Notes to a software team leader PDF/EPUB À a software

Notes to a software team leader PDF/EPUB À a software

Notes to a software team leader ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Notes to a software team leader Author Roy Osherove – WhyMany software team leaders today face a weird problem they believe in a bunch of great things that software developers should be doing but somehow can’t seem to make this work at their own teamFo a software Kindle Ø WhyMany software team leaders today face a weird problem they believe in a bunch of great things that software developers should be doing but Notes to PDF/EPUB or somehow can’t seem to make this work at their own teamFor example they feel that shorter iterations can be good for the team and customer to a software PDF/EPUB ¼ but no one seems to believe them or no one cares when they mention itThey believe that unit testing can save the product from its poor uality but their team members would rather do anything but write those testsTeam leaders everywhere seem to be hitting a wall everywhere they try to make a difference – so they give up or they get things done half way to the point of failurePeopleDriving “the new stuff” into the team is usually the least of the worries of today’s software team leaders Team leads usually have little to no idea how to handle people related issues – issues that affect how the morale uality of work and overall performance of the team and of course impacts how easy or hard it is to implement “the new stuff”Most team leaders are clueless as to how to handle their manager giving them an impossible due date a team member reluctant to try anything new or another team member teaching all the other members practices from years ago that today only hurt the teamWhyNo one teaches that to software team leads Team leads today in the overwhelming majority of places are just developers who worked hard and stayed with the company long enough to be promoted But they have no people or management skills and those are very painfully needed when you are trying to drive the things you believe in inside an organization that has very little interest in changingTeam leadership is the next big thing that software developers need to conuer or none of this unit testing TDD Agile or Lean thing is going to catch on except in very small circles that by chance happen to have the right people leading their teams.

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  1. Damir Arh Damir Arh says:

    I'm pretty sure the issues about software development that the author brings up will be very familiar to you if you have any experience as a team leader But the main value of the book is not in bringing them to you attention; it's in its call to action inviting you to do something about them instead of passively accepting the state you're not satisfied with It leads you through the author's vision of steps reuired to reach the ultimate goal of a growing and learning team striving to always do their best job possibleThe second part of the book consists of contributions by other authors Instead of being directly related to the first part their short notes take different often thought provoking aspects to the job of a team leader usually presenting a potential issue and giving a suggestion how to solve it They are a nice extension to the core book and give a lot of value on their own as wellI can definitely recommend reading the book to any team leader no matter how much experience he already has in his job Even if you don't agree with everything I'm pretty sure the book will act as an eye opener and make you aware of stuff you already take for granted although there might still be opportunities for improvement You never know it might even make you a better leader

  2. Ashok Sahu Ashok Sahu says:

    This book is just awesome Had read Roy Osherove's Unit testing book earlier and once I saw this book mention became very curious to explore Spending time with this book was really worthIt's a must read for any software technocrat or leaders new bee TLs experienced TLs architects managers and of course the developers who works with an organisation or team Everybody would have something the other very important to gain from it It shows how and why we should be pushing our bars need of it purpose of it and the benefit of itRoy speaks about what is the importance of a learning plan for every team or the individual team members and how important is this to be realised by their TLManagers and to provide the reuired support and encouragement The whole book is divided into Elastic leadership survival phase Learning phase Self organising phase The 3 phases of a good team which is very much reuired for the survival On top of that there are around 25 advices with some of well known leaderstechnocratsgurus like Uncle Bob Martin Gary Reynolds Patrick Kuaetcwhich covers up the above bold styled values and explains them still better

  3. Jake McCrary Jake McCrary says:

    Pretty good book It is split into two halves First half it written by Roy and is his advice for leading teams Second half is a collection of short essays 1 3 minute reads written by others offering their adviceRoy's advice seems pretty good I can see fragments of his advice in some of the better leaders I've been aroundThe gist of the book is that there are three different modes that a team can live in; survival learning and self organizing Each phase reuires a different leadership styleThere was also some interesting thoughts around commitment languageOne annoying aspect of this book was the numerous typos and formatting issues If doesn't happen enough to make the book unreadable When it did happen it was jarring

  4. Benjamin Reitzammer Benjamin Reitzammer says:

    Very good Gives a lot of of inspiration and a clear framework on how to lead software development teams

  5. Kirill Kirill says:

    There are no experts There is only us the motto from one of the first chapters is fascinating There is a good piece of battle proven wisdom in these few words Same true for the rest of the book liked it very much Roy writes in the first place about importance of learning and growing people which are undoubtedly essential principles in engineering teams Maybe I am lucky or maybe the industry has changed over the course of the last years not least due to SW Craftsmen like Roy but in most of the teams where I happend to work the power of investment in professional skills was undisputed truth Sometimes too undisputed as the learning just for the purpose of learning could be seen now and thenThe last chapter collection with a dozen of short essays from partially very well known Authors feels unfitting Altough every single advice is very valuable I am still missing the structure of first chapters

  6. Ryan Ryan says:

    This was a pretty good uick read but it seemed a bit dated or for team leads who have been under a rock for the last 10 years and are still doing top down waterfall development It also assumed that the manager knows than the engineers on the team which has not been the case for any team I’ve worked on The short essays at the end were good

  7. Giustino Borzacchiello Giustino Borzacchiello says:

    I really liked this book the idea behind the elastic leadership is something that I've never thought of and it will be something to think of going forward With hindsight I recognize all the phases referenced in the book and how I failed to deal with them

  8. Abdul Khaled Abdul Khaled says:

    3 stars as i found the book too short found it helpful nonetheless

  9. Farhodjon Farhodjon says:

    There are just notes Helpful notes for a technical team leader

  10. Claudiu Constantin Claudiu Constantin says:

    Great introductory book for a new teamleader full of non nonsense advice

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