Sweet Savage Blood, a vampire romance PDF/EPUB Ð

Sweet Savage Blood, a vampire romance PDF/EPUB Ð

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  1. Alex Stargazer Alex Stargazer says:

    I wanted to like Sweet Savage Blood Not only because it’s a vampire book; and I do so love my vampire books Not only because the author is self published and I know what that’s likeNo I wanted to like it because it seemed promising Because for all its flaws—and there are rather many—this book does at its heart have an interesting enough tale to tell A teenage girl re incarnated from two centuries past and her vampire husband Well it seemed rather intriguing It’s a little cliché okay it’s a lot cliché but even so—why notAlas Sweet Blood as I shall name for brevity’s sake disappoints Here’s why Writing Carolina dear Carolina; did no one ever tell you ‘Show don’t tell’ Sadly not it seems; or you wouldn’t have written this little gem Teachers run out of their classrooms at the sound of the commotion and see Hoffschneider incapacitated on the floor The hallways is silent as everyone stands in shock and awe at what they just witnessedSo our badass vampire slayer named Madison how cute is that has just judo tackled an overgrown bully This is indeed rather noteworthy We get that You don’t need to tell us—the silence and the fact that a girl just wrestled a guy twice her size is than enough In other areas the writing is amateurish and weak I’m afraid Aside from numerous redundancies I’ll say it again SHOW DON’T TELL the writer’s prose is also lackluster tedious and not especially convincing It’s not the vocabulary that’s at fault; words like ‘altercation’ feature often enough It’s not even that it’s cliché—although sometimes it is indeed cringeworthily cliché Sounding worried she asks ‘What is it dear’So our darling vampire Slayer is rich wears designer clothing and her mother is the picture of parental perfection In which case does the author really need to add dear to the dialogue ‘Dear’ is not meant to be used literally—at least not in serious prose Properly used it is meant to convey humour; it is meant to be patronising as much as endearing and it has a correct context to which it must be appliedAnyway I digress Back to the writing It is really very lackluster; it simply lacks the humour of Douglas Adams; the phantasmagoria of Stephen King; the wonderful imagination of JK Rowling; or indeed any notable features whatsoever ‘Alex You judge too harshly’ you cry Maybe; but something is missing There’s just nothing memorable about this nothing that escapes of trap of mediocrity It all feels very plain A bit like porridge—without jam or fruit that is; a simple blend of vacuous sentences strung clumsily together Plot This is perhaps where this book has some semblance of greatness I did find myself fascinated to learn of the protagonist’s relationship with Caden the Vampire; and though I did see elements of Twilight within Caden’s superhuman beauty; even so the tale did hold my interestAnd though in many respects it is cliché—the romance is eerily reminiscient of Twilight in fact—in other ways it surprises Madison the Slayer; best friend of protagonist If only Bella had had someone to beat some sense into her wipes tearThe vampires also have a ball in which a great deal of biting and sex goes on behind closed doors It was somehow familiar; Twilight perchance The vampires did seem very similar in nature if not uite in ritual It was also a rather disturbing side to the vampires but then again that’s part of the allure Vampires are meant to be monsters They’re meant to be the creatures that haunt the night; that prey on our deepest fears—and desires Because than anything what makes the vampire novel so enduring is not the monsters; it is the fact that the monsters can become the people we loveIs there any of that in this book Not really But then the author did finish rather abruptly; an inevitable conseuence of arbitrarily cutting a full size novel into three pieces I should imagineStill let’s not be nearly so negative The plot is intriguing even if it is flawed Characters The characters are a mixed bag I suppose On the one hand I found Caden—and so his cousin uentin—rather endearing He seemed to straddle that strange line between the monstrous and the caring; that same line that all good vampires walk I guess As for Slayer Madison no I admit I did find her amusing at times But the simply lacked any of those ualities that seemed truly appropriate for one such as she; she seemed too much like a teenager—out of her depth ill euipped and foolish As for the protagonist Bella Swan—eh sorry Dominiue—I suppose she was bearable She was rather ignorant but mild enough mannered and relatable As a tool to serve the narrative she was than acceptable; as a human being she seemed too unremarkable—too much the smitten teenage girlIn general the characters were to some degree realistic; relatable; and competently portrayed But on the other they lacked the depth and complexity of better creationsConclusionAs I said initially I wanted to like this book And sometimes I did; at times it was indeed humorous or able to capture my interest But often than not I despaired at the writing Make of that what you will Rating 255

  2. ☕️Kimberly ☕️Kimberly says:

    Sweet Savage Blood by Carolina Courtland is the first of three novels This is an epic YA romance that spans nearly two hundred years It is also the story of a vampire hunter a witch and reincarnation I uickly consumed this novel in a single evening and look forward to continuing this saga The tale begins as we meet both Dominiue and Caden She is walking across the street and he stopped at the red light As she crosses Caden Hanover immediately recognizes her as the reincarnation of his human wife A wife named Dominiue who died almost two hundred years ago He follows her and enrolls in her school to reestablish their love Dominiue is irresistibly drawn to Caden The tale that unfolds is complicated as Dominiue’s best friend Madison is a vampire slayer Filled with suspense romance vampires and slayers I uickly became immersed in this worldThe characters in this novel are complex Dominiue lives with her irresponsible mother and pot smoking younger brother She has to take on the role of mother to accommodate her mother’s long work hours and boyfriend addiction She begins having dreams about another time and a strange man who she has mixed feelings for When she awakes she finds bite marks on her neck She uickly hides them and wonders if she is losing it She is a typical insecure sixteen year old who wants to be asked to the dance She is instantly drawn to Caden and seeks him out in the crowds Caden looks like he is in high school but has the experience of a two hundred year old vampire He has looks that make woman swoon but he only has eyes for Dominiue The story on how and why he became a vampire was bittersweet Madison was awesome I really liked her and her vampire killing techniues While she has supernatural abilities and lives a double life she is still very much a teenage girl She fears her own death is a fashionista and wants romance uentin is Caden’s uncle and a vampire He doesn’t get true love or soul mates but cares for Caden and agrees to help him He is a real ladies man and when he steps in to distract the vampire slayer he gets than he bargained for The romances that developed were sweet complicated and kept me completely enthralledThe world building was interesting as several stories were taking place at once Told from multiple POV’s Courtland takes us into the minds of each of the characters There were two separate story lines one involving Caden and the other Madison the vampire slayer The two intertwine adding suspense and the fear of discovery The tale wasn’t without flaws but as a first novel for this author it was exciting to read None of the issues distracted from the overall story The tale flowed at an even pace with action packed scenes danger and excitement I became invested in the key players and look forward to continuing the tale It ended with a cliff hanger and I am anxious to begin the next bookI want to thank the author for providing this finished copy in exchange for my unbiased review

  3. Diayll Diayll says:

    Originally Reviewed AtThe Indie Spotlight at MotherGamerWriterRating 45 out of 5 ControllersReview Source Author for Honest ReviewReviewer JenniferIn the fall of 1850 Caden Hanover met the love of his life a young woman by the name of Dominiue The two married and lived a life together until her death sometime later Two hundred years later he sees her crossing the street at a stop light After following her home he enrolls in her high school in order to get closer His plans become complicated when he discovers her best friend Madison is a slayer a vampire slayer This story started out great and progressively got better with every turn of the page Sweet Savage Blood tells of an immense love that lasted the span of two hundred years but it is also the story of a forbidden romance between a vampire and a vampire slayer A vampire slayer who happens to be the best vampire slayer the vampire world has ever seen The novel keeps you captive and thoroughly engaged with a great plot and interesting characters Once I started I could not tear my eyes from the pages and was heartbroken when it was over Yes it will leave you longing for If you enjoy sultrily tales from multiple points of view check out Sweet Savage Blood by Carolina Courtland for your next vampire fix

  4. Jodi Ambrose Jodi Ambrose says:

    What a wonderful engaging well written tale The characters are developed so clearly that you feel as though you know them within just a few pages The story like a good story should pulls you in and engrosses you making this a book that I didn't put down until I read the very last page It is delightful and suspenseful; light hearted and yet dashed with malevolence It's a wonderful blend of people you identify with and people you might want to be for a dayI have already downloaded books 2 and 3 and the moment I finish writing this I'm going to begin reading them This is a MUST READ series

  5. L.P. Dover L.P. Dover says:

    This was a really good read The only thing that confused me a bit was the changing of character dialogue But I was able to catch on pretty uickly though I think my favorite character was Madisonthe slayer She kicked some major vampire butt in this book It was awesome I can't wait to read the next book in the series

  6. Sierra Sierra says:

    This teen vampire romance is a light read humorous at times filled with romance and hot love scenes that manage to never be too explicit I have to admit that I am not a teen and even though a lot of it takes place in high school I found it entertaining It's a fresh take on the genre I look forward to reading the seuel Blood Fires

  7. fern fern says:

    looks and sounds wonderful

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    Loving all the little steamy scenes Especially a certain love hate relationship

  9. Patty Patty says:

    looks and sounds wonderful

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Sweet Savage Blood, a vampire romance [KINDLE] ❃ Sweet Savage Blood, a vampire romance ❧ Carolina Courtland – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Dominiue is a typical teen in a boring Texas town where the most exciting thing is the annual turnip green festival When the charismatic Caden Hanover enrolls in her high school her life takes a heart Blood, a eBook ✓ Dominiue is a typical teen in a boring Texas town where the most exciting thing is the annual turnip green festival When the charismatic Caden Hanover enrolls in her high school her life takes a heart pounding turn From the moment she sees Caden she is irresistibly drawn to him She has no idea that not only is he a vampire but that he knows she is the reincarnation of his human wife—the wife he hasn't seen in almost two hundred years Sweet Savage Kindle - He is determined to reestablish their passionate love He won't stop until he claims Dominiue as his own—and eventually makes her his vampire bride Sweet Savage Blood is a story of undying love sweeping across time from the th century to the st centuryThis is the complete version in paperback.