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The Work Revolution PDF ↠ The Work PDF or

The Work Revolution ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ The Work Revolution ✈ Author Julie Clow – Embrace connectivity increase empowerment and achieve better work life blendingWe live in a new age of global companies hyper access to information and accessibility to tools that enable us to bring a Embrace connectivity increase empowerment and achieve better work life blendingWe live in a new age of global companies hyper access to information and accessibility to tools that enable us to bring any idea life Strangely our workplaces are lagging behind the promise of this open and collaborative world Most organizations are rule based top down dreary environments optimized for conformity and little else The Work Revolution creates a compelling portrait of a different kind of work I believe that freedom in the workplace is worth fighting for The Work PDF or and that every person and every organization can be excellent Julie Clow articulates the rules we follow today in our work force the reasons they no longer work and what we can do instead The Work Revolution deconstructs the magic behind thriving liberated organizations such as Google into clear principles that any individual leader and organization can adopt to create sustainable and engaging livesProvides actionable changes anyone can make regardless of where they work to create a sustainable work life blendDetails concrete ways to influence existing organizations to changeGuides leaders to make tangible changes in their teams to enable greater autonomy and impactOutlines organizational culture principles that support and nurture high performance and healthy environments providing clear options for instituting cultural change based on specific organizational challengesRejecting productivity Band Aids and uick fixes The Work Revolution conceptualizes a completely new workplace that embraces the always connected reality to create organizations in which high achievers can sustainably thrive.

  • Hardcover
  • 254 pages
  • The Work Revolution
  • Julie Clow
  • English
  • 03 May 2015
  • 9781118172056

About the Author: Julie Clow

All my life I loved learning and school so I followed an academic path and earned my PhD in behavior analysis in I spent the first eight years of my career dutifully working in traditional corporate environments developing training programs and implementing organizational initiatives for various clients Then I joined Google in and everything changed During my initial transition t.

10 thoughts on “The Work Revolution

  1. Fox Fox says:

    I received this book for free from the GoodReads first reads program in exchange for an honest review The Work Revolution is a solid guide to changes that could be made to make any organization better The book is divided into 9 chapters each focusing on a different aspect of what is hindering every job from being as rewarding as working at say Google or Zappos Julie Clow is systemic in her approach to describing what makes jobs rewarding and what makes them chores and how to initiate big changes that would allow work to feel like play and involve flowThis would be a valuable guide to any business and the appendix at the back adeuately summarizes the big ideas present in the book for a briefer succinct study While dry reading to a lay reader I'm certain to someone looking to revamp their business this would be a truly fascinating readWell written well researched and altogether uite convincing

  2. Shane Shane says:

    Finally something different Clow takes a good look at work as most of us know it and claims it's broken But instead of saying it's time to run from work and do your own thing she thinks it's time for a revolution from within to change the way we work and the way the companies that we work for work

  3. Earl Gray Earl Gray says:

    Freedom and excellence for all A bold subtitle and Julie Clow delivers Many authors can point out the brokenness of dysfunctional or semi functional limping along organizations What sets her apart is that she accurately spots what's broken and has actually livedworked in a real organization in addition to referring to others that is passionate about continually being great at getting it rightShe has a very fresh voice in her writing and she uses it engaginglyShe mixes assessment and response effectively She gives suggestions for approaching the key points that are keeping an organization from being truly free and excellent and does so in a step by step manner For some knowing how to spot the flaws is everything; for others knowing how to effectively respond to the flaws is key She does both in a graceful highly readable manner and does it all with genuine hope and purposeShe does an exceptional job of communicating the big necessities of a true Work Revolution Impact not activities Energy not schedules Strengths not job slots The right things not everything Grassroots not top downThe revolution is empowered by those keys impact energy strengths the right thing and grassroots The failedfailing status uo is empowered by the opposite activities schedules job slots everything and top downRead this book with a highlighter and a pen You will want to come back again and go deeper and you will want to share this with others who still have hope for doing great work There is a conclusion chapter in which she talks about the biggest fears that organizations and individuals can have that will keep this from happening in them and through themIn the epilogue she delineates each of the keys through the process she lived out in writing this bookShe even writes the most thorough and helpful appendix I've come across Every key is laid out in note form the key charts are reproduced and the resources books and articles that go with each chapter's keys are all thereThere are things that I am putting into play immediately There are other things that I have already put into play and this book provided some affirmation to me that I had gone without for a very long time My final thoughts on this book in three words This Will Work And three for free Viva la revolucion When I first bought it I picked this up on my wife's recommendation after she heard the author being interviewed on the radio I have flipped through it and I'm looking forward to reading it and seeing how much I can put into play

  4. Melissa Anzman Melissa Anzman says:

    When I first picked it up I was a bit skeptical – thinking what could I possibly do to start a work revolution Occupy Wall Street just isn’t my style I just left a company because I realized how hard it actually is to do that even being in a Human Resources role Until I reached page four yes four when Julie presented her Work Revolution Manifesto starting with “I believe it is possible to love your work your workplace and those you work with” I was immediately hooked – of course it’s possible I thought but I wanted to find out HOWJulie goes on to describe the current state of many traditional companies you know – the ones we all refer to as the big bad corporate jobs and contrast them with the way people actually want to work; tackling the old rules and fears with The New Rules p 57 Every chapter outlines exactly what each individual people leader and company can do right now to shift the work place into one that fits the needs of who we are as employees today Some suggestions are easy changes and others difficult from a culture shift perspective but all were applicable scalable impactful and still productive from the company’s perspectiveHere are a few of my favorite highlights from the book one from each of her action steps“Start focusing on results” p 57“Our focus on time serves as a crutch” p 95“Rather than using job tasks as a starting point start with the people” p 127“Choosing to spend our time on the right things not everything” p 159“Smaller is better and imperfection is simply part of the process” p 183

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    I'm biased since Julie happens to be my roommate and best friend but that doesn't mean she should be left out of GoodReads Here's my previous review from Not every company can be like Google nor should they try to be But what they CAN do is create a thriving creative insanely productive environment that honors their employees' gifts rather than treating them like children Clow takes an incredibly sharp funny well reseearched approach to revolutionizing the office environmentClow is not afraid to tell it like it is Leadership classes are chockfull of information so fluffy it might as well be coming from horoscopes Rather than settle for mediocrity even in a large organization that may be resistant to change Clow suggests instead that Even if you can't knock down the inflexible pillars of organizational bureaucracy you can stake tiny little tents of initiative and plant grassroots ideas throughout the organizationWith a background in organizational development a PhD in Behavior Analysis and extensive experience in Learning Development at Google Clow articulates the following compelling new rules for the work place1 Impact Not Activities2 Energy Not Schedules3 Strengths Not Job Slots4 The Right Things Not Everything5 Grassroots Not Top DownThis book is a must read for people at all levels of all organizations and it's language will surely provide a new way for us to talk about what really matters whether you run a company of 1 100 or 100000

  6. Jill Jill says:

    This is a MUST READ for anyone interested in bettering the workplace How we work is going to change dramatically in the next 10 years Julie has begun to lay a roadmap for what that will look like I can't recommend her book enough

  7. Erdahs Erdahs says:

    Won as part of the Goodreads first reads program Review to come

  8. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Work Revolution proves that there's a lot of work to be done in the workplace And the truth is it's possible; companies and the employees are in the winning team Revolution breeds evolution

  9. Kathleen Donohue Kathleen Donohue says:

    A how to book for managing your energy attitude and behavior in the corporate world to be productive and fulfilled

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