Dead Perfect eBook Ú Kindle Edition

Dead Perfect eBook Ú Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 228 pages
  • Dead Perfect
  • P.G. Shriver
  • English
  • 03 October 2016

10 thoughts on “Dead Perfect

  1. Jill Swanson-Diaz Jill Swanson-Diaz says:

    I am hosting a giveaway for Dead Perfect along with her other book The Gifted Ones 62912 71312httplittlehyutsblogspotcomMy review for both books will be posted as wellDead Perfect is such a great romance novel I have gladly given it four stars PG has been gifted with such a delightful writing style She has crafted a well written young adult novel full of heartache romance and the paranormal Dead Perfect has such a wonderful balance of all of these things and is definitely one of the most uniue stories I have readThe story is told in such an interesting way where it switches back and forth from the main characters viewpoints I really enjoyed this style of writing It kept things interesting as well as progressing uicklyI was hooked from the first chapterOh the romance Mel and Davis are the perfect match and from the moment you find out they both love Rocky Road you are cheering for them Their relationship is intense and passionate PG has done such an amazing job creating her characters Mel is a lovely young girl who has faced so many demons in her short life You really connect with her character through out the story and your heart goes out for her Davis too has uite the interesting past and than a few secrets PG does a great job of pacing the story so you keep guessing until the very end This book is about so much than Davis and Mel's need for each other It is also about redemption grief and finding your wayThe ending of this book was my favorite part The twists and turns in the plot are fantastic I was left with tears in my eyes after the last pageIt is so wonderful when a book can take you to so many different places and allows you to experience a range of emotion This book definitely did that for meIf you are a sucker for romance and a great paranormal slice of life story I highly suggest picking up Dead Perfect

  2. carole carole says:

    Dead Perfect through me for a loop In a good way I kept trying to picture where the author was taking the story As the book began I felt like I had it all figured out It starts with Mel's POV I felt bad for her and saw where the story was headed But then it switches to Davis' POV and bam The author throws us a curve ball as their perspectives switch back and forth and a uniue and addicting story line unfolds Mel is in a car accident where she loses her mother Her life is turned upside down Then she meets Davis Their love is declared almost immediately and the book really only takes place over a very short period of time I felt like their romance could've used some building up but it is sweet and definitely an emotional journey These two characters clicked and I was happy for themIn the beginning of the book we meet Davis's parents The dialogue from a particular dinner scene bothered me It was corny and forced then I finished the book and it didn't bother me any because there was a very good reason for the word choice His sister Donna was probably my favorite character either her or Franky They had this love hate fun relationship where they called each other names and picked on one another It was cute and added a little reprieve from an otherwise intense readIt's always hard to write reviews for books like this because on one hand I want to tell you all the secrets and on the other I had so much fun reading this book and finding them out on my own that I would never want to give anything away So I will stop here so that I don't tell you too muchDead Perfect is a delightful and uick read that focuses on forgiveness and young love It is also a mysterious drama that I wasn't able to put down; I was trapped until I read the last page It develops uickly and has a two major plot lines that I never saw coming I enjoyed this read for the well done element of surprise and likable characters Definitely a good book and one I will be mentioning to those I think will love the elements

  3. Mandy Mandy says:

    I received Dead Perfect in return for a honest review as part of the Dead Perfect tour at Young Adult Novel Reader Mel doesn't have a easy life she's in high school her mom is a alcoholic and life hasn't been easy She doesn't know her grandparents at all Suddenly her mother dies in a car accident leaving her all alone While she's at school her grandparents drop by bringing her favorite foods paying the bills and taking care of the stuff she doesn't worry about On her return to school she sees a guy she's never seen before it's love at first sight He's all she can think about he's her Adonis the feelings are mutual he's eually interested in her Together with Davis approaching Mel and the pair takes a run getting to know each other Falling completely head over hills in love this is a first for both of them However Davis has a secret that could change their lives forever and he's afraid that it will drive a wedge between them sending Mel away forever Wow another amazing paranormal romance Dead Perfect was awesome way better than I could ever have expected because I never saw the twist coming I love a book when it can shock and amaze me and Dead Perfect did just that It's a sweet love story between two uniue people who would never in a million years have gotten the chance to meet if fate hadn't taken a hand to change their lives The characters are well written created with such care you can't help loving them both Even the supporting characters are well created; I had a great idea who they all are as if I was there with them on this adventure I found the concept for Dead Perfect uniue from other paranormal romance stories so it was refreshing and new to me which made it even enjoyable This is my first book by PG Shriver but I'll be checking out of her books because I loved this one so much one of the better romance stories I've read this year

  4. Tracey (Life and Literature) Tracey (Life and Literature) says:

    Mel has had a pretty hard life living with her alcoholic mother and without having a father on the scene She has her life mapped out with the main goal of finishing top of her class and moving away from her mother and starting a new life Davis plans to win the title of County Champion and use the prize money to pay his way through college When they spot each other in the school hall it's almost a love at first sight attraction A desperate need to be together And they are really perfect for each other once they get over the hurdles that they have to faceDead Perfect is told from both Mel and Davis's point of view Sometimes it will be chapter to chapter and other times it was alternating paragraphs I always love when an author let's us into the mind of that just one character It gives you a sense that you know them better rather than simply learning about them through the eyes of the one characterDead Perfect was a book that had such a huge twist towards the end and it's almost impossible to talk about it without giving things away but it was a twist that I didn't see coming at all But once it was revealed it clarified a few things throughout the book which had me feeling a bit confusedThe author writes in a style that is so easy to read but on the downside as much as I adore and am always desperate for my Happily ever after ending I felt that there were certain aspects of it that was a little bit far fetched But putting that aside Dead Perfect is an enjoyable well written paranormal romance355 StarsReview first posted at YA Book Addict

  5. heather - NightlyReading heather - NightlyReading says:

    This book was different and uniue It kind of reminded me of the movie The Sixth Sense Mel had a really tough life with her alcoholic mother The book starts out a little gory with the accident that took her mother’s life This is the part that actually gripped me and had me needing to read It was a wonderful start that had grabbed my attention and had me swiftly moving through the book The meeting of Mel and Davis was really swoony Davis is the perfect boyfriend always trying to help Mel with anything she needs Mel was always a good kid just trying to survive and move onto college to start her own life I enjoyed the different POVs between Mel and Davis After reading Davis’s first couple of chapters I was enticed even to keep reading and find out about him The ending felt a little lost It was enough to have me keep reading just to find out the ending but it just seemed to be a little flat In conclusion I would recommend this read for the simple fact of the relationship between Mel and Davis Davis was a hotty and could easily be added to anyone’s book boyfriend list Their innocence alone makes the book a perfect YA read

  6. Chasity Chasity says:

    ‘Dead Perfect’ was such a uniue read I really enjoyed the story this book told ‘Dead Perfect’ totally threw me for a loop at the end I definitely was expecting a different ending and then what happened was so brilliant and unexpected I loved the characters so much in this book It told a very emotional story from two different timesThe only down side I really have about this book is how it jumped from Mel’s point of view to Davis’ without any indication that it was switching You had to read a few sentences to realize it had switched In the beginning of the book it showed two chapters one labeled Mel and the other Davis that would have been great if that continued throughout the book and then it would have been a lot easier to read Other than that minor downside I really enjoyed this book It had a uniue theme and that is so refreshing for me because believe me books begin to repeat themselves once you read so many ‘Dead Perfect’ was a wonderful captivating read and I would highly recommend it

  7. Stina Madison Stina Madison says:

    Full review here Perfect is a story about love forgiveness and the ability to let go of the past and move on to the future For Mel Davis Donna Joanie and Franky this story began with a car accident though at different points in time What happens after this terrible event is heartbreak guilt anger love and ultimately forgivenessI was a little confused in the first half of the book but that uickly changed when the truth was revealed in the second half Dead Perfect is emotionally charged and the story just pulls you in I know that when a book makes me feel something so emotionally strong like Dead Perfect did that it is a must read I was left misty eyed at the end and that's a little embarrassing when you're in a library computer lab where everyone can see you crying LOL But this is such a beautiful story and I'm glad that I chose to pick it up

  8. Brittany Brittany says:

    Oh goodness What to say about this book? I'm SO glad that I decided to read this book for a tour I was such a great change of pace to the normal paranormal books out there I loved the first person format switching back and forth between the main characters The author clearly defined who was speaking where so you don't get confused as to who is actually talking I loved the authors writing style so much that I found myself at the end before I even knew I was close And that ending Oh my goodness I never saw that coming The twists and turns in this book almost leave you with whiplash but you enjoy every last minute of it If you are a lover a paranormal and want something differentthis book is for you

  9. Emily Walker Emily Walker says:

    I would describe Dead Perfect as the perfect paranormal romance It was a sweet story that kept me turning the pages I think it was well written and cleverly thought out I enjoyed the way she switched back and forth between the two main character’s perspectives It is a book that now that I know the ending I will have to read it again to see what I missed I recommend it if you are looking for a simply good book to read

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    Dead perfect is told by 2 different views which I enjoy because it allows us to see things differentlyThere is a really big twist right at the end which makes you want to keep reading because it keeps you on edge and I did not see it coming at all it was written really well This book is really easy to get you drawn is because it is so interesting It is a really good paranormal book not like the ones you would expect to read at all it is much interesting and draws you in much

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Dead Perfect➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Dead Perfect By P.G. Shriver ➦ – Mel is driven toward one goal in her final year of high school to earn scholarships for a college of her choice preferably one far away so she never has to see her alcoholic mother again A tragic acci Mel is driven toward one goal in her final year of high school to earn scholarships for a college of her choice preferably one far away so she never has to see her alcoholic mother again A tragic accident changes her plans and so does the hot guy who's suddenly appeared at school Has he always been there Has her goal blinded her to him Love takes over her life but she still struggles with trust in herself in him and in their future.

About the Author: P.G. Shriver

Born in California raised in Minnesota and Texas I grew up with a love for reading and writing My mother always had a book in her hand or nearbyPresently I'm completing the third book in my young adult superhero trilogy The Gifted Ones adding a new festival to my Texas Festivals Series writing the third book in the Adventures of Runt and Arnold and planning a new zoo visit for the second.