Ribbon in the Sky PDF/EPUB ✓ Ribbon in eBook

Ribbon in the Sky PDF/EPUB ✓ Ribbon in eBook

10 thoughts on “Ribbon in the Sky

  1. Christine Christine says:

    I couldn't uite give this one star though it may have deserved it because it was going ok until I hit a put down moment and I just couldn't keep reading Maybe I'm being hard on it especially since the moment came pretty early in the book but sheeshSo the daughter of a fire and brimestone preacher gets pregnant by a Catholic gasp and he tosses her out of the house She leaves sends exactly one letter to his mom to try to get in touch with him goes off to live with her grandparents and has a baby Five years later he returns having been told by dear daddy that the girl died He actually goes to the town to finally visit her grave and say his last good byes before moving on with his life Instead he finds her alive and she throws an absolute fit refusing to believe him It didn't work for me even a little bit There was no reason in the world to think he was a liar It's not like she bothered to send than the one letter and in it she didn't even mention the kid And as her self righteous temper tantrum is the only thing getting in the way of these two having a happily ever after I'm afraid I'm not even slightly interseted

  2. Caroline Caroline says:

    A little too sappy and not much of a conflict for the protagonists to overcome in order to be together Maybe I'm too jaded for books like this any

  3. IrishFan IrishFan says:

    I've had 3 books from this series on my to be read shelf for a couple of years now With the uarantine I'm trying to clear some off I found the first one Ribbon in the Sky through my library e books app The 3rd one I've had to order off of ebay I hope it shows up This was a good uick fun read I'm looking forward to the next books in the series but I think they are about other characters not the ones in this book which I am a little disappointed I was hoping to see what happened to Helen and Patrick Maybe they will be mentioned in the other books

  4. Jerry Jares Jerry Jares says:

    Most of this powerful story takes place after World War I on the Plains of Nebraska It's a story about families and family relationships Letty Pringle comes from a family of evangelical zealots who preach forgiveness but don't use it themselvesLetty is 15 and Mike is 17; they promise their wedding vows and swear they will always love each other Because times are hard and money is scarce Mike leaves Letty to earn money so they can marry Unfortunately Letty finds she is pregnant soon after Mike leavesCora her sister seems to hate Letty and tells their parents about Letty's condition The family immediately rants that she has ruined them and her father tells her to leave she is dead to them Because Preacher Pringle is so vindictive he would discourage people from doing business with Mike's family who have many mouths to feed Letty cannot go to Mike's family for helpWith few options she decides to go to her maternal grandparents' home and beg them to accept her Letty learns about love within the family from her grandparents Although their lives are simple and plain Letty realizes this is the life she wants to leadMostly the 'bad guys' have no redeeming values However we do see that one of the secondary villains experiences a change of heart Expect murder and plenty of sadness in this tale; 4 starsDolan Brothers1 Ribbon in the Sky 19912 With Hope 19983 With Song 19994 With Heart 19995 After the Parade 2000

  5. Rebeca Martinez Rebeca Martinez says:

    Forced out of her parents home at 15 because she was pregnant and not married Letty Pringle found a home with her grandma and grandpa Fletcher while waiting for her beloved Mike to return to her from working at the camp to save enough money to provide for a future for Letty and him Fast forward to five years later and Letty is raising her son as a single mom with the help of her grandfather Believed to have been abandoned by Mike Letty refuses to open herself to love again Until one day out of the blue Mike Dolan shows up at her door only he isn't looking for Letty he's looking for Lexi's grave Mike having come home five years ago from working and saving money is told that his beloved Letty has died When Mike sees Letty it's as if the heavens answered his pleas but Letty thinking that Mike abandon her just wants Mike to leave and never come back Mike makes it his mission to reunite with Letty and to get to know his son A son he never knew about Then the real story beginsI love Mike and Letty's story Dorothy Garlock had the right balance of angst love mystery and comedy I fell in love with little Patrick and Grandpa Fletcher the most Ribbon in the sky is a must read if you are a Dorothy Garlock fan

  6. April April says:

    WWI A daughter of shyster preacher for hire gets kicked out when she's pregnant the family tells everyone including baby's father she died She finds her true family

  7. NatalyaVqs NatalyaVqs says:

    I usually love Garlock's western oldies but this one was too sickly sweet Too much oooing and aaahing and being upstanding all very irritating Too much drama over the bastardy there were many ways out of that one The overall story is OK and the preacher angle is a good one Really liked the grandfather character the bootleg drama and the scene when Mike finds her again is especially strong though her reaction is a bit extreme

  8. Paula Myatt Paula Myatt says:

    Very Good

  9. Chris Chris says:

    Enjoyed her writing Won't mind reading of her books

  10. Mical Mical says:

    Really good read Haven't read her writing before but will continue now

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Ribbon in the Sky ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Ribbon in the Sky Author Dorothy Garlock – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Ribbon in the Sky tells of a love that time could not diminishSpritely auburn haired Letty Pringle had been forbidden by her hell and brimstone preacher pa to see Mike Dolan but the young sweethearts Ribbon in the Sky tells of a love that time could not diminishSpritely auburn haired Letty Pringle Ribbon in eBook ✓ had been forbidden by her hell and brimstone preacher pa to see Mike Dolan but the young sweethearts had whispered their vow to someday be man and wife Then a cruel betrayal tore them apart and left Letty on a windswept Midwestern farm to raise their son alone Struggling to build a future over the years she learned to harden her heart to desireuntil big dark haired Mike marched into town looking for his woman and his dream—and ready to fight the world to have her in his arms again.