brutal demagogue rises to lead a reign of terror they strive to find meaning and purpose in a world that is bereft of all certainties but one that they too are fated to disappear.

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Thanks for visiting my page I'm Phil Tucker a BrazilianBrit who currently resides in Asheville NC where I resist the siren call of the forests and mountains to sit inside and hammer away on my laptop I'm about to publish EUPHORIA ONLINE a LitRPG trilogy that features high octane action devilish mysteries and all manner One By eBook Ì of classic DD foes Busy times my friends He.