The Dude and the Zen Master PDF/EPUB Ý and the ePUB

The Dude and the Zen Master PDF/EPUB Ý and the ePUB

The Dude and the Zen Master ❰BOOKS❯ ✮ The Dude and the Zen Master Author Jeff Bridges – The New York Times bestseller from Academy award winning actor Jeff Bridges and Zen leader and author of Bearing Witness Bernie Glassman Zen master Bernie Glassman compares Jeff Bridges’s iconic rol The New York Times bestseller from and the ePUB ↠ Academy award winning actor Jeff Bridges and Zen leader and author of Bearing Witness Bernie Glassman Zen master Bernie Glassman compares Jeff Bridges’s iconic role in The Big Lebowski to a Lamed Vavnik one of the men in Jewish mysticism who “are simple and unassuming and so good that on account of them God lets the world go on” His buddy Jeff puts it another way The wonderful thing about the Dude he says is that he’d always rather hug it out than slug it out For than a The Dude Epub / decade Academy Award–winning actor Jeff Bridges and his buddhist teacher renowned Roshi Bernie Glassman have been close friends Inspiring and often hilarious The Dude and the Zen Master captures their freewheeling dialogue about life laughter and the movies with a charm and bonhomie that never fail to enlighten and entertain Throughout their remarkable humanism reminds us of the importance of doing good in a difficult world.

10 thoughts on “The Dude and the Zen Master

  1. John John says:

    You know when you walk into the kitchen at a party and there are two stoned guys having a conversation and they're kind of talking about the same thing but really they're just spewing utter nonsense that occasionally lines up?This book is just like that

  2. Claudia Claudia says:

    LE 22102018I came across this interview today with John Goodman Steve Buscemi and Jeff Bridges shot a few days ago 20 years after the movie was out Had a great time watching it recalling scenes and some behind the movie insights Jeff also mentions his encounter with Bernie Glassman and thus how the book was born Funny and nostalgic made me wanna watch the movie againHere's the link you're interested a special book Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors and that's the reason for reading this book I wanted to see also his just man side and I was not disappointed The dialogues emerge from the lines said in the cult movie The Big Lebowski by Dude which is seen as a Zen Master by a lot of Zen practitioners due to his detachment in limit situations don't laugh as I did you'll change your opinion later in the book D Each chapter has one as a title And with it as a starting point Jeff and Bernie begin their conversations about work family environment in other words about life itself seen through Zen precepts I admit my knowledge in this field is less then minimal but I found out that it has some very interesting aspects regarding the way life should be perceivedOn occasion the dialogues seem broken it's just like Jeff is talking about one thing and his interlocutor about another but this feeling comes from the fact that mostly Jeff has a simple opinion on something and Bernie states his from Zen Buddhism point of viewBut overall the book is about two guys which have their fears problems inner thoughts and which are trying to make life better for them and for the others around them They gained my respect and admiration for the way they are trying to make this world a better placeAnd in the end please enjoy a Zen precept from the Zen Master The Dude ;

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    The Dude and the Zen Master by Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman is an entertaining charming inspiring look into the minds of two practicing Buddhists through the lens of a Hollywood cult filmThe Hollywood film in uestion is The Big Lebowski in which Bridges stars as “The Dude” Although the Coen Brothers didn’t write the movie from a Zen perspective Roshi Glassman views The Dude as a great example of the men of Jewish mysticism who “are simple and unassuming and so good that on account of them God lets the world go on”The book is a transcript essentially of several conversations between the two men during which they analyze and place into Buddhist context in a very dudesue way popular phrases from The Big Lebowski such as “the dude abides” and the rug that “really tied the room together”Glassman is Bridges’ buddhist teacher and the two are great friends so listening in on their conversation is a real treat — their closeness shines through the exchanges as do their humanity and senses of humor The book isn’t organized into logical chapters and topics which may be a criticism for some but I enjoyed the stream of consciousness nature of it all letting the conversation flow in whichever direction it was meant to goAnother dudesue move reallyAn added bonus is a closer look into the life of Bridges as a man actor husband father and son I love Bridges so this was a plus for me though some readers might feel he veered too far into the personal But again this book is two friends talking so personal stories are bound to arise and this reader is pleased they did and made the cutOverall I love any book that can make complex theories and tenets accessible to the average person; this is one of Glassman’s goals and The Dude and the Zen Master succeedsuite simply I loved this book and marked off lots of pages and uotes; I know I’ll be reading it again When I was finished I close my e book with a contented sigh and a huge smile feeling exceptionally optimistic about the world and my place in it Can you really ask for in a book?

  4. Paul Gleason Paul Gleason says:

    Bob Marley once wrote “We’re jamming I wanna jam with you We’re jamming jamming And I hope you like jamming too”After reading Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges and Zen teacher Bernie Glassman’s The Dude and the Zen Master you’ll know exactly what Marley meant In fact you’ll have jammed with the dude behind the Dude in The Big Lebowski and his Buddhist buddy BernieBut what does it mean it jam? Bridges and Glassman spend a good portion of The Dude and the Zen Master answering this very uestion And what’s so cool is that the two of them manage to address many of life’s profundities – relationships politics working aging living dying – in their very funny and readable jam sessionThe Dude and the Zen Master isn’t a traditional book at all; rather it’s a jam session The book transcribes the profundities about which Bridges and Glassman spoke over the course of a few conversations It had to be done this way to emphasize Bridges and Glassman’s central point – that life’s journey is a jam session in which you allow your ego based identity what you think of as your self slip away and enter into a state of egoless oneness with all other living creaturesThink about it this way You’re Bob Dylan and it’s time to record Like a Rolling Stone You’ve written lyrics and have come up with a chord progression and a vocal melody But you know that when you enter the studio you’ll encounter a producer and other musicians who’ll want to bring their own ideas to the song You could be very dictatorial and goal oriented and try to force out of the producer and musicians the completed song that you hear in your head Or you could just show up start to play and see what ideas the other guys have You might just find that a young guitarist named Al Kooper might sneak to the organ – an instrument on which he’d had no experience – and spontaneously come up with one of the most iconic parts in the history of rock musicThe Like a Rolling Stone session is the essence of jamming In letting go of his ego and realizing that there was no goal in the creation of the song but only the moment of creating it Dylan showed a bit of enlightenment He let the other musicians especially Kooper shine and we can hear this moment of conception – this jam in which no goal exists and all the players are respected and treated with compassion – every time we spin the Highway 61 Revisited albumThe Dylan Kooper story gets at something else about which Bridges and Glassman talk which comes out of one of the most deeply philosophical lines from The Big Lebowski “New shit has come to light” As Bridges and Glassman carry out their conversational jam they point out that we’re all constantly faced with new challenges that reuire us to make decisions We must always respond to the new shit with which we’re confronted every day What to do? Indeed what do we do when as in The Big Lebowski somebody pees on our rug – the rug that ties the entire room or maybe our entire life together?The answer is simple We jam But jamming is incredibly easy and difficult to pull off Remember that Marley can only express his desire to jam with you He can’t force you to jam He can’t provide you with an answer – or the rug that will hold your room together If he were to do so he’d be hurting you by giving you the delusion of stability in a world that’s always changing You can accept his invitation but at the same time realize that it isn’t an answer; rather it’s an opportunity to engage with him in a respectful symbiotic relationshipThis really is the essence of jamming according to Bridges and Glassman the awareness that life reuires us to respond to situations that we perceive as being good or bad but in reality are part of the same oneness Another line from The Big Lebowski pops up all the time during the Bridges Glassman jam It’s on the Dude’s answering machine “The Dude is not in” The Coen or should it be koan? brothers tell us that the Dude is an enlightened being They’re right For most of the movie the Dude “is not in” because he’s almost achieved an egoless state Sure his ego occasionally shines through Remember the hilarious scene when the Dude spazzes out when The Eagles come on the car stereo? The Dude hates The Eagles and as a result of his overreaction and attempt to stop the music he burns himself with coffee and almost gets into a car accident When the Dude’s ego responds – when he clings to hatred – suffering occurs Even the Dude isn’t completely enlightenedBut Bridges and Glassman’s point is that no one is The best we can do is like the Dude again to achieve a state where we simply abide What does it mean to say that the Dude – or we – abides? The idea here is to say that we in our own way exist in relation to the rest of the universe through jamming We live moment to moment without judging and responding with compassion for others and ourselves to whatever curveballs life throws at us We realize the oneness of life just as the members of a tight knit band realize that when they jam out a song they understand that the ideas of the individual and the unit are of eual importance as they play in the enlightened state of creationLike Marley Bridges and Glassman can only make the invitation to jam – and their The Dude and the Zen Master is this invitation Read it and enter into a three way jam with two Dude like dudesA version of this review will appear in Rock Cellar Magazine

  5. Conrad Zero Conrad Zero says:

    Transcriptions of conversations between actor dude Jeff Bridges and zen master Bernie Glassman The topics center on living Zen Buddhism the nature of suffering nonattachment enlightenment etc and they tie their discussions to their real world experiences The attitude is very Dude a'la the Big Lebowski You also get a peek into Jeff Bridges life as an actor and see how he is and is not like the Dude A uick light read for fans of Zen or Dude or Both

  6. Clark Hallman Clark Hallman says:

    The Dude and the Zen Master is a conversation between two very talented and benevolent men Jeff Bridges is a well known Oscar winning actor performer songwriter and photographer; and Bernie Glassman is the founder of the Zen Community of New York and a longtime Zen teacher This dialogue addresses their thoughts and opinions about work play love compassion trust selfishness fear life death and much It’s a somewhat rambling conversation that is humorous at times and very poignant at other times It reveals much about each of their personal and working lives while weaving much Zen wisdom throughout the discourse The Dude is a character from The Big Lebowski movie and serves as an example for much of the wisdom that they impart The conversation leads the reader through a maze of diverse topics which reuires inuisitiveness patience and thought However I found it to be a very rewarding experience to negotiate this maze I learned much about both of these men and appreciated their integration of Buddhist wisdom into their discussion This is a uniue and very worthwhile book that provides entertainment and life lessons from a Zen perspective

  7. Anthony Anthony says:

    I thought this would be a cheap cashing in on Lebowski forcing links between the character's lazy zen like behavior but it is actually an extended conversation between the two authors where they reveal and share while discussing zen and its application to real life situations It was fun getting some insight into Jeff Bridges's personal life and Bernie Glassman truly is a savant and treasure; not enough can be said about the good that both these men have contributed to the world But than these insights they both unsurprisingly prove themselves to really well understand zen and its methods and challenges and they both appropriately use metaphor and anecdote to relate the practice's eternal teachings I liked this than I expected to Bonus points for being a uick read too

  8. Arne Krueger Arne Krueger says:

    this book gets a strong recommendation it made a deep impact on me and gets a well deserved place among my alltime fav books especially jeff has made a deep impression on me with his openness his kindness his way to see things to live and love his life absolutely great somehow i knew bernies sayings from his other books already instructions to the cook and the basic buddhist teachings too so that was not so impressive to me sometimes i felt a bit bored and a lot of resistance because i thought i knew what was coming but in the last third of the book this changed completely bernie did not change but his thoughts got somehow deeper and there were no so much a repetition of his teachings he seemed in the moment with jeff thank you so much anthony for this wonderful birthday present

  9. Colette Colette says:

    I would have given this book 3 stars if the other guy the Zen Master were not in it I was sick to death of hearing this Bernie guy tell me he was a Zen Master and he does again and again and again I was mostly interested in Bridges' approach to acting which sounds all consuming and yet humbled at the same time I enjoyed reading about his time with directors particularly Hal Ashby I guess if you are a die hard Lebowski fan you might love it but if you are a sentient human being you will find parts repetitive and irrelevant

  10. Mike Mike says:

    The Dude and the Zen Master is one of the laziest contrivances of a book I have seen yet Here's the deal let's take a moderately beloved cult classic The Big Lebowski then pair it up with a cigar smoking Zen master who functions here as a self help gurubeacon of wisdom Bernie Glassman and then they talk They go on and on and on in the longest Yes and dialogue I've read in recent memory The book is in the form of dialogue but here's the thing although it takes both Jeff and Bernie to have separate introductions explaining how the dialogue had been made it becomes awfully clear how shoddily edited it was how noticeable the self described tweaks were and how garishly they inserted little speaking twitches and very strange moments where they engaged each other in short bouts They don't feel organic after all the long LONG winded and self congratulatory slop coming out of both of their headsI did for a bit there enjoy how Bridges and Glassman can pinpoint cultural touchstones to find the Zen principles in them or perhaps the little koans embedded in everyday speech the wisdom in old nursery rhymes The Buddhist thought they gave to Row row row your boat was actually uite nice I enjoyed how they imbued some uotes from The Big Lebowski with this sense of Zen ness The Dude is not in wasn't a favorite but I did like New shit has come to light and That's just your opinion man These are good mnemonic devices for people that are fans of the movie to simply return to They are little nuggets of sentences that maybe because this 'Zen Master' Glassman says it enough about himself through the book ugh really analyzed them folks familiar with meditation may be inspired to pick up those tools OR look for Zen in other works that are resonant with them Well not Zen but something similarly resonant For me I began thinking about how This Must Be The Place by the Talking Heads is a perfect opportunity for this form of Zen finding for finding short explanations for the practice and educating people through that It's a good idea truthfully as a pedagogical toolBut as a product? The product placement here is unbelievable awkward stilted insertions into Bridges' promoting old films films in development and Glassman's work on a new restaurant in Massachusetts a very well rehearsed but impossible 'conversation' about their ability to both fight hunger and be good which then becomes laundry lists of organizations to Google later and on and on Again the slacker mentality of assembling this book its devil may care attitude with its own presentation sort of fits the characters talking here Well when it seems they could actually be talking Either way a book should probably look less slacker when it's laden with this much shameless self promotion And it comes so easily off of the resurgence of Big Lebowski's popularity that wellIt's a little disingenuous A lot disingenuous wall to wall if I may correct myself The Dude and the Zen Master has these simple nuggets in them that could have the capacity to make this book a book to return to It references Jon Kabat Zinn who in turn references Thoreau It references Victor Frankl It references the Digha Nikaya sp? Having been exposed to plenty of those references The Dude and the Zen Master could have had value as a fun isn't that neat way of revitalizing one's Zen practice by looking at Zen's ideas through a certain film or popular culture If only it didn't shoot itself in the foot It also had little notes that resonated with me about my Mom's charity and this and thatbut the funny thing is they never stuck I underlined plenty of things in the book sometimes ugh or oh please but sometimes wrote for Mom or for the man I looked back at what I underlined and realized how slight and tepid those uotes are I underlined them at the time because they reminded me of things I've read and underlined in better texts elsewhere I wondered why this idea was so important when I looked back and I wondered why all of it was utterly forgettable It hit me this book wasn't meant for staying power at all In fact the utterly forgettable it is the better off Bridges and Glassman will be The Dude and the Zen Master is two friends getting cigars talking about how they have shit in common Their idea of a good time is to have their lives meet somewhere in the middle Great What results is a book that could've been a 5 page English paper called The Dude is Not In Zen and the Big Lebowski or something like that Because that's the thing finding those symbols and ideologies within fiction is a BA in English's job They go to school for 40000 a year to learn to say hey there's a little bit in here that looks a little bit like that Jeff and Bernie I don't think have that skill So leave it up to the naturals put this material in a college English paper and let it sit there short simple and not completely ego stroking beyond beliefThen maybe I could write a brief essay about how This Must Be the Place works as an example as well You could then read the short article and move on And how I wish this book were just a short article Oh well no grasping yes Bernie? Okay goodWe're not grasping for cash are we here gentleman? No? Really? Okay goodYou're capitalizing pretty shamelessly on fandom and low self esteem Are you sure? AlrightIs it going to charity? Like I mean is it going to the causes you spent a ton of time talking about very stiltedly?Oh the Dude is not in right now? Can I leave him a message?Oh okay I figured Tell him I 'bore witness' to him or whatever Ugh you fucking assholes

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