Around the Pond Who's Been Here? PDF ✓ Around the

Around the Pond Who's Been Here? PDF ✓ Around the

Around the Pond Who's Been Here? ❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ Around the Pond Who's Been Here? Author Lindsay Barrett George – Cammy and William follow an old deer path around the pond in search of blueberries But unexpectedly they find a lot Clue after clue tells them what kind of animal has been there before and left its tr Cammy and William follow an Pond Who's PDF/EPUB ä old deer path around the pond in search of blueberries But unexpectedly they find a lot Clue after clue tells them what kind of animal has been there before and left its trace behind Share their adventure in this handsome and informative companion toIn the Woods Who's Been HereandIn the Snow Who's Been Here.

10 thoughts on “Around the Pond Who's Been Here?

  1. Ammie Ammie says:

    My 9 yr old loves this series

  2. Israel Waltz Israel Waltz says:

    Grades PreK K 1 2Genre Realistic FictionAround the Pond Who's Been Here? is a Great book to read aloud to a group or for an adult and a child to work one on one I like how the illustrations provide the evidence to what animal has been around or in one case in the lake the pictures are beautiful with great detail while the storyline moves along at a study pace I would in fact recommend this book to people because it can be used to build critical thinking for example in the book they show a pile of sticks a dam and askes whos been here?Page 15 and based on visual clues a student would have to guessPage number may be off depending if you counted the title page

  3. Siskiyou-Suzy Siskiyou-Suzy says:

    Around the Pond is a wonderful fictional but educational picture book The illustrations are realistic Two children are picking blueberries around a pond and keep finding evidence of wildlife The book acts like a guessing book but my guess is preschoolers will not know the answers most of the time I didn't know the answers some of the time But there is information about each of the animals at the endThe formatting annoyed me Each new sentence started on a new line but not as a new paragraph Nit picky but like it still baffles me how people spending time and money on a product can care so little about the basics like formatting

  4. Ali Book&Seaglasshunter Ali Book&Seaglasshunter says:

    Very beautiful illustrations it’s worth picking this book up just to enjoy them I really like this series and so do my children Any child who likes animals will enjoy this book which is formatted as a guessing game Explore the edge of a pond with a brother and sister and guess which animal has left each sign they find along the way I like that humans are included in the signs left which leads to a conversation about humans’ connections to the environment and the animal kingdom Also included at the back are descriptions of each featured animal

  5. Jeshua Jeshua says:

    Genre informationalGrade 2nd 3rdin this book two kids are going around a pond and are trying to guess what animal was there based on feathers shells paw prints ect This book does hold some information about animals but vary little it gives general clues than gives you a specific animal for instance there is a snake skin the answer a garter snake specificly this just says that only garter snakes shed skin besides the laking information it was good

  6. Kristin Nelson Kristin Nelson says:

    The PreK kids loved guessing who had been around the pond I loved the observing and predicting they had to do as we read the information they took in and the super realistic illustrations I'm hoping the library also has the similar books that Lindsay Barrett George wrote about tracks in the woods and in the snow

  7. Hannah Hannah says:

    A great book about inferences and how animals affect their environment

  8. Eva Kelly Eva Kelly says:

    These kids need to get blueberries to make a pie and instead of going to Shaw's they go out and try to pick them which is the hard way especially if you're getting blackberries because of the prickers Anyway while they're out there doing that they see all these different animals or at least their footprints and eggs and feathers and shells and even a SNAKE SKIN and it's a good thing that snake wasn't in it But they didn't see the actual animals I guess they all ran away when the kids came out and started making noise But it's OK because they got a lot of berries and now they can make a pie PLUS get to go for a swim so it all worked outAnd guess what? They showed ANOTHER animal that likes fish in this one a heron I guess everybody really likes fish but me Oh well More for themThis one had really amazing pictures so it was a really good one

  9. Jen Jen says:

    This is a fantastic book for children It tells the story of Cammy and William who follow an old deer trail around a pond and spot many clues which kids can guess as to what was there by the pond For example footprints seen in mud tell us a coon has been there A big house made out of mud and sticks tell us of a beaver there I can't wait to use this book in the fall with my students at school

  10. Becky B Becky B says:

    Two children walk around a pond as they pick berries and come across tracks and signs of the recent presence of wildlife which are then identified for the readerA good glimpse at a woodland pond ecosystem's inhabitants that will help readers discover ways to find evidence of wildlife even if they don't see the actual critters The illustration style of this book is a little dated and may not be as appealing to kids for that reason

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