The Art of Halo Epub ✓ The Art PDF or

The Art of Halo Epub ✓ The Art PDF or

The Art of Halo ➶ [Reading] ➸ The Art of Halo By Eric Trautmann ➫ – When Halo® hit the shelves with the launch of the Xbox® in 2001 it was an immediate sensation This action packed science fiction—military combat game set on a distant war torn artificial planet be When Halo® hit the shelves with the launch of the Xbox® in it was an immediate sensation This action packed science fiction—military combat game set on a distant war torn artificial planet became an instant triumph with gamers–and scored numerous awards for its innovations irresistibility and sheer thrills The Art of Halo is a showcase The Art PDF or of its stunning visual style a fascinating guided tour through the making of the phenomenon–from bright idea to brilliant result–and a testament to the creativity of the artists at Bungie Studios• Meet the brains behind Bungie the birthplace of Halo• Feast your eyes on a panorama of all new artwork from its spectacular seuel Halo –one of the most eagerly awaited games of • Discover the art of game design from the inside out in interviews with–and illustrations by–the Halo creative team• Learn the secrets of designing gear from the artists themselves• Follow the construction of a crucial seuence from storyboard to completion along with pages from the actual script• Thrill to a gallery of glorious Halo artwork including action figure designs game packaging cartoon strips posters T shirts and It’s all here–the story behind the sensation that GamePro declares “above and beyond what console gamers have come to expect”–in one virtuoso volume.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • The Art of Halo
  • Eric Trautmann
  • English
  • 28 July 2016
  • 9780345475862

About the Author: Eric Trautmann

Eric Trautmann is a comic book writer editor and graphic designerFor several years Eric was a writer and editor for West End Games' acclaimed Star Wars roleplaying game line After leaving dice and paper gaming behind Eric then moved into videogames an early recruit into Microsoft Game Studios' nascent entertainment licensing apparatusWhile at Microsoft Eric wrote The Art PDF or and edited in game dialog.

10 thoughts on “The Art of Halo

  1. TempOcean TempOcean says:

    This book is awesome It explains everything up to the end of Halo 2 plus gives tons of pictures and descriptions of characters and stuff in the game

  2. Dylan Fuller Dylan Fuller says:

    Wow the author and bungie put there hearts into this book to reach out to fans

  3. Braden Braden says:

    Like a Halo Field Guide one word AMAZING

  4. Parka Parka says:

    More pictures at parkablogscomThe Art of Halo is an art book that collects the concepts and designs of the immensely popular gameThe main bulk of art are on characters and enemies followed by the environment Weapons and vehicles have a smaller portion There are sketches painted illustrations as well as a lot of screenshots The problem with the screenshots is some of them aren't in high resolution so some pixelation on the images can be seen Not really a big concern anywayThe text provided talks about inspiration research characters sets in the game and things that happen behind the scenes during production Captions are also provided for most of the art and credits are included It's interesting to read all about the weapons and learn how they are suppose to work Right at the back the crew also talks about cinematics audio and even animation for the cut scenesThis book is recommended to video game artists and Halo fans

  5. Andrew Bulthaupt Andrew Bulthaupt says:

    The Art of Halo covers the development of the first two Halo games from a creative and artistic perspective It focuses on the characters environments weapons and vehicles as well as the storytelling and cinematics and even the music It seems pretty comprehensive and offers a good look behind the scenes of the two gamesAll of the artwork is of course amazing from concept sketches to design ideas to early renders and finally to in game assets There's so much content crammed in the pages it's almost absurdThe text compliments the art well and doesn't get in the way There's lots of commentary from Bungie employees and contract artists that give insight into the work that went into designing the look and feel of the Halo universe You definitely learn a lot about the gamesOverall I'd definitely recommend this for fans of the games who appreciate all the assets Bungie was able to fit onto the disc that resulted in some great looking games

  6. Krissys Krissys says:

    Ohh the epicness of John aka Master Chief A fantastic book for all Halo fans The Art of Halo gives background goodies on the creation of the first two Halo games and its development

  7. Asher Riley Asher Riley says:

    An inspiring beautifully illustrated as well as informative book on the making of halo that I found to be a joy to read and look at A must own for concept art lovers and Halo fans alike

  8. recon falcon recon falcon says:


  9. Reed Reed says:

    I think that this book felt like playing it on X box 360

  10. Babs Babs says:


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