Paperback ´ Matinicus Epub Ú

Paperback ´ Matinicus Epub Ú

Matinicus (Island Mystery Series #1) ❥ Matinicus (Island Mystery Series #1) free download ➝ Author Darcy Scott – Praised by Kirkus Reviews as The kind of book readers will tear through only to find themselves hungry for this century spanning double mystery steeped in Maine island lore pits a renegade fishing com Praised by Kirkus Reviews as The kind of book readers will tear through only to find themselves hungry for this century spanning double mystery steeped in Maine island lore pits a renegade fishing community against an unhappy child bride of the s a defiant twenty first century teen and a hard drinking botanist—Dr Gil Hodges—who escapes to the island of Matinicus to avoid a crazed ex lover and verify a rud species of wild orchid only to find himself hounded by the ghost of a child some years deadIf Gil’s hoping for some peace and uiet he’s clearly come to the wrong place Generations of infighting among loose knit lobstering clans have left them openly hostile to outsiders When a beautiful bed hopping stranger sails into the harbor old resentments re ignite and people begin to die—murders linked through centuries of violence to a diary whose secrets threaten to tear the island apartDiscover why Cruising World Magazine calls Gil The best male protagnist to come along since Lee Child's Jack Racher.

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  1. Kirsten McKeown Kirsten McKeown says:

    You can do it List great books from the genre of creepy island murder mystery with historical geneology subplots The Weight of Water The Shipping News And Then There Were None etc Now go ahead and add Matinicus to the top of this list I loved this one best because it doesn't use just one tone to convey the terrifying story but deftly moved from the expected spine tingling and somber narrations to downright hilarious internal monologues and ludicrous circumstances That is to say the writing knows and loves its subject very well And happily the book doesn't feel clumsy trying to navigate the from the island vs from the mainland stream of characters; rather people just are who they are appraised on a case by case basis There is also restraint in this story the author delightfully doesn't feel compelled to connect every dotMatinicus is that most solitary dot off the coast of Maine farther out than Monhegan or Isle au Haut Far enough out so that a plot can twist into tight sailor's knot upon knot one hazy August and feel entirely plausible The main character a boozing Jeff Bridges look alike professor of dendrology is our fantastic guide to all Matinicus wild life And he's just as lost and admiring as we areGorgeous descriptions of island scenes beautiful historical interweavings great characters I will be ordering a paperback version directly from the author's website to give as a non eReader gift very soon Looking forward to the next two in this series Summer is here

  2. Tahlia Newland Tahlia Newland says:

    This is a terrific well written mystery with richly drawn characters and a surprising and thought provoking conclusion Matinicus is one of those stories that like the subtle flavours of an excellent meal stays with you long after it endsI found it a little slow to start but that is probably because I usually read young adult books where major action generally starts early in the story Here we take time to get to know Gil the main character and the others on the island They’re a motley crew lobster fishermen united by their island birth and long family history there Gil is an outsider a summer tourist but tolerated because he’s been there before and is a good bloke His collection of baseball cards in particular endears him towards the owner of the local food and drink establishment and they strike up a friendship The island is so well described and never over done that I could almost smell the ocean and feel myself on the path between Racheal’s house where Gil is staying and the town He’s staying there alone apart from the ghost that inhabits the upper floor I loved the vividly written scene where the ghost appears and Gil stumbles out of the house There are many layers to this novel which links the modern day and the time of the ghost through a diary that Gil finds in the house The diary is written by a teenager with a dodgy past who has been forced to marry a widower and take on the care of his children while he sails off to fish When people start dying in strange circumstances Gil begins to wonder if the ghost is trying to tell him something but what? Who is responsible for these deaths and what has it got to do with the past? The islanders are an insulated lot who take care of their own business with little input or interference from the mainland and it is this that as the book nears its conclusion raises uestions about justice and leaves Gil with a difficult moral decision We are forced to consider whether he did the right thing and wonder if we would do the same under the circumstances This theme gives the book a depth that many books lackThe ending has a great twist I didn’t see it coming and like all good mysteries once you know in hindsight it all falls together beautifully This isn’t a fast paced novel it builds at an easy pace which allows you to really enjoy the world and the characters Gil’s growing insight into himself and his struggle with his addiction to risky women adds further depth and excellent character development

  3. Jen Blood Jen Blood says:

    Botanist Gil Hodge arrives on the Maine island of Matinicus intent on cataloging trees and nursing his wounds after a physically and emotionally explosive affair on the mainland Rather than a respite however Gil finds himself staying in a haunted house with a very unhappy ghost trapped on an island where members of the general populace are suddenly dropping like flies As he reads through the journals of Hannah the woman of the house back in the eighteenth century Gil slowly unravels the mystery of who his specter is how she died And why she is suddenly up in arms again all these years later What he eventually learns about the Matinicus murders is a startling commentary on island life vigilante justice and the yearnings of the human heartMatinicus is the kind of mystery that stays with you long after you’ve read the final pages The characters the setting and not one but two haunting storylines had me eagerly turning pages from the very start The novel is told from three perspectives first person from the laconic oversexed but trying to change Gil Hodge; through journal entries penned by Hannah in the eighteenth century; and third person from fifteen year old Tiffany Scott manages each perspective flawlessly — Gil is hilarious appropriately damaged and complex enough to easily carry the trilogy the author has planned and Scott’s insight into the psyche of the average fifteen year old — self absorbed stubborn and yet achingly vulnerable to the last — is truly impressive Hannah’s journal entries and a chilling ghost story add layers and the kind of anticipation that kept me reading deep into the night with most of the lights in the house onBeyond ticking all the right boxes when it comes to creating a compelling mystery — spooky setting intriguing characters a labyrinthine plot plenty of unexpected twists and a monster of a surprise ending — Scott also has a phenomenal way with words Her descriptions dialogue and humor are always pitch perfect; Matinicus is that rarity among books today a great piece of literature that is still fun uirky and one hell of a mystery This is without uestion one of the best books I’ve read in recent memory easily earning five stars and an instant recommendation from me to anyone who enjoys mysteries

  4. Thomas III Thomas III says:

    As someone who lived in Maine for almost twenty years there are so many cultural differences from the rest of the country even within the state itself and Scott nailed them However the author was wrong with the sub title reading An Island Mystery There are multiple plot lines and mysteries weaved within this gem of a book Any mystery reader will refuse to put it down as they will be embroiled in the twists and turns The historical fiction parallel was smoothly laid in and had me instantly connecting the dots between past and present The strongly developed characters hold up their own story lines while the protagonist keeps them together like any Mainer would with duct tape and spit The woven tapestry develops a real life look into island living that most of us can't relate to but can't wait to read about Even though everything points toward a surprise ending Scott made the journey to get there just as important to simply have the bottom drop out of every assumption going through my head Thomas B Dowd III author of The Transformation of a Doubting Thomas Growing from a Cynic to a Professional in the Corporate World and From Fear to Success A Practical Public speaking Guide

  5. Sheridan Sheridan says:

    I really enjoyed reading Hunter Huntress by this same author So I was excited to read her next book This was a good mystery I didn't want to put it down I didn't love the swearing throughout the book but it is probably true to how the characters would have spoken I liked the main character and am happy to see that this is a series

  6. Susawuorinen Susawuorinen says:

    If you want to get inside an island's mindespecially a Maine Island and pile a wicked good mystery on top of itthis is a book for you

  7. Eve Eve says:

    Twists turns and surprisesAt first I didn’t think I was going to like this book but once I got reading beyond the first few pages I was hooked The author developed a most enjoyable character who like most of us has weaknesses and flaws He is a joy for the reader as I can attest I am very impressed with the obvious research done by the author and her ability to bring characters to life so successfully I also thoroughly enjoyed the Interweaved stories from past and present; most intriguing resulting in a true page turner

  8. Joann Carol Joann Carol says:

    Well written regional mystery The author knows this area of Maine and uses that knowledge very well Historical mystery from 1800s mixes smoothly with a modern murder mystery plot The twisty ending sorta worked but I didn’t find it 100% plausible Caution I was a bit put off by the overt sexuality but the author didn’t dwell on it over much

  9. Tina Tina says:

    Scott gives us a tightly plotted expertly populated ghost story set in the present and the past on one of the most renowned but unknown islands of MaineThe plot is so fantastic that reviewing it is going to be a bit of a tip toe but I'm going to try to explain why I'm such a cheerleader for this one without giving it awayFirst there's the setting Matinicus Island is the furthest out of Maine's populated islands with an official population of about 50 It is not someplace one just drops in for an afternoon of sightseeing The families who live there are close knit often related and depend almost entirely on lobstering for their income and each other for their survival There's a single general store a unisex barberhair dresser some satellite dishes an assortment of unregistered and unlicensed objects that pass for transportation devices numerous dogs of unknown parentage no local law enforcement no doctors or lawyers there are two EMTs and sporadic plane boat and ferry service when the fog is lifted between the island and AmericaThen there are the characters A disenchanted teenaged girl is there another kind? who is waiting for the mother who abandoned her 10 years ago to return The hard working couple who run the island storerestaurantbarpost office etc etc etc; A visiting college professor on sabbatical who is ostensibly counting trees and cataloging orchids but who in reality is hiding out from his latest disastrous sexual conuest A raucous assortment of crusty hard drinking lobstermenboat owners sternmen and wannabes A ghost who is haunting the 1799 residence where the college professor is staying A drop dead gorgeous widow? who arrives in her gazillion yacht with an unuenchable libido a propensity for sunbathing au naturale dancing on pool tablesand whose wealthy husband has apparently fallen overboard on the wayThese propel an incredible plotThe college professor finds an old diary in his haunted house detailing the massacre of passengers of a shipwreck off the coast the love life of the original occupants of the house and some other details that can't be revealed here without giving you the whole enchiladaThe local lobstermen are in the midst of a lobster war a snarling fight over territorial rights that periodically breaks out in violence as locals try to keep those from away out of their perceived private fishing grounds Although the State law allows anyone with a license to fish anyplace in Maine waters the Matinicus population has tended over the years to ignore that little piece of legality and enforces its own brand of island justice to repel the outsiders who often find their expensive traps have suddenly gone missing At the time of this story there's a full scale dust up a brewingAt the same time the professor arrives all hell seems bent on breaking loose and dead bodies keep appearingusually found by said professor Is he responsible? Are they related to the lobster wars? Is there a serial killer loose on the island? How come the ghost seems so agitated?Throw in some good old fashioned Maine foul weather some very crusty and rough language some fairly explicit sex scenes a little pot a lotta booze and you've got a rip roaring page turning taleThen top it off with an absolutely I never saw that one coming ending and we have here a winner This is being sold as the first of the Island Mystery series and includes the opening pages of the next installment I certainly hope Ms Scott can follow through because it's going to be hard to follow this one

  10. Lavanya Karthik Lavanya Karthik says:

    Parallel mysteries separated by a century unfold in ‘Matinicus’ Darcy Scott’s engrossing new book about life – and death in an isolated fishing community Alternating between the perspectives of three very different characters nothing is uite what it seems in this page turner that blends impeccably plotted mystery with a gritty examination of human frailty and desireA disastrous fling with a student has botanist Gil Hodges fleeing to the remote island of Matinicus in Maine for a spot of tree cataloging All Hodges hopes to find is peace and uiet and second chances – in his career as well as with Rachel the enigmatic islander who has lent him her house What he finds instead is intrigue multiple murder century old secrets – and ghosts Rachel’s house harbours the troubled spirit of a young woman who soon steers Hodges towards the century old journal of Hannah a child bride resident on the island As he tries to unravel the secret of his spooky housemate’s identity through Hannah’s impassioned writings Hodges realizes that nothing much has changed on Matinicus since her time For cut off from the mainland and ignored by the police Matinicus has evolved into an insular community with its own code of justice and prejudices torn apart by bitter fighting among its rival clans and simmering with the repressed desires and frustrations of its inhabitants Matinicus is in effect a ticking bomb and all it takes is the arrival of the seductive Kirtley for the island to explode in a frenzy of violent deaths As the body count rises and his ghostly companion becomes increasingly agitated Hodges realizes that the key to solving the murders and his own haunting just might lie locked within Hannah’s story‘Matinicus’ is that rare thing a clever mystery that has you by the throat from go admirably sustains its pace and atmosphere and manages to surprise right up until the end Hodges Tiffany and Hannah the three flawed narrators telling us this tale are well crafted characters Author Scott invests each with a very believable voice – Hodges is wry self deprecating and utterly in thrall to every woman who will have him; Hannah at once bitter and pitiful Tiffany your typical whiny teenager Essentially unlikeable as they are they also stayed with me long after I had finished the book I blame Scott’s deft hand entirelyFor the legions of fans I fully expect ‘Matinicus’ to gather there is good news this book is first in a mystery trilogy starring reluctant detective Gil Hodges Definitely a series I look forward to

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