Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure PDF/EPUB ✓ Memoirs

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure PDF/EPUB ✓ Memoirs

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  • Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
  • John Cleland
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  • 15 October 2014

10 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure

  1. Alex Alex says:

    If you've heard one euphemism for penis youwell you haven't heard them all Once you finish this book then you'll have heard them allI had fun reading this porn than I did many other 18 century novels but that's largely because it's very short; faced with 600 pages of this and given that I've already seen the word vermilion at least 600 times I would probably give upAnd as porn goes it'sokay I guess? It's not exactly hot but it's not unacceptably un hot either which is than one can say for most of the internet I found myself skimming the sex scenes It can be fairly entertaining at least; I highlighted the euphemism red headed champion which is legitimately funny It's hotter than Moll Flanders to which it's clearly somewhat of a response although that's not saying much as Moll Flanders is emphatically unsexy The fact that this is a book written by a grown man from the perspective of a 15 year old girl sometimes intrudes with ickiness but one tries to get past it Guys have written porn from the points of view of the ladies they wish they were nailing since well since this as far as I know and one has to suspend one's definition of the age of consent when one reads anything from Pamela to Tolstoy And Cleland was only in his 20s when he wrote this which makes it again allowing also for the era at least slightly less creepy than if he was 50 It still throws me out of the narrative such as it is occasionally particularly when he falls into one of the tropes that dudes writing porn have submitted to since see above all women want to be chaste but find themselves transported by passion as soon as they see a penis and all penises are huge I have startling as it might seem talked to upwards of several women and they've assured me that neither of the above things are even a tiny bit accurate for any man other than meI'll give you a slightly spoiler y taste See if you think you can handle the following two things1 A scene where a woman seduces a mentally handicapped man for no other reason than She had had her freak out yes he really wrote that 250 years before Missy Elliott;2 This thoroughly typical passage Presently the approach of the tender agony discover'd itself by its usual signals that were uickly follow'd by my dear love's emanation of himself that spun out and shot feelingly indeed up the ravish'd in draught; where the sweetly soothing balmy titillation opened all the juices of joy on my side which extatically in flow help'd to allay the prurient glow and drown'd our pleasure for a while Soon however to be on float againIf the first didn't horrify you too much and the second didn't put you in a coma you're good to goThere's a half hearted sermon that closes the book; it reads in part If I have painted Vice in all its gayest coloursit has been solely in order to make the worthier the solemn sacrifice of it to Virtue I don't think we're supposed to take that seriously For what it's worth this is a peculiarly feminist book Peculiarly I said In sharp contrast to most books of its time Fanny Hill presents a picture of a woman who enjoys sex and goes about getting it with no shame whatsoever There are no nasty repercussions; things turn out uite well for her Jane Smiley claims that shame was an obsession in the salacious 18th century; well then this book stands possibly alone above it Good for Fanny Hill

  2. Emily May Emily May says:

    I'm talking about an erotic novel here so maybe don't read my review if you tend to get offended by open and frank discussion about sexual acts Just warning you in advance Okay firstly this is porn Just porn Not a great literary achievement not something that will sit snug in your mind with the Austen and Bronte classics PORN It got uite a reputation for being the first pornography to appear in novel form and it also got a reputation because it was banned for multiple centuries and resulted in a prison sentence for the author Being published in 1748 I can't say I'm surprised In fact the much surprising thing is that books like Lady Chatterley's Lover 1928 and Delta of Venus 1977 caused such a controversy when Cleland's work had already beaten them to it two hundred years beforehandThis is far scandalous than Lady Chatterley's Lover and about on a par with Delta of Venus The story is a rather disturbing even by today's standards tale about a fifteen year old girl who engages in sex with both men and women participates in mutual masturbation almost gets raped falls into prostitution takes part in orgies whips a man for his sexual pleasure and witnesses two men having anal sex only to report them to the local villagers During this time Fanny also manages to fall in love several times and to give credit where it's due does experience uite a bit of growth as a woman and as a human beingThe plot though is completely ridiculous moves too fast and ends up feeling sloppy and careless Fanny runs from lover to lover in what feels like a bunch of short stories about sexual encounters than a full novel about a woman's sexual exploration It must be pointed out that Cleland's portrayal of female sexuality and the ability for women to have sex for pleasure not just to make babies or appease their husbands seems incredibly before it's time However Fanny Hill is not a particularly strong character and her circumstances are often a result of where others put her not where she takes herself When it comes to this kind of book I always try and look it at from two angles and see if it delivers on either 1 as a novel or 2 as porn I don't believe it delivers on the first beyond introducing the eighteenth century to the exploration of female sexuality As for the second well I guess there's something for everyone stuck in here somewhere Especially if you get hot when female genitalia is described as clammy and a guy's penis is described in this way not the play thing of a boy not the weapon of a man but a maypole of so enormous a standard that had proportions been observ’d it must have belong’d to a young giant Are you fanning yourself with desire? Then this is the book for you

  3. Fabian Fabian says:

    All sex acts are uniue beautiful uniuely beautiful in the immensely pleasurable Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure Through the ages sex has brought wondrous delight to human beings here is testament of that fortitude over mere convention and the evil forces of repressionThis like the ever powerful Naked Lunch centuries later had to be defendedbashed fervently by those thinking the book had any power over weak minds or even anything um ethical? Still le petit mort or being embalm'd by an injection being exemplified by the most exuisite and tender prose imaginable is surely a cause for celebration yeah It is appetizing in anecdotal terms as well as in its lushly long sentences Fanny Hill has no other option but to become a prostitute and thus takes an immense amount of pride in such an old tried but true occupation she flourishes learns She is eager adventurous Sure all things nasty men want their women to be You will be amazed to find lesbianism group sex voyeurism an array of anatomies and variety of menparticipants gay sex threesomes etc etc etc It soon becomes clear that the mercenary aspect of the whole enterprise is what ultimately attracts and inspires Fanny and remember she has NO other choice outlet life This is what brings her pleasure And the part of men finding themselves through the sexual acts that is something that brings her pleasure as well This is candid verging on poetic storytelling Her life is sad but there is a zero ugliness factor in this novel to declare it an essential one It's a genuine template for our future erotica

  4. Jessica Jessica says:

    They should make me Education Secretary I'd make Fanny Hill reuired reading in freshman English classes across the country thus instantly solving our country's illiteracy problem and instilling an abiding love of literature in our nation's young citizensI miss my copy of this book I'd never heard of it before when I found it in a box on the sidewalk in Park Slope a few years ago and had no idea what a lovely filthy treasure I had just unearthed I hope Lindsey enjoyed my edition of this venerable classic and I REALLY hope her mom never found it under her mattress

  5. Aubrey Aubrey says:

    If I could go back in time and track Cleland down for a nice chat I'd smack him in the face with a clipboard and watch him like a hawk till he'd read through the list clipped there in its entirety Better yet I'd take a woman and a man back with me both of them less concerned with feminism issues to an unholy extent than I and let the conversings about the genders commence Maybe then perhaps I'd figure this author outThe list? An abridged version of the followingIf you've seen my review of Delta of Venus you know I take erotica seriously That whole spiel about increasing respect and social justice and all that jazz? Still relevant sadly so when considering this piece appeared in 1749 That's 265 years ago 18th century stuff alongside the likes of Voltaire and Swift and we're still mucking around in slut shaming Seriously This is a classic written by a dead white male two and a half centuries ago and it's chock full of feminism Second wave feminism at that Where are the feminist scholars and importantly where are the rest of those classicselitistwhatever your name for those in the literature know who are reading this without taking a single smidgen away from it besides the fact that it's bad erotica?Yes bad erotica While it may have done the job than 250 years ago these days people like their porn with a little well Now that I think about it a great deal of today's Fifty Shades of Grey readers don't actually mind if the biology's a little off so long as there's plenty of writhing and fingering and whipping which this work has in full The only difference really is Cleland's constant hitting home the fact that while women have different euipment they have the same need for pleasure and importantly respectful pleasure whomever the companion they happen to be with Now that's something that could put modern readers off Men know not in general how much they destroy of their own pleasure when they break through the respect and tenderness due to our sex and even to those of it who live only by pleasing them Of course there are problematic aspects namely the homophobia the pretense of sex only being successful when dick thrusting is involved and resulting invalidation of female pleasure the multiple instances of sexual assault rapid fire forgiven because the assaulter was attractivepitifulremorsefulwhat have you Less problematic and absurd were the multiple male orgasms business so sorry men but your refractory period averages a half hour and can even go on for days whereas women you're good to go Also the synonyms for penis I'm not even going to go into that If you want a list the book's been around for a while Spoilers abound and may even be carefully categorizedBesides all that not only does Fanny Hill like sex so long as her partner's not an asshole she likes educating herself Behold he it was who first taught me to be sensible that the pleasures of the mind were superior to those of the body; at the same time that they were so far from obnoxious to or incompatible with each other that besides the sweetness in the variety and transition the one serv'd to exalt and perfect the taste of the other to a degree that the senses alone can never arrive at No wonder the unabridged version's been taken to trial as recently as 1963 as god forbid a woman reconcile body and mind so ardently YeeshWhile I'm at it have some breakdowns of female stereotypes Silks laces earrings pearl necklace gold watch in short all the trinkets and articles of dress were lavishly heap'd upon me; the sense of which if it did not create turns of love forc'd a kind of grateful fondness something like love; a distinction it would be spoiling the pleasure of nine tenths of the keepers in the town to make and is I suppose the very good reason why so few of them ever do make itall my looks and gestures ever breathing nothing but that innocence which the men so ardently reuire in us for no other end than to feast themselves with the pleasures of destroying it and which they are so greviously with all their skill subject to mistakes to You're welcome

  6. Duane Duane says:

    By 18th century standards it was literary smut Even by today's standards it is bawdy Fellow GR reviewer Jessica called it lovely filthy filth It has survived the centuries though and still finds itself in print and apparently still being read by hundreds of Goodreads members

  7. Jan-Maat Jan-Maat says:

    A strikingly repetitive book certainly not a novel with a curious jolly hockey sticks air to itStructured as the memoirs of an innocent young girl written in letters to a lady from the countryside who is tricked into a life of prostitution of the decorous type in respectable brothels not the wandering about Covent Garden type It has a good deal of admiring descriptions of penises follows and the noun vermilion is freuently used to describe the vulvas seen during the course of her work This is not a work in the realist tradition clients apparently pay up prostitutes don't get beaten up pregnancy and disease aren't worries Nor is there any character development unless that is a euphemism for the loss of virginity or anything much you could call a plot It is the work of a man imagining himself as a prostitute a situation which he finds thoroughly enjoyable in a jolly kind of way with the particular bonus of being able to see lots of big penises The meat of the book a very loose collection of disconnected episodes is extra textual and that is imagining Cleland's sexualityAt the beginning of the first part of the book Ms Hill is broken into the work of being a prostitute at the beginning of the second part her self and some other young women I believe that child prostitution flourished for obvious reasons in 18th century London not that you would ever suspect it from this book since they are young but not that young set up their own brothel and take turns relating how they lost their virginity At the end of either the first or the second part it's really not important which Ms Hill settles down with a handsome wealthy young man who has a very large penis In between are various encounters with clients who almost invariably have large penises One would have to be particularly generous to regard this as constituting a plot It's self indulgent I suppose self evidently it is a work of pornography after all but it's repetitive nature makes the book eventually boring and comes to limit the extent to which it even could be used as a one hand readThere is a very limited range of sexual acts described and the most interesting moment is the narrator's shock when a man and a woman actually undress as most of the sex described involves only loosening clothing and opening it at strategic pointsThis book left me with the impression that 18th century sex was less interesting than I might have otherwise imagined Certainly less interesting than suggested by the Edinburgh club whose members had to contribute clippings of their mistresses' pubic hair to make a ceremonial wig No wonder people drank so much

  8. Jr Bacdayan Jr Bacdayan says:

    The paths of vice are sometimes strewed with roses but then they are for ever infamous for many a thorn for many a cankerworm; those of virtue are strewed with roses purely and those eternally unfading onesIf you do me then justice you will esteem me perfectly consistent in the incense I burn to virtue if I have painted vice all in its gayest colours if I have decked it with flowers it has been solely in order to make the worthier the solemner sacrifice of it to virtueInteresting afterthoughts from the infamous 18th century Fifty Shades of Sex

  9. Stela Stela says:

    There is a saying – Curiosity killed the cat I learned about this 18th century porn while reading David Lodge’s Modes of Modern Writing and of course it aroused 😊 my interest regarding both the language and the approach of a subject I had thought until then too daring for a prude period It seems I was wrong and all that prudeness we know about is due to 19th century mainly Victorian period So for one of most banished books in history as Wikipedia informs us Fanny Hill is not even very revolutionary However with all the fuss around it the main uestion one might ask is about Fanny Hill literary traits In the same study David Lodge saysPornography I define as a type of discourse designed to be used as a substitute for or stimulus to erotic pleasure Like other types of nonliterary discourse advertising polemic etc pornography can become literary if it responds successfully to a literary reading What usually prevents it from doing so is that it is unrealistic rather than nonrealistic it pretends to a realism it cannot sustainTherefore to answer the above uestion it seems the a text has porn ualities the less likely it is to have literary ones Let’s see in our book very virile men with huge penises– check very sensual women with perfect bodies– check; perfect orgasms every time– check; erotic fantasies presented in a realistic way – check; detailed description of the progress of excitement – check; explicit language – not so check but touchingly euphemistic though; Pretty Woman like finale – checkSo from what I can tell although my knowledge of this kind of reading is limited to a few bad romances and Fifty Shades of Gray D this could be considered a sort of old fashioned porn amusing and often involuntary parodic and even sweet in some kinky way A curiosity a useful document in the history of porn there must be a history of porn surely? but of course not literature in the same way Fifty Shades of Gray is not literature To conclude I’m not sorry I read it in spite of my introductory line but it didn’t feel like reading literature and at some point it bored me so much I skipped many “hot” pages I was amused by the moralistic finale though so contrary to the obvious message that you can have the cake and eat it too In porn land I mean

  10. Christina Christina says:

    A rather repetitive and primitive story of a young naive girl who arrives in London without any money or family to take care of her and who have to endure a lot of hardship before finally finding her true love The hardship however is mostly in the form of a lot of sex which she finds a lot of pleasure in this is truly a book where the means are important than the end and the means are described in detail unfortunately these details are or less the same repeated over and over only the metaphors used in describing them varies basically This also means that the plot is virtually non existing the end is unbelievable and there's just enough to serve as the string to tie the sexual encounters together with rather like modern day pornFurther most of the women in this book are rather weak creatures waiting to be swept of their feet by any man who happens to come along and who by persuasion and mild use of force always gets what he wants and in thus surrendering the women invariably discover their own pleasure in these borderline rapes It is very obvious that this was written by a man and that even though our heroine Fanny are rather competent and at least one other woman can manage her own business it is clear that the author's opinion of women is not the highest which I think was rather typical of the time But porn really hasn't changed much over the last couple of centuriesThis is one of the early erotic novels and intellectually I can appreciate this book but I read for the joy of it and this was for the most part lacking in this book rather ironically one could say

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Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure By John Cleland ➝ – Fanny Hill kijkt terug op haar vroegere leven en beruchte avonturen Wanneer ze alleen aankomt in Londen arm en onschuldig valt ze in de handen van een bordeelhoudster Toch begint ze zich maar te prost Fanny Hill a Woman PDF Å kijkt terug op haar vroegere leven en beruchte avonturen Wanneer ze alleen aankomt in Londen arm en onschuldig valt ze in de handen van een bordeelhoudster Toch begint ze zich maar te prostitueren als ze gescheiden wordt van de man die ze liefheeft Op haar achttiende kan ze reeds met pensioen en in haar huwelijk kan ze eindelijk seksuele passie combineren met romantische liefde.

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John Cleland a Woman PDF Å – was an English novelist most famous—and infamous—as the author of the erotic novel Fanny Hill or the Memoirs of a Woman of PleasureHe was born in Kingston upon Thames in Surrey but grew up in London where his father was first an officer in the British Army and then a civil servant; he was also a friend to Alexander Pope and Lucy Cleland was a friend or acuaintance.