A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree PDF ç A Cowboy

A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree PDF ç A Cowboy

A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree [Read] ➯ A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree By Janet Dailey – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk It's just four weeks until Christmas and Sam Bennett has left a snowbound Colorado ranch for the glittering steel canyons of Manhattan He's setting up Christmas trees all around the city and finding t It's just Under My PDF Ç four weeks until Christmas and Sam Bennett has left a snowbound Colorado ranch for the glittering steel canyons of A Cowboy PDF/EPUB ² Manhattan He's setting up Christmas trees all around the city and finding that hard work has never been so much fun And Cowboy Under My PDF Ç now that he's met Nicole Young a gorgeous window designer he wonders if four weeks will be enough time to romance her properly With Christmas around the corner every day together feels like a blessing to Sam and Nicole And as the spirit of the season takes hold playing Santa and helping out a small boy with a big holiday wish is a joy Sam and Nicole can't resist Neither of them imagines that they'll be rewarded with the kind of love that can last a lifetime.

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  1. Elley Murray Elley Murray says:

    This was cute but about 100 150 pages in all of a sudden either the writing went downhill fast or I suddenly gained an awareness of how mediocre it was Not BAD bad just sometimes repetitive sometimes awkward Right where it suddenly goes down hill is when the leads have the obligatory fight about a misunderstanding and I found myself flipping back a few pages going Did I miss something? Where are they suddenly mad at each other? It seems like both characters all of a sudden started getting mad at each other for no reason which made them both seem petty and shallow It's almost as if the author went Oh no Things are going too well How do I make this book longer? The ending was also VERY sudden As in I turned the page and was surprised to see a blurb about a different book by this publisher What the heck? There were a few cute sort of side storylinesromances going on which I would have liked to see fully developed especially when the author spends several chapters again starting well into the book which was odd focusing on these side characters Perhaps there will be another book about Doug's mother and her romantic and life developments? I did really like the descriptions of the trees and the window displays in New York City I felt they were beautifully detailed I just wish the author had done as good of a job at developing the characters and plot This book left me pretty confused but it was cute and sweet and made me smile No really steamy bits which I like but will turn some people off just fluff Worth a uick Christmas read if you're in the mood for some Cowboy holiday fluff

  2. CoffeeTimeRomance andMore CoffeeTimeRomance andMore says:

    There is nothing festive than New York at Christmas Sam Bennett is enjoying every minute of his time there while he works a seasonal gig setting up Christmas displays around the city Any kind of work will help his family’s Colorado ranching operation sueak through another hard winter When he is offered a side job helping set up a window display he jumps at the chanceNicole Young dreams of being a window dresser for one of the large chain stores in New York The cutthroat business of window art means long hours in cramped spaces but Nicole is willing to do whatever it takes When a cowboy tips the brim of his Stetson to her she is intrigued Even if she does not desperately need the help it will be impossible to resist his offerA native New Yorker Nicole has never met anyone like Sam He is hardworking honest and of a man than anyone she can imagine As she rediscovers New York Christmas holiday joy with Sam Nicole begins to wonder if there is any chance for In the end there is only one thing she wants under the tree on Christmas morningMs Dailey paints a thorough and captivating picture of New York during the holidays and the fascinating world of window dressing in the big city While the characters are complex and engaging the story moves slowly Readers may find themselves in a hurry to rip open the paper and get to the good stuffKaitlin Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance More

  3. Diana Diana says:

    I usually don't read Chrsitmas books except during December but I loved the cover of this one and have been reading other Janet Dailey books recently It is a light hearted story of a Coolrado man that brought a blue spruce tree to New York City for the holiday season He works for a college friend who's business is to set up trees for the city and to keep them decorated Sam has never been to the big city and is learning alot about the city He meets a window dresserNicole who needs help setting up some window displays Sam and Nicole develop an attraction even though she doesn't plan on leaving the city and he knows he is going back to the family ranch in Colorado I enjoyed all of the dynamics of these two people with their unlikely attraction and outcome of it I recommended for anyone who is ready for a feel good story of the season

  4. Ann Keller Ann Keller says:

    Handsome Sam Bennett journeys to New York City to deliver Christmas trees bringing a little holiday cheer to the busy city folk However blending into the Manhattan landscape takes a few adjustments Not only does Sam’s manly physiue and Stetson stand out like a beacon his common sense and mountain man demeanor seem a little out of placeNevertheless pretty Nicole Young can’t resist Sam’s charming appeal Sam helps Nicole decorate a few shop windows and she finds herself falling under his wonderful spell Little wonder that she misses him terribly when Sam is forced to return to Colorado to help his injured father Will Sam ever return to the city? When he does will he be changed or can Nicole and Sam simply pick up where they left off? A sweet romance seems all too possible in the city where dreams really can come true

  5. Cindi Cindi says:

    If you want to read a happy ending Christmas Story that takes place In NY This book is for you Sometimes it is nice to just read about people doing good things

  6. Cynthia Marcano Cynthia Marcano says:

    A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree is not something that I usually read but it fell in line with a criteria for a book challenge that I participate in so I read itHaving said that I can say that the challenge I participate in has indeed challenged me I did not like this book and only finished reading it in order to complete my challengeThe heroine of A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree Nicole a window designer in NYC is not a likable character While the hero Sam a cowboy from Colorado seemed sweet and down to earth Nicole almost seemed to be the villain character that usually gets dumped before the sweet hero falls for the shy nice girl The last stage of the book didn't pick up and the climax was non existent so the book dragged on The end was blah and the title of the book doesn't fit at allAll in all I wouldn't waste my time or money on this book and I will probably never read another Janet Dailey bookI gave it two stars because there were a few characters I did like

  7. Crystal Crystal says:

    Sam Bennett is working the Christmas season in New York setting up Christmas trees He meets Nicole Young a window designer Sam works for Nicole setting up a beautiful Christmas window display and there are sparks flying while they work together They spend time getting to know each other between Sam working on setting up trees and Nicole working on fabulous window displaysI enjoy watching these two stumble into love without really knowing it was happening This book really shows you that there are families out there having a hard time a Christmas and what can happen when people take the time see what is really needed This book leaves you with a true meaning of Christmas spiritI have always been a Janet Daily fan and this is another great Christmas story from her

  8. R J Mckay R J Mckay says:

    A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree is the story of Sam Bennett and Nicloe Young Sam who lives in Colorado is in Manhattan to help set up Christmas trees Nicole a city girl is a window dresser who is creating Christmas themed store windows uite by accident Sam and Nicole meetand sparks fly or maybe I should say snowflakes fall It is a wonderful bookThe story is a beautiful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas a season to help others

  9. Catherine Greenfeder Catherine Greenfeder says:

    Janet Dailey works her story telling magic in this warm hearted and sweet romance about a Colorado cowboy who takes a temporary job installing Christmas trees in New York City and a window fashion designer Sam and Nicole not only enjoy their time together in the Big Apple but the holiday spirit has them playing Santa for a small boy whose wish is to cheer up his family Good reading even after the holiday tree and gift wrapping is tucked away

  10. Patricia Solla Patricia Solla says:

    I liked this storyline A cowboy in the big city to earn extra money for his family gets involved with a big city girl The girl is a window designer and it's Christmas time and she's busily doing windows in a small but fashionable store The cowboy jumps in to help out with setting up the window and the story goes from there This was definitely one of the better Christmas stories I've read this year

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