Paperback ✓ Buying Time MOBI Ú

Paperback ✓ Buying Time MOBI Ú

Buying Time (Aspen Moore, #1) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Buying Time (Aspen Moore, #1) Author Kelly Cochran – Aspen Moore has a new life in a new city complete with a new career As a personal concierge she sells her time to those who don't have enough One of the perks of her business is focusing on other peop Aspen Moore has a new life in a new city complete with a new career As a personal concierge she sells her time to those who don't have enough One of the perks of her business is focusing on other people's lives so she doesn't have to face the demons in her ownWhen Aspen's most loyal customer dies and his suicide looks eerily like murder she anonymously tips off the police so she won't expose a secret she desperately needs to keep But murder and mayhem are a bothersome duo and she soon finds herself caught in a web of chaosA string of crimes long enough to make a real detective sweat threaten her livelihood and ultimately her life Aspen's only hope to untangle the mess before they cause permanent damage is to track down who's responsible Pursuing the truth means solving the mystery of a decade old land deal while juggling a uirky DJ and his dog an eccentric paraplegic a curious set of twins and a flirtatious neighbor with spy gadgets.

About the Author: Kelly Cochran

Click here to find out how missing the deadline changed Kelly's life and read a special note for readers about the karmic event surrounding her book Buying Time.

10 thoughts on “Buying Time (Aspen Moore, #1)

  1. Lisa Bork Lisa Bork says:

    A debut novel full of murder mayhem and yes pure chaos A light hearted fun uick read Favorite line My life is a freakin three ring circus and I'm locked in the trunk of the clown car

  2. Sally Hannoush Sally Hannoush says:

    Buying Time is a fun read The characters are easy to relate to and the lingo flows well The main character Aspen Moore can't seem to catch a break with her bad luck It's just one thing after another My favorite line is when Aspen is being followed by a car The good news? The white sedan didn't follow me The bad news? I turned left onto a one way street going the wrong direction There are a lot of uick witted lines throughout the book that made me laugh out loud I want to know what will happen with the men in her life Peter? Jack? The next Aspen Moore novel isn't here fast enough

  3. Donna Donna says:

    This is a fairly standard cozy mystery but certainly above average for a first time writer It had those plotting weaknesses of the main character withholding information from her compatriots and the villain conveniently confessing his crimes but it was interesting enough that I would read another in the series

  4. Barbara Huskey Barbara Huskey says:

    I won this from the Goodreads First Reads GiveawayThoroughly enjoyed this book I love the main character because she reminds me of myself so very much This was a uick read that kept me interested from start to finish I look forward to reading further stories of Aspen Moore

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    What an action packed mystery I know every few pages things just keep happening This book reminded me a lot of the Heather Wells books by Meg Cabot I cannot wait for the next one

  6. Terry Palardy Terry Palardy says:

    Kelly Cochran takes us into the world of a woman who is just finding her way in a new setting Having lost her fiance witnessed his murder and testified against the criminals who killed him she is now in the witnesss protection programAmber formerly Amelia has left her family her friends her professional career her possessions and her success to start over miles away from her home She has to begin establishing new goals and dreams Her new choice of career is as a personal concierge running errands for people who don't have enough time to do their own She has one pair of dress shoes from her former life but now spends most days in her favorite red sneakers and her snappy blue jeepShe is always aware of the need to stay under the radar to keep her new identity hidden But she finds ways to keep in touch with her mother without being tracked by the bad guys She has made a few new friends and is beginning to establish a manageable routine until things start going wrongA client is dead Another is robbed and assaulted Her own apartment is ransacked A dog she is responsible for feeding and walking is suddenly dog nappedThe post office front window is shot in as she is inside picking up a client's mail She receives an unexpected gift finds a note inside jumps to a romantic conclusion goes to a mysteriously arranged rendez vous and finds herself in harm's wayKelly Cochran keeps the twists and turns intertwined through the story bringing it to closure only after Amber experiences danger than she thought would be possible in her new life This could be the start of a new female lead detective stories If there are ahead I'll be reading them Five Stars

  7. Brittany S. Brittany S. says:

    First off a big thank you to Kelly Cochran for sending me a copy of this book to review I really appreciate it and I had a lot of fun reading this one Another review in detail is posted on my blog The Book Addict's GuideAfter less than a year after her move to St Louis new member to the witness protection program Aspen Moore finally found a comfortable routine for her life As a personal concierge she's able to help her clients and maintain a low profile as well as having made some great new friends mostly her spy shop owner friend Peter Things are going well until one day she finds one of her clients dead A supposed suicide Aspen suspects and as she and the police dig deeper things start to get ugly Trying to protect herself solve a crime and keep her hormones in check between maybe than platonic friend Peter and sexy lawyer Jack Aspen juggles one complication after another I really enjoyed reading this novel Mostly it was the characters that drew me in Aspen was really relatable for me and I felt like she was a nice mix of feminine and tough as nails The back and forth between her and Peter is a great friendship to follow and then with new guy Jack thrown in the mix Aspen finds herself with two men to contend with The mystery at the end was a mystery to me and I was really surprised at the culprit and how everything was tied in together I couldn't put it down towards the end because I needed to know how it all tied in

  8. Tami Tami says:

    I haven't received my copy yet just received notice I had won 5312I received my copy and hope to start soon I have 11 others plus my current read in front 51712Going on vacation and taking with me Hopefully will start sometime this week 629 75Started and finished sometime before 7812Aspen is a personal concierge who sells her time doing things for those that don't have enough time One of her clients is having her help research some real estate transactions He calls her to come to his house to see what he has found and when she gets there she finds him dead She hides in the bushes and flees the scene She doesn't want to get involved with the police but she feels for her client and anonymously calls to report the death A string of crimes follow the death and Aspen always seems to be in the middle of it all Will she be able to unravel the mess and find out what is going one before her secret is exposed?Woo Hoo another crimewho dun it novel I was excited to read this one and wasn't disappointed The pace was fast and the characters fun and interesting I figured out the bad guy a little too early for it to be a great read but it really was fun

  9. Phyllis Phyllis says:

    ooh the first book in a series I love to read series I hope this one is goodWell I was very excited to win this book from Good Reads I enjoyed it Its about a woman in Wit Sec She started a business selling her time to do odd jobs for people Some things start happening to her clients and she doesn't know whether or not it has anything to do with the people Wit Sec is hiding her fromThere was also an element of attraction to a male friend that will probably be explored in future books It was a uick read it would have been great for the beach I definitely will read the next in the series to see where the story goesThanks Goodreads for the book

  10. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Kelly Cochran's 'Buying Time' is a classic one damned thing after another mystery Our heroine Aspen is a personal concierge who handles everything from research to mail delivery to dog sitting or even dog napping if the situation reuires it so long as there's a paycheck in the end We get into the swing of the story on the end of a rope and the uestion Aspen needs to answer is was it murder or suicide? Backed up by a motley cast of characters many of them with murky motives Aspen must negotiate a maze of MacGuffins and red herrings in order to save the day her job and just possibly her life

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