Paperback Þ Fielder's Choice ePUB Ú

Paperback Þ Fielder's Choice ePUB Ú

Fielder's Choice [Epub] ➛ Fielder's Choice ➠ Rick Norman – Beneath the baseball and the shuck and jive narration is a story about a young man learning to live his own life School Library JournalAndrew Jackson Fielder dreams about pitching in the major leagues Beneath the baseball and the shuck and jive narration is a story about a young man learning to live his own life School Library JournalAndrew Jackson Fielder dreams about pitching in the major leagues It is an unlikely dream for a kid growing up in Smackover Arkansas in But for Fielder it comes true partly due to the afternoons he and his brother spend practicing pitches in a pipe yard down in the south Arkansas oil patch However this humorous coming of age story is about learning to live life and take responsibility for bad decisions than it is about playing baseball During World War II Jackson is shot down and ends up in a prisoner of war camp Following months of abuse he is recruited by a Japanese admiral who wants his son to pitch like a pro The boy a young kamikaze pilot is determined to learn how to throw a goose ball His commitment and hard work help Fielder reconnect with his love of baseball and learn valuable life lessons These baseball stories inspire readers and teach them the importance of trust and responsibility.

  • Paperback
  • Fielder's Choice
  • Rick Norman
  • English
  • 27 June 2014
  • 9780874832044

10 thoughts on “Fielder's Choice

  1. Garrett Willman Garrett Willman says:

    Coach give me a key to the gym so I could throw after workSo far in my book Fielder's choice jaxs is in mexico playing a baseball game with Mexicans and when he was watching another team play the ump was calling pitches that hit the ground then got to the glove a strike and they were really confused by that and then the next game that happened they played in an lost because of the different rules then after that game jax's umped the next baseball game and there was a guy on the browns named bobby bennett who jaxs knew was nervous about going up to hit because he was a rookie and the bobby hit a one hop right back to the pitcher and they had enought time to get booby out at first and the pitcher there the ball to the first baseman off the bag and the first baseman got bobby in a pickle from first to home but bobby decided to go back home and slide in and jaxs called it safe and said hit againThe parts I am enjoying about the book are when they are playing baseball games and practicing and the parts I don't like is how the spelling is incorrectand yes i would definitely recommend this to a classmate

  2. Bea Bea says:

    I read this book right after reading Catcher in the Rye My responses to the two books could not have been any different Fielder's Choice is the life story of a young man who wants to pitch in the major leagues He develops a particular pitch called the Gooseball as a young man practicing with his older brother This pitch eventually leads to the chance to play for a major league baseball team In a championship game he chokes causing his team to lose the pennant As a result of the embarrassment and other life events he joins the military to fight in WW II And so goes this man's story Nothing ever seems to work out for him but there is an honesty in this character that makes the reader believe he is basically good and was wronged The story is told through his remembrances as he makes his case with the military officer who will decide if he Jackson Fielder is a traitor As he tells his story he reflects on the choicesmade and their conseuences Rick Norman writes in a collouial manner that feels natural to the reader as Jackson Fielder is an Arkansas country boy I really enjoyed the writing and the story and will gladly consider reading of Mr Norman's books

  3. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    Unaccountably under read beautifully structured first novel There really is a town called Smackover Arkansas so our hero Goose Fielder a pitcher comes from a literal real place as well as several literary ones Baseball love war justice injustice forceful and economic prose who could not love it? Short and teaches well

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    An interesting slice of life from the perspective of an Arkansas country boy who finds himself in the major leagues before World War II brings him to Japan and his life after he returns home after being a prisoner of war Based on the life of Andrew Jackson Fielder of the St Louis Browns it will keep you turning the pages

  5. Charles Charles says:

    More about the hard knocks of life than it is about baseball While baseball is an integral part of the plot of this story it is a tale about life and how hard it can be The Fielder family the true origin of the title lives in the small town of Smackover in Arkansas There are three brothers whose names from the eldest to youngest are Jugs Jax and Jude The story is narrated by Jax and is the story of his life from high school through the years immediately after World War II Jugs is an incurable practical joker and the catcher for the high school baseball team Jax is a pitcher and good enough to play briefly in the major leagues However when he balks in the winning run and costs the St Louis Browns the 1941 pennant he is labeled as a choker By that time Jugs has become a naval aviator stationed on the aircraft carrier Enterprise Shortly after the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor Jax enlists in the hope of also becoming a pilot He attends flight school and does fairly well but when Jugs is lost and presumed dead he loses something However he manages to become a member of the crew of a Superfortress bombing the Japanese mainland His plane is attacked during a bombing mission and he is inadvertently ejected from the plane He parachutes to “safety” but is immediately captured and placed in a POW camp Life there is harsh and he is eventually put in solitary confinement in a piece of pipe After being freed from that ordeal he is recognized by a Japanese Admiral as a former baseball player Jax is then made a gardener at the Admiral’s estate and begins to teach the Admiral’s son how to pitch When the war is over and Jax comes back to the states he tries to resume his baseball career Many things go wrong and he is falsely accused of treason While the circumstances of this story are extreme many men who patriotically went off to win the Second World War experienced similar circumstances They came back changed men only to learn that their points of origin had changed even Despite their sacrifice and victories in battle many of them came back to situations where they had to struggle to make a life While occasionally funny and certainly touching this is a sad story about a good and decent man who truly deserved better than the hand he was dealt Although as the title implies Jax accepts the conseuences of the choices he has made This review also appears on

  6. Gordon Gammell Gordon Gammell says:

    I hate books that are written in the vernacular Interesting story but blemished by the writing style

  7. Bob Bob says:

    Very entertaining especially for a baseball fan I laughed out loud several times

  8. Jeff Jeff says:

    Baseball war love and humor What a combination

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