Riding the Mountains Down ePUB ê Riding the PDF/EPUB

Riding the Mountains Down ePUB ê Riding the PDF/EPUB

  • Riding the Mountains Down
  • Bettina Selby
  • English
  • 03 June 2015
  • 9780049100824

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  1. Daren Daren says:

    Very much in the style of Dervla Murphy no bad thing obviously this is the first of some nine bicycle travel books by Bettina Selby At 47 she decided to take up travel and selected bicycling at her travel mediumThis book documents her journey in 1983 from Karachi to Kathmandu and covers the eastern side of Pakistan from south to north before crossing into India in the Punjab Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh before heading into Nepal Out the other side and back into India she finishes up in SikkimLike every traveller to the India subcontinent she struggles with privacy person space group thuggery and pointless bureaucracy Nicely written amusing and engagingSome uotes I enjoyed I had travelled about 40 miles and my thoughts were turning and to food and drink a freuent preoccupation of cyclistswhen I was suddenly aware of a motorcyclist riding alongside regarding me intently 'You are English yes?' he asked 'Yes I'm English' I replied with caution 'I like English woman' he said with great enthusiasm I said nothing but proceeded with warning bells sounding loudly 'English woman very sexy' he confided 'No' I said 'English women are not sexy' 'You are not being sexy?' he ueried incredulously 'Not being sexy?' 'No' I said with even greater firmness 'No I am not being sexy' 'Me I am very sexy man so then please I am saying goodbye and thank you' and on this splendid note he revved up the engine of his 90cc motor cycle and zoomed offand less amusing The Kangra Valley grew wider the further east I went and villages and small towns became freuent sualid places these in stark contrast to their idyllic settings Dead dogs and bloated corpses of rats littered their muddy streets and the drains made their malodorous presence only too apparent It was in one such place I experienced a particularly nasty incident which could have ended the journey right there It happened around mid afternoon when the day had become hot and sultry I had no intention of stopping but a man had stepped out of his little cafe as I passed and waved a bottle of soft drink at me I stopped but before I had even got off the bicycle a crowd of men and youths closed in around me No one said anything they just stood there slowly chewing betel nut and occasionally spitting the red juices onto the dusty ground in front of me One fat youth pressed himself up against the front of the bicycle and was rubbing at his crotch while he leered into my face The bottle had been opened in the meantime and was being tossed from hand to hand round the circle until one of them thrust it suddenly at me as though he meant to strike me with it At the same moment someone got hold of the back of the bicycle and twisted it over Down I went in the filth breaking my sunglasses and grazing my leg though I was unaware of this at the time Up to that moment I had been virtually paralysed with fear but as I hit the ground I became so incensed with rage I could have done murder I could hear them laughing and jeering above me and I hated them all But somehow in the second or so it took for me to pick myself and the bicycle up the rage evaporated and I knew that I had to do something decisive to end this ugly scene before it became a tragic one Then it was as though everything was happening in a dream I could see their open jeering mouths the betel stained teeth giving the appearance of blood dripping It's like a medieval bear baiting I thought or a cock fight and then I remembered a painting of the Spanish civil war where people had been shooting and were being shot their mouths too had been open; but I couldn't remember who the painter was and this worried me because I could not concentrate It was through this curious dream like state that I heard my own voice icy calm and authoritative as though I was addressing a class of fractious eight year olds 'I am going' said the voice'to fetch a policemen' Even in my disconnected state I remember thinking 'That's torn it' for it seemed a most feeble and inappropriate threat under the circumstances But for some reason it worked; the awful men fell back and I wheeled the bicycle through the space they left trying not to hurry or to show the fear now which perversely came flooding back In retrospect now I think this was the most dangerous moment of the whole encounter for had I rushed or shown the least sign of fear they would have been on me like a pack of dogs and there might have been another unsolved case of a missing Western woman As it was I waited until I was well clear before leaping on the bicycle and pedalling off as fast as my shaking legs would allow the babel of sound pursuing me showing that the temporary lull was over

  2. Linda Hepworth Linda Hepworth says:

    Shortly before I was due to spend six weeks in the North West Frontier region of Pakistan in mid 1987 I came across Bettina Selby’s Riding the Mountains Down a record of her journey from Karachi to Kathmandu her first long solo cycle ride Although my travels in the country didn’t involve either cycling or the privations she sometimes faced her enjoyable accounts of her remarkable adventure certainly added extra interest to my hugely enjoyable visit to this fascinating complex and historically fascinating country They also gave me the confidence to visit places on my own even though I had been warned that as a woman I risked attracting unwelcome attention In fact at no time did I ever feel threatened even in ultra conservative Peshawar at a time when the city was full of Afghan refugees and the mujahedeen was having an increasingly powerful influence – maybe dressing appropriately helped In sorting out my bookshelves I came across this book and felt a strong urge to re read it maybe feeling a need to offset all the negative reports about the country to remind myself of how much beauty I found there both in the people and in the landscape and to put myself back in touch with my inner intrepid traveller I think I achieved all three

  3. John John says:

    I didn't care for this one as much as the others of hers I'd read as she seemed crankier Yes there were nice people along the way but overall Selby seemed to have dwelled on the negative aspects of the experience; over she came across as somewhat helpless at times rather than her usual resourceful self Not a bad book but disappointing for me

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Riding the Mountains Down☁ Riding the Mountains Down PDF / Epub ✎ Author Bettina Selby – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk At the age of 47 Bettina Selby mother of three grown up children decided to cycle alone from Karachi to Kathmandu Her account of this often hair raising epic journey provides an unusual view of Pakist At the age of Bettina Selby mother of three grown up children decided to cycle alone from Karachi to Kathmandu Her account of this often hair raising epic journey provides an unusual view of Pakistan and India and records some vivid memorable encounters with people met on the road Although she enjoyed much kindness and hospitality the reaction of some local men to an unaccompanied Western woman was to say the least unpredictable and sometimes ecalated close to dangerous violence The Riding the PDF/EPUB ² heavy physical stress of keeping going in broiling heat on dust blown and treacherous roads full of speeding trucks ancient buses bullock carts and herds of animals was a constant drain In the Himalayas the ride became even dangerous with avalanches floods bad curry and stone throwing children But Bettina survived it all and wrote an account which has become a travel classic.

About the Author: Bettina Selby

At the age of I found myself free of commitments I decided the time had at last come to do what I had long wanted namely to see something of the wilder regions of the world I had already discovered the eminent suitability of a bicycle for travel and exploration and so with little ado I set out to see something of the HimalayasMy first objective was Pakistan I planned to ride from.