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Kindle Edition Þ Decoy PDF/EPUB Ú

Decoy (Noel Casey, #1) [Ebook] ➩ Decoy (Noel Casey, #1) By Michaela Debelius – Lieutenant Noel Casey is taken aback by her newest assignment overseeing a genetically engineered soldier designed by the United States Army She's not accustomed to working with people created for war Lieutenant Noel Casey is taken aback by her newest assignment overseeing a genetically engineered soldier designed by the United States Army She's not accustomed to working with people created for warfare and Killian's indifference is making it difficult to see past his robotic demeanor But when Noel is attacked and Killian intervenes their relationship is altered The predator is now the protector in Noel's eyes and she's unsettled by her growing captivation with the intimidating man Plagued by nightmares since arriving at Fort Braeden Noel begins to uestion the true reason for her relocation an answer she’s convinced lies with the reticent Killian Torn between accepting unconvincing explanations and rejecting her comfortable ignorance for an unimaginable truth she realizes the choice has already been made for her Noel's understanding of science is about to be shattered.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 223 pages
  • Decoy (Noel Casey, #1)
  • Michaela Debelius
  • English
  • 09 May 2015

10 thoughts on “Decoy (Noel Casey, #1)

  1. Rachel V. Rachel V. says:

    I really loved this story It was uniue and engaging I loved the science and the science fiction mixed in with the storyline I did think the story was going to be about one thing and it went a whole other direction however I was not disappointed because it was a really good book I give this story a solid 4 stars Noel is a scientist that works on antidotes for biological warfare however it is not this job that gets her pulled to this top secret base but supposedly her minor in psychology The whole circumstances that she is recruited under seem suspicious but she didn’t argue and yes it is explained later in the story Noel did have a hard time after getting to the base she is attacked and saved she has to put up with rude comments from men constantly and she keeps having these weird dreams that seem somewhat prophetic Killian was a great character He comes across tough and unreadable at first but then you see his softer side in glimpses He is supposed to be a killing machine but he turns out to be something completely different I really felt bad for him when we thought he was confined to his little room except for training Taylor is the other main character He claims he is a mathematician but he doesn’t look or act like one He likes Noel and later develops a special bond with her All of that is explained but I will not spoil it Again Taylor is also a great character I am curious about his tattoo especially since Noel dreams about it I am curious about the creatures in the forest and if they will have any to do with the story or not Another thing is why wasn’t Noel just told the secret earlier instead of letting her wander around uninformed Also I sense a love triangle building in the story maybe will come to light in the next book? Hopefully we will know soon The story had a lot of surprising twists and turns I can’t wait to read the next bookAll in all the characters are well written in this story The plot keeps the story moving and intriguing and there is still plenty of mystery to keep me reading on the next book I can’t wait This was a great debut novel for Michaela received from author for an honest review

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    I'm torn on how I feel about this book I did like several aspects of it but I was slightly confused on the reasoning behind why some things happened Namely why did Killian and crew carry on their deception as long as they did when they knew that there was a potential for danger for Noel? That one stumps me I understand the deception they used to get her there but once they had verified that she was who she was why continue the lie? pauses to think about it Sorry I got nothingNow I did like the idea behind Killian and his people I liked that he and Noel had an instant connection insta love just add water One of my favorites However I think I've been reading waaaaaay too many menage books because my first thought when Noel's mate problems were brought up was Why choose? Two is better than one creeps awayOne thing that did pull me out of the story was the excessive use of large caliber words I like big words I use big words But I don't use big words to the exclusion of all others and there were times when I was left frowning over the word choices This is a relatively minor issue but it did keep me from immersing myself completely in Killian and Noel's worldWhile the mystery of why Noel was brought to this hidden base and what her place was in the new society she found herself in was explained there were enough threads left to leave you wondering how book 2 would play out Overall it was an interesting idea but I was never entirely drawn into the world created Kelly Reading the Paranormal

  3. Mandi Schreiner Mandi Schreiner says:

    I had many many problems with this one I decided to read it based on the blurb When I read the hero is “a genetically engineered soldier designed for exceptional strength and intelligence” I couldn’t resist The heroine works with stolen samples of other countries biological weapons and tries to create vaccines for US soldiers Hello over the top plot I like it Except once I read the book it all fell apart And if you do want to read this one there are spoilers coming First of all every man in this top secret military fort pretty much sexually harasses the heroine Yes she is one of the few females that work there but in a profession as high ranking as this fort encompasses why would they allow this type of behavior from every man? And would this really happen in real life? Next the hero at one point breaks through impenetrable glass to save the heroine from a rape attempt yet the soldiers replace the glass and put him back in his cell Um but he can break through it There are many examples of things that don’t add up but I’ll leave it at that What comes of the whole thing is that actually the hero is an alien Ah – that makes perfect sense Not really The heroine never acted like she had any type of degree although she was suppose to be super smart The romance is flat and never develops I don’t recommend this one

  4. Lacey Lacey says:

    First ThoughtsThis book was definitely really interesting the concept and pace of this book was really uniue and new to me I loved the fact that I didn’t totally understand it all at once; it took time for each little detail to sink in There was plenty of action fight scenes and mysteriesI think one of the best aspect of this book was the fact that it had the sci fi and thriller vibe to it It kind of really made me think of all those movies I watched that had a similar vibethis was definitely an interesting and somewhat spooky readPlotThere was definitely a lot going on in this book; a whole new world was created and I really enjoyed the idea of the militaryit seemed so realistic and unreal at the same time The concept was uniue and I found myself shocked at times to discover some of the secrets this little world was holding There were a few moments of chaos where I found the plot was a little disoriented; I couldn’t really tell exactly what was happening but soon the plot worked itself out and everything made sense As far as the pace of the story it was fast at most times and there were a few slower moments where the characters were adjusting and sorting through their ordeals I really enjoyed seeing something different; something out of the norm for YA it can get old reading the same plot over and over and this certainly wasn’t the same thrown out YA plot; it had its own rhythm and ideas; it just had a different read to itmade me think of mystery and conspiraciesit seemed to follow along the line of striving to make the readers uestion their reality But I really thought this book had its own written rules it had flare and creativity and it was fun to read There were a few sketchy moments in the story where I couldn’t uite determine what was going on but there weren’t many of them and like I mentioned earlier they were eventually explained to where the reader and could understand So overall I enjoyed the uniueness and creativity this author put into creating this world it was certainly interesting to see all the little uirks and secrets it withheld RomanceUgh This was one area I did not enjoy about this bookI loved the idea of why the love triangle existed but that wasn’t the problem it was the semi love triangle that caused me to groan at times in the story I’m all for romance but I’m getting tired of the love triangles it’s been used so many times in books that it’s just annoying to read any I just enjoy a good old romance I just wished the idea the author had of the love triangle could have been tweaked to fit into the story differentlylike perhaps making the triangle not a conflict but a source of resolutionI don’t know but this was one area I did not enjoy with this bookCharactersI wasn’t able to connect well with the main character in the very beginning the way she thought and acted was stiff and elusive it wasn’t until later on in the book that I was able to start to understand why she was the way she was and to see the world from her perspective I soon grew to love her and I really liked that about this bookyes it’s always good to connect with the main character as soon as possible but I think for this book the approach the author took was perfectit made the reader work for the connection Now as far as the other characters they were easy to read and understand and each one had their own role to play and therefore left no room for unnecessary characters So overall I did in the end enjoy this aspect of the bookTransformation of the CharacterThere were a few transformations in this book some were subtle than others and most of them were expected It was nice to see the transformations as a processto see the beginning and slowly see the steps that lead to the final productthough I believe that there’s still room for growing and therefore expect larger transformations as the series continues DescriptionI really enjoyed the description in this book; it really allowed me to feel the chill factor when the scenes reuired it Some of the best written description in this book was of the woodsthe build up of suspense and then full on action really gave the reader a great experience I really liked the way the author chose to describe the area; the landscape I think by pure description of the surroundings and moods you could really tell what was happening and the state of the situation A lot of the colors and weather she chose added an even somber and eerie mood; therefore adding even to the mystery factor As for the amount of description I didn’t feel like there was too much or too little I think it was just the right amount And as far as dialogue went though it was a bit awkward at times it was overall just right StyleThe author chose to write in one POV and in first person By using these two styles it allowed the story to be focused on just one area instead of the whole world and it allowed the mystery to be there I liked that I was able to understand what was going on with Noel’s line of thinking we were really privileged to know some of her past and how she was processing each new piece of informationit helped the reader eventually better connect to her But as far as the author’s writing itself I had no problem reading it and found it to be really well written and fun to readuote of the book““Does anyone have a pen? I deposited mine in uinn’s shoulder” I said with a prosaic tone“That’s so hot” Taylor nudged Daniels”Goodreads Summary Lieutenant Noel Casey is taken aback by her newest military assignment Her usual routine of vaccine development is interrupted when she's assigned to analyze Killian a genetically engineered soldier designed for exceptional strength and intelligence She's not accustomed to working with human subjects especially a person created for warfare and Killian's indifference is making it difficult to see past his robotic demeanorWhen Noel is attacked outside Killian's containment uarters he is forced to intervene The altruistic act instantly transforms their relationship though neither will admit to the shift in sentiment The predator is now the protector in Noel's eyes and she's thrown off by her growing captivationAs if her infatuation with a virtual stranger isn't enough of a distraction she begins having terrifying nightmares Her cryptic dreams appear to harbor an elusive warning as she watches them materialize into existence proving the nightly visions foretelling She begins to suspect the military base is concealing far than an experimental soldier and she can't shake the feeling Killian is the axis of the chaos Noel must decide whether she'll accept the unconvincing explanations offered by her peers or reject her comfortable environment for an unimaginable truth With her premonitions pointing towards a violent outcome and her irrational draw to Killian becoming impossible to ignore she realizes the choice has already been made for her Noel's understanding of science is about to be shatteredLast ThoughtsI would recommend this to fans of sci fi and mystery This was a really cool book to experience and I was able to really picture this town Though I didn’t enjoy the romance aspect of the story I did enjoy the concept of the military and how we really got an inside look at possibilities of what our government is doing and how they might function I do want to continue this story and see if perhaps the semi triangle romance would change in a different direction and I can see there’s so much in store for these characters so I say bring on the next book

  5. says:

    Brought to you by OBS reviewer LeeLieutenant Noel Casey doesn’t fit into any preconceived molds or stereotypes as a character She is a 26 year old scientist in the United States Army who loves makeup skin care and high heels as much as she loves testing vaccines and serving her country through her studies of biological warfare She can melt at the touch of a man she finds herself attracted to but will stand up for herself against all matter of unwanted attentions She has a mysterious past involving a missing mother but doesn’t allow herself to become too weepy about it Overall she’s a great example of a heroine who doesn’t sacrifice her femininity to kick ass in a boy’s worldHowever this world ends up being a lot than Noel bargained for Used to being one of only a few women in the armed forces she didn’t expect to be the only one at Fort Braeden subject to extreme sexual harassment and borderline rape She didn’t expect her assignment to be so psychology oriented given that it was only her minor in college Most importantly she didn’t expect the super soldier subject of her assignment to draw her in romantically rather than professionallyThe romance is only one piece of the puzzle that is Decoy There are the visions that Noel finds herself plagued with visions that end up being diagnosed as premonitions There is Taylor one of her only allies at Fort Braeden and who appears to be mysteriously entwined with Killian and Noel than she originally would have thought The reasons for Killian’s superior abilities end up having an explanation that will stun the reader and which opens up a million doors in the story for Noel to traverse through—and hopefully come out alive I don’t want to give away too much about the storyline suffice to say that many surprises are in store and the pages fly byThe plot is a little too unwieldy at times for the page length; it is understood that there will be books chronicling Noel’s adventures but so much happens within Decoy that the reader is often overwhelmed I would have appreciated pages and description and background in this first book in order to wrap my brain around the plot and be prepared for the next volume Debelius’s writing thrives on detail and description that grounds the out there science fiction elements in a world the reader understands so pages of such would have indeed been enjoyable Killian is a little too stiff and boring as a romantic interest; one can understand Noel’s instant attraction to him as he is described as unbelievably sexy and has a literal scientific chemistry with him that cannot be helped However he’s not terribly likeable apart from the steamy scenes in which he and Noel give in to their impulses Taylor is a far amusing and interesting male lead and one can’t help but wonder how his role in the love triangle will change and evolve in any further Noel Casey novelsOverall Debelius has put together a complicated world a juicy science laced mystery and a great female protagonist to take the reader along on her ride through it Goodness knows no one would ever insist on simplicity from a book; most people do enjoy being challenged when they read However one can only hope that as Noel learns and about Killian Taylor and her connection to them that things will become a little clearer for the reader as wellhttpopenbooksocietycomarticlede

  6. Shelly Shelly says:

    Review also posted at Red Hot BooksShort but sweet this story really rocks it out Told from first person point of view I thought the writing was smart and refreshing  This doesn’t mean that it didn’t get a bit too flowery at times but I’ll let that slide because I think that Debelius has a winner on her hands As a self published book I didn’t find any noticeable syntax errors or editing issues Excellent job on that Bio geneticist Lieutenant Noel Casey has her new assignment for Fort Braeden where she is to study and analyze Killian who’s also called Seventy Two Noel is told that Killian is a born and bred genetically altered superhuman soldier  Used to working in a lab with non human specimen this is perfect for Noel After arriving rain soaked and disheveled to the Bios facility Noel is immediately taken to and introduced to Killian Once she meets him there’s a sense of recognition and uite a bit of attraction In the beginning it’s hard to tell Killian’s level of attraction to Noel because we see and hear everything through her We do get a pretty good idea he might be as enticed with her when he saves her from the aggressive and deadly actions of another soldier One of the pretty awesome foreshadowing hints in the storyline is that Noel has a history of nightmares and while at Bios these nightmares not only increase in freuency and but they seem to be coming true as Noel is being chased by one bad guy after another  Bad guy uinn is a pretty boy bad guy and it turns out there’s something between him and Noel too but you’ll have to read the story to find out because that one surprised me big time  Not only is Noel finding her life in a bit of a topsy turvy while being chased by bad guys she’s finds out that humans are not the only dwellers of Earth Called Enaether these aliens have been living undetected on Earth for uite some time I can’t tell you because the story is pretty short and I’ll start giving away spoilers if I do I will say that we get to meet Lt Taylor Russell a self appointed guide to Noel while she’s on base He’s got his own brand of hot and hunkiness that also draws Noel’s eye I’ll admit it mine too Then there’s Lt Col Daniels a self described ‘uncle like’ soldier that made me wonder if Fort Braeden only had really good looking soldiers sigh There are very little sex scenes descriptions between Killian and Noel in the story We know they’re having sex but all we get are glimpses Overall I really enjoyed this story and look forward to other Noel Casey novels Happy reading folks Rating B  ARC provided by author for review

  7. Sophia Sophia says:

    Oh this one just grabbed me from the start with its mysterious military installation and odd duty assignment for the heroine Noel Casey Everything about the story stayed shadowy and mysterious until well over the halfway point I love that off kelter feeling I get when I'm reading a nicely developing plotThe story opens with Lt Noel Casey a scientist being assigned to a top secret base She soon learns that her assignment isn't for her role as a leading germ expert but in her secondary degree as a psychologist She's been brought in to assess the battle readiness of a genetically altered human It is all odd from the start and the clues are starting to add up that she's involved in something that goes much deeper than she has been told The altered human Killian first draws her sympathy for the sterile life he has had living in a lab all his life but there's something off about him even while she grows and attracted Killian is than a lab experiment to her and she wants to be his friend and maybe something if she's being honest with herself Then she encounters danger from being in an almost all male environment as well as a distraction in the friendly but mysterious Lt Russo And what's with the odd dreams and scary creatures in the forest?I know I was pretty vague with my plot summary but I didn't want to spoil it for anyone Some stories really need to be experienced without undue influence and that's how I feel about much of this book Now there were moments once I was let in on the situation that the tension and mystery finally broke and I felt some lag from the need to get the explanation out At that point the tension turned in another direction becoming romance related not that there wasn't the slow build of romance in the beginning It just wasn't the only focal point I confess that this was a story where I was enad with the beginning three fourths than the last I have trouble with love triangles so that's just on me and someone else might not mind so much I had a hard time shifting gears but once I got onto the new plot path I was tracking along nicely well until that startling last sentence I just sat there at 'the end' thinking 'no really? we're going to end it now?' It was the good sort of disappointment where I was vested in the story and didn't want it to end Definitely looking forward to the seuel Those who enjoy Sci Fi Romances with some baked in intrigue should give this one a go

  8. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    35This book was not at all what I expected from reading the blurb That's not always a bad thing but I wanted to read the story described The one I got wasn't a bad story it just wasn't the one I set out to read Having said that I did like uite a few aspects of it I liked that even when frightened confused lied to exhausted and overwhelmed Noel still held her own Yes she got pushed around by the men a bit but she was still strong willed and determined I liked Killian as the intimidating super soldier I also liked him as the gentle lover and considerate brother I liked Taylor and the his relationship with the rest of the guys I liked the basic writing style and the occasional vocabulary that forced me to utilise my Kindle's dictionary capabilities And I am amused to have encountered what must have been the most ethereal sex scene ever Heck I'm not sure that first one ever even happened What I didn't like were the things left unexplained What was up with the tickers? How exactly did people live right there among them since they have an obvious tendency to attack people at random? Unless it wasn't supposed to be random but that's never addressed so I'm left to assume it was Why did everyone keep the deception up even after they had verified Noel's identity and why for god's sake why didn't they call in any help once it was apparent uinn was homicidal If she's supposed to be so darned important you would think people would help the group out a little Half the base was supposed to be Eneathian after all I'm not swearing I spelled that right There were also simply a few aspects of the story that irked me How was I not supposed to get tired of the attempted rapes? I swear every time Noel turned around someone was trying to rape her How am I not supposed to feel bad for poor Taylor? I was actually hoping this would turn into a ménage à trois just so he wouldn't be left out Lastly while it was lovely that the Russo's took her into their home having so many men about made it feel very much like she was living in a co ed dorm Being essentially newlyweds didn't they deserve their own space?All in all not a bad read just one that wasn't what I expected and then left me with a few uestions I'm hoping book two comes up on the free list I'd be glad to give it a read

  9. Blysse Blysse says:

    Hmmn where to start with this one I am a little conflicted because while I admire the perseverance and determination of anyone who writes a novel and tries to get it to market for me this novel was the book euivalent of the good the bad and the ugly although not necessarily in eual parts Let’s get the bad bits out of the way first For me it was mostly to do with unmet expectations Firstly the author bills herself as a writer of paranormal romance incorporating Sci fi and thriller elements I have done nothing but read paranormal romance PNR for the last 3 years and I read A LOT and this novel does not read like a PNR There are no paranormal beings that I could see although the ‘tickers’ in the woods may ultimately turn out to be freakish werewolves or something which might justify this genre grouping I think this book is better billed as Sci fi thriller with a touch of romance And that leads us onto the other niggly thing there was only a little romance of a chaste and obliuely referred to type and no descriptive sex These are hardcore elements please pardon the really bad double entendre of any PNR worth its’ salt and there was an obvious absence of both However as a sci fi thriller this story worked very wellAnd now briefly for the ugly with a heartfelt plea to Ms Debelius please please get yourself a decent editor or someone with sharp copy editing skills to look over the seuel before you publish it I counted 27 errors on a first read ranging from clunky grammar to the misuse of homonyms I am a stickler for good spelling and grammatically correct prose so these errors were jarring and really detracted the smooth flow of my reading and my overall enjoyment of this storyAh the story Now this is the ‘good’ the very good Ms Debelius has created a fascinating world of an alien people housed on an experimental army base along with experiments that have gone wrong The pacing of the plot was tight and I enjoyed learning about the Eneathers great name and their skills I am intrigued enough despite my reservations above to come back to find out what happened next especially if we get fleshing out of the KillianNoel Taylor dynamic in terms of character exposition

  10. Lauren K Lauren K says:

    35 starsWhen Lieutenant Noel Casey a scientist is assigned to an isolated Military mission in Fort Braden she is of the belief that her scientific experience and skills are reuired Instead when she arrives at the male dominated military base it is her intuitive and personal skills that are needed She is assigned to determine whether a genetically engineered soldier Killian is loyal to his service prior to serving for the countryAlthough Noel is disgusted by the treatment of Killian she is also fascinated by this handsome strong and intelligent man Initially he is indifferent towards her but she is drawn to him and determined take her assignment seriously But when Noel is attacked by a colleague Killian comes to the rescue and her professional relationship with him becomes blurry Despite her professional integrity she is drawn to him; his candidness is reflected in her own open expression of feelings which surprises them both At the base Noel befriends playful lieutenant Taylor who she has an immediate connection with and one of the only personnel she can trust Most of the men at Fort Braden ogle her especially uinn who has his sadistic eyes set on her from the outsetNoel realises she is uite vulnerable on the base and when she starts having vivid nightmares that come true she wonders whether there’s something else going on at Fort Braden that she is not being privy toI was instantly hooked with Decoy The eerie setting of Fort Braden the mysterious and intense Killian and fun loyal Taylor made this a very interesting story There’s plenty of suspense and action and some twists that surprised me Noel is a strong female protagonist who is smart and fiercely independent But those ualities are challenged when her feelings for Killian are sparkedDecoy by indie author Michaela Debulius is an intriguing start to a paranormal series and I look forward to reading With paranormal and fantasy elements suspense and romance it makes for a great addition to your virtual bookshelf

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