Titian His Life PDF à Titian His Epub /

Titian His Life PDF à Titian His Epub /

Titian His Life [Download] ➽ Titian His Life By Sheila Hale – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The first definitive biography of the master painter in than a century Titian His Life is being hailed as a landmark achievement for critically acclaimed author Sheila Hale Publishers Weekly Brilliant The first definitive biography of the master painter in than a century Titian His Life is being hailed as a landmark achievement for critically acclaimed author Sheila Titian His Epub / Hale Publishers Weekly Brilliant in its interpretation of the th century master's paintings this monumental biography of Titian draws on contemporary accounts and recent art historical research and scholarship some of it previously unpublished providing an unparalleled portrait of the artist as well as a fascinating rendering of Venice as a center of culture commerce and power Sheila Hale's Titian is destined to be this century's authoritative text on the life of greatest painter of the Italian High Renaissance.

10 thoughts on “Titian His Life

  1. Saïdeh Pakravan Saïdeh Pakravan says:

    Too long too detailed And very little about Titian the man His personal life likes and dislikes are barely mentioned where every detail of every transaction of every payment by every sponsor is described at length A lot of repetitive material that eventually lulls the reader to boredom without having at all touched the genius of one of the greatest artists of all time What a disappointment and what a heavy book

  2. David Samuels David Samuels says:

    The title should be Titian His Life The Lives of Everyone Associated with Him About 70% of this 800 page doorstop cover ancillary characters in Titian's life The historian strikes me as the sort of person who highlights every line in a book

  3. Flora Flora says:

    I am in middle and loving it The book is densely packed with details Titian his family friends clients and important the world he inhabited Excellent but slow because of richness of the descriptions Recommended for anyone who loves Venice Italy and artFinishedvery satisfying

  4. Richard Richard says:

    Instead of being titled Titian His Life this book should have been called Titian Just About Everything that Happened in Europe During His Life I think a good biography should give the reader a sense of time and place an understanding of the world that the subject lived in but this one went too far in that direction The book was at its best when the focus was on Titian and his art although it would have been better if the color plates were in some kind of order and included examples of extant works that author Sheila Hale described The discussions of Titian's techniue the way the Venetian approach to painting differed from how it was done in Florence and the examination of how Titian's work became impressionistic in his later years were all very interesting ButHale included far too many details about 16th Century European war and politics It's true that the men and women who held power in Europe during that era were often patrons of the arts and provided the source for much of Titians income and many of his commissions but the book too freuently deviated from its subject It ran 736 pages but would have been far better if that count was reduced to somewhere under 500 pages Ultimately this book wasn't the book I hoped it would be

  5. Rachel Halliburton Rachel Halliburton says:

    An amazing level of detail tellingly deployed A great way to lose yourself in 16th century Venice and to find out about the political intrigues of Titian's patrons that eventually spanned the globe

  6. Teresa Teresa says:

    Inspiration to read NYTBR june 1 2014 Alan Furst says he's reading this its full of dense history of Venice in16th century Kings doges emperorspopes Ottoman invasions the Medicis

  7. Barksdale Penick Barksdale Penick says:

    What a fabulous book I read it in an unusual fashion over perhaps a three year period Whenever I found myself bereft at the end of a book I loved or stuck on the Metro unexpectedly or after hours on the airplane when I had gone through everything else I had brought I would turn to Titian's life The historical research is extraordinary with the ebb and flow of the fortunes of the Most Serene Republic as the backdrop for the very long life of Titian Since the kings of Spain were his greatest patrons the book also helped me to appreciate the era of Spanish domination over Europe and indeed the entire Western world I read this book on a Kindle which meant there were no illustrations of the many paintings described by the author It seems unthinkable that a book about a painter could be worth reading without seeing his work and I am sure it would have been better to always have a computer handy to see the picture the author was discussing as I did on occasion but that did not prevent me from thoroughly enjoying the description of his development as a painter long into old age Even the constant demands for money which seems to be by far the most common topic in Titian's letters is fascinating because he was usually writing to the king of Spain Despite being the most powerful ruler in the Western world the king's wishes were regularly ignored by the royal bureaucracyI am sure that an art historian with deeper knowledge than me would find the book enthralling in ways that I cannot appreciate but this was a wonderful reading experience for me

  8. Leanne Leanne says:

    I agree with many of the reviewers below that the endless details have the strange effect that you are left after 700 pages of not understanding the artist whatsoever That said it is still as the back cover states a landmark achievement In addition to the over attention to details at the expense of narrative the writing style has a lot in common with something you might see in an encyclopedia In fact it was as if a long article in the old Encyclopedia Brittanica had spun into the main text every last footnote and hyperlink to make a kind of encyclopedia of Titian In that sense it is a magnificent reference And yet sadly the index was awful and painting not at all easily found unless you know where the pictures are kept Many noted the atrocious illustrations agree Also because there is hardly any art historical interpretation it leaves you guessingComparing it to Mark Hudson's FANTASTIC Titian's Last Years I would say the Hudson's book while littered with small mistakes is something that will leave you with a great idea of the artist both the man and his art his significance That really is one of the best art books I have ever read and shows maybe that a non specialist approach is not a bad thing when you are doing sweeping biographies because 700 pages later I really didn't feel Hale's book deliveredI will put it in the reference part of my library though too bad the index is so lame and the publisher did such a lousy job with the illustrations

  9. Sophie Sophie says:

    This was an excellent biography of Titian remarkably easy to read and follow While Sheila Hale provides details on Titian's painting techniues and his body of work much of the book is about the context in which he was painting And what an extraordinary time he was living in Venice at the peak of its glory Emperor Charles V as his main patron the reformation and counter reformation unfurling all over Europe wars plagues etc

  10. Melody Nelson Melody Nelson says:

    A superb book pity the pleasure is a bit spoiled by the frustrating way the images are organised They are not in any sort of order or numbered Note to the editor For the way it should be done please check Matisse by Hillary Spurling

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