Paradise Kiss, Part 1 ePUB Î Paradise Kiss, PDF \

Paradise Kiss, Part 1 ePUB Î Paradise Kiss, PDF \

  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Paradise Kiss, Part 1
  • Ai Yazawa
  • English
  • 20 November 2016
  • 9781935654711

10 thoughts on “Paradise Kiss, Part 1

  1. Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا says:

    December 16 2014 This book surprised me I thought it was going to be a cliche manga but there's nothing cliche about it The story at the beginning was okay but after a few pages things intensified and then I was surprised everything turned out not as I expected the characters are charming though the clothes aren't my cup of tea I loved it Seriously I want to get the rest of the seriesDecember 13 2018 rereading the book again to jump to book 2 and 3 which I got last April Plus I just discovered that there are two adaptations of the series one is an anime 12 episodes series and a 2011 movie I really want to watch themI got to say as an older woman I feel that what Yukari was doing was so naive and kind of stupid I didn't think George was worth it

  2. Lauren Lauren says:

    6 WONDERFUL STARS I ADORED this manga with my whole heart and am really glad I took my time with itA lovely story to savour RTC

  3. Mary Mary says:

    35 stars

  4. Emma Emma says:

    There is something about Ai Yazawa She takes a story that could very easily be pop garbage and instead makes it one that buries itself into your heart I forgot how much I had loved Paradise Kiss when I first read it a year ago When I recently finished the Nana series I looked back at my 4 star review and thought Paradise Kiss couldn't possibly be as good as Nana Well it is The art style feels familiar after reading Nana but the stories are very different Whereas Nana explores the friendship between two different women life landmarks and fame; Paradise Kiss shows us the importance of finding your passion and not going with the flow of what is expected and that even the people that you think are very different to you have the potential to be friends or teachers There was a key moment in Paradise Kiss when the main character Yukari Caroline figures out that though she thought she was so on track with her cram school and good marks and that the PK designers are silly and stupid it's the opposite Through the course of Volume 1 she starts to examine her own actions and beliefs and is actually able to change them and learn to be who she chooses This seems like a common theme in manganovels but my god it is powerful in PK I think it is the juxtaposition of Yukari against the members or PK that make this so strong the hard worker who just wants to get into University with no passions other than that; against the ones who follow their dreams of making art and work hard at it Like Nana Paradise Kiss also explores the intricacies and hurdles of human relationships the strained one between Yukari and her overbearing mother the unlikely but budding romance between Yukari and George the difficult love triangle between three childhood friends I think this is what puts Paradise Kiss above other manga and Ai Yazawa above other mangaka And can I just say how much I love Isabella the transgender woman who designs for PK? I love her She is an amazing mother figure to Yukari and the rest of PK without becoming a cliché

  5. Mehsi Mehsi says:

    Really happy that this one is being re published I only had 2 volumes of this manga 2 and 5 and couldn't find the rest since Tokyopop stopped with manga releasing I am really happy with this volume I like the size though it is a bit bigger then the normal manga in height The story is great can't wait for the second part to come out

  6. Marialena I. Marialena I. says:

    An excellent start to this manga series where fashion is the main focus as the protagonist after an invitation agrees to model for a fashion school team Their love for fashion and the clothesdresses they design touch Yukari's heart and motivate her to follow her own dreams

  7. Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe) Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe) says:

    Still lovely after all these yearsFull review soon

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    I just love Yazawa's art and writing style You can tell she loves her characters and really understands them

  9. Nisha Nisha says:

    When I first read this than 10 years ago I was intrigued by the story of a girl veering off her expected path of studying and trying to rank high in school to enter the world of fashion and love But I realize now that I was dumb as nails because reading it now I know that Paradise Kiss is much than that This is one of the Josei manga that remains with you for a lifetime I used to consider it my favorite series and now I realize that I had a lot to learn from it and it's still relevant to me as an adult woman Yukari is the protagonist and she is not as likable as one would expect from a main character She is beautiful but is packed with flaws and insecurities The best part is that she doesn't remain a static character She changes challenges herself makes mistakes has fights doubts herself and with this journey she learns a little about what she wants and needs in her life This is not a love story It might seem like that but I think it's a coming of age story George is the catalyst in Yukari's life so that she stops playing the victim and accepting complacency and instead finally finds her own agency Its a journey that all women can relate to

  10. Maddie Maddie says:

    I loved this book I wasn't sure at first but now that I've read it I read it two times over and I really want to read the next book It had everything a good story has but with its amazing originality unlike anything you've read before

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Paradise Kiss, Part 1[PDF] ✩ Paradise Kiss, Part 1 Author Ai Yazawa – Yukari is a spirited high school senior in the process of studying for her college entrance exams Sadly the prospect of subjecting herself to a meaningless dull life leaves her feeling depressed about Yukari is a spirited high school senior in the process of studying for her college entrance exams Sadly the prospect of subjecting herself to a meaningless dull life leaves her feeling depressed about the future  In a bout of frustration Yukari begins to ignore her courses and she begins to hang out with a group of fashion design students But what Yukari doesn't know is that this circle is known as Paradise Kiss and they are run by a pair of young designers already making their mark on the Asian scene Further while her life is Paradise Kiss, PDF \ going to soon change it will not be due to the elite political or commerce based future her family may have hoped for instead her life may eventually be set in a world of high fashion with her strutting down the catwalk as the face of Asian fashion.

About the Author: Ai Yazawa

矢沢 あい is a Japanese manga author Her pen name comes from Japanese singer Eikichi Yazawa of whom she is a fanYazawa started her manga publishing life in ; throughout years of publishing she wrote over ten series on Ribon magazine While most of her manga continues to be published in Japan by Shueisha publishers of Ribon and Cookie in which Nana is serialized series like Paradise Kiss now appear in other magazines such as Zipper published by ShodenshaYazawa's most famous manga include Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai I'm Not an Angel Gokinjo Monogatari Neighborhood Story Paradise Kiss, PDF \ Paradise Kiss and Nana In she was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award for Nana Some of her manga works were made into anime and live action moves tooYazawa's works are most popular among women and young girls The storylines generally are centered on young women and their relationships something with which her young fanbase identifies The characters are always very stylish and she is known especially for her hip sense of fashion Yazawa herself attended a fashion school after high school but did not complete her studies there Another key point is her strikingly uniue often rebellious characters who tend to be juxtaposed against the traditional onesShe has also published three artbooksWorks in chronological order nenme Love Letter Kaze ni Nare Escape Ballad Made Soba ni Ite volumes Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete – volumes Usubeni no Arashi Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai – volumes Gokinjo Monogatari – volumes Kagen no Tsuki – volumes Paradise Kiss – volumes published by Shodensha Nana –ongoing volumes on hiatus Princess Ai – volumes character designs only.