Kindle Edition ↠ Falling Kingdoms Kindle Ú

Kindle Edition ↠ Falling Kingdoms Kindle Ú

10 thoughts on “Falling Kingdoms

  1. Sasha Alsberg Sasha Alsberg says:

    Falling Kingdoms crushed my heart but exceeded all my expectations SO GOOD If you love high fantasy do yourself a favor and read this book

  2. Jesse (JesseTheReader) Jesse (JesseTheReader) says:

    I can already tell that this is going to end up being one of my favorite series Excellent cast of characters with a shocking and unexpected plot full of twists and turns I can't wait to pick up the next book

  3. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    While this series begs for comparisons to Game of Thrones I would be lying if I told you that they have nothing in commonThey doBoth worlds are merciless bloodthirsty complex magical and truly addictive to the readerSome might say that it lacks originality I agree How often in your life did you read about a princess wanting to escape a marriage or a rebel who thought he could change the world or a prince helplessly in love with the wrong girl or magic lost but on the brink of being rediscovered?If you’re a diehard fan of fantasy your answer would be none other than a thousand times before BUT And this is where the addictiveness comes into play It is true that the author does not show an immense amount of creativity in this book but she knows how to make a reader happyWhat makes a reader happy you may ask Well I cannot speak for each and every one of you but I’ll tell you what might appeal to you a limited amount of romance secrets everywhere deaths all the time forbidden liaisons magic to spice the plot POV changes at the right moments action and adventure to uicken the pacing and weave the characters into dangerous situationsSure it could have been original but look at all it has going on for itself Those are the things that will make you not want to stop reading Forget the lack of creativity and forget the comparison to the highly acclaimed fantasy series for adults Game of ThronesForget that because the truth is once you start it all you'll be able to think about is this seriesWant reasons to prove that is bound to happen? I’ll give you four CLEOMAGNUSJONASLUCIAThis book in three words?PROPHECYBLOODDESTRUCTIONBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  4. Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~ Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~ says:

    This book is being hailed as A Game of Thrones for young adults I have only read the first twenty pages of A Game of Thrones I can already tell you that is like comparing a stick figure drawing to a professional painting Perhaps the barest framework of the two series can be compared but anything than that is a stretchFalling Kingdoms follows a handful of young main characters spread out across three neighboring territories Nearly all of them are prominent political figures princes princesses etc When an act of violence is committed on foreign soil all three kingdoms become embroiled in a bloody war Now I feel obligated to mention that this 'bloody war' doesn't actually become relevant until around the 80% mark The pace up to that point is dreadfully slow No not just slow Needlessly slow A couple small things happen here there along the way but it mostly consists of each character whining about their individual circumstancesThe world building is severely lacking as we only see wisps of the mythology magic of Mytica This series contains six books so I realize there are likely explanations to come but if the first book doesn't provide enough information to hook the reader then I typically won't stick around to find out The characterization was shoddy at best laughable at worstThere is hardly any difference between how each character speaks All the dialogue reads like it's the same voice The same extremely corny voiceI felt like I was reading a bad high school play with a medieval themeAlso I don't know if I have ever experienced such an intense dislike for almost every main character the way I did with this book I can only think of two characters I would happily hold a door open for and one of them barely got any screen time so really I have no idea if I truly like him or notI like flaws I like villains I like moral ambiguity The problem I have with this set of characters is that I can tell I am supposed to sympathize with themSpoiler alert I DIDN'TEveryone is a brat Impulsive Selfish Rage inducingIt made it difficult to root for them or hope for their future growthI can't find anything positive to say about Rhodes' writing style either Her word choices were odd the tone of narration conflicted with the mental image I was gettingExample Concern coated her wordsThe word coated in this sentence creates one of three potential visual experiences for me1 Words coated in snow2 Words coated in rust lichen etc 3 Words coated in chocolatesprinklescandy of some kindThe tone of these visual experiences didn't line up with the tone that was established in sentences directly before this one Saying Her words echoed with concern or something similar would have matched the serious nature of the situation much betterIs this nitpicking? Maybe But these patches of choppy writing popped up so many times that I felt jolted while readingAfter the 80% mark when the ball finally starts moving I had already thrown myself off the wagon in a full on tuck and roll The action was predictable The climax was underwhelming The political leaders had the intuition of toddlersDespite disliking the book itself I had an absolute blast participating in a fantasy league game with these awesome people♥ Frankie♥ Kaylin♥ Rachelle♥ Jeremy♥ BentleyI've heard this series gets better as it goes along I will be continuing on this journey with them unless it becomes unbearable and so I suppose I will see for myself if that is true

  5. Katerina Katerina says:

    Perfect I read it in one sitting perfect Even in the darkest and most cruel person there is still a kernel of good And within the most perfect championthere is darknessThe uestion iswill one give in to the dark or the light? That is the most fascinating thing about Falling KingdomsThe characters aren't pure good or pure evil except Gaiusthat hideous bastardthey make choices that lead them to one path or anotherthey fight hard their inner demonsthey justify their actions based on their beliefs of right and wrong and their needs I'm just trying to make sense of everything and finding that nothing at all makes senseI am not really sure where my loyalties truly lieI just know that this book was so addictive and exciting that I held my breath in every pageThe death of a peasant in the hands of a royal triggered the events that altered the course of three nationsThrough wardeathbetrayals and hatred our 4 heroes have to find out who they really are and what they are going to do with that knowledgeIn the endit all comes down to the four crystals that wield unlimited power that can corrupt anyoneand the difficult journey to find themWhat remains unanswered is who deserves them the most She would be strongShe would reclaim her rightful throneShe would be ueen CleoThe stubborn princess who is used to getting everything she wantsShe may be naive sometimesbut her heart is pure and stronger than anyone could ever imagineI think she is my favorite so fara young girl with the weight of the worldher family and her nation in her shoulders Weak things are so very easy to break MagnusThe prince of a falling kingdomthe son of the King of Bloodhe was never respected by his fatherwho thought kindness is a weaknessI can't forgive him for what he didview spoilerI really liked Theon and could not stop crying over his deathit was so unfair hide spoiler

  6. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Re reading series so I can finish up w the last book I have to mention first that I love the cover of this book I'm just going to go ahead and get this out of the way there are some characters in the book that I really liked that were killed I have a feeling I probably shouldn't like too many characters that have made it to the next book or they might die as well The main characters are Cleo Jonas Lucia and Magnus They are all from different kingdoms And they probably all could be friends if their fathers the Kings weren't jerks I'm not too sure how I feel about Cleo The way she just let a death happen in the beginning of the book I do believe she could have stopped this death if she wasn't so ignorant and let the jerk Aron do what he did And now that I think about it her stupidity caused a death of someone I really liked later on in the book Ok I don't like Cleo Her hearts in the right place but she's stupid I'm hoping she wakes up in the next book I liked Lucia and Magnus in the beginning They have a sad and weird relationship I'm not too sure about Lucia at the end because of the things she did but she is an innocent girl that just seems too naive so we shall see in the next book Jonas I just feel sorry for because of a lot of different reasons I hope he can find some kind of peace in the next book He seems like he's going to be a major player in the coming books or die Anyway he started using his brain toward the end of the book when he lets go of the revenge factor I'm looking forward to learning about the Kindred and The Sanctuary That is an interesting story from the little we get to read about it Happy Reading Mel♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  7. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    I should have known there’d be trouble in paradise when I found out that Morgan Rhodes was a non de plume for Michelle Rowen who wrote that terrible Dark Kiss novel that I couldn’t even finishI buddy read Falling Kingdom with ItsJaneLindsey who was my beloved BookBuddyAthon Buddy And I think both of us suffered greatly as we read it togetherFalling Kingdoms is really Fantasy Lite with scarcely enough world building and concepts to skate by If it asked me to witness it I’d be all like Because who hasn’t pictured me as the megalomaniac god figure of a desert dieselpunk cult?To be honest I was reading this book kind of like Things are happening but I do not relateThings happened but it was hard to relate to anything through the cookie cutter 2 Dimensional characters and lacklustre plotConsider for a moment that you have three supposedly very different kingdoms Though they are situationally VERY close I mean like a couple of days travel it would seem between them everyone seems to speak the exact same language with the same inflections and manner of speaking Whether it be princess of Auranos or poor peasant boy of Paelsia Consider if you will the fabulous ‘Enry ‘Iggins of Pygmalion glory who could guess a person’s birth place and where they were raised just by listening to their accent Now of course you can’t add accents very well into the book but a little diversity in how people spoke and some slang would have been niceThere’s this thing called a Cultural Iceberg It’s a concept by Edward T Hall from all the way back in 1976 but he theorised that like an iceberg culture has a small visible surface and a much larger invisible mass and that to truly know a culture you have to participate in it It’s just a theory but I like to use models like this when I’m looking at cultural construct of fantasy novelsSo little of what Rhodes wrote breached the depths of the cultural iceberg in terms of character and world building these three cultures I didn’t even walk away with a solid concept of how people on Auranus dressed or what kind of homes the people in Limeros lived in How did they raise their children? What did they think was beautiful? What did honour look like to them? What was proper etiuette in Paelsia? What did they take for granted? How did they treat their elderly? Damn it I want to know these thingsThe characters were essentially very basic One never truly got to know any of of them The story follows the tales of Magnus Lucia Cleo and Jonah as they navigate this crumbling worldAh characters of Falling Kingdoms If only I’d given three fifths of a fuck for any of you then this book might have turned out betterIn my opinion the writing was the worst culprit in this novel Taking a cheese grater to my forehead might have been kinder At one point Magnus’s widdle heart turned to ice because he was so heartbroken It Turned To Ice The writing was enough to make purple prose embarrassedThe one okay thing about this novel was that the plotting itself was at least reasonably consistent There was always something happening even if that something was ridiculous Or poorly written I felt the novel was fairly well pacedOver all a sloppy attempt at fantasy One that almost made me look upon The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson with some measure of warmth and longing This review can be found on my blog

  8. Sana Sana says:

    I only love my bed and Magnus I'm sorry My kink is being so thoroughly satisfied by a book I was so sure to hate You guys don't even know the amount of hatenegative reviews I read for this book and then personally being told by many of my friends that I WAS GOING TO HATE THIS BITCH HA OKAYAnyways Falling Kingdoms is such a cliched tropey filled fantasy book with so much insta love incest a predictable storyline and a whole entire love fucking PENTAGON BUT I STILL LIKED THIS SO MUCH HOLY SHIT?? This book is not perfect But it was a great great read and I give you permission to shove the next book down my throat right the fuck nowThis book is about three kingdoms UrAnus Pealsia and Limeros with several characters from each kingdom facing tough shit discovering secrets and murdering each other so that's great Anyways there are a lot of bad things that they the leaders are wishing and wishing and wishing on me Cleo Magnus Jonas Lucia LET'S TALK ABOUT SOME STUFF1 PRINCESS CLEO is literally the most beautiful princess and I love her so much like how can you not she's beautiful and she's like so beautiful wow I love her because she's SO BEAUTIFUL oh my god Like literally so beautiful oh my god sueals I LOVE HER and if you don't love her then why do you even exist maybe leave Wait did I mention how other people love her too? Sad face I have to fight for her love now because the guard Nicholas and Aron all want her Dude? Wtf pray I win the heart of this beautiful princess oh ymg od I love her so much I literally breathe just for her2 I N C E S T Maybe you should stop And it was very predictable??? view spoilerYA GIRL FIGURED OUT THE WHOLE INCEST SHIT AND LUCIA BEING THE SORCERESS ON PAGE 38 HA EAT MY ASS hide spoiler

  9. Bentley ★ Bentley ★ says:

    See this review and like it on my blog wwwbookbastionnetThis was not goodYou know how sometimes the media latches onto trends hint they do this all the time and suddenly when one specific type of story starts getting popular a whole bunch of knock offs with similar stories start appearing? I truly believe that this story would not have been published had Game of Thrones not become a smash hit the year before its initial publication Or at the very least not without substantial rewrites I really wanted to like this but I can't remember the last time I've come across a mainstream and acclaimed book that was uite so poorly written We've got to talk about some things fam For starters the characters are totally flat and almost wholly unlikable The story alternates between various points of view characters each chapter and one thing that struck me about this was that every single character sounded exactly the same If you're going to write a story from multiple perspectives you'd better be sure that the characters all have a uniue voice and perspective on the situation otherwise what's the point? Also why in the name of all that is holy would you write a book in a fantasy setting and then have the narrative and character voices speak in a contemporary fashion? There were so many modern collouialisms thrown in here that I couldn't hear anything but Morgan Rhodes' keyboard furiously typing out the first draft of this story which I assume is also the published version because it's so lacking in polish and care The map at the start of the book really proves my point of how rushed this book wasFirst it's almost a total copy of the map of Westeros from Game of Thrones in shape and size Secondly it is so devoid of information that it's almost laughable it was included at all I suppose I should have lowered my expectations for the worldbuilding right then and there but alas I still let myself get my hopes up The land of Mytica is apparently divided into three separate realms each with their own styles and belief systems You'd never know it though as every character from each realm talks and behaves in the exact same way Sure Cleo calls a few guys from Paelsia savages a few times but there's really nothing shown in the story to prove her point I know that with YA some things have to fall by the wayside but this is basic worldbuilding folks Mytica felt empty and inherently false as a result There's a bunch of character deaths thrown in to keep the audience interested but to be honest even that was boring No one of any importance to the plot actually dies and when a main character is in danger you can bet that there's going to be a 5 page conversation that sucks the tension right out of that moment before anything actually happens Even when a certain royal character is dying of a mysterious illness there's no tension because no surrounding characters seem to even care that it's happening Everything lacked emotional heart and soul and when that happens I check right out It certainly doesn't help that I didn't care an iota about any of the main characters There's this hawk flying around that gets mentioned in an offhanded way every few chapters that I cared about than Cleo Magnus Lucia or Jonas Each of them was whiny selfish and extremely grating None so than Magnus with his weird obsession with his sister It wasn't endearing It was creepy and controllingGame of Thrones this was certainly NOT In the series this was written to emulate characters are fleshed out and we can understand their choices even if we can't agree with them The world is huge and rich and full of uniue cultures that are shown to the reader not told In fact you can find this sort of thing in many great fantasy series This book pales in comparison to the majority of them and I'd urge people debating picking this series up to turn pretty much anywhere else first We need to stop allowing media trends to tell us what to read This might be the acclaimed YA answer to Game of Thrones but do we really want to give a poorly written knock off that spot when there are original and finely crafted stories out there just waiting to be discovered? ★★✩✩✩ 2 extremely generous stars out of 5This was a Buddy Read with a fantastic group of people listed below I am honored to call them friends Check out their profiles ✣Frankie Lovely✣Mary Ravager of Tomes✣Kaylin✣Rachelle✣Jeremy

  10. Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ says:

    I heard that Magnus Damora might or might not be my future husband lolWell at least that's what reliable sources tell me raises eyebrow So yeah I think 2018 is the perfect year to find out ; PLet's see if I can get my fingers on him erm this book real uick XD

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Falling Kingdoms ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Falling Kingdoms Author Morgan Rhodes – In the three kingdoms of Mytica magic has long been forgotten And while hard won peace has reigned for centuries a deadly unrest now simmers below the surfaceAs the rulers of each kingdom grapple for In the three kingdoms of Mytica magic has long been forgotten And while hard won peace has reigned for centuries a deadly unrest now simmers below the surfaceAs the rulers of each kingdom grapple for power the lives of their subjects are brutally transformed and four key players royals and rebels alike find their fates forever intertwined Cleo Jonas Lucia and Magnus are caught in a dizzying world of treacherous betrayals shocking murders secret alliances and even unforeseen love The only outcome that's certain is that kingdoms will fall Who will emerge triumphant when all they know has collapsedIt's the eve of war Choose your sidePrincess Raised in pampered luxury Cleo must now embark on a rough and treacherous journey into enemy territory in search of magic long thought extinctRebel Jonas enraged at injustice lashes out against the forces of oppression that have kept his country cruelly impoverished To his shock he finds himself the leader of a people's revolution centuries in the makingSorceress Lucia adopted at birth into the royal family discovers the truth about her past—and the supernatural legacy she is destined to wieldHeir Bred for aggression and trained to conuer firstborn son Magnus begins to realise that the heart can be lethal than the sword.